Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer


  1. ツBl1Nk

    ツBl1Nk37 giây trước

    There is a theory that people who "died" in the infinity war, are not dead, their were sent to another universe... X-men / Deadpool universe

  2. I forgot my name.

    I forgot my name.Phút trước


  3. Willl Marlow

    Willl Marlow4 phút trước

    Love the grey and red effect makes it look engaging and cool

  4. Michael Schoeff

    Michael Schoeff4 phút trước

    Who would win Thanos? The Avengers? Shaggy B0i

  5. Karthi Bikki

    Karthi Bikki4 phút trước

    Waiting for the movie eagerly

  6. Rajendra naidu

    Rajendra naidu6 phút trước

    Trailer in Indian languages?????

  7. Edward John Sol-Latina

    Edward John Sol-Latina6 phút trước

    Cant Wait

  8. marvel fan lucas

    marvel fan lucas4 phút trước

    I can't wait either April 26th is the day

  9. ツBl1Nk

    ツBl1Nk7 phút trước

    10 time i watch this, maybe ill watch 1 time more


    KINITO PRO10 phút trước

    The shot of the avengers walking along the Avengers compound with the new quantim suits at the end of the trailer, seems similar to the group shot in the battle of Wokanda in the Infinity War trailer 1:51. I think the tv-spot trailer version where Thor and Rocket were there, all not wearing the quantum suits seemed more real. Idk its seems to fake to me!

  11. Theweed mann

    Theweed mann11 phút trước

    Captain Marvel please save iron Man!

  12. Yash Kurdiya

    Yash Kurdiya12 phút trước

    Thor did not know the power and strength , ability of c marvel but man all time favourite iron he is sensefull he made himself with mind but reality.

  13. arunav ganguly

    arunav ganguly12 phút trước

    1:56 Tony in the white suit you heard it first here..

  14. Armageddon News

    Armageddon News13 phút trước

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    SHEEMBA15 phút trước


  16. Xaver Maidic

    Xaver Maidic16 phút trước


  17. Ricky Rodriguez

    Ricky Rodriguez16 phút trước

    Spoiler: Drax is still there cause he’s standing so incredibly still that he’s become invisible to the human eye 👁!?

  18. Tinbite Samuel

    Tinbite Samuel16 phút trước

    That Thor laugh at 2:21.......

  19. Tinbite Samuel

    Tinbite Samuel17 phút trước

    That Thor laugh at 2:21.......

  20. Dylan S

    Dylan S17 phút trước

    I didnt hear a hulk smash, excuse me 🌝

  21. Destiny

    Destiny18 phút trước

    Trailer music name?

  22. Maxx

    Maxx20 phút trước

    I wonder which political agenda is gonna be pushed in this movie....

  23. Flower Wild

    Flower Wild21 phút trước

    omg. this movie is gonna be literally breathtaking.

  24. User Name

    User Name22 phút trước

    Let me guess: 1.Thanos dies 2.Thanos dies 3.Thanos dies 4.Thanos dies 5.Thanos dies 6.Thanos dies, but he comes back to life in the next movie.

  25. Mr Everything 70

    Mr Everything 7028 phút trước

    Antman butthole memes incoming!

  26. King Rob

    King Rob28 phút trước

    Hulk needs to be redeemed the MCU has made him weak man even though he is in my opinion the strongest avenger

  27. Trop_Ical

    Trop_Ical28 phút trước

    I love marvel films Every time a new marvel film releases I go with my dad to watch them thanks Stan lee and all the guys and women that work For marvel

  28. Sumeet Arora

    Sumeet Arora29 phút trước

    What are the powers of Thanos without infinity stones?

  29. marvelousdcgeek 97

    marvelousdcgeek 9716 phút trước

    Super strength, durability, genius tactician, skilled hand-to-hand combatant (that's why he defeated Hulk easily).

  30. Super Man

    Super Man30 phút trước

    How are they gonna fit stan Lee into this?

  31. LinK Sama

    LinK Sama30 phút trước

    I like this women

  32. Johnny Baba

    Johnny Baba32 phút trước

    Avengers Tatti Hai 😂

  33. Daniel Zhou Vlogs

    Daniel Zhou Vlogs32 phút trước

    Wait! What if................................ They DDoS Thanos so he lags and leaves the chat?

  34. Amiezan Amran

    Amiezan Amran36 phút trước

    i cant wait to watch this film.. its a great film.. i hope this is not last film for evengers.. im very like this film..

  35. Bruce Morris

    Bruce Morris37 phút trước

    Cool I want to watch it.

