My Experience with Sports


  1. noel sante

    noel sante31 phút trước

    I only play badminton

  2. SaladBread

    SaladBread31 phút trước

    *"Before I was able to comprehend the idea of free will."*

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    Congrats on #1 trending

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    31st on trending! Congrats!

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    That damn nerf gun got me gud

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    Good job at #1 on trending!👌

  7. for the love of DOG

    for the love of DOG32 phút trước

    Dragon ball tournament arena

  8. Julia Creates

    Julia Creates32 phút trước

    Did she just casually just come out 😂😂💗💗

  9. Cat From Hell

    Cat From Hell32 phút trước

    *Traumatising flashbacks to ballet

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    PVCARTS GAMING33 phút trước

    #1 on trending

  13. Kenneth Reyes

    Kenneth Reyes33 phút trước

    All might :)

  14. bear bani

    bear bani33 phút trước

    Lol are you pan?

  15. Frozen Ash

    Frozen Ash33 phút trước

    6:31 Gay-den animations.

  16. Vamprene

    Vamprene33 phút trước

    That fact you practice karate, I should be expecting you would get more confident and encouragement. By the way nice moves. 5:38

  17. FunTimeEve YouTube

    FunTimeEve YouTube33 phút trước

    What's what is what's going on with you're GI also I do karate I'm a red belt

  18. BrokenArrow

    BrokenArrow33 phút trước

    Jaiden reminds me of the wii-fit girl for some reason

  19. Emily Avram

    Emily Avram34 phút trước

    Yay Ginja Ninja and Jaystarz help too!

  20. xSnoop Dawg

    xSnoop Dawg34 phút trước

    congrats on #1 on trending

  21. O I T N B

    O I T N B34 phút trước

    I swear you’re always #1 trending when you upload . Its amazing.

  22. Mixed shot

    Mixed shot34 phút trước

    Hopefully people will remember your achievements only.

  23. Nokomis Rilya

    Nokomis Rilya34 phút trước

    When I was a tiny bean, I was "forced" into soccer, my team suuuuuucked as well, but anyways, for some reason my coach decided to put me as a goalie for my team... there was this one girl on the opposite team that was playing forward, and was very close to getting the ball in the goal my little flailing arms were trying to protect, she kicked it, and I took a soccer ball to the face at full speed. I still remember her number... number nine. That number haunts me. Well, at least I saved the goal.

  24. Portal Kirby King

    Portal Kirby King34 phút trước

    The part with Drax made me laugh so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.

  25. rbenci1

    rbenci134 phút trước

    Congrats on trending! :D

  26. Joel Maejor

    Joel Maejor34 phút trước

    Attracted to all genders ? It's only two.

  27. JinxTheGeek

    JinxTheGeek34 phút trước

    I remember my soccer years...year. I'm physically disabled so... in my attempt to fit in I joined soccer and was the score keeper/ first aid (since I know a lot of first aid bc of my disability). Long story short everyone on the team hated me because I didnt play or practice but still got my name on the team trophy. It was fun.

  28. for the love of DOG

    for the love of DOG34 phút trước

    I've slammed my pinky into a truck door

  29. forward 3d printing

    forward 3d printing35 phút trước

    Great video as always though

  30. Ciaran Norng

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  31. POTATOsquid

    POTATOsquid35 phút trước

    YASSS...I LOVE SPORTSSS (wii sports)

  32. forward 3d printing

    forward 3d printing35 phút trước

    Quick heads up at 00:58sec the whole story about the bubble gum ends abruptly.

  33. Erin Lewis

    Erin Lewis35 phút trước

    Also...LITTLE JAIDEN!!!

  34. Thamasturrok

    Thamasturrok35 phút trước

    Congrats on getting 1st treding

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    Lol invisible drax

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    1# trending

  39. Tiny Hacks

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    W O K E

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    Jaiden...gurl...#1 on trending! Not even PewDiePie even does that well on views!

  41. 5,000 Subs Without Any Videos

    5,000 Subs Without Any Videos36 phút trước

    Sooooo good with animation

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    116 DEGREE- oh wait ur talking about fareineheinihieght

  43. TheCyborg Turtle

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    YAAAAAAAAAAAAY antoher videoooo

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    Welcome back jaiden

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    Congrats on #1 TRENDING!!! ⭐️🎉🎉🎉

  46. Joe Memes

    Joe Memes37 phút trước

    My team was called the pink cheatas yeah pretty sure I also sucked at gymnastics

  47. Mr. Batman

    Mr. Batman37 phút trước

    I was literally checking yesterday to see if you posted AND THEN YOU DID

  48. Zillyan Tran

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  50. mimeme

    mimeme37 phút trước

    I love u Jaden

  51. Froot

    Froot37 phút trước

    Was that a bayonetta reference

  52. Amitee BERENYI

    Amitee BERENYI37 phút trước

    Hey Jaiden! I’m sorry I’m so late. My friend got into my VIreporter channel and un-subscribed from you :/ Also that’s the same thing I did. In kinder my Mum slammed the door on me and just stood there... EDIT: PINK PANTHERS? OH MY GOSH I MIGHT BE JOINING A NETBALL TEAM CALLED THAT.M.M,.K

  53. Addison Placko

    Addison Placko37 phút trước

    Omg number 1 on trending!!!!!

