Nasty Food Jenga


  1. Jedi Sentinel

    Jedi Sentinel9 giờ trước

    as a person with mild arachnophobia, seeing him eat spiders alm0st made me pass out

  2. R

    R21 giờ trước

    That is literally the best game name that they have ever created.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  3. Prof Freckles Laffenroni

    Prof Freckles LaffenroniNgày trước

    That’s one hairy potato chip

  4. Zoe Whatley

    Zoe WhatleyNgày trước

    Glad I was on the other side of screen eating brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts

  5. RandomGuy

    RandomGuyNgày trước

    fun fact: in miri, sarawak, congealed pork blood is stewed and eaten. sometimes its served in porridge. i've tried it, its great.

  6. Trina Tan

    Trina TanNgày trước

    I like oyster

  7. BTS Goddess

    BTS GoddessNgày trước

    Yo when he was taking out that blue one at 5:46 he said "oh she's tight" am I the only one who thought wrong? 😂

  8. StarCryGaming81

    StarCryGaming81Ngày trước

    This video was tight as a piano

  9. Pummel Weed

    Pummel Weed2 ngày trước

    Spiders is bacon, right Link?

  10. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear2 ngày trước

    4:46 "...oh!..ooooh..." The disapointment hahahahaha

  11. Roblox Adventures

    Roblox Adventures2 ngày trước


  12. Destiny Wolf

    Destiny Wolf2 ngày trước

    Close your eyes and listen to 12:36

  13. Laura Dixon

    Laura Dixon2 ngày trước

    What was in links mystery cup tho

  14. Fluffy Suga Kookies

    Fluffy Suga Kookies2 ngày trước

    that's just wrong they are making them eat glue and spiders...

  15. Derp Diamonds

    Derp Diamonds3 ngày trước

    If anyone know tf2 hear this Pig+anus=painis confirmed bye link

  16. Lucky Block

    Lucky Block3 ngày trước

    What was in link’s mystery box?

  17. Armando Blanco-Naranjo

    Armando Blanco-Naranjo3 ngày trước

    10:39 Stevie: No

  18. Dante Rombouts

    Dante Rombouts3 ngày trước

    If i took out a ? Or red one it would probely be crayfish or shrimp because i hate that stuff

  19. Eduardo Alvarez de Lugo

    Eduardo Alvarez de Lugo3 ngày trước

    But... what’s in Links mystery bucket??

  20. Jayden Alexander

    Jayden Alexander3 ngày trước

    well what was in links box

  21. Cubana Una

    Cubana Una3 ngày trước

    Hairy chip then he crunches and i almost choke to death laughing

  22. Cubana Una

    Cubana Una3 ngày trước

    I died laughing the entire episode

  23. Sniper Knight

    Sniper Knight4 ngày trước

    Link looks like Mark Ruffalo xD

  24. Robbie Crusader

    Robbie Crusader4 ngày trước

    No falling for that one Jenga HUAWKKSJSJ

  25. wank memes

    wank memes4 ngày trước

    They didn't even show the smoothie ??

  26. Johnathon Naumann

    Johnathon Naumann4 ngày trước

    Who else thinks blood tastes good

  27. ENSTRAN 45

    ENSTRAN 454 ngày trước

    5:47 ooo she tight 😂😆

  28. cam banegas muldon

    cam banegas muldon4 ngày trước

    12:54 they chipped the mini wheat container anyone else notice?

  29. Vaibhav Gupta

    Vaibhav Gupta5 ngày trước

    Panus cakes?

  30. Noah Esvelt

    Noah Esvelt5 ngày trước

    I would eat the red cup anyday

  31. Curlies

    Curlies5 ngày trước

    00:42 Is link okay?!

  32. Amy ii

    Amy ii5 ngày trước


  33. Miss K

    Miss K5 ngày trước

    This is the video that started it all for me, and being addicted to the world of GoodMythicalMorning and I haven't looked back.

  34. Evan Nicholson

    Evan Nicholson5 ngày trước

    0:34 Link looks like he started tripping some hard-ass LSD.

  35. A Gray and Dark Bay

    A Gray and Dark Bay5 ngày trước

    9:19 i liked links song lol

  36. Cassidy Garibaldo

    Cassidy Garibaldo5 ngày trước

    Where do they get this stuff?😂

  37. Cumorah Kowallis

    Cumorah Kowallis5 ngày trước

    And here I am is eating waffles while watching this

  38. Jayden Wang

    Jayden Wang5 ngày trước

    11:52 WHut

  39. Nosson Koval

    Nosson Koval5 ngày trước

    Isn’t eating blood and glue bad for you?

