Mean Tweets - NBA Edition 2019


  1. StupidNibba T

    StupidNibba T7 giờ trước

    danny green and paul george one got me dying

  2. Chloe Tung

    Chloe Tung19 giờ trước

    Wonder what the guy that tweeted Steve Ballmer would say about the Clippers now that they have Kawhi and Paul George...

  3. Maor Mama

    Maor Mama23 giờ trước

    I wonder if there will be a Boxing Edition. Like, who's got the balls to mock Mike Tyson?

  4. UziCuzi __

    UziCuzi __Ngày trước


  5. UziCuzi __

    UziCuzi __Ngày trước


  6. Tyler Gordon

    Tyler GordonNgày trước

    Shocker KD took that tweet seriously

  7. MasonplayzBasketball 23

    MasonplayzBasketball 23Ngày trước

    Because I’m adventurous in the bed - robin Lopez 😂

  8. Ace Cruz

    Ace CruzNgày trước

    Brooke Lopez delayed reaction to his brother's comment is pretty much all of us!!! 🤣😂🤣. I swear it took me a minute to get the joke

  9. Yama Sultani

    Yama SultaniNgày trước

    I wonder why they use their time to hate other people

  10. Ken Petrini

    Ken PetriniNgày trước

    Robin Lopez though omfg

  11. Kenny Marino

    Kenny Marino2 ngày trước

    Chris Bosh talks like Dave Chappelle's impersonation of a white guy

  12. Brenden Gauch

    Brenden Gauch2 ngày trước

    Adventurous in the bedroom had me rollin

  13. Nick Jakoby

    Nick Jakoby2 ngày trước

    UFC edition next time pls

  14. Wermhats Wormhat

    Wermhats Wormhat2 ngày trước

    Beal is my favorite NBA player, but that tweet is true

  15. TK

    TK4 ngày trước

    1:35 (Chappelle playing a white guy)

  16. Attica '71

    Attica '716 ngày trước

    “Because I’m adventurous in bed” Now that’s savage.

  17. Quinn Srethapramote

    Quinn Srethapramote6 ngày trước

    Mean tweets never disappoint

  18. Monica

    Monica6 ngày trước

    I really wanted lebron to read a hate tweet from Guillermo😂😂😂 If you know you know

  19. Zippy

    Zippy6 ngày trước

    Damian Lillard isn’t on here bc no one got 💩 on him🤷‍♂️

  20. La Lee Lee

    La Lee Lee6 ngày trước

    You know it’s 2k19 when everyone has an iPhone X iPhoneXR 😂😭🤣

  21. Leonardo WR

    Leonardo WR7 ngày trước

    I wanna see Kawhi Leanard reading a meme tweet

  22. big boi dan

    big boi dan7 ngày trước

    How u gon do kd like that

  23. brother andrew

    brother andrew7 ngày trước

    i come back to this just to hear that charles barkley one it kills me every time

  24. Aref Moud

    Aref Moud8 ngày trước

    Notice their gorgeous SOs, why no one told us to get into basketball!!!

  25. uNhOlY sCrEeChInG

    uNhOlY sCrEeChInG8 ngày trước


  26. Juan Choi

    Juan Choi8 ngày trước

    robin lopez got me lmao

  27. Rylan Davis

    Rylan Davis8 ngày trước

    Dirks got me dead mop water??? 😂😂😂

  28. TheJewThatCuckedYou

    TheJewThatCuckedYou9 ngày trước

    2019 and they bleep the word midget. It's a medical term you bitches.

  29. Jeremy Powell

    Jeremy Powell9 ngày trước

    Was Teddy Ray in the audience?? Could’ve swore I heard his laugh a few times lol

  30. kerpal3

    kerpal39 ngày trước

    Brook was like "pause Robin".

  31. Cain Shin

    Cain Shin10 ngày trước

    PG's reaction is hilarious..

  32. Peter Burrows

    Peter Burrows10 ngày trước

    That guy calling the clippers a trash organization looking like a clown now 🤣

  33. Damien Garbutt

    Damien Garbutt10 ngày trước

    Brooke's head is too small for his body.

  34. Damien Garbutt

    Damien Garbutt10 ngày trước

    Who comes up with these things?! 🤣

  35. Damien Garbutt

    Damien Garbutt10 ngày trước

    That Dirk one was plain dirty. 🤣

  36. Shahzaib Sultan

    Shahzaib Sultan10 ngày trước

    Surprise not to see Mr Barry McCockiner's tweet here.

  37. You cant ツƒrคğ๓є

    You cant ツƒrคğ๓є11 ngày trước

    It's crazy that I used to be at the same house parties as Kemba Walker back at UCONN I even sold one of his friends weed a couple times off campus. He dated a girl that I went to high school with but this was about 8 to 10 years ago. He still comes back to Connecticut and I seen him around he has a gorgeous e63 AMG that he bought from my fathers mercedes-benz dealership back in 2017.

  38. roc3hunna

    roc3hunna13 ngày trước

    steve ballmer sounds like he goes home to yell at his wife and watch hgtv

  39. Unrealistic Dreamer

    Unrealistic Dreamer13 ngày trước

    1:35 With a white grandfather named Dennis, I can confirm this is true.

  40. Ajoni Lewis

    Ajoni Lewis14 ngày trước

    YES!!! *I just now realized that this was a video...... BRRRRUUUUHHHH....??!*

  41. ARD DOM

    ARD DOM14 ngày trước

    Why does Ben Simmons turn British only when he says passes😂😂

  42. Marcus Davis

    Marcus Davis14 ngày trước

    The reason KD decided to leave golden state 0:05

  43. FusionBull

    FusionBull14 ngày trước

    “...let me know when you’re able to speak 4 languages dumbass”.

  44. Afissa Kakaye

    Afissa Kakaye14 ngày trước

    Chris Bosh has the laugh toop🤣🤣

  45. Jalen Diggs

    Jalen Diggs14 ngày trước

    It took me 10 seconds to realize what Robin was talkin bout along with the tweet😂😂

  46. B-Mint1994

    B-Mint199414 ngày trước

    That guy who wrote that Lowry tweet owes KL an apology

  47. Chris brown Son

    Chris brown Son16 ngày trước

    Jrue (ok)

  48. Tiffany Garner

    Tiffany Garner16 ngày trước

    The Bradley Beal one is kind of accurate

  49. justbrowsingyup

    justbrowsingyup17 ngày trước

    Hahah that last one got me hahaha

  50. Liberty Policarpio

    Liberty Policarpio17 ngày trước

    1:35 why denis?