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  1. fijimini

    fijimini5 giờ trước

    He's such a sweet guy. You can tell.

  2. Super Mario Jesus

    Super Mario Jesus5 giờ trước

    Wait so you saying hello every body its markiplier in the begging of almost every video doesn’t count as a a catch praise

  3. Kiara Jordan

    Kiara Jordan6 giờ trước

    First off he so cute second he definitely does look like john wick

  4. Jaxon Jaxon

    Jaxon Jaxon6 giờ trước

    I also have a Great Pyrenees and she’s amazing

  5. JC Steves

    JC Steves7 giờ trước

    12:49 beyond meat my dude

  6. Negro

    Negro8 giờ trước


  7. oreade26

    oreade269 giờ trước

    0:13 A pet named steve

  8. pokemon dog show

    pokemon dog show11 giờ trước

    Marks catchphrase is HABLAHBLAH

  9. Lydia Macku

    Lydia Macku11 giờ trước

    Markiplier killed him self......I think

  10. goldosprey

    goldosprey12 giờ trước

    To the 600 that stayed with Markiplier with the name change, Thank you for believing in him

  11. Amy Torstveit

    Amy Torstveit12 giờ trước


  12. Henrik Bisgaard

    Henrik Bisgaard14 giờ trước

    I love the idea that if we could grow meat, then the animals didn't have to die. But that is kind of a flawed view, because if the framers cant sell there livestock, then they will put it down, and no new livestock will be born. So it won't be that the animals won't have to die, but rather that they won't be born and get to live.

  13. 15 giờ trước

    It freaks me out so much to think of Mark's issues with heart attacks so young. I'm ecstatic that he's doing so much to take care of himself. He's very responsible. But it'll tear me up if he dies of a heart attack someday.

  14. Chaotic Boi

    Chaotic Boi15 giờ trước

    It seriously amazes me to see how amazing he is. In his video he always looks so over the top and is always screaming and seeing him being so real and honest is seriously so wholesome

  15. 16 giờ trước

    OK. Also is that one punch man hoodie?

  16. Petit panier d'osier

    Petit panier d'osier16 giờ trước

    such a lovely dude

  17. I Regret uploading my only video

    I Regret uploading my only video16 giờ trước

    Why does he look like Keanu Reeves

  18. Aaron Nelson

    Aaron Nelson16 giờ trước

    the story of the subscriber passing away got me pretty emotional, love u vids mark

  19. HybrydATP64

    HybrydATP6419 giờ trước

    He wearing a saitama ugly sweater hoodie

  20. Alex BloodOath

    Alex BloodOath19 giờ trước


  21. Levent Korkmaz

    Levent Korkmaz21 giờ trước

    no maes hughes question?

  22. Sam

    SamNgày trước

    I just watch this and he taught me a thing. ( I'm part Korean and I'm part Irish.) Well that'll be something to look forward to.

  23. Joseph Madison

    Joseph MadisonNgày trước


  24. War OR Peace

    War OR PeaceNgày trước

    Why people can believe in HOROSCOPIC SIGNS BY HUMANS AND ZODIAC SIGNS BY HUMANS but not in GOD?

  25. cassidyhyde 82

    cassidyhyde 82Ngày trước


  26. RogueCentaurXIV

    RogueCentaurXIVNgày trước

    Mark's monotone voice makes me feel like he's hiding repressed emotions

  27. Nat Sashikata

    Nat SashikataNgày trước

  28. Leopoldo Spezio Jr.

    Leopoldo Spezio Jr.Ngày trước

    What does he fear? Answer: the deep waters Proof: 500 episodes of subnautica.

  29. VampireFlower1

    VampireFlower1Ngày trước


  30. SilentStorm

    SilentStormNgày trước

    *F to pay respects*

  31. Kill Me Pls

    Kill Me PlsNgày trước

    I like how there’s Saitama on markiplier’s jacket

  32. AgonizedBarrel2

    AgonizedBarrel2Ngày trước

    I never knew that about Koreans and alcohol

  33. LULU AJ

    LULU AJNgày trước

    Markiplier: I don’t have a catchphrase Also Markiplier every video: AND I WILL SEE YOUUUU IN THE NEXT VIDEO. BYE BYE!

  34. Mini Keanu Reeves

    Mini Keanu ReevesNgày trước

    When mark says he’s a liberal I’m like I will allow this one

  35. AustinPlays XI

    AustinPlays XINgày trước

    markiplier would probably be a good movie actor

  36. Ngày trước

    He kinda reminds me of Keanu Reeves

  37. Ash_Studios

    Ash_StudiosNgày trước

    Gaaaah His voice is just sooo nice to listen to I love him


    MUKAShIIINgày trước


  39. Abdullah Alzubaidi

    Abdullah AlzubaidiNgày trước

    Can I get fish

  40. Ngày trước

    i love his voice, calm and kind scary, such as Steven odd

  41. Laslo Brorsonius

    Laslo BrorsoniusNgày trước

    Good Guy!

  42. AntiZoomthereturn

    AntiZoomthereturnNgày trước

    John wick in. Costume

  43. Far and High Memes

    Far and High MemesNgày trước

    When mark isn’t playing games he sounds very philosophical.

  44. Ali Sultan

    Ali Sultan2 ngày trước

    This made me cry, mark is the best

  45. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY2 ngày trước

    Seeing Markiplier cry makes me cry 😫😫😫💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭

  46. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY2 ngày trước


  47. MR ELVIS

    MR ELVIS2 ngày trước

    Markiplier is 30 and he is awesome

  48. Alireza Asadi

    Alireza Asadi2 ngày trước

    11:20 why questions change?

  49. Fans, Lighting, and more

    Fans, Lighting, and more2 ngày trước

    My earbuds were vibrating in my ear canals the entire video.....

  50. normal human

    normal human2 ngày trước


  51. Collin Sajko

    Collin Sajko2 ngày trước

    he sounds depressed