[MV] (G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) _ LATATA


  1. Opp Paa

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    miyeon :* :*

  2. UnPatoVestidoDeRana Pato

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    me gusta 7u7 ahre xd

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    6 letters to explain this song... *LATATA*

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    Who's here before 80 million!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 풀

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    아이들 입덕한 사람 또 업냐 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 아이들 존귀ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  6. Jendi

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    Can I sell my soul to Soyeon please. I'm ready for it any day of the week.

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    Jendi same af

  8. Anezka ROY

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    ARMYs love these girls. I vote for them on MAMA every day. My fav is definitely Soyeon. That girl is extremely talented.

  9. 김 지유

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    love ya

  10. MissRuRu

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    I come back every now and then to appreciate Yuqis lovely deep voice ❤️

  11. sxlin1601

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    November 2018 ? 🌻

  12. Angie Yulieth Martinez Bedoya

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    Every day every night Latata :v

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  14. Akash Ramesh

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    Song is legendary. I can't get over how well timed 2:38 was!

  15. Jen kth

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    Neverlands we going🚀80M views

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    vireporter.net/v/video-Ha2n1QgYMXs.html NEW GIDLE OST GAME OMG

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    Attention all (B) I - tches !! We need to get this bop to 80M ASAP, If we want to get to 100M views by their one year anniversary then we better hurry the hell up with some of this floppy streaming going on 💀

  18. sfl. amri

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    Muslim subtitel indo please

  19. Rinya Skyline

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    I found you in KDA and all I can say is I'm a fan!

  20. Mzmariam VIP Untilwhenever

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    Have been in kpop for years and i couldn't fall in love with any girl group. They have strong vocals and i like the rap line and the song is not too cutesy. God bless the people who discovered this treasures.. I need their names please.

  21. Mzmariam VIP Untilwhenever

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    +Pádraig thanks so much👍

  22. Pádraig

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    0:12 Soyeon 0:21 Soojin 0:31 Minnie 0:41 Yuqi 0:51 Miyeon 1:01 Shuhua

  23. Angry Lolii

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    who is the girl at 1:30 ?

  24. inSomnia-army in-Neverland

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    Check her out on u pretty rapstar vireporter.net/v/video-8bGxkXPOMMY.html She was great

  25. Angry Lolii

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    +inSomnia-army in-Neverland oof she is cute

  26. inSomnia-army in-Neverland

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    I believe you're talking about soyeon.

  27. solare 18TT

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    Alto temazo

  28. Priya Tripathi

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    Is this a debut?

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    Basura total ctm

  31. Neverland

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  32. time for the moonlight

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    Subscribe their official youtube channel: vireporter.net/block-UCritGVo7pLJLUS8wEu32vow

  33. time for the moonlight

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    Follow (G)I-DLE on instagram,to get 2M followers:@official_g_i_dle❣

  34. time for the moonlight

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    Vote Yuqi for 100 most beautiful faces of 2018 in instagram at @tccandler❣

  35. kookie's girl

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    real talent idle!!! they are the best gg at the moment believe it or not!

  36. Jannat Ahmed

    Jannat Ahmed9 giờ trước

    I hear alot of people taking about their faves attending melon music award so is g idle attending??

  37. Fenixnutz

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  38. Laura Natallie

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    Fenixnutz Welcome to the fandom! We are called never lands!! Please ask me any questions if you want to know who’s who^^ Also check their other song "hann"

  39. Minsung stan

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    Female Monster Rookie: (G)-IDLE Male Monster Rookie: STRAY KIDS

  40. Maria Bastos

    Maria Bastos10 giờ trước

    Just from this video I'll say YuQi is my bias, she has such a unique voice and her eyes are so expressive :3

  41. Sun Bin

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    Now I also become a new Neverland ❤💕

  42. Woogi Ack

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    80 MILLION, PLEASE! 😭💖

  43. ミナモトYurika

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    Chị Shuhua lúc dắt con chó nhìn hơi giống Jisoo (Blackpink)

  44. aries_ jacaran

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    [3:20] (゚ヮ゚) After 6 months, I just noticed that the rain fall fireworks cause Soyeon's cap to ignite. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

  45. Black-dle G I-Pink

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    For neverland out there. G(I)-dle song for runningman animation m.vireporter.net/v/video-Ha2n1QgYMXs.html please like my comment for others to see it.