  36. Srishti srishti

    Srishti srishti38 phút trước

    Most of the comments are related to *whatever it takes* But i wont write a comment related to it..... *_Whatever It Takes_*

  37. Mahfuz Ahmed 47

    Mahfuz Ahmed 4739 phút trước

    Captain marvel wasn't sacred at the end because she knew that Thor would never have gone for the head

  38. Jeanne Slater

    Jeanne Slater40 phút trước

    So this movie better be good because they showed no good parts in the trailer. The trailer actually made the movie look boring.


    EMOKAYAKBOY LOOM40 phút trước


  40. Harrison John

    Harrison John41 phút trước

    What gets you out of bed in the morning? Presents trailer:

  41. Jesus Vazquez

    Jesus Vazquez42 phút trước

    I love this trailer and I’m hipe

  42. Brandon Lechner

    Brandon Lechner42 phút trước

    Surprised no ones pointed out that cap has his shield back

  43. Mojm Mojm

    Mojm Mojm42 phút trước

    شيء بيقرف

  44. Matthew Shaw

    Matthew Shaw46 phút trước

    this film takes place about 16 months after the events of infinity war. at 1:12, you can see how much of black widow's hair has grown since she dyed it white, which is pretty much the exact same as the height as her face. in a picture i found of scarlett johansson, her face was 1.2cm tall, and she was 9 cm tall in total, meaning that 13% of her height is her head. scarlett johansson is 1.6m tall, and 13% of 1.6 is 21cm. so, she has grown 21cm of hair since she last dyed it. hair grows at about 1/2 inch a month, meaning that 8.3 inches of hair grew, which is 16 months

  45. Stampylong nose

    Stampylong nose46 phút trước

    Yall nervous because it might get spoiled for you Just think Doctor strange knew about the end of this movie since last year

  46. Mr.OmegaBeat

    Mr.OmegaBeat47 phút trước

    Many people won’t like my comment but not Not us! No ? Well I guess I’m 2 late ;(

  47. Waldomero Lillo

    Waldomero Lillo47 phút trước

    Does anybody know the name of the score used in this trailer?

  48. Maday Dieguez

    Maday Dieguez47 phút trước

    No comets for me I'm a you tube er

  49. Leon Petrichiutto

    Leon Petrichiutto48 phút trước

    The end is truly near now

  50. BCFC 29

    BCFC 2948 phút trước

    and thus this is how Captain Marvel got impregnated.

  51. Stampylong nose

    Stampylong nose49 phút trước

    Star lord- ‘How many did you see’ Dr Strange- ‘I don’t know I’m not going to spoil endgame for myself am I, dipshits’

  52. Siti Sifa

    Siti Sifa49 phút trước

    where captain marvel?

  53. Amal Sebastian

    Amal Sebastian51 phút trước

    who cares, im waiting for GOT

  54. suckaappear

    suckaappear54 phút trước

    is anyone gonna like this comment

  55. STUBBS!

    STUBBS!54 phút trước

    Isn’t that Hawkeye running with the Infinity Gauntlet at 1:27?

  56. Dylan Castano

    Dylan Castano55 phút trước

    It wouldve been dope to see hulk in that suit

  57. Eda Wide

    Eda Wide55 phút trước

    They are going back in time for sure.

  58. Leon Vera

    Leon Vera56 phút trước

    Awesome !!! Getting goosebumbs can't wait !!!

  59. humbuckerpickups

    humbuckerpickups56 phút trước

    What? Now is it MoHawkeye?

  60. Juju Link

    Juju Link57 phút trước

    that moment you find out that the trailer is misleading again

  61. Rodrigo Porto

    Rodrigo Porto57 phút trước


  62. Corey Moore

    Corey Moore57 phút trước

    What’s the significance of the red

  63. hallides allie

    hallides allieGiờ trước

    Why tony looks so skinny




  65. Mayapants

    MayapantsGiờ trước

    me and my uncle LOVE Marvel and each time a new one comes out we can't wait to watch it!!!!

  66. shizambam bam

    shizambam bamGiờ trước

    I will be the first to admit I’m not first.

  67. Amol Chippa

    Amol ChippaGiờ trước

    This is going to be the best of all the previous ones looking forward to it.