  54. See bee

    See bee37 phút trước never realized that soccer and karate are what parents put their kids in because they can't play anything else? Hmmmm. Interesting,LOL

  55. Chloe Hraiky

    Chloe Hraiky37 phút trước

    first video ive seen and im already subscribed ksksks

  56. Nate Cho

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    What no so

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    CONGRATULATIONS ON #1 ON TRENDING!!!!! Your amazing!!!!!!!!! SHANE DAWSON IS QUAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Derpy Hooves

    Derpy Hooves38 phút trước

    Nononono, don't make us fight Siri. That's how you get terminators sent after your head.

  59. Laurine Dzossou

    Laurine Dzossou38 phút trước

    Basketball was fun they said! Basketball is healthy for you they said! BASKETBALL IS ALL FUN AND GAMES THEY SAID

  60. Lily Raimey

    Lily Raimey38 phút trước

    Thank you for feeding me, bird-mom.

  61. Michael Cummings

    Michael Cummings38 phút trước

    I like sports alot and I'm very competitive so I cant relate

  62. Nate Cho

    Nate Cho38 phút trước

    Jaiden vs cheese go Jaiden runs and hits it and move so it an inch

  63. Fakhri Khirul

    Fakhri Khirul38 phút trước

    this video was so frikin funny

  64. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name38 phút trước

    U had me dying. Love it.

  65. Jorge Moran

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    Do you hate people who ask for likes? Dislike if you disagree

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    Omg congratulations on #1 on trend

  67. Daniel Worner

    Daniel Worner39 phút trước

    Mood: The asexual leaning back and forth with the flag stuck in their head.

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  69. Mad Rose

    Mad Rose39 phút trước

    Love the anime reference

  70. Mr. Murcia

    Mr. Murcia39 phút trước

    If Jaiden notice me, i will make 50 push ups! Récord it and uploap it to VIreporter!

  71. Mr. Murcia

    Mr. Murcia37 phút trước

    I can barely do 10 push ups :')

  72. Daveonimus

    Daveonimus39 phút trước

    Wish I was good at something, besides being a neet for all my life

  73. Sonic_The_Gamer -_-

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  74. BaconMaster 2

    BaconMaster 239 phút trước

    I didn’t do the sports. Back in my day we had something *Wii Sports.

  75. stroiz mcgee

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    #1 trending right now! Go, Jaiden!

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  78. Random User

    Random User40 phút trước

    Yay! I'm also a pan! (Not the cooking pan or something)

  79. RXQ_God 150

    RXQ_God 15040 phút trước

    Why did Jaiden draw the dragon ball stage

  80. Doctor Disney

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  81. Gal Gamerz

    Gal Gamerz40 phút trước

    You should do a video about past boyfriends or girlfriends idk

  82. KadenZella

    KadenZella40 phút trước

    My mom didn’t raise me like this... I’m just a lazy kid

  83. Nicole Gabrielle Pingol

    Nicole Gabrielle Pingol40 phút trước

    7:15 WOW

  84. Reeza Shrestha

    Reeza Shrestha40 phút trước

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you whach hero acadamia who is your fav character .

  85. ReviewEverything

    ReviewEverything40 phút trước

    Oh my gosh, Jaiden is Yamcha. Give up once everybody gets too intense.

  86. Melted Dragon24

    Melted Dragon2440 phút trước

    6:45, *you don't need to worry, why? BECAUSE I AM HERE!*

  87. Majin Gohan

    Majin Gohan40 phút trước

    Jaden you were cute kid

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    Adapterraptor41 phút trước

    Congrats on trending

  89. Super Hundemænd

    Super Hundemænd41 phút trước

    5:40 Wtf?

  90. Miraculous Ladybug

    Miraculous Ladybug41 phút trước

    Wow a good video on trending; I never thought I’d see the day

  91. J.F.F

    J.F.F41 phút trước

    our soccer team was called the pink pathers too

  92. ImAnAlbatroaz 12

    ImAnAlbatroaz 1241 phút trước

    Congrats for being #1 on treading

  93. Zillyan Tran

    Zillyan Tran41 phút trước

    I can relate to about everything you can say. xD My parents have always wanted me to get engaged in a sport. But being the inactive introvert I am, I never even tried to get engaged in anything that had anything to do with running. xD Like you, I did love soccer at one point but then I quit because people started to play too rough.

  94. Bri Bri 123

    Bri Bri 12341 phút trước

    Im in karate right now what a coincidence

  95. Octa Vava

    Octa Vava41 phút trước

    Great work good animation. If everyone wants another animator with great talent check out ToonCee very underrated creator

  96. Idiosyncratic

    Idiosyncratic41 phút trước

    TheOdd1sOut uploaded a new video: My Experience with Sports (Totally not stolen from Jaiden)

  97. Kitty Roblox

    Kitty Roblox41 phút trước

    I was playing soccer today XD ironic

  98. Christina Pham

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    Fathi Khirul41 phút trước

    I want to see Ari

  100. Delta does science

    Delta does science41 phút trước

    I made a bet with my friend that the first comment on this video would be commenting on how Jaiden is apparently bi, i just lost 5 bucks.

  101. Christina Pham

    Christina Pham41 phút trước

    #1 on TRENDING?!!?!