  46. anhar Rugasan

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    I'm a like it LATATA

  47. blackpink jennie

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    So cool ❤😍

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  49. 石獅市。Sananya

    石獅市。Sananya13 giờ trước

    _Soyeon Can Rap & Sing At The Same Time 💕,She Really Reminds Me of _*_CL_* 😭 _I'd Love To Hear ~ Suga X Soyeon Collaboration_ 💕 _My King & Queen!_ 👌♥❤ _Army & Neverland Forever~!!_ 😘

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  52. Jeon EllaKookie

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    Aim for this month: 88M views (if you combine the views) 1.1M likes 80K comments LATATA 👆 63M views (if you combine the views) 900K likes 90K comments HANN 👆 Total we need to do: Views: 4.1M Likes: 80K+ Comments: 10K+ We can do it Neverlands! We are a strong fandom of 2018! 💜

  53. Sadia Siddiqui

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    i'm loving the henna

  54. YG stan

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    omg i'm in love with yuqi voice 😍 its freakin' unique !! 🔥

  55. Faith Valdez

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    Soyeon reminds me of CL😊

  56. Min SuYa

    Min SuYa15 giờ trước

    Im not saying soyeon is overrated cuz whats what im sayin

  57. Lydia Gouveia

    Lydia Gouveia5 giờ trước

    Min SuYa ok the what exactly is you’re point

  58. Jen kth

    Jen kth5 giờ trước

    Min SuYa she isn’t overrated at all . She is a little bit like Namjoon, she’s the one that wrote and produced all of their title tracks + most of their songs on their mini album so she tends to attract people outside the fandom and casual listeners because of how talented she is and her amazing rap but in the fandom she isn’t the most popular. Yuqi, Shuhua and Soojin are the most popular. She deserves the attention she gets by the general public cause she’s an amazing all rounder artist and lot of people are discovering idle thanks to her. So please put some respect on her name.

  59. Min SuYa

    Min SuYa9 giờ trước

    +Lydia Gouveia youre missing my whole point

  60. Lydia Gouveia

    Lydia Gouveia10 giờ trước

    Min SuYa take Bts for example, you mostly see Jungkook and jimin who get most of the screen time and lines, that’s because they are the center of there group! You’re completely dismissed the real meaning of overrated, overrated means you have a lot of praise and love that you really don’t deserve! SOYEON can rap sing dance and produce! I definitely don’t think she is overrated. People now SOYEON because she was on unpreety rapstar and produce 101, before her debut

  61. Min SuYa

    Min SuYa10 giờ trước

    +Lydia Gouveia but isnt it unfair if shes the only who literally promoting the group? Like i mean,theyre all pretty but the fandom of kpop literally knew her but not the others

  62. BTS is life K Pop is life

    BTS is life K Pop is life15 giờ trước

    GIDLE: LOVE YA ME: I love ya too ❤❤❤

  63. adrian diaz rojas

    adrian diaz rojas17 giờ trước

    ty league of legends

  64. Danitza Medina

    Danitza Medina17 giờ trước

    Yo llegué aquí por Wookie (los fans entenderán a que me refiero) y me gustó la canción, muy buena 👍

  65. Blackpink Stan

    Blackpink Stan18 giờ trước

    Hey Neverlands... I'm a blink and wants to be part of your fandom... Can you please give a little information about the members? And also I like those girls who are singing at parts 0:31, 0:40 and also at 0:51... Please help me with their names and also please welcome me in your fandom... Thank you!!

  66. Jeon EllaKookie

    Jeon EllaKookie13 giờ trước

    @Idle Nation yea your right and Soojin is Lead Rapper yes. But idk CUBE don’t let her rap and show her skills

  67. Idle Nation

    Idle Nation17 giờ trước

    Welcome to Neverland! 0:31 and 0:40 is Minnie while 0:51 is Miyeon. All the members: Soyeon: leader, main rapper, vocalist Miyeon: main vocal Minnie: lead vocal Soojin: main dancer, vocalist, lead rapper (?) Yuqi: lead vocal, lead dancer Shuhua: vocalist, visual, maknae

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    70m✔💞❤ 80m🔚🔐 90m🔚🔐 100m🔚🔐

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    This MV nearly to 80M... Lets go Neverland... hopely it will reach 100M... We can support them by stream and stream... #ELF

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  71. LanYu

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    This is such a good song! Very cool beat, rap, dance choreography, girls are all visual yet not plastic or too revealing (nothing's wrong with that, but I admire people who can send sexy vibes without showing skin ^^) and it's NOT recorded in a "box" way like many companies usually do (watch Super Junior MVs for reference :D) 10/10!!!

