MIDSOMMAR (2019) Story + Ending Explained


  1. T

    TGiờ trước

    Anyone notice Terri’s face in the tree at 7:23???

  2. Nick Seda

    Nick Seda2 giờ trước

    So basically, don't fuck virgins in Sweden.

  3. Treh Gibbs

    Treh Gibbs3 giờ trước

    Anyone notice at the end when Dani is on the pedestal being lifted to the dinner table and everyone is walking with her, if you see the trees to the far left of the wide shot you will see it forms her sisters face with the exhaust tube in her mouth.

  4. Maria F

    Maria F5 giờ trước

    Swedish gang where you at??

  5. Dawud AbdYAHU Bn-YasharAL

    Dawud AbdYAHU Bn-YasharAL19 giờ trước

    What *i* don't understand is.... What made the Black man (i.e., Josh) think that "it makes sense" to go out in the middle of nowhere and be the ONLY Black person amongst Whitefolks?? THAT was pretty smart! Any Black person who chooses to ignore the previous 400 years and be friends with & integrate with devils....TOTALLY Deserves _whatever_ happens to him!

  6. Lone Wanderer

    Lone WandererNgày trước

    Am I the only one who thinks Christen got the shaft? I mean, he was a dick, but he was drugged for the part he cheated on her. And in that one incident, Dani deemed that, yeah, she’d throw out 4 years for some Swedish cult she just met. I mean, yes the cult was more supportive, but 4 years, and that’s how it’s treated.

  7. t4705mb6

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    This fits right in with our power obsessed psychopathic globalist owners and their blossoming collectivist totalitarian "human credits" system. If the people at the top don't think you're doing enough for them to maintain their position and opulent lifestyle then they shut off your means off support. They don't need you if you're not a good slave. You should simply die. This is pretty much a deformed facsimile of the Middle Ages feudal system .... a new and improved slave system run by a plutocratic kleptocracy. Do as we tell you or we'll kill you. The ultra rich criminal gangsters we allow to run the world are so lucky that about 85% of all humans now can be clinically labeled as retards. Otherwise they'd NEVER get away with this heavy handed preposterous brainwashing bullshit. Anyway, in the end all will get what they deserve.

  8. t4705mb6

    t4705mb6Ngày trước

    Why is this guy yelling at me like an AM radio DJ from the 1950s?

  9. Yggdrasill4

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    Last time I am going to IKEA

  10. Denner Costa

    Denner Costa3 ngày trước

    midsommar has kind of a bittersweet ending... dani is happy now 🙃 and i hope she and pelle become a couple, he's a good catch at the other hand, hereditary has a totally horrifying ending, with the evil side "winning"

  11. Denner Costa

    Denner Costa3 phút trước

    @C I understand your perspective! but for me, her final decision was made not only because of the (creepy) cheating... throughout the film we see their relationship fall apart, christian was a distant boyfriend, emotionally unavailable, he even forgot her birthday!! the cheating was the last straw for Dani, and the start of her mental breakdown.

  12. C

    C50 phút trước

    Pelle isn’t rlly a good catch, he seems like a nice person but dragging someone in just to drug them without their consent and like,, forcing his own traditions on Dani and everyone else (which involves not having rights to say no , death, torture and non consensual drugging). He’s just a whole psychopath tbh, i understand the culture n tradition thing but at least ask ppl if they’re ok with getting drugged, killed, forced to have sex with someone before getting them involved.

  13. C

    C55 phút trước

    Denner Costa - ngl was kinda mad at dani for choosing Christian when she could’ve chosen the guy that was a part of the cult n was ready to die, even if he “cheated”(literally drugged to the max n didn’t have any say on anything) n is a piece of shit it’s kinda not cool to make someone burn without their consent

  14. InstantRamen

    InstantRamen3 ngày trước

    I accidentally watched this when I'm strolling free at Cinema. Very disturbing movie.

  15. SimplyLimbo

    SimplyLimbo4 ngày trước

    Hollywood should stop with perverting our culture, traditions, and mythology, i dont care if its a retarded movie about Thor, or Midsommar. Never accurate. Not even close. Its like a child looking under the hood of a car, and recreate it... pathetic...

