MIDSOMMAR (2019) Story + Ending Explained


  1. jinto74

    jinto749 giờ trước

    I see they found those missing swedish tourism films that didn't quite make the cut. Sweden! Come for the shrooms! Stay because we gutted/flayed/evicerated/vivisected/incinerated you!

  2. 666tommytomtom666

    666tommytomtom6669 giờ trước

    This guy looks - and sounds - like a ventriloquist’s puppet

  3. Erik Oksenholt

    Erik Oksenholt9 giờ trước

    Actually it's 4 stages of life, reflecting the seasons, not 3.

  4. Isaiah Nunez

    Isaiah Nunez17 giờ trước

    Two Words: Fucking Pagans

  5. Caifeng Forever

    Caifeng ForeverNgày trước

    Pagan tradition as a horror troupe is so over done

  6. lordofdarkdudes

    lordofdarkdudesNgày trước

    as a swedish person its so werid to see a movie like this were midsommar is some strange pagen ritual when in reality its a festival were we drink and eat like crazy while dancing and sining around a giant penis effegi.....never mind

  7. lordofdarkdudes

    lordofdarkdudesNgày trước

    but it still werid seeing small obscure socitys in a swedish setting since well...they dont exist

  8. MizerisMoney

    MizerisMoneyNgày trước

    Why did i watch this garbage? If i would've known it was the same director as Hereditary i wouldn't of even bothered. Terrible, pointless, and boring movie.

  9. Kayla

    KaylaNgày trước

    The mating scene caused me and my friends to laugh hysterically. The last 10-15 minutes of the movie we didn’t say anything to each other and all of our jaws were 😧

  10. Smarsh

    SmarshNgày trước

    Christian looks like a love child between Chris Pratt and Seth rogan

  11. The Matadore

    The MatadoreNgày trước

    The comments under this video give more insight than the actual video

  12. The Matadore

    The MatadoreNgày trước

    I wish there were no comparisons to “Hereditary” because I haven’t seen that yet :(

  13. Broncos Country

    Broncos CountryNgày trước

    I literally just got done watching this movie it had its moments but did everybody die and I didn't quite get the end and also did the friend bring all the friends to Sweden and know they were going to die I see they were brainwashed and they were a lot of chain linked events that were disturbing the guy having sex with that girl the girlfriend becoming queen this movie was just a trip it had its ups and downs it was also crazy that 2 people would just off themselves shit was crazy

  14. sonny lee

    sonny leeNgày trước

    Nicholas cage did it better with the bees 🐝

  15. Monkeyslut

    MonkeyslutNgày trước

    When they first arrive Pelle tells them the village shares everything with each other. He wasn’t kidding...

  16. Sir Pufflington

    Sir Pufflington2 ngày trước

    As a Swede, this is all true. It’s actually a documentary, not a movie. This really shows how FoundFlix doesn’t know or respect other cultures

  17. Sir Pufflington

    Sir Pufflington13 giờ trước

    cadetcinderely R/Woosh

  18. cadetcinderely

    cadetcinderely20 giờ trước

    Midsommar is marketed in the states (which is where he is) as a horror movie not a documentary. It never says anything about it being based on a true story like the conjuring. How would we know any of this is true after seeing it in theaters??? 90% of horror movies are fake and most that say "based on a true story" are usually embellished. He respects cultures just fine. If this is all true and it's a documentary Ari Aster should have marketed it in the US that way.

  19. Chris Covington

    Chris Covington2 ngày trước

    hereditary was a great horror movie. Midsommar was absolute garbage.

