Nasty Food Jenga


  1. Leo Gamez

    Leo Gamez3 giờ trước

    5:48 OOH SHE’S TIGHT! - Link 2017

  2. RyanHad Goldz

    RyanHad Goldz4 giờ trước


  3. RyanHad Goldz

    RyanHad Goldz4 giờ trước

    Link looks like he's tripping hard

  4. William Lambert

    William Lambert4 giờ trước

    link is just a cool dad

  5. Dan Thomas

    Dan Thomas10 giờ trước

    I'm thinking the color you successfully pick out should be what the other guy has to eat. Rhett and Link never fail to entertain though.

  6. Sofia Belts

    Sofia Belts11 giờ trước


  7. LittleLegendGamer

    LittleLegendGamer16 giờ trước

    In the Philippines, we eat barbequed pigs blood called "dinuguan." It's actually good though.

  8. Kenny Dresden

    Kenny Dresden20 giờ trước

    Why did I decide to eat Wendy's before watching this? Hahahahahahaha

  9. Himawari

    Himawari21 giờ trước

    can someone make a compilation video of all the episodes Rhett has worn that striped orange shirt? lmao

  10. malikai poma

    malikai pomaNgày trước

    Rhett's side was way worse but I guess that doesn't matter because link is disgusted by anything that isn't cereal with peanut butter instead of milk

  11. Jonah Wright

    Jonah WrightNgày trước

    Love your guises vids

  12. BarbaricAvatar

    BarbaricAvatarNgày trước

    Nope. Not gonna watch this one! If there's one thing i don't want to see anyone eating, it's spiders!

  13. CalebRCFlyer Caleb Teel

    CalebRCFlyer Caleb Teel2 ngày trước

    4:25 10:20

  14. Trevor Brightly

    Trevor Brightly3 ngày trước

    Y'all deserve two likes for this one

  15. Joey Porto

    Joey Porto3 ngày trước

    I hate blood!

  16. 2024 Hope Smith

    2024 Hope Smith3 ngày trước

    I wonder what was in Link's mystery bucket

  17. Shagg Commentaries

    Shagg Commentaries3 ngày trước

    9:18 he is literally eating ass 💀

  18. Skater Dude

    Skater Dude3 ngày trước

    Links mouth was open for too long

  19. LexyLovesYew

    LexyLovesYew3 ngày trước

    Yup hes gonna barf

  20. TheSlavic_ Sausage

    TheSlavic_ Sausage4 ngày trước

    Is glue even safe to eat 😂

  21. Piggpigg 500

    Piggpigg 5004 ngày trước

    You guys are really reaching for your rhymes.

  22. Poke Boy7

    Poke Boy74 ngày trước


  23. AwesomeOreo ZX

    AwesomeOreo ZX4 ngày trước

    I actually want that marmite Twinkie...

  24. Clai Litiatco

    Clai Litiatco5 ngày trước

    What’s inside the other mystery bucket tho??

  25. Terry K

    Terry K5 ngày trước

    Pig anus cupcakes? Panus Cakes? This truly is the adult male version of iCarly

  26. Bright Hammer

    Bright Hammer5 ngày trước

    Hey Rhett & Link just wanna let you and your chef know: Pork blood taste good when it’s boiled with pork broth, meatball and some green

  27. Tim and Tom

    Tim and Tom7 ngày trước

    He ate a spider

  28. Skylar Rose

    Skylar Rose7 ngày trước

    Link reminds me of Nighan from The Walking Dead

  29. Maria Faustino

    Maria Faustino7 ngày trước


  30. Sofia Karjala

    Sofia Karjala8 ngày trước

    I like raw oysters..

  31. Sheebie DaWoof

    Sheebie DaWoof8 ngày trước

    At 4:47 you see elation turn into devastation in less than a second.

  32. Micki Babe

    Micki Babe8 ngày trước

    Okay... I can’t do the whole textual thing, because I actually have rats and it wouldn’t be unusual for me to ask for something like that

  33. Owen Weiss

    Owen Weiss9 ngày trước

    2:04 is a reference to another video but I forget which one :/

  34. Livey Sexton

    Livey Sexton9 ngày trước

    Anyone else wondering what was in Link's mystery bucket? Illuminati!! BTW Who's here in 2018??!!