  16. vic

    vic4 ngày trước

    did anyone notice the flowers in dani's parents room what was that

  17. TheWaterPuppet Vlogs

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    15:21 heh heh, comes to, comes😂 plz don’t delete this

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  19. Valentin Bulugu

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    Need post-credit scene where pewdiepie is in it

  20. HeroJournalism

    HeroJournalism6 ngày trước

    I come here for Midsommar analysis and get Hereditary spoilers - awesome! Hereditary was LITERALLY the next film on my list

  21. Constella Espj

    Constella Espj6 ngày trước

    If it helps at all, the spoilers aren't really ruinous. Well, maybe *these* spoilers aren't the greatest but Hereditary is such a densely-packed movie that even knowing what he revealed still doesn't rake away *too* much from it. I read and watched a few reviews of it before I saw it and even though there were some spoilers (including a couple he mentioned), I still spent the whole movie going "get the fuck out of here oh my glob."

  22. R&B

    R&B6 ngày trước

    JOKER NEXT PLEASE... I watched Midsommar, like dumb I'm a bit salty they had a director's cut that I couldn't see cause overall the film was so beautiful and crazy but alot of plotholes.

  23. Mr Grimmton

    Mr Grimmton7 ngày trước

    Boy, do I love tripped out cults

  24. Bram

    Bram7 ngày trước

    Can someone explain the paintings at Dani's place? Are they in any way related to the cult's mythology or how the festivity will unfold?

  25. Shane Molina

    Shane Molina7 ngày trước

    why does he talk like that

  26. Mentol Nomad

    Mentol Nomad8 ngày trước

    Pagan satanic shit, yet pretty compelling to watch

  27. Niamh Hoolachan

    Niamh Hoolachan8 ngày trước

    I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about how similar it is to the wickerman

  28. River Hord

    River Hord8 ngày trước

    Who were all the people that were in the temple that burned down. I know I saw Connie, Simon, Josh, and mark is somewhere in there, and of course Christian. Two more for the villager volunteers. That’s 7, and I saw nine bodies. WITH LIKE SKIN, ya know. It couldn’t have been the elders that killed themselves because they got burned to ash and put on the ancestral tree. So who are the other two? Where they those statues with branches on them? Someone please answer.

  29. Kasey

    Kasey8 ngày trước

    I hate his delivery. You’d think a guy who’s channel is all talking would learn to fucking read without all kinds of stupid and ridiculous inflection.

  30. 1973stylist

    1973stylist9 ngày trước

    That was the stupidiest movie i have ever seen .dont waste uour money

  31. CowGoesRawr

    CowGoesRawr9 ngày trước

    Here name is pronounced Maya right?

  32. CowGoesRawr

    CowGoesRawr9 ngày trước

    I felt for Dani so much in this movie.

  33. DD

    DD9 ngày trước

    This whole video

  34. Perrion Hurd

    Perrion Hurd9 ngày trước

    Verdict: Don't hang out with strangers during the solstices.

  35. YAHSuN

    YAHSuN9 ngày trước

    Witch craft the sequel

  36. Maige Matthews

    Maige Matthews10 ngày trước

    I would love to see your breakdown of, “Restraint” (2018) A mentally ill woman who's been submerging her violent impulses for years unravels after she marries a controlling older man and relocates to his suburban home.

  37. Maige Matthews

    Maige Matthews10 ngày trước

    I would love to see your breakdown of, “Restraint” (2018) A mentally ill woman who's been submerging her violent impulses for years unravels after she marries a controlling older man and relocates to his suburban home.

  38. Dead Rose

    Dead Rose10 ngày trước

    I love that he wears the flower crown during the whole video.

  39. Kewl ADEL

    Kewl ADEL10 ngày trước

    Ok so after watching these movies im never going on trips with any of my friends

  40. Darlene Radha

    Darlene Radha10 ngày trước

    literally couldn't keep watching this cause I felt like I was being yelled at. calm down, sir. take a breath. also it's pronounced Pel-le. not pel. ;)

  41. Jay THE BAD GUY

    Jay THE BAD GUY10 ngày trước

    Good movie, but I wouldn't consider it horror ,thriller maybe but not horror.

  42. Nawaf Ha

    Nawaf Ha11 ngày trước

    Mide sommer I think they mean mide summer maybe idk plz likes

  43. sainz

    sainz11 ngày trước

    It watched this with my date, what a bad idea...

