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    Thank you for listening and we wish your families well. Please watch the videos on this channel.

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    And hi or yw.

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    My mom is almost in here 50's she is 44 years old.

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    Disney made a show about the same thing but happier.

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    "Please watch the video on this channel" bruh

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    Saideh Rajaei LKo

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    I am kinda confused how your sister is your mother

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    Next video:My father raped my cat and now she is working at walmart?

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    Good grandpa.

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    She had 5 kids this is crazy.

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    Woe sad her brother was abused too.

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    Sad she had no child care. An left her fren who left her alone. Woe crazy.

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    That is really sad!!🙁😥

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    About 100 years ago there was no requirement than anyone take care of their children, that is basically a social construction and a new one.

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    That one kid who always says "I'm older so I'm in charge!" Mercy walk in: "THINK AGAIN CHILD!"

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    We called this story

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    andi mack has left the chat

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    i swear i thought of andi mack when i clicked on this and when i saw the hair omg i swear this is just like a new version of andi mack

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    Actually happened Also known as The tales of Alabama

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    Anise is getting it on

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    She probley had all these children and gave up on collage in order to recive goverment benifits

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    Its sad that people like this exisits giving up on collage or mature life dreams because they cant resisit the d*cks.

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    Now you know what to not be as a woman but just damn you never thought about your siblings

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    Anise is trash..

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    Next title: My mom is octomom 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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    Next on actually happened: my best friend is actually my grandma

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    ANNIcE needs to stop being rich A bad mom and taking care of her kids

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    I’m confused

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    Where is Anieces mother at?

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    𝑨𝒏𝒅𝒚 𝑴𝒂𝒄𝒌?

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    Wait does this mean that her father had sex with his own daughter

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    This is why kids should not be raising kids.

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    Andi Mack entered the chat: 👀

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    Wait so her grandpa slept with his daughter???? Or she had a completely different dad and he just raised her?

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    bruh i just watched a vid where it says “i hate my child cause he won’t let me party” and the lady gave him to her parents and now this vid oh my

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    Not surprised with the fact that the oldest child in my family is 22 years older than the youngest--

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    Dj Khalid:*watches video* Dj Khalid: another one when she had a baby

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    Why don’t they just sterilize her. No more children from this crazy irresponsible human being.

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    father having intercourse with his daughter.i mean ,i can't even

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    Damn this is deep 😿

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    Andi Mack is that chu????

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    Next story: my lightbulb is really my mom AND dad!!

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    WHAT THE F***

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    i hate that animation

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    Some people keep having babies in order to feel some kind of love and attachment, but it doesnt last because babies take a lot of work and dont give a whole lot of love. So she will probably keep having babies because she likes the feeling of being needed and getting attention until it becomes too real and she hurts the poor kids in one way or another :-(.

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    Title sounds like a comment from any of their videos.

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    Called this months ago

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    Andi Mack who?

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    This story is very sad and why the mother has to leave their children and the mother is a bad woman it's very very sad and again it's very sad 😂😂😰😨☹️👹👺👹🦈🎄

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    Soo what happened to her other kids

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    I l love turtles

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    My Bff is my DADD

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    What kinda andi mack stuff is this

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    Andy Mack plot

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    this is the story of andi mack

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    What happens to all of the children 👶

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    cant finish watching it, how irresponsilble person is. somepople just want to have fun but they don't take the responsiblity coming after. it is not fair at all.

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    Wait did she said that she only knew who her mo when she’s 8

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    Everyone on this channel is 16

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    **sees title** wait what

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    Aniece needs to stop using plastic bags as condoms

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    My dad is actually Harry Potter and my mom is my great grandfather and my sister is Epstein and didn't kill himself

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    Andi Mack

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    dont worry, my freinds perants are over 60 and hes in year 8