  35. MyBigDictionary

    MyBigDictionary9 ngày trước

    Ya'll should do a spicy food jenja! You both would love that!!!

  36. NarwhalGamer Animator

    NarwhalGamer Animator10 ngày trước

    Its just a hairy potato chip

  37. Jinu Engels

    Jinu Engels10 ngày trước


  38. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM10 ngày trước

    Let a man have a little time with his smokey😂

  39. Yolol

    Yolol10 ngày trước

    Real question is, *who's blood*

  40. Omega Shadow

    Omega Shadow10 ngày trước

    12:50 this should be a meme 2018/2019 anyone

  41. Elijah 657

    Elijah 65710 ngày trước

    Do you guys still remember when link ate a scorpion

  42. Gavin Ryder

    Gavin Ryder11 ngày trước

    tell me another poem

  43. GermanGamer7

    GermanGamer711 ngày trước

    Seriously whose dumb idea was it to torture spiders for FOOD of all things? That's already animal abuse, but it's even worse as FOOD.

  44. GermanGamer7

    GermanGamer711 ngày trước

    I mean c'mon! They're SPIDERS!

  45. Caiden Bug

    Caiden Bug11 ngày trước

    OH BOY

  46. Ten The master

    Ten The master11 ngày trước

    Wish we could turn back time to the good old days

  47. Hbk Jay

    Hbk Jay11 ngày trước

    2:00 hilarious

  48. Unicorn Lyla

    Unicorn Lyla12 ngày trước

    *P I G A N U S*

  49. Tara Gregory

    Tara Gregory12 ngày trước

    Of corse link has cereal

  50. Alex Corpuz

    Alex Corpuz12 ngày trước

    How do they not get sick???

  51. Michael MacPherson

    Michael MacPherson13 ngày trước

    I actually love the taste of blood


    FORTNITE GOD13 ngày trước

    as soon as he said do it for elmer i liked the video

  53. erion Perez

    erion Perez13 ngày trước

    Cubed blood delish!

  54. Aida Laude

    Aida Laude13 ngày trước

    Ooooo She's Tight Thats what he said😏😏😉😉😉

  55. Bethany Warren

    Bethany Warren14 ngày trước

    Also we played this at summer camp and it sucked

  56. Bethany Warren

    Bethany Warren14 ngày trước

    The Korean restaurant down the street has Jenga to play while waiting for your food and has seaweed vegetable kin bop

  57. Red Productions

    Red Productions14 ngày trước

    painis cupcakes

  58. Sniping Beast 360

    Sniping Beast 36014 ngày trước

    So ham cupcakes?

  59. punkeesplayland

    punkeesplayland14 ngày trước

    Next time you guys should pick blocks but the other person has to eat.

  60. Jacob Stewart

    Jacob Stewart14 ngày trước

    Link said ooh she's right then a trojan condoms add came on😂

  61. Benjamin Carson

    Benjamin Carson15 ngày trước

    This was easily the best episode gosh I miss it.

  62. Darkness Gaming

    Darkness Gaming15 ngày trước

    What is like to have to eat nasty for a living P.S I’m a big fan

  63. 902496

    90249615 ngày trước

    Considering how many of the loose ones were on the warmer end of the spectrum, I wonder if they hit those blocks with a sander for a second before painting them. Just enough to shave off a fraction of a millimeter would be enough to ensure they were loose and the cooler colors were tight.

  64. Little Paddy

    Little Paddy15 ngày trước

    4:38 Rhett: We really needa be gettin some- Link: *_BLEEEEGHHHHH_*


    NIGHTMAREdp GAMES15 ngày trước

    I wonder if it would be any different if they did this again today...

  66. Arrow Blox

    Arrow Blox16 ngày trước

    XD 😂

  67. Xena Moon

    Xena Moon16 ngày trước

    Play it again but without knowing what's in the buckets

  68. Drago Wang

    Drago Wang16 ngày trước

    does anyone play the card game called Slav

  69. fnafsboo

    fnafsboo16 ngày trước

    My dad used to watch this video all the time you guys are hilarious

  70. Priceyknight

    Priceyknight16 ngày trước

    glue is toxic you are toxic

  71. ReyWither097

    ReyWither09717 ngày trước

    Wait...what was in Link's mistery bucket?

