Nasty Food Jenga


  1. Jen

    Jen7 giờ trước

    “Ooh she’s tight!” 😂💀

  2. kawaii kat

    kawaii kat10 giờ trước


  3. Gacha Shy

    Gacha Shy12 giờ trước

    My question do they get all these blood cubes and spiders?

  4. w hunter

    w hunter17 giờ trước


  5. Melissa Davis

    Melissa Davis22 giờ trước

    Rhett just think that the cubed blood is a waxy ,savory red gummy you find behind your couch!!😁

  6. Melissa Davis

    Melissa Davis22 giờ trước

    Link would be a great narrator.

  7. Rachel Otremba

    Rachel OtrembaNgày trước

    6:33 - 6:41 That little song before he ate the spider was really funny 😂😂

  8. Courtneys art.universe

    Courtneys art.universeNgày trước


  9. Wyatt Spencer

    Wyatt SpencerNgày trước

    This is my favorite one still to this day

  10. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angel2 ngày trước

    So what was in links mystery bucket?

  11. Allee Kossman

    Allee Kossman3 ngày trước

    Oh she’s tight - Link. Daddy’s home -Rhett

  12. Thrity Driver

    Thrity Driver3 ngày trước

    the music tho 😂

  13. Maiah Vande Hey

    Maiah Vande Hey3 ngày trước

    I've never seen a man so excited to eat a frosted mini wheat.

  14. Morgan Dudley

    Morgan Dudley3 ngày trước

    6:42 5:33

  15. Ice - Voltic

    Ice - Voltic4 ngày trước

    I love watching this 😀

  16. Naruwaru

    Naruwaru4 ngày trước

    I'm born in 2000 and I still play Jenga excuse me

  17. Moony

    Moony4 ngày trước

    Well, I'm not gonna watch Link eat anything from the red bucket.


    ELLA LAFOSSE4 ngày trước

    Rhett: what are tHeSe?! Producer: Those are pig anus cupcakes. Link: *pAnUs cAkEs?* Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏽

  19. Snape shot 4Z

    Snape shot 4Z5 ngày trước

    They should do it again but whatever they pull out the other per so has to eat

  20. RedeyePeyton

    RedeyePeyton5 ngày trước

    Somebody please remix that “pop it in my mouth” song he was singing

  21. Lillie Gray

    Lillie Gray6 ngày trước

    Link looked so adorably innocent when he said "painus cakes?" and I don't know why...

  22. theodieb542 SCS

    theodieb542 SCS6 ngày trước

    When link said jenga at the start I got scared because of his face

  23. Sandi L.

    Sandi L.6 ngày trước

    We need a part 2 of this

  24. Jackson Crow

    Jackson Crow6 ngày trước

    I’ve never seen a grown man get so excited over frosted mini wheats.

  25. Lana G.

    Lana G.6 ngày trước

    Hairy potato chip

  26. Elliott Blair

    Elliott Blair6 ngày trước

    Link at his best

  27. Bella babe

    Bella babe7 ngày trước

    I cringed so hard when link said "ouu she tight" at 5:46

  28. FreakNasty52

    FreakNasty527 ngày trước

    Link cheated.

  29. Sarah Vaessen

    Sarah Vaessen8 ngày trước

    Lucky I’m a vegetarian

  30. Hey y’all are you good?

    Hey y’all are you good?8 ngày trước

    5:39 the moment Rhett realized he wants to become a woman.

  31. Jessica A-Palmer

    Jessica A-Palmer9 ngày trước

    So what was in links mystery tub

  32. Alpha

    Alpha10 ngày trước

    Chickens can fly.....?

  33. Donut Dude

    Donut Dude10 ngày trước

    Chomp chomp chomp swallow swallow swallow forget what u eatting even tho it's the anus of a pig 😂😂😂 gets me every time 9:18

  34. Nana Chan

    Nana Chan11 ngày trước

    If I was Rhet and I saw link pretending to push the tower I woulda said it was his fault I lost and punched him in the face.