  20. Gena Tools

    Gena Tools2 ngày trước

    Never get with a mental unstable woman

  21. GloomilyCute

    GloomilyCute2 ngày trước

    The two sacrifices in the building were given different "spells". One was given the yew tree sap and said "feel no pain" and the other was "feel no fear". When the fire is slowly approaching them, the one told he would feel no fear, looks fearfully at his companion and the one told he would feel no pain is screaming in agony. This could be a sort of tell tale sign that everything the community do and believe is utter lies. And I know like "yeah obviously" but given how Hereditary ends with a paranormal explanation it could be possible that the community did have some sort of magic and held some truth with their beliefs. But I think the ending scene of showing the guy screaming in pain when his "religion" is meant to protect him of such, shows that it's all bullshit, and poor Dani has just been brainwashed into nonsense

  22. BlackoutK K

    BlackoutK K2 ngày trước

    I personally found this film to be incredibly beautiful cinematically and simultaneously psychologically terrifying.....it’s a master piece and a very pleasant follow up to this directors first film. While hereditary was definitely a horror movie i would honestly classify this more as a psychological thriller. Either way I enjoyed them both a genuinely look forward to his future works.

  23. gmanisa3

    gmanisa32 ngày trước

    Awesome movie.... and an even more awesome review! Love your channel,bruh!

  24. user_666

    user_6662 ngày trước

    why is this man YELLING so MUCH it's SO ANNOYING

  25. user_666

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  26. J Bizzle

    J Bizzle2 ngày trước

    I've been avoiding this movie because I'm pagan and celebrate Beltane and I'm like,,,,,, not interested in paganism being a horror trope anymore, so I appreciate this video so I can learn about it without actually watching it

  27. J Bizzle

    J Bizzle16 giờ trước

    @Rogue Wave James the main issue is that they're portraying Beltane in the movie and have some true parts (there is A May Queen, and they do the maypole dance in white with flower crowns with the ribbons on the pole), but then it deviates really far into a completely different culty thing with sacrifices and murder and weird ritualistic boning. Yeah it's a fertility holiday but I don't want to see one of my favorite holidays perverted like this. Since it's not mainstream like Christian holidays, it's common for people to take any media representation as 100% accurate.

  28. Rogue Wave James

    Rogue Wave James16 giờ trước

    I don't know... according to the texts, pagans worshipped some pretty insane and insidious dieties... unless pagans dont do that anymore.

  29. Promthanius

    Promthanius2 ngày trước

    Wait so where did the book go??

  30. B-Dad 8504

    B-Dad 85043 ngày trước

    Wow she picked him! What a bitch! Lol 😂

  31. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez3 ngày trước

    This movie SUUUUUUUUUCKED.

  32. Adrian

    Adrian3 ngày trước

    I think you’re wrong. There are 4 stages in a persons life cycle. Spring (0-18), summer (18-36), fall (36-54), winter (54-72)

  33. Keenu Khang

    Keenu Khang3 ngày trước

    The village reminds me of the small village in Russia who believes a guy is jesus

  34. C o o l r e c o r d e r G u y 4 2 0

    C o o l r e c o r d e r G u y 4 2 04 ngày trước

    Are you in the dilemma of wanting to go back to the film to analyse and realise all the details but are too fucked up from it to watch it again bc same

  35. Linn Jansson

    Linn Jansson4 ngày trước

    Dani didn't actually speak swedish in the dance it was just jibberish lol

  36. Christopher Diaz, PhD

    Christopher Diaz, PhD4 ngày trước

    Watched it last night. SUCKED.

  37. OPG Ruin

    OPG Ruin4 ngày trước

    What is this This I. Crazy af

  38. Jin stoled Jimin’s jams

    Jin stoled Jimin’s jams4 ngày trước

    This movie messed me up.

  39. Roger Snow

    Roger Snow4 ngày trước

    I'm pretty sure its Horga, not Harga. Dunno, I could be wrong.

  40. SSB Gogeta

    SSB Gogeta4 ngày trước

    I think that Dani was being selfish in the movie I know that Christian did something bad but he was drugged I think that Dani should’ve known that he wouldn’t just do that this movie was so weird

  41. •{ Atlas }•

    •{ Atlas }•4 ngày trước

    Cult indoctrination, but cottagecore

  42. Cher Moore

    Cher Moore4 ngày trước

    Doesn't this kinda sound like that show vikings to anyone ? 😄

  43. Mimin Birdie

    Mimin Birdie4 ngày trước

    Why this guy shouting tho, I’m trying to watch this at 11pm, I’m tired

  44. Jonah A.

    Jonah A.4 ngày trước

    So, are her eyes green or blue??