  68. Ashley Garcia

    Ashley GarciaGiờ trước

    Infinity war 221million views Lets see what happens since this one is at 72million lol

  69. Sushi

    SushiGiờ trước

    And Then Deadpool Breaks The Screen And Shoots Thanos's Forhead

  70. Abhishek Chhabra

    Abhishek ChhabraGiờ trước

    Thor :will make you my girlfriend captain Marvel WHATEVER IT TAKES 😁

  71. farjana akhter

    farjana akhterGiờ trước

    never watched a single marvel movie except spiderman.. people are hyped with this so I had to watch this

  72. Deepesh Philip

    Deepesh Philip42 phút trước

    start seeing all of them, i guess you will become marvel fanboy

  73. Kyle Boyles

    Kyle BoylesGiờ trước

    this better beat avatar. avatar is far from deserving the #1 box office. I mean avatar making 2.8 billion? so retarded

  74. Darin Kaffaf

    Darin KaffafGiờ trước


  75. Cobrakhan KJHSAKDJHSKDJ

    Cobrakhan KJHSAKDJHSKDJGiờ trước

    Yeah the Deep States about to get a kick in the teeth...... AND THEN ETERNITY IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Catalyst Consultants

    Catalyst ConsultantsGiờ trước

    Iron-man is not going to die

  77. Jaideep .D

    Jaideep .DGiờ trước

    Thank you star Lord for getting us another movie

  78. Uzi On Da Beat

    Uzi On Da BeatGiờ trước


  79. christos anthimou

    christos anthimouGiờ trước

    That Tony’s ‘Whatever it takes’ without background sounds gives me some goosebumps😂👍🏻like if you do the same 👇now

  80. Dhruv joshi

    Dhruv joshiGiờ trước

    Whatever it takes

  81. Emmett G

    Emmett GGiờ trước

    Superheros, but in SPACE!

  82. aaron walker

    aaron walkerGiờ trước

    Ok we watching this and then having the merger actually complete today just makes me more happy

  83. Ben Berkenbosch

    Ben BerkenboschGiờ trước

    I love the way Black Widow shoots perfectly in the rhythm of the music in this trailer!

  84. omar shah

    omar shahGiờ trước

    Man I hope they give Black Widow a bigger role in this film, her character has existed in the MCU since iron man (2).

  85. twilitetide

    twilitetideGiờ trước

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, Give me more Bucky Ur new Cap is poo.

  86. GroundBreaker

    GroundBreakerGiờ trước

    I will get this comment to be liked over 1k Whatever it takes

  87. GroundBreaker

    GroundBreakerGiờ trước

    Even if it means liking my own comment

  88. Eviltendo 14

    Eviltendo 14Giờ trước

    Ohhhhh Captain Marvel

  89. Unknown One

    Unknown OneGiờ trước

    Clearly that was a "don't flinch test" by thor

  90. Jacob Brockway

    Jacob BrockwayGiờ trước

    Black widow: shoots pistol Thanos: “all that for a drop of blood”?

  91. sochetra samath

    sochetra samathGiờ trước

    I’m gonna watch End Game at least 5 times

  92. Sieg Hart

    Sieg HartGiờ trước

    wonder what is that special uniform they are in?! cos even war machine is in the armored suit but same uniform as the rest. new tech?

  93. marvelousdcgeek 97

    marvelousdcgeek 9714 phút trước

    They going to the Quantum Realm to try time travel to the past.

  94. Zer0Fallen

    Zer0FallenGiờ trước


  95. Fript

    FriptGiờ trước

    the music is still giving me chills


    LIFE HACKERSGiờ trước

    Ok I love heroes all of them but what about supervillains . Don't u think that u should appreciate Thanos who has been the sweet badass villian it is him who made the heroes into iconicfame T h I N K

  97. Stu Mac PT

    Stu Mac PTGiờ trước

    I genuinely thought this was a fan made trailer Scarlett johannson has about 3 different hairstyles ffs😂 looks decent but

  98. Govind Gopidas

    Govind GopidasGiờ trước

    Tony Stark 💚

  99. Slash Awie

    Slash AwieGiờ trước

    Mana geng malaysia😋

  100. Amal Adel

    Amal AdelGiờ trước

    I'm so excited to watch it I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  101. Ravi Thate

    Ravi ThateGiờ trước

    I like This one

  102. maslan paskalis

    maslan paskalisGiờ trước

    Kalau udah gitu pasti akan seru film trailer ny abang

  103. Shriram Shedke

    Shriram ShedkeGiờ trước

    Everyone thank star lord and hail to him for leading to the creation of a masterpiece

  104. maslan paskalis

    maslan paskalisGiờ trước

    Ditambah juga dengan anak dewa2 zeus, posaidon dan hades bergabung

  105. Hania Djazair

    Hania DjazairGiờ trước

    since a while ago i'm reading the comments and it's incredible that we all have the same mentality. marvel fans, we are the best