  72. SerialKillerSweet

    SerialKillerSweet17 ngày trước

    4:47 that “Whoops, uuuh.” 😂😂😭

  73. Bacon-MemesYt

    Bacon-MemesYt17 ngày trước

    Who's blood is that?

  74. Wolf - Roblox and more!

    Wolf - Roblox and more!17 ngày trước

    Link:Not falling for that one, Jenga- Rhett:OOOOAGGHH!

  75. Multishot Cutter

    Multishot Cutter17 ngày trước

    This is by far the best intro music in my opinion for GMM

  76. Dark Scootaloo

    Dark Scootaloo17 ngày trước

    ACTUAL EVENT!!! (couldn't screenshot it) Me: "Would you happen to have a terrarium that could fit a family of rats? My friend: "Yeah sure! Can they share a terrarium with Slytherin?" (Her snake)

  77. Dr Noob

    Dr Noob17 ngày trước

    Chomp chomp chomp forget wata eatin even though it’s an anus of a pig 🤪

  78. Jan Silva

    Jan Silva17 ngày trước

    Link needs to close his mouth 😂😂

  79. Roblox Gurl

    Roblox Gurl17 ngày trước

    They're gonna kill Rhett lol

  80. Reagan Jensen

    Reagan Jensen17 ngày trước

    i love macgyver so much :)

  81. Sarah Rhodin

    Sarah Rhodin17 ngày trước

    Ey dont be sad they serve blood pudding in Swedish schools i and a lot of other students eat it

  82. Ryan Foley

    Ryan Foley17 ngày trước

    Not all of us are millennials

  83. ZeldaMaster

    ZeldaMaster17 ngày trước

    I love the names you make for your challenges

  84. Gina Woyton

    Gina Woyton17 ngày trước

    He said “oh she’s tight”😂

  85. Journey

    Journey17 ngày trước

    5:45 Link: ooh she’s tight.

  86. Reeve

    Reeve18 ngày trước

    Rhett: the Anti-Vampire. 🧛🏻‍♂️💉

  87. The Last Dragon

    The Last Dragon18 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does raw oyster wrapped in blue cheese sound appetizing?

  88. Megan Schmidt

    Megan Schmidt18 ngày trước

    Literally cried laughing when he had to eat the spider 😂

  89. ItsTaco

    ItsTaco18 ngày trước

    It would be better if someone removed a block the other would eat the item

  90. CoolSuper_ Cat

    CoolSuper_ Cat18 ngày trước

    The Boy Meets World part made my day. Then it was topped (by a whole lot) by the rest of the video.

  91. Dr. Drake

    Dr. Drake18 ngày trước

    7:55 RIP Rhett

  92. Loren T

    Loren T18 ngày trước

    love this game they play

  93. Emily Durley

    Emily Durley18 ngày trước

    At the start, they both seemed high/stoned

  94. cameron parrish

    cameron parrish18 ngày trước


  95. Xaiden plays

    Xaiden plays18 ngày trước

    One question who’s blood is that

  96. blue flames

    blue flames13 ngày trước

    A pig

  97. Wolfystar

    Wolfystar18 ngày trước

    i love frosted mini wheats!

  98. joseph kim

    joseph kim19 ngày trước

    I kinda like blood

  99. Scott Jeremy

    Scott Jeremy19 ngày trước

    roses are red, these foods are not tasty, but we made sure they're boiled for safety!

  100. Sean Maloy

    Sean Maloy19 ngày trước

    Who’s watching in 2018?

  101. 7LeopardStar

    7LeopardStar19 ngày trước

    Hey, millenials grew up playing outside all day! Until sun down when mum made us come home. Even if on the weekend afternoons we ocassionally played some video games on our computer 😂 or snake on our old Nokias hahaha

  102. hmm something is shady about this

    hmm something is shady about this19 ngày trước

    why on earth did u not show the smoothie in the end? wtf

  103. Julia Sawyer

    Julia Sawyer19 ngày trước

    Pause 6:44