  35. Directioner315

    Directioner31511 ngày trước

    It's just a potato chip - link 😂😂

  36. the invisible me

    the invisible me2 ngày trước

    A hairy potato chip

  37. xydoit

    xydoit12 ngày trước

    Green is the thing

  38. xydoit

    xydoit12 ngày trước

    You need someone in green. You look like red light and yellow light.

  39. Skyfly Platt

    Skyfly Platt12 ngày trước

    I did the let’s get textual and my friend thought my hamster was pregnant 😂

  40. Imelda Chong

    Imelda Chong13 ngày trước

    is that brendon urie

  41. Lillian B.

    Lillian B.13 ngày trước

    4:47 this is why I watch this... Rhett reaction in everything 😂

  42. Rhonix Pax

    Rhonix Pax14 ngày trước

    Rhett: I can smell it from here Link: *chokes *

  43. Madison Pinkey

    Madison Pinkey15 ngày trước

    Eddies laugh is the best

  44. HunterofArtemis234

    HunterofArtemis23416 ngày trước

    "Painus cakes?"

  45. Annie playz :3

    Annie playz :316 ngày trước

    "Panus cakes." -Link

  46. Molly McCullough

    Molly McCullough16 ngày trước

    I always wonder what their channel would be like if one of them was vegetarian/vegan

  47. ktvoid 27106

    ktvoid 2710616 ngày trước

    wait so... what was in link's mystery bucket?

  48. TheHauntedMist

    TheHauntedMist17 ngày trước

    6:35 - 6:51 legendary moment XD

  49. LIl Fruity Vegetables

    LIl Fruity Vegetables17 ngày trước

    Now i will always wonder what was in links mystery bucket

  50. : BananaYellow :

    : BananaYellow :18 ngày trước

    When link said "Jenga" in the beginning I got chills 😂😍

  51. Coolyore Jets

    Coolyore Jets18 ngày trước

    “You know what? This is just a hairy potato chip” - Link as he’s about to eat a spider.

  52. Medical Doll

    Medical Doll18 ngày trước

    I wonder if that’s really blood... Rhett’s never been able to eat blood or liver without gagging! Or even get it down that good!

  53. Gilana Sims

    Gilana Sims19 ngày trước

    The dramatic music 🤣

  54. Alightminer8 OFFICIAL I'm taking a break

    Alightminer8 OFFICIAL I'm taking a break19 ngày trước

    Who else wanted to know what was in Link’s mystery bucket?

  55. Olivia C

    Olivia C19 ngày trước


  56. Horse face work

    Horse face work19 ngày trước


  57. William Hoekel

    William Hoekel19 ngày trước

    Blood cures taste good tho

  58. SFG Jointzz

    SFG Jointzz19 ngày trước

    anyone else got the purple boys mattress ad... lol

  59. Faith Eachus

    Faith Eachus19 ngày trước

    “oh she’s tight” me starts laughing really hard💀😂

  60. Sara Belec

    Sara Belec20 ngày trước

    Us: there’s nothing more intense than Jenga Rhett & Link: Hold my beer

  61. Gaming with F1restorm

    Gaming with F1restorm20 ngày trước

    “Mmm, painus” -link neal

  62. I want to be verified

    I want to be verified20 ngày trước

    6:37 9:19 .

