My Mom Cut Me Off Financially And Kept Everything For Herself


  1. Emma Kal

    Emma Kal3 giờ trước

    Omg how on earth did your parents managed to spoil you so much ?

  2. Rubie Ramirez

    Rubie Ramirez5 giờ trước

    Spoiled brat😒

  3. RamonDeGamer HD

    RamonDeGamer HD5 giờ trước

    This is a fing Brat

  4. meme star

    meme star6 giờ trước

    The title should be i stole everything my mom earned

  5. Drake Animations

    Drake Animations6 giờ trước

    People like this deserve to Be Jumped

  6. Drake Animations

    Drake Animations6 giờ trước

    I need to find her adress and Slap her Anybody with me

  7. Valeria Garcia

    Valeria Garcia7 giờ trước

    This b*tch should get slapped. I wouldn't even give her a penny. I'd give her a piece if dust. Her mom gives her everything and she still wants more.... Smh...

  8. Chad Tagaloa

    Chad Tagaloa7 giờ trước

    bruh this girls a brat

  9. Scarlett's fun world

    Scarlett's fun world7 giờ trước

    OMG she is spoiled brat

  10. Harmoni Johnson

    Harmoni Johnson8 giờ trước

    U is a spoil brat and can kiss people asses

  11. •Galaxy Edits•

    •Galaxy Edits•10 giờ trước

    Why did they’re allow this brat on my story animated

  12. Antoinette and the nightmares

    Antoinette and the nightmares12 giờ trước

    To be honest this story is making me believe your spoiled. Your mom and dad did everything for you to keep you happy and you treat them like this. How you can't take no as a answer, your parents can't afford everything. I'm starting to believe you cause your father death. And you stole from your mom this makes me sick. Your mom had 2 or 3 jobs, she even tried to make the owner pay her more money. Your mom did everything for you towards the point she don't have good clothes as you do. But this story makes me sick

  13. ร๏гค

    ร๏гค17 giờ trước

    *You were such a spoiled brat.*

  14. Mackenzie Albritton

    Mackenzie Albritton17 giờ trước

    It's called being poor sweetie

  15. Ayla Anderson

    Ayla Anderson18 giờ trước

    U should get beat big brat get I job

  16. FlowerPower_82

    FlowerPower_8218 giờ trước

    She is such a spoiled brat *sassy voice* Oh my gosh!!?? Why won’t you let me get pRiVaTe lessons?!? There is NO way I’m going to go to the stupid local ones. That’s where nice kids go to! The pRiVaTe ones is where spoiled brats like me go!! Like omg lady get it together! Not everything revolves around you

  17. Sophie Street

    Sophie StreetNgày trước

    Shes a follower and a biggggg brat

  18. queenn_gabriela cutee is in the house

    queenn_gabriela cutee is in the houseNgày trước

    She should of Start working for herself

  19. Jonathan Curiel

    Jonathan CurielNgày trước

    U are a buz. Kill

  20. Jonathan Curiel

    Jonathan CurielNgày trước

    Why did u do that

  21. trxzy XD

    trxzy XDNgày trước

    spoiled brat

  22. AnaxErik4ever

    AnaxErik4everNgày trước

    You are the most selfish being on Earth, the kind cast as the materialistic bully in middle grade novels for girls.

  23. MR ELVIS

    MR ELVISNgày trước

    Your mom and dad is awesome

  24. boredpanics

    boredpanicsNgày trước

    So basically she killed her dead out of like shock. wow. this brat should have died.

  25. Yayanna Ellis

    Yayanna EllisNgày trước


  26. AppleP1e

    AppleP1eNgày trước

    what a great mom but the daughter o boy she could die to hell for what i care for

  27. Starcea Silvester

    Starcea Silvester13 giờ trước

    Bruh. Rude. I know she is rude but dude bruh pal bruh

  28. Shannon Mincher

    Shannon MincherNgày trước

    I would call the police

  29. Shannon Mincher

    Shannon MincherNgày trước

    She is just a selfish brat

  30. AtomicGamer

    AtomicGamerNgày trước

    Spoiled brat. She has no respect for her mom.

  31. Kseniya Chernyavskaya

    Kseniya ChernyavskayaNgày trước

    She is such a brat it makes me angry

  32. Daniel Rios

    Daniel RiosNgày trước

    She’s so spoiled I wanna slap her like 500000000000000000 times :p

  33. Sarah Torres

    Sarah TorresNgày trước

    She was trying so hard for u and all u wanted is more more more if she can't pay ur so disgusting I'm disgusted by u the way u act is gross like she tryed so hard for u and how do u repay her huh u still from her ur so stupid and dumb

  34. Sarah Torres

    Sarah TorresNgày trước

    Ur being such a brat

  35. Katyyy Higgs

    Katyyy HiggsNgày trước

    This girl is so spoiled and the biggest brat ever.

  36. YouTube Kyx

    YouTube KyxNgày trước

    It is called reality

  37. night wain

    night wainNgày trước

    Braattt i want to slap you f ing face

  38. Maher Khoukhaji

    Maher KhoukhajiNgày trước

    You hate your mom I hate you your a brat and ungrateful rat and you were a b*** your so stupid if you really want money then go get a job and get your own money and an apartment so your poor mom doesint have to deal with you you again ungrateful b*** you should act better or again go get a job and get your own money and a apartment

  39. Khalioda The Pro

    Khalioda The ProNgày trước

    You are really a spoiled idiot you made your dad get a heart attack and your mother is working hard and you want everything moreover you are stealing from here and you are angry at her

  40. LJ_Mast-r06

    LJ_Mast-r06Ngày trước

    She is so spoilt that she even got everything she wanted and it’s her fault her dad died it’s so rude off her to even take her money this is discrasful

  41. tabby cat

    tabby cat2 ngày trước

    Are we meant to feel bad for this girl?because to me she just sounds like a total brat

  42. Fartuun Muhumdiin

    Fartuun Muhumdiin2 ngày trước

    Ungrateful rat

  43. G World

    G World2 ngày trước

    Wow so ungrateful

  44. Nikki Collins

    Nikki Collins2 ngày trước

    She is so spoiled and her mom is suffering through financial problems

  45. fishmuncher0101

    fishmuncher01012 ngày trước

    time to change the title

  46. Firdous Iqbal

    Firdous Iqbal2 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who wanted to bitchslap that brat😠

  47. tabby cat

    tabby cat2 ngày trước

    Nope same here

  48. Krizha nicole Arnaiz

    Krizha nicole Arnaiz2 ngày trước

    Your spoild brat girlll

  49. Summer Magnolia

    Summer Magnolia2 ngày trước

    Oh my gosh!! You're such a spoilt little brat. Do you know how lucky you are to be living the life you are?

  50. Redeye 278

    Redeye 2782 ngày trước

    You so spoil

  51. my name is Kassie

    my name is Kassie2 ngày trước

    You deserve nothing what a freaking spoiled brat you deserve to be poor

  52. my name is Kassie

    my name is Kassie2 ngày trước