  44. Morgan J

    Morgan J11 ngày trước

    I just came back from you and the director's cut. I didn't end up seeing it the first, missed it! But this was such a pleasure to watch. It was intense and had all the intrigue

  45. Wayne's Hammer

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    I have a headache now. Stop yelling when you do videos

  46. Wayne's Hammer

    Wayne's Hammer12 ngày trước

    Finally got to check this movie out last night. It's not a horror movie or even that sinister. I thought it was kind of strange tho.

  47. ChilliChesta

    ChilliChesta12 ngày trước

    Movie sucked

  48. Gothy-McGoth Face

    Gothy-McGoth Face12 ngày trước

    Please put English subtitle. Thanks

  49. omegastar19

    omegastar1912 ngày trước

    I dont really understand how you got the pronounciation wrong, as ‘Midsommar’ is not some mysterious indecipherable foreign word. It has a clear English cognate, Midsummer. Why are you putting the emphasis on the A in ‘sommar’? Do you also pronounce ‘summer’ with an emphasis on the E? Of course you don’t. The emphasis is on the O (as well as the I in ‘mid’ because Midsommar is two words glued together).

  50. Thomas Woodworth

    Thomas Woodworth12 ngày trước

    So stupid.

  51. barbaro267

    barbaro26712 ngày trước

    Some of the villagers say "Skoll!" (my keyboard has no umlauts, sorry), which is the nordic wolf that chases the sun. These people must really like the sun....

  52. barbaro267

    barbaro26712 ngày trước

    I got triggered by the name Ingomar. That was my team's rival at camp years back. It was viking themed, so all the teams got a viking-sounding name. Our main team was Thorlak, and the secondary main team was Ingomar. Not sure of the spelling, but hearing it brings back memories haha.

  53. Name S. Taken

    Name S. Taken12 ngày trước

    “My boyfriend got drugged and sexually violated during Midsommer celebration so I had his cheating-ass burned alive a la "The Wicker Man," and ALL I GOT WAS THIS STUPID T-SHIRT!” The Critical Drinker said it best, if the gender roles had been reversed this plot would likely be vilified as the most sexist and anti-feminist movie of the year.

  54. Michael Greenleaf

    Michael Greenleaf13 ngày trước

    There are four stages, each mimicking the four seasons in a year.

  55. yAbOyZeR0

    yAbOyZeR013 ngày trước

    chris has sex without eating potatoes .1/10 this is not how swedish people make bebe

  56. Zahra

    Zahra13 ngày trước

    Just watched the movie, waste of time

  57. John Doe

    John Doe13 ngày trước

    this movie fucking sucked. waste of fucking time

  58. Alice Maria Mc Nugget

    Alice Maria Mc Nugget13 ngày trước

    This is why the Swedish are pretty disgusting

  59. Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane13 ngày trước

    Small point of order... In Swedish you would say Pelle "pell-uh" and Maja as "Maya". Germanic and Scandinavian based languages have a few quirks like that. But overall, I loved this movie and your analysis. I agree that the ending scene was about Dani finding true emotional fulfillment through a family, even if it was through some incredibly horrific circumstances. Even with her biological family she was on the outside looking in, always afraid for her sister and completely powerless to stop the tragedy from happening. The community gives her emotional validation as well as a powerful sense of place, which she had been looking for with Christian but never got. Aster and the actor go out of their way to emphasize Christian's douchebaginess, so we the audience don't really feel that bad when he becomes the last sacrifice. By the way, the actor who played him did a fantastic job of making you want to bash him well before the final scene, in more subtle ways than you hate, say, Mark. And I wonder what Pelle's original motivations were for encouraging Dani to come and participate in the rituals. His 3 douchey guy friends were likely marked for sacrifice from the start, but did Pelle see intense emotional turmoil in Dani that made him want bring her along with the hope that she'd join them?

  60. Honey Bunny

    Honey Bunny13 ngày trước

    dont you hate it when go looking for a great horror movei, but all you get is a 2-hour long awful film.

  61. nangamyatmon

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    please, do 'Parasite'

  62. Cake

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    5:15 well played :D

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    Someone please explain to this guy that he doesn't have to scream everything he's describing for his mic to pic it up.