Melissa McCarthy Replaces Steve Harvey As Little Big Shots Host | PeopleTV

  • 13 Th05, 2019
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  1. Alexa

    Alexa23 ngày trước

    Im pissed. This ruined my whole day. Steve has loyal fans. Im certainly one of them. He has a wholesome show and its nice to actualy have a show that is open to speaking about faith in God. It was my last hope on tv. I have nothing personal agaisnt kelley but this is totally a huge mistake

  2. james T

    james T27 ngày trước

    Low ratings now & I'm Glade Steve Harvey Show sucks anyway that's ruins relationships

  3. M. Davis

    M. Davis28 ngày trước

    Idky THEY did this to Steve. He's a GREAT host. With a GREAT personality. I will not be watching neither of them shows. I'm sorry, those ladies can't hold a candle Steve H... the networks made a very bad decision on this one.. I will miss Steve for sure. I know this might sound mean, but I hope the shows/people they replaced him with don't do well & they bring Steve back..

  4. under ground

    under ground29 ngày trước

    HUGE mistake Steve's the man i ain't gonna watch no more😤😫😭

  5. Dragonetta

    DragonettaTháng trước

    I will not be watching Little Big Shots without Steve Harvey.

  6. Andre Mckinney

    Andre MckinneyTháng trước

    Some people are sad some people are happy. I have never understood how people could care one way or another about people they don't know, never met, never spoke to and the famous person financially 99% of the time be in a much much much better situation than the fan that follows their life. You find out the famous people you spend your time watching and listening to and reading about and keeping up with turns out to be not such a good person and your upset or they lose a part in a movie and your upset or someone say's something about them you don't like and you defend them, or they die and your actually affected. But you have had family members die or people you may have actually known but it hardly registers any emotion from you. It's mind boggling to me. This is the way I look at it and I'm not saying I'm right. If the famous person does a free show for you and your friends that have bought the famous person books and help that famous person gain some of the popularity they have if they acknowledge you and all their followers and supporters then it's ok to waste time making them rich rather than doing something to make your life better. If you choose to spend your time that way. But if the famous person has never did a free show to acknowledge you and others, or just maybe have a meet and greet with you and other fans or had a personal phone call session with you and other fans. Lastly if you like support and follow a famous person who has means and access to or sorts of people and resources and the street that that person was raised on is in ruins and the neighborhood that that famous person grew up in has nothing as a tribute to them given by that neighborhood. 9 times out of ten that famous person ain't about shit. Support someone who gives a dam at least enough to go back to where it all started for them and just lend a hand. And of course I know there could be reasons for someone not going back to where it all started for them but do your own research and I know you won't find any of the famous people you follow so mindlessly doing things that will cost them not even a penny, like offering their time and using their name and platform to 1 street in ruins. Very few go back very few are ever seen again where it all started and there could be someone just like them dying for just a chance. Follow someone that at least gives a dam. People care more about people they don't know than people that have their DNA

  7. beauteeful hill

    beauteeful hillTháng trước

    Now Steve Harvey can get 8 hours of sleep. I’ll miss the show though.

  8. tom11zz884

    tom11zz884Tháng trước

    Steve is getting his WHite card

  9. David Duke

    David DukeTháng trước

    Steve Harvey is married to the ex wife of a drug kingpin who was pardoned by Obama and preparing to release a tell all about he and Marjories nasty relationship

  10. sharpaycutie2

    sharpaycutie2Tháng trước

    And your point?

  11. Superb Subliminals and Affirmations

    Superb Subliminals and AffirmationsTháng trước

    No, it was Trump who pardoned him. That's why Steve went to the white house when Trump was first elected.

  12. Linda Hawkins

    Linda HawkinsTháng trước

    I think you have trumputina in mind. 😁

  13. ENES KR

    ENES KRTháng trước

    Ilove you melissa

  14. shamar proctor

    shamar proctorTháng trước

    What’s next ? Cameron Diaz replacing him on Family Feud 😂😂 if they replace him from family feud that’ll be the final death of that show💯

  15. R C

    R C28 ngày trước

    shamar proctor for real!!!

  16. pat the trucker

    pat the truckerTháng trước

    Well damn they gave his show to someone else.

  17. Stíla *

    Stíla *Tháng trước

    Steve Harvey’s a thug. Just like his drug dealing wife.

  18. Lee H.

    Lee H.Tháng trước

    These shows are going to fail.

  19. Adam Nugraha

    Adam Nugraha15 ngày trước

    yeah Brooke Burns will handle Family Fued hosting gig, too.

  20. William Hughes

    William HughesTháng trước

    I think she's going to do a better job than Steve Harvey I know she will💵💵💵🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒👿👿👿👿

  21. Linda Hawkins

    Linda HawkinsTháng trước

    Steve Harvey ain't really worried, NBC is on the other hand.

  22. Linda Slaughter

    Linda SlaughterTháng trước


  23. aaric1703

    aaric1703Tháng trước

    Ms Slaughter I love you!!! You took the words... Steve Harvey is a trifling, Judas bastard and deserves WORSE than what he is getting.

  24. Connie Anderson

    Connie AndersonTháng trước

    No......Steve Harvey has found Jesus. Watch what God does now in his life.

  25. Linda Hawkins

    Linda HawkinsTháng trước

    Think about it Steve still has his radio show and Family Feud. So no worries.

  26. pickle ell

    pickle ellTháng trước

    Good, Steve Harvey is a sellout

  27. Linda Hawkins

    Linda HawkinsTháng trước

    Steve has made a lot of money for NBC. Steve Harvey ain't really worried, he has radio show and Family Feud. Steve has the $$$$.

  28. Kristie Wendland

    Kristie WendlandTháng trước

    This is a HUGE mistake. This show will not survive without Steve Harvey!

  29. Tina's baby

    Tina's baby28 ngày trước

    Then they took him off Family Feud too. Family Feud certainly isn't going to survive without him. It barely did before him.

  30. pat the trucker

    pat the truckerTháng trước

    Yes it will cause we are tired of his ass

  31. Stíla *

    Stíla *Tháng trước

    Yes it will! Steve Harvey is not funny anymore.

  32. sharpaycutie2

    sharpaycutie2Tháng trước

    Um...she not that funny and hope she's good with kids.