My House Is Haunted, Of Course.


  1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna4 tháng trước

    Hey honey buns! Can't wait for you to see my house become a home

  2. Ruth KEARNEY

    Ruth KEARNEY14 ngày trước

    Hi Gabbie I wish we were Friends

  3. Sassy Pizza

    Sassy PizzaTháng trước

    Gabbie Hanna my real name is honey irl so yay

  4. Shannon Quick

    Shannon QuickTháng trước

    Im literally so excited to see each part of your house i keep just rewatching the dinning and office room reveal!!!! i love you so so so so much!!! im so incredibly happy for you!!!!! also what camera do you use??

  5. Darkita Gill

    Darkita Gill2 tháng trước

    Honey buns?! :D

  6. gåçhä møöñ

    gåçhä møöñ2 tháng trước

    Ok your bush can be revived if the leaves haven't fallen off

  7. Yudith Baltazar

    Yudith BaltazarNgày trước

    You can tell this biotch hates it when the attention ain't on her.

  8. Julia Juhl

    Julia Juhl2 ngày trước

    You do know you didnt actually need a gutter extender, right? Like, it’s going to just run off the side of the balcony, not flood it 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. ItsAmberFresh Gaming

    ItsAmberFresh Gaming2 ngày trước

    The camera did catch the light

  10. Roslynn’s Vids

    Roslynn’s Vids4 ngày trước

    Am I the only person that thinks gabbies baby voice is adorable

  11. PurplePuppet

    PurplePuppet4 ngày trước

    I perfer Showstoppers over HanJobs.

  12. little mix

    little mix6 ngày trước

    Hi gabbie your cool

  13. CAZ

    CAZ9 ngày trước

    You’re not haunted you’re just lonely

  14. FirstName Germomium

    FirstName Germomium10 ngày trước

    Watching all these cleaning and fixing things videos are motivating me to clean and be productive which is really good cuz I’m really lazy and unmotivated 😂 thank you gabbie :)

  15. Heidi Heidi

    Heidi Heidi16 ngày trước

    13:27 lol 😂 you put in hoses you know same thing though right LOL

  16. Chris Titan

    Chris Titan16 ngày trước

    4:06 mystery solved

  17. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person17 ngày trước

    No one talking about how good Gabbie’s calves look???

  18. Batiehope MSP

    Batiehope MSP18 ngày trước

    Gabbie: *wears twenty one pilots shirt* Me: *already enjoying the video* UwU

  19. ¡Arabella L!

    ¡Arabella L!19 ngày trước

    all i have to say is nice tøp shirt

  20. high fever

    high fever20 ngày trước

    wrench w r e n c h

  21. Sapphire

    Sapphire20 ngày trước

    Just letting you know, as a Demonologist. If its a spirit use sage to get rid of it, if it's a demon. Get an exorcism.

  22. Little Bottles

    Little Bottles20 ngày trước

    Gabbie really mistook the reflection on joes watch for a ghost. If that doesn't scream super dramatic idk what will.

  23. Tony Colon

    Tony Colon22 ngày trước

    I. Saw. Something. Flying

  24. Violet Remerez

    Violet Remerez24 ngày trước

    Who else wonders if Gabbie ever got the gutter extension on

  25. Braden Richards

    Braden Richards24 ngày trước


  26. Braden Richards

    Braden Richards24 ngày trước

    Is Haunted and i a subscribed

  27. niko Firefox

    niko Firefox24 ngày trước

    she should make shirts and pants and mugs and stikers that say lm not in the mod to be haunted

  28. Liz Stieger

    Liz Stieger24 ngày trước

    You need to chill on the ghost shit lol.

  29. Kaltrina Demiri

    Kaltrina Demiri25 ngày trước

    Why does every youtuber think their house is haunted lol

  30. Anna Brand

    Anna Brand25 ngày trước

    "Do you think they are homeowners too?"

  31. Anna Brand

    Anna Brand25 ngày trước

    Why is this editing everything

  32. Lindsay Renee

    Lindsay Renee25 ngày trước

    You literally need a nose job holy fuck

  33. Brooklynn Lackey

    Brooklynn Lackey25 ngày trước

    Why is gabbie a little girl when there are ghostys

  34. BuRRIToDOes REEeeEE

    BuRRIToDOes REEeeEE26 ngày trước

    A bush can be revived, I had a bush and it was dead and 2 weeks later after watering it every other day it was revived, also a dead flower can be revived too, you just need the right soil for both to work, also it you wanna revive a plant use a spray bottle instead of a hoes

  35. Alexandra Underwood

    Alexandra Underwood28 ngày trước

    I thought irene was the one who slammed the door😂

  36. Scarlett Jimmink

    Scarlett JimminkTháng trước

    It’s haunted

  37. Ana Wilson

    Ana WilsonTháng trước

    1:17 Yesh the camera did catch the ghost following him

  38. its TOUSHA

    its TOUSHATháng trước

    21:41 her face I'm dead😂😂😂

  39. its TOUSHA

    its TOUSHATháng trước

    By the way this is so interesting to see

  40. its TOUSHA

    its TOUSHATháng trước

    *What's your highlight??*

  41. Qxeen T

    Qxeen TTháng trước

    i saw somthing in the backrond

  42. be mindful

    be mindfulTháng trước

    Irene is better 💯

  43. Jay Monay

    Jay MonayTháng trước

    Joe's Hebrew? shvitzing!!!

  44. Brooklyn

    BrooklynTháng trước

    Wait wtf I just realized she’s wearing a twenty one pilots shirt and I love her 1000000x more and I didn’t think that was possible

  45. The_Shade_Hero

    The_Shade_HeroTháng trước

    who else thinks gabbie Hannah is so beautiful i would marry her........ just saying