Mystery RIDDLES That Will Test Your Mind


  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolfTháng trước

    hellooooooo! COMMENT WHAT VIDEOS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE (fortnite and house tour are coming too), you don't have to comment in reply to this in case the comment chain is full, just comment on the video :D

  2. li k

    li k13 ngày trước

    I Love you

  3. Miranda's world

    Miranda's world14 ngày trước

    Hi I'm a member of the Wolfpack

  4. Adriana Cofradía

    Adriana Cofradía27 ngày trước

    Thanks now my crush love mah thx

  5. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf28 ngày trước

    Damn the people in all these riddles be droppin like flies

  6. **GachaFoxGurl** Lit

    **GachaFoxGurl** Lit28 ngày trước

    More 7 seconds riddles!

  7. Creati Moon1

    Creati Moon112 phút trước

    I would lose all my friends you can always make new ones

  8. Kooxy AJ

    Kooxy AJ13 phút trước

    I have gotten my finger caught and my nail fell off. It was HORRIBLE.

  9. Dina Gomez

    Dina Gomez24 phút trước


  10. Amanda Garrison

    Amanda GarrisonGiờ trước

    I had a car door slammed on my finger

  11. Danny Flowers

    Danny FlowersGiờ trước


  12. Leona Esmeyer

    Leona Esmeyer5 giờ trước

    My grandson was in the elevator his fingers

  13. voyd rainy

    voyd rainy6 giờ trước

    My finger got cut in a door and it didnt hurt if yall picked b on the first que Your a monster

  14. Uh Josie Taylor

    Uh Josie Taylor7 giờ trước


  15. Real_potato 1876

    Real_potato 18767 giờ trước

    Try getting 4 fingers smashed in a car door. Now that is painful it happened to me when I was like 6

  16. empress simpress

    empress simpress7 giờ trước


  17. Tamya McLean

    Tamya McLean10 giờ trước

    Save small boy

  18. Shadow_cutie Bolger

    Shadow_cutie Bolger10 giờ trước

    I fell into. I cactis when I was a 3

  19. Ugh Roro

    Ugh Roro14 giờ trước

    88 keys 88k likes what more can you ask FOR!

  20. Kish Juan

    Kish Juan15 giờ trước

    My classmate kicked a CAT very hard.

  21. Kawaii Fox101

    Kawaii Fox10115 giờ trước

    I broke my finger from getting a giant door slammed on my finger.I didn't cry but it hurt alot 😒

  22. Zeina Selim

    Zeina Selim15 giờ trước

    I'd save my best friend

  23. Teeney R

    Teeney R17 giờ trước

    The 👦

  24. Teeney R

    Teeney R17 giờ trước


  25. personinthedarkrealm

    personinthedarkrealm18 giờ trước

    id choose to choose to get my finger in the door because it didnt specify if the door if the door was gonna be stuck on your finger or if the door would hurt

  26. Muffin Allie

    Muffin Allie18 giờ trước

    I broke my finger since it got caught in a door

  27. Serenity Shorter

    Serenity Shorter19 giờ trước

    Piano 🎹 or keyboard

  28. Shauna Cofield

    Shauna Cofield19 giờ trước

    My brother has a crush

  29. jessica chavez

    jessica chavez19 giờ trước

    I would save the little boy

  30. Giovanna Plascencia

    Giovanna Plascencia21 giờ trước

    Ya I got my finger in a door already

  31. GamingWithTheKidz YT

    GamingWithTheKidz YT23 giờ trước

    i've caught my finger in a door before and my full natural nail came off and you could see inside my nail

  32. Bacon Hamburger

    Bacon Hamburger23 giờ trước

    10:36 a piano

  33. dog tv dog

    dog tv dogNgày trước

    Yes i did and i was screaming like a psycho xD

  34. black listed

    black listedNgày trước

    The boy because the friend and lady should know how to swin

  35. Justin Brock

    Justin BrockNgày trước

    I've got my finger stuck before

  36. Assassinscreed Trinidad

    Assassinscreed TrinidadNgày trước

    9:18 I’m dead

  37. Green-Fong!

    Green-Fong!Ngày trước


  38. nick england

    nick englandNgày trước

    i would save the boy i have too much compassion to save the woman of my dreams or my best friend

  39. Azure Curtis Merrill

    Azure Curtis MerrillNgày trước

    I want to save the little boy

  40. Salama Muroushad

    Salama MuroushadNgày trước

    0:30 my bro was 6 and I was 8 or 7 his finger got chopped off like literally he didn’t have his front part of his finger but know. Everything. Is. O k

  41. Mylie Moo

    Mylie MooNgày trước

    When I get told the things that say why did blah blah blah I just comment If u don’t know how am I supposed to know?

  42. Sam Mahan

    Sam MahanNgày trước

    I would get my hand stuck in a door And get my tooth pulled cause I’ve forced two teeth out

  43. April the Toast

    April the ToastNgày trước

    Okay so, get one person to grab everyone's hand grab that one person 's hand, swim back. THere.

  44. Taylin Bowen

    Taylin BowenNgày trước

    Im wearing a cast right now from slamming it in the door...