  63. Jessica

    Jessica20 ngày trước

    an ad played just as link put the third block on top and my anxiety calmed down XD

  64. Sam Flynn

    Sam Flynn21 ngày trước

    “Ohhh she’s tight” - Link, 2017

  65. Terra Games

    Terra Games21 ngày trước

    A backdrop happens and ended when my phone was back online

  66. SlimeKidPlayz RBLX

    SlimeKidPlayz RBLX21 ngày trước

    9:57 "Bring out your inner Kid-dult"

  67. Zaraco Taco

    Zaraco Taco21 ngày trước


  68. Kate Mattice

    Kate Mattice22 ngày trước


  69. Amber Esplin

    Amber Esplin22 ngày trước

    link at the beginning killed me XDDDDD

  70. Livia Wong

    Livia Wong23 ngày trước

    whatcha mean, Rhett? I like blood.(Tasty*)

  71. Beta Tester

    Beta Tester23 ngày trước

    oh yeah yeah

  72. Ashley Arruda

    Ashley Arruda23 ngày trước

    " oh she's tight" WHY LINK? WHY?

  73. Jada Ellis

    Jada Ellis23 ngày trước

    did it

  74. Prodigee

    Prodigee23 ngày trước

    You having problems with pig's blood in cubes? In the Philippines we eat those as barbecues!

  75. Mylah Ellis

    Mylah Ellis24 ngày trước

    This is when those engineering degrees come in handy.

  76. Katiepajamas

    Katiepajamas24 ngày trước

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes.

  77. Ty Uzumaki

    Ty Uzumaki24 ngày trước

    11:51 slow down porky pig

  78. CrazE 101

    CrazE 10124 ngày trước

    4:45 best moment

  79. 0momma

    0momma25 ngày trước

    "I can smell your mouth spider!"

  80. Vegan Cats

    Vegan Cats26 ngày trước


  81. VNR Adams`Bard

    VNR Adams`Bard26 ngày trước

    Time for Jenga round 2??? Do it:)

  82. Catie Wagner

    Catie Wagner27 ngày trước

    Link: 'got the moves like jagger' Me: ?????????? I mean I know that song but why?

  83. Kat Love

    Kat Love28 ngày trước

    Very much love you channel! You two are also easy to listen to. Soothing voices. When you two aren't wretching, of course. 😂

  84. Jade Johnson

    Jade Johnson28 ngày trước

    How can u make him eat glue ?

  85. Trashboat

    Trashboat28 ngày trước

    Rhett pulled too close to the top. You are only allowed to pull from 3 full levels down (level 4) or lower

  86. Miki Heart

    Miki Heart28 ngày trước

    Is glue safe or not toxic or something

  87. AwesomeWert 2

    AwesomeWert 228 ngày trước


  88. Nicole P.SCORPIO

    Nicole P.SCORPIO29 ngày trước

    I love it this game was great

  89. Myah Firdaus

    Myah Firdaus29 ngày trước

    7:34 who is glue safe to eat

  90. jolypopp

    jolypoppTháng trước

    I vomited while watching this twice.

  91. jolypopp

    jolypoppTháng trước

    Still liked the video

  92. Dead fun

    Dead funTháng trước

    13:02 you know what time it is(it's time to eat a pig anus cupcake

  93. Icy Foox

    Icy FooxTháng trước

    Is it bad I wanna try the blood cubes

  94. Tracer Is Parmesan

    Tracer Is ParmesanTháng trước


  95. Emotional Payment

    Emotional PaymentTháng trước

    What was In links mystery bucket??

  96. Staygold

    StaygoldTháng trước

    What was in Link's mystery thing?

  97. Abdullah Almomtan

    Abdullah AlmomtanTháng trước

    Link’s mini wheats should have been smothered with peanut butter

  98. Aaron Lee

    Aaron LeeTháng trước

    0:42 HAVE A GOOD DAY!

  99. Sly White Wolf

    Sly White WolfTháng trước

    Shouldent it be if link pulls a red rheet has to eat a red?

  100. HazelNuttie

    HazelNuttieTháng trước

    "ooo she's tight" really Link...really!

  101. Naruto’s Brother-in-law

    Naruto’s Brother-in-lawTháng trước

    Boi you hate blood but you got blood in you already

  102. Michaelangelo Acosta

    Michaelangelo AcostaTháng trước

    I love the show Boy Meets World