Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles


  1. Ceasar Cassell

    Ceasar Cassell58 giây trước

    James Charles has ruined gaming for everyone.

  2. bebezen

    bebezenPhút trước

    Truly a Katniss and Peeta move at the end😔🤟🏽

  3. Gibit

    GibitPhút trước

    James Charles said pewdiepie sucked😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Alex Frantz

    Alex FrantzPhút trước

    Pewdiepie what have you done

  5. Olivia Holland

    Olivia HollandPhút trước

    something i never thought i needed

  6. Piko

    PikoPhút trước

    Original battle royal

  7. Jessica Cheng

    Jessica ChengPhút trước


  8. Boi Boi

    Boi BoiPhút trước

    I’m very disappointed your playing with the big gay

  9. Uff Master

    Uff MasterPhút trước

    7:20 the Alex skin was a hacker rip

  10. The young God himself

    The young God himselfPhút trước

    59k dislikes, thats a hate crime!

  11. Ms. Honiqualisha

    Ms. HoniqualishaPhút trước

    When you have to get PewDiePie to help un cancel you

  12. Chrischan1320 Vlogs

    Chrischan1320 VlogsPhút trước

    pewdiepie vs t-seris like pewdiepie repli t-seris

  13. ashley espiritu

    ashley espirituPhút trước

    Are you gei now how about Marzia

  14. Lost Visage

    Lost VisagePhút trước

    I am honestly LIVING for this! I wasn't expecting to enjoy their collab so much, but I am lol Felix and James have good collab vibes and energy so I hope we get to see more of this in the future.

  15. Vinslator

    VinslatorPhút trước

    Wtf #1 on trending

  16. Twin Razor

    Twin RazorPhút trước

    Bros and Sisters

  17. Tsetsi

    TsetsiPhút trước

    Have they ever played together before?

  18. Gravewalker104 Gaming

    Gravewalker104 GamingPhút trước

    OMG.. sisters we did it

  19. Max Vo

    Max VoPhút trước

    Hello pewdipie Im from viet nam

  20. Mishaka BG

    Mishaka BGPhút trước

    Why James Charles why not Dantdm or another minecraft famous player so that he can teach Pewds some new stuff.

  21. manijak

    manijakPhút trước


  22. Look at my pic

    Look at my pic2 phút trước

    OMG what is this hahaha

  23. FCN_ Art

    FCN_ Art2 phút trước

    Sorry Felix but this video was low as fuck.Can’t support anything with that IT clown in it🤡🤡

  24. Misaki FF

    Misaki FF2 phút trước

    "James... when you say this way, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!! 😂😂

  25. Kryzen Kazikama

    Kryzen Kazikama2 phút trước

    Whos that pokemon

  26. Tamer Naimov

    Tamer Naimov2 phút trước

    VIreporter became minecraft place

  27. Massimo Soria

    Massimo Soria2 phút trước

    Number 1 on trending and gaming. We did it bois.

  28. VenusVi

    VenusVi2 phút trước

    More of these videos pleaseeeee🤧🤧❤️

  29. connor mitchell

    connor mitchell2 phút trước

    This is a story I will be telling my grandchildren

  30. Stella Newell

    Stella Newell2 phút trước

    “James Charles just told me I suck at Minecraft, this is the worst day of my life”

  31. Paige Dyer

    Paige Dyer2 phút trước

    this made me really mad

  32. Советский Союз

    Советский Союз2 phút trước


  33. lola

    lola2 phút trước

    the best minecraft duo

  34. Matthew Tanzi

    Matthew Tanzi2 phút trước

    Wtf pewds? Wth r u doing

  35. Your Classmateツ

    Your Classmateツ2 phút trước

    1:01 You haven't played Tuber Simulator before?

  36. Oof Memes 69

    Oof Memes 692 phút trước

    12:34 swastika

  37. zChasers

    zChasers2 phút trước

    Stop making videos with James Charles, this ain’t it coach.

  38. Motiejus Montvydas

    Motiejus Montvydas2 phút trước

    is james charles a girl or a boy?

  39. Elle Smith

    Elle Smith2 phút trước

    Am I in heaven?

  40. 羅Jayden

    羅Jayden2 phút trước

    wtff eats 2 gapps

  41. Layth mueen

    Layth mueen2 phút trước

    Holy shit is this real wtf why is pewdiepie playing with gaymes Charles aka james Charles

  42. Bailey Seaman

    Bailey Seaman2 phút trước

    holy fuck

  43. Mr.Human SpongeBob

    Mr.Human SpongeBob2 phút trước

    *When your two Favorite VIreporterrs Fall for the same Trap* Me:It's fine

  44. Doodler 2007

    Doodler 20072 phút trước

    The ending is so beautiful T^T * sniff *

  45. Elijahwildwarlok 7

    Elijahwildwarlok 72 phút trước

    Dies to James Charles

  46. Lucy Dodds

    Lucy Dodds2 phút trước

    Is anyone super confused to see these two ppl playing minecraft... or it is just me

  47. Janiece Moonias

    Janiece Moonias3 phút trước

    13:46 pewds: James Charles please hahahhahahaha made me laugh

  48. L66py

    L66py3 phút trước

    Were they teaming in solos?

  49. jazzy

    jazzy3 phút trước

    where’s sky block 2

  50. InterMedaite

    InterMedaite3 phút trước

    did techno teach james more pvp?