  45. Kinsley Cantin

    Kinsley CantinNgày trước

    this is how many times she said it is 2019

  46. johanna wallace

    johanna wallaceNgày trước


  47. Kenneth O'Connor

    Kenneth O'ConnorNgày trước

    I'd have my finger caught in a door I will never kick a little 🐶

  48. Kathy Revelle

    Kathy RevelleNgày trước

    7:59 I would ask if I could get another question then the cop that would lie be like, " yeah, dude. Go on ask away" then the other say " NOOOOOOOO" You just got an answer a-thank you

  49. Caitlyn E

    Caitlyn ENgày trước

    Do any of you know the Naz from the Norris Nuts? But if she heard that people eat gueini pigs she would CRY.

  50. Makayla lamy

    Makayla lamyNgày trước

    A keyboard

  51. Heide Carrion

    Heide Carrion2 ngày trước

    I've already disappointed my mother, so . . .

  52. Isaiah Walrond

    Isaiah Walrond2 ngày trước

    My brother closed a car door on my hand

  53. Pixann And Cuz

    Pixann And Cuz2 ngày trước

    I watch American horror story

  54. papapiero

    papapiero2 ngày trước


  55. Millie Ross

    Millie Ross2 ngày trước

    My grandma works at Fedex

  56. Dustin Harmon

    Dustin Harmon2 ngày trước

    Tooth pull

  57. Dustin Harmon

    Dustin Harmon2 ngày trước

    Cut finger

  58. Addison Smith

    Addison Smith2 ngày trước

    yes got it right

  59. Addison Smith

    Addison Smith2 ngày trước

    a pinao

  60. LiaDaGacha _Xx

    LiaDaGacha _Xx2 ngày trước

    If there were 2 kids ( u dont know them) and ur mom and dad and they were drowning, Who would u save? (You can save 2 people) I would save my parents.

  61. Wania Hashmi

    Wania Hashmi2 ngày trước

    U know the second one about the teeth .. I legit hated anaesthesia growing up so when I went to get my teeth pulled out (age 5 to 9) I never let him put anaesthesia.. so basically all my baby teeth were pulled out without anaesthesia...

  62. Shadows Of Neon

    Shadows Of Neon2 ngày trước

    I got a tooth pulled without anasthesia

  63. James Schaefer

    James Schaefer2 ngày trước

    no police men are trained to do that to in case of emergency idiots

  64. Illari Benites

    Illari Benites2 ngày trước

    Omg I’m from Peru

  65. Thierry Robinson

    Thierry Robinson2 ngày trước

    I will save my best friend cause we look out for each other

  66. Missie LeSage

    Missie LeSage2 ngày trước

    I would tell my friends that I like I dont want to be friends then lose all the friends I never wanted to be friends with. Next I would be friends with them again so I still have hair. 😊

  67. Missie LeSage

    Missie LeSage2 ngày trước

    I would save the wonton but in my case man of my dreams then get my best friend to save the little boy.

  68. Yuto Gamer

    Yuto Gamer2 ngày trước

    I have got my finger jammed in a car

  69. Ghala Althbyani

    Ghala Althbyani2 ngày trước

    A little boy

  70. Dukagjin Zefi

    Dukagjin Zefi2 ngày trước

    I wuld snap my fingers be kos i di dit when i was 4 or 3 years old in the elevetor

  71. Tamara Blake

    Tamara Blake2 ngày trước

    I would save my best friend

  72. William Sanchez

    William Sanchez2 ngày trước


  73. Lps Spackl

    Lps Spackl2 ngày trước

    One time I was at this place and we went on the big rock thing and I was going to sit but first put my hand down and I noticed it was a cactus

  74. Yo, Itz Slime!

    Yo, Itz Slime!2 ngày trước

    What part of Arizona do u live🤷‍♀️

  75. gacha lover

    gacha lover2 ngày trước

    Cat have nine lives

  76. Chloe Kittens 123

    Chloe Kittens 1232 ngày trước

    Lea: “ok 7sec riddles” “FIGHT ME”

  77. gacha boy23 YAA

    gacha boy23 YAA2 ngày trước

    The boy

  78. Aimbotkyle yt

    Aimbotkyle yt2 ngày trước

    I literally got my tooth pulled without anesthesia last month and I'm twelve

  79. Dino man thing? Sans

    Dino man thing? Sans3 ngày trước

    Normal people: I’m not gonna eat the hamster it’s cute SSSniperwolf: I don’t think I can chew it

  80. Ally Aske

    Ally Aske3 ngày trước

    Once I got my finger caught in the door I was screaming in pain and I'm still living in the same house it happened and it was in my brother's room I had two brothers Connor and Jason and one of my brothers squish the door on my finger

  81. Mueni Muasya

    Mueni Muasya3 ngày trước

    I love it

  82. Michele Isabelle Kuleszo

    Michele Isabelle Kuleszo3 ngày trước

    That's mean I love guinea pigs

  83. damarion martin

    damarion martin3 ngày trước

    The little boy

  84. galaxy_fox123 gacha life girl!

    galaxy_fox123 gacha life girl!3 ngày trước

    With one riddle, I would get your best friend to help the little boy than save your person of the dreams.

  85. Mike Bohdan

    Mike Bohdan3 ngày trước

    Geting a finger stuck in a door is not worse than cracking your head open and haveing stich es in your head