  72. Ruth Christian

    Ruth Christian19 giờ trước

    2019? Everyone? HAHAHAHA

  73. Jayna___Byrd

    Jayna___Byrd19 giờ trước

    Woah, these girls are great!

  74. Jikookis Bae

    Jikookis Bae20 giờ trước

    Neverlands go watch gidle new OST for running man the movie season 2. Link. vireporter.net/v/video-Ha2n1QgYMXs.html

  75. V.I.P_Blink_Hidden KARD_Monbebe

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    This video gained 5 million views since K/DA - POP/STARS! Omg im so happy people are getting interested in these girls

  76. Lliny Batista

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    Antes sori la tata. Solo jeni tonos darán je

  77. Neverland

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  78. Queen G-idLegend

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    19/11 12pm kst 79.108M views

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    All Neverland LATATA 100M Fighting 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Another fighting week 💜💜💜 No one is giving up for 100M!!!! Lets go neverland and everyone who stans G-Idle 💜💜💜

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    Anyone else cam from K/DA pop stars


    PROUD NEVERLAND21 giờ trước

    Thank you for coming here I hope you like their music 🤗

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    November 2018!!!!?????!!!!!??????

  86. leonie miles

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    i stand g idle after watching KDA 😂😍😍😚🖒🖒👏wahh soyeon rap


    PROUD NEVERLAND21 giờ trước

    Thank you and welcome to Neverland 💜

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  89. Gabriela Chang Mendez

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    Según yo son las black pink

  90. tuvieja entanga

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    +Una Persona no exageres che. Las blackpink son mejores ;v

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  92. Una Persona

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    No son izone

  93. tuvieja entanga

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    Nonono,son las momoland :v

  94. Janeth Solis

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    Segun tu >:V

  95. Speaking Sarcasm

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    The dog was so cute OWO

  96. Ayda Quispe

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    CHA EUN WOONgày trước

    So sick of these people comparing idols. Can’t you just support your idols and not drag the other?

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  99. Thainá Bennington Dias da Silva

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    +JoHnN L Caramba! Não sabia disso, que legal ^_^ obrigada por explicar.

  100. JoHnN L

    JoHnN LNgày trước

    0:01 Soyeon - líder do grupo, compôs a música, escreveu a letra, trabalhou na produção, e a coreografia feita pela Soyeon 0:01 e Soojin 0:05

  101. Fishy The Fish

    Fishy The FishNgày trước

    0:54 is that mehndi???

  102. Izael Duarte

    Izael DuarteNgày trước

    Alguem 2020?

  103. ʟɪᴠɪɴɢ ɪɴ Neverland。

    ʟɪᴠɪɴɢ ɪɴ Neverland。Ngày trước

    💜 🧚🏼‍♀️

  104. BlinkonicArmy

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    i don't mean to offend anyone but when i first heard this song, it makes me remember of don't recall by kard, just saying

  105. Morning Polaris

    Morning Polaris23 giờ trước

    It's because they are roughly in the same genre (moombahton/tropical house)

  106. BTS_IGOT7 Forever

    BTS_IGOT7 Forever23 giờ trước

    BlinkonicArmy I don't mean to offend you but they don't similar at all btw I love kard😘

  107. S&B Lemos

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    Yes guys let's do it #100M

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  109. Kiko pichu

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    Came here because a video game. Stayed because of their talent and style. Go G-idle! ☆*:. o(≧▽≦)o .:*☆

  110. Laura Natallie

    Laura Natallie2 giờ trước

    Kiko pichu Of course, you won’t regret it! SO LETS START! 0:12 soyeon(the main rapper,leader and producer of their songs) 0:22 Soojin(lead rapper, MAIN DANCER HER DANCING!! She is also my bias(Favorit of gidle) 0:32 Minnie(main vocalist, cutie) 0:42 YuQi(lead dancer, and deep voice, also funny personality) 0:56 Miyeon main vocalist,with soyeon in league of legends, vocal legend and lowkey the mom of the group) 1:02 Shuhua(youngest,vocalist, visual,serves looks) Please tell me whom you like the most so far! They are also a new group(the debuted this year) so you just missed one album and 2 music videos, they will have a comeback soon, means a new music video!! Please support (G)I-dle, you are welcomed to our fandom neverland!! But remember, once you fall for kpop, there is no way out. I mean it. It’s crazy/insane but ask kpop fans. You can’t go back. So it’s your own risk haha. Anyways hope this helped!💓💓