  45. gummy gummy bear 227

    gummy gummy bear 2275 ngày trước

    Letting go of control and letting the drugs take over!!!!! HELL YEAH😂😂😂

  46. Peach Flavored

    Peach Flavored5 ngày trước

    I’ve watched this movie so many times just from recommending it to people and wanting to watch their reactions the whole time. They are always absolutely mortified at the end and then I chime in with “OkAy ArE yOu ReAdY fOr HerEdiTaRy??”

  47. TRAP 101

    TRAP 1015 ngày trước

    Literally told me everything I know already. I wanted to know who they follow and what the symbols on the stone mean and what the smile in the end means and what she’s a queen of, what happens when danis time as queen ends. None of the questions answered

  48. Rachel Ann Taylor

    Rachel Ann Taylor5 ngày trước

    When Dani was sobbing and the other ladies were yelling with her, it looked like she was giving birth. Or at least, a birth was occurring.

  49. Taylor Jenkins

    Taylor Jenkins5 ngày trước

    midsommar is like if fyre festival and Coachella had a demonic baby

  50. Kendra T

    Kendra T5 ngày trước

    The guy gets shit on for cheating when he was drugged and could not consent to sex with cult lady anyway.

  51. Why Me

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  52. Choua Vue

    Choua Vue6 ngày trước

    Pelle murder Dani's family and made it look normal so no one will come looking for her later on.

  53. Nikki Fayette

    Nikki Fayette6 ngày trước

    I can’t even watch this because this guy is saying mid - summar and not Midsommar. Please re make this entire video and just like say it correctly. Thank you

  54. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

    Mrs. Arthur Morgan4 ngày trước


  55. Math IsMySecretSauce

    Math IsMySecretSauce6 ngày trước

    Dude, you don't have to shout your commentary. There shouldn't be 5 exclamation points in each sentence.

  56. Sha Johnson

    Sha Johnson6 ngày trước

    This movie was cray.

  57. Anders G

    Anders G6 ngày trước

    The thing about the movie is that it didn't give anything. To bad because the beginning when she lost her family could have been a intersting "cult-connection-story". But no, instead we get nothing.

  58. Hacher Unfriended

    Hacher Unfriended6 ngày trước

    The grand designer called author

  59. Hacher Unfriended

    Hacher Unfriended6 ngày trước

    Flora deu

  60. Jon the Misunderstood

    Jon the Misunderstood6 ngày trước

    I'm Roman Catholic, but I hate very hyper religious people

  61. hydragnb

    hydragnb6 ngày trước

    I feel like this guy didn't actually watch the movie, just read some script by someone who had, because he couldn't pronounce names of prominent characters.

  62. Ecstasy And Heroin

    Ecstasy And Heroin6 ngày trước

    idk if its just me but I thought at the end they would've turned around and said hey we gotta dip and killed whoever was trying to stop them but nope, no happy ending also I would've killed that ginger bitch that raped Christian instead of him. Dumb Whore

  63. TheBlacksheep219

    TheBlacksheep2196 ngày trước

    This movie has a lot of similarities to Nicholas Cage’s The Wicker Man. I couldn’t stop thinking about the scene where he punched the woman while wearing the bear costume

  64. Çÿßęr Šürfęr 3D

    Çÿßęr Šürfęr 3D6 ngày trước

    I don’t need anything explained, this movie was a mega let down and a slap in the face. I was really really looking forward to this film. Even the movie “US” was a let down too!! I thought Jordan peele was going to be the next big thing but, guess i thought wrong. Just another M. Night. Shablabla if you ask me. makes one hit movie and the everything after is wack. I’m still bitter about how this movie let me down

  65. cusco525

    cusco5256 ngày trước

    Florence Pugh is just AMAZING in this movie. This movie is fucking crazy.

  66. Red Lamborghini

    Red Lamborghini6 ngày trước

    Yo. I have so many questions like so many questions !!!. “Why there’s a bear here ? Is just a bear... “ excuse me ??? And also that was one of the most realistic toxic relationship I’ve seen. AND WHY AINT ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THE INBREED