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    Saideh Rajaei LKo

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    Tyra Chandler hi

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    May i send a email for my story?

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    what sounds like to me is dad had fun with daughter daughter had baby then father told child was a sister to confuse child seems abusive and messy from the get go

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    Ok do not trying to be mean but this seems like Andi Mack

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    Alabama 😂

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    Andi mack ?!?!

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    And i oop

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    I stole this sound make because I’m not creative give me likes because i tried i need dees I need dees

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    My sister is my biological mother Me:cause this is Africa

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    If I say something grown ups would say would I get a lot of likes?

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    He ruined his own daughters life.

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    How can annice make so much babies without getting married and her father is not mad at her😂😂😂

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    Andi Mack who?

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    I Love to see that ugly baby suffer when when she cry’s in the snow

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    I love seing that ugly baby sufre 😆

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    Sweet home Alabama

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    Damn she just can't keep her legs closed or seem to know how to use a condom

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    "Mommy, please comb me!" Fucking lizard people writing these stories.

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    Wait her name is forgiveness?

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    This isexactly like me omg

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    Yes save you bby brother !!

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    next video: my son is actually my mother and my cat ate his brain

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    One time my headphones broke *ACTUALLY HAPPEND*


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    So Ben had sex with anicce

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    this is basically the pilot to andi mack

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    Andi Mack who?

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    Next video: my dog is actually my sister

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    My dog is having an affair with snoopy ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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    This is so messed up. If that ever happened to me, id rather be adopted by someone else and cut ties with this screwed up family.

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    Your older than me

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    Andi Mack???

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    Anisse needs to STOP having children she can't commit to caring for

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    Next story: I’m older than my dad!! I’m

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    This is basically the storyline of Andi Mack

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    Happy birthday marcie

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    Happy birthday

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    Well duh it’s hard to accept

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    They have 1000 of theese

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    Wow! Sad part is I knew someone like that. Complete trash. Stop having little ones that you can't care for.

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    I’m sorry Anyse 😞 the disgusting father ruined a lot of lives.

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    This is pretty much the story of andi mack

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    Thats a daughter and father family

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    Your sistes-mother should have loved you as much as her other children

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    Her mom: there must be something in the air im pregnant again Me: yeah your legs Sorry I had to

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    Okay...Annise it awful

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    *I got serious Andi Mack vibes while watching this video*

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    And this is why we need to be grateful for our moms out here who actually talk care of there kids who love them. Who would give there could for them bless those moms we need more 🙏🏾❤️

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    Andi Mack joined the chat .

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    they couldnt get a voice actor that sounds like a 16 year old🤦‍♀️

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    WOW that is so sad

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    Does this remind anyone about Andi Mack? It's like literally almost the same story.

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    Next video : my mom is actually my father

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    Mer~ry Christmas! H.. H.. H.. !!!

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    Hwo do u like ur mother who doesnt want u

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    ripped straight from andi mack

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    Andi Mack who ???

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    Andi Mac has left the chat

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    did anyone here randomly get subscribed to their channel here

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    This is a case of andi mack

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    Almost gave me and heart attack, thought their was some sweet home Alabama shits going on.

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    omg poor poor kid l wish l coude adopt you but...l live way too far from your home💔💔💔