  111. Kiko pichu

    Kiko pichu3 giờ trước

    +Laura Natallie Hi there! Thank you so much. I feel very happy that I came across kpop. This is my first idol group, so I would be thankful to know who's who. I only know Miyeon and Soyeon. ^-^

  112. Laura Natallie

    Laura Natallie3 giờ trước

    Kiko pichu yay!! Trust me, these girls are the cutest!! Welcome to the fandom, we are called neverlands! Please ask me anything if you want to know who’s who^^


    JENNIE KIMNgày trước

    Soyen : don't be lazy Me: "starts cleaning room"

  114. Koujoung

    KoujoungNgày trước

    I don't know if I'm seeing things, but is there a serious Indian influence in the dance moves during the first chorus? Those hand movements resemble a lot of kathak (Indian traditional dance), and the folded hands and stuff. The henna on their hands (Indians call it mehendi), and then certain cultural references like the shoe being stolen might refer to some practices that take place during Indian weddings where girls steal the groom's shoes and he has to pay to get them back....maybe I'm making connections that don't exist, but that would be so cool!

  115. Koujoung

    Koujoung23 giờ trước

    +Nightingale Thanks for telling me

  116. Nightingale

    NightingaleNgày trước

    Hehe you are right about some parts! The henna definitely is Indian inspired but the dance is actually inspired by a Chinese traditional folk dance, which one of the members is trained in! Also, the kathak mudras are a little different though right? I'm not too well-versed in kathak since I was trained in bharath natyam though lol. The shoe thing I don't think has anything to do with our wedding traditions though, she was simply trying to lure the other member out hehehe.

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    80 M go go

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    Let's get 100M Soon Neverlands 💜 Fighting 💪💪

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    Exo-l and Neverland uwu 💘💘💘 GO GO 100 M.

  120. emirhan çayır

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    Soyeon Coolest

  121. Diana Borjas

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    79M 1M Let's go for 100M y 1.1M likes 💪

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  124. g_i_dle neverland

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  125. i stan draven

    i stan dravenNgày trước

    There's no "Kim", "Park" or "Lee" in G-idle, they're really unique in every category lmao Cho Miyeon Sso Soojin Jeon Soyeon and other girls are not Korean

  126. soyeonis love

    soyeonis loveNgày trước

    vireporter.net/v/video-8XReI_OShzE.html for my queen💗

  127. Sean Vang

    Sean VangNgày trước

    Wow crazy that this is their debut song. Strong start if you ask me. Bunch of talented girls too and not just visuals. They'll grow big for sure.

  128. Pookow4tchi

    Pookow4tchiNgày trước

    GREETINGS from Merriiiies

  129. Thaís Barbosa

    Thaís BarbosaNgày trước

    Welcome League of Legends players.

  130. Mikinee ღ

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    Welcome to new neverland fans 💚💕

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    Proud Armyland here


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    So cute and Beautiful girls. And Play Nintendo Switch ❤️

  135. Bubble Pop

    Bubble PopNgày trước

    Neverland we need to vote for our girls in MAMA because we are slowly dropping and I'm scared we will become second on rookie of the year category (DONT FORGET TO GIVE YOUR WINGS TOO) love you guys ♡♡

  136. Bubble Pop

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    +Lydia Gouveia OMG yesss I'm so excited !! AND I want the fandoms to go well with each other and be friends T.T

  137. Lydia Gouveia

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    Bubble Pop lol 😂 I cant wait for aaa, hopefully they perform and we get reactions from Bts! I hope they win rookie of the year especially with izone around!

  138. Bubble Pop

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    +Lydia Gouveia OMG SAMEEE 😭😭💗💕💖

  139. Lydia Gouveia

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    Bubble Pop I like blackpink but I’m not a blink, like not a hardcore Stan! I am a army and Neverland! These girls are my life ❤️

  140. Bubble Pop

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    +Lydia Gouveia I'm a Neverland and I like blackpink (mostly Rosé as you can see 😂) still not sure if i am tho ♡♡ wbu?