Meghan Markle Gives Birth To Royal Baby Boy, Adele Teases Possible New Album | PeopleTV


  1. sandy lafontaine

    sandy lafontaine3 tháng trước

    Your race deserves to win chick

  2. My Crown G

    My Crown G4 tháng trước

    Sir John (the horse) seemed happy with Harry's news 😂

  3. latino heat

    latino heat4 tháng trước

    bet the baby is a ginger like harry rosy cheeks and all 👑

  4. Natasha Frasier

    Natasha Frasier4 tháng trước

    First of all Doria is NOT from Compton and even if she was that was just an ignorant thing to say! Let Harry and Meghan name THEIR son!

  5. Bryce Thompson

    Bryce Thompson4 tháng trước

    Did fine for the most part until they talked about the Duchess's "father." The "statement" was written by some p.r. person. This is needless salacious gossip. Leave it to the rags if you want to provide respectable commentary.

  6. Random L3vel

    Random L3vel4 tháng trước

    I only came here because of Aladdin

  7. renee thornton

    renee thornton4 tháng trước

    Congratulations to the HRH

  8. Mary Bruun

    Mary Bruun4 tháng trước

    I was surprised, thought it would be a girl. Doesn’t matter as long as the baby is healthy! Happy for them

  9. Black Pearl

    Black Pearl4 tháng trước

    So is it a boy or a girl? Anyway I'm here to say CONGRATULATIONS 😮😘💚

  10. Duquesa Armengol

    Duquesa Armengol4 tháng trước


  11. Random L3vel

    Random L3vel4 tháng trước


  12. Sandra E. A

    Sandra E. A4 tháng trước

    Congratulations your Royal Highnesses on the birth of your son🛐👼🏽💙