  40. Daven Gamer

    Daven Gamer6 ngày trước

    I like the seaweed the oyster the blood cube and I forgot the other one

  41. Mlg Chiken

    Mlg Chiken6 ngày trước

    I love your intro

  42. kanika obhan

    kanika obhan6 ngày trước

    Awesome video


    HACKITY HACKITY6 ngày trước

    On this was disgusting guys i feel bad

  44. cf Adventure vivi

    cf Adventure vivi6 ngày trước

    did you know Rhett got red and link rosters Rhett and then he get red

  45. help me

    help me6 ngày trước

    I ummmm I like eating blood 0-0

  46. kenzie

    kenzie6 ngày trước

    I like blood

  47. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode6 ngày trước

    Plz make part 2

  48. Loud Guy

    Loud Guy6 ngày trước

    The blood honestly doesn’t seem that bad

  49. Skibicki

    Skibicki6 ngày trước

    11:37 the tower tilted sideways I was like woooaattttt

  50. That One Guy

    That One Guy6 ngày trước

    11:51 stststststuuuuuuttttterererer much? Rett

  51. Josue Acuna

    Josue Acuna6 ngày trước

    The things you do for us I love it

  52. RYAandBOMBgaming Yan

    RYAandBOMBgaming Yan7 ngày trước

    I like this intro

  53. VoiceYT

    VoiceYT7 ngày trước

    I almost puked a few times.

  54. Vinuka KH

    Vinuka KH7 ngày trước

    The way she says "Cupcake" XD

  55. Manny Santos

    Manny Santos7 ngày trước

    in america they eat GLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. foxx gaming

    foxx gaming7 ngày trước

    I freaking LOVE blood

  57. Mike g

    Mike g7 ngày trước

    should have reversed it. take out a brick and the other guy has to eat out of that color bucket.

  58. Alex the Memelord

    Alex the Memelord7 ngày trước

    Seaweed and oysters are both really good.

  59. LonelyWolf11 Darkness

    LonelyWolf11 Darkness7 ngày trước

    I already have two pet rats...………….my friends would probably think that their cage broke and didn't have anywhere to put them at the time, they wouldn't react much

  60. MARZY48

    MARZY488 ngày trước

    What happened to Link’s hair!?!??!?!???!?!!?!? I thought it went down!!!!

  61. Yoshi Zero

    Yoshi Zero8 ngày trước

    Link: I’m not falling for that one Jenga- Rhett: -UUUUAAAAGHHKKK

  62. EchoVlogJayna

    EchoVlogJayna8 ngày trước

    Link looks like he josh from drake and josh

  63. Emberlynn Rayne

    Emberlynn Rayne8 ngày trước

    Lol i texted my mom this is what happened... Me:Do you have a terrarium that could fit a family of rats? My mom: im going to go with NO N I O

  64. XxCreamiixX

    XxCreamiixX8 ngày trước

    I texted my dad

  65. Nightbre²

    Nightbre²8 ngày trước

    I thought panus cakes and then it became reality.

  66. Kyle Sinius

    Kyle Sinius8 ngày trước

    I hate when Link wins lol

  67. sven vrtaric

    sven vrtaric9 ngày trước

    What was in the mystery bucket

  68. Roisin 500

    Roisin 5009 ngày trước

    I really want to slap link

  69. Macy's weird Life

    Macy's weird Life9 ngày trước

    Link when Rhett was man handling😂

  70. Macy's weird Life

    Macy's weird Life9 ngày trước


  71. Macy's weird Life

    Macy's weird Life9 ngày trước

    Link and the oyster ball tho!😂😂😂

  72. CJ Vece

    CJ Vece9 ngày trước

    The way rhett said "Its red." reminds me of I love Lucy.

  73. Liam Willauer

    Liam Willauer9 ngày trước


  74. gumy bear

    gumy bear10 ngày trước

    for what ever reason i decided to eat while watching this

  75. laverra jones

    laverra jones10 ngày trước

    Link made me laugh when he said taste like a rall k Twinkie

  76. Wolf loves memes XD

    Wolf loves memes XD10 ngày trước

    I dont think its safe to eat blood bc it ha iron

  77. Adaptations

    Adaptations9 ngày trước

    You realise you have iron? The food you eat contain iron. Furthermore, there are people who drink animal blood. A small quantity will not harm you at all, unless the blood is infected.

  78. Wolf loves memes XD

    Wolf loves memes XD10 ngày trước


  79. TheShadowBee

    TheShadowBee10 ngày trước

    the oyster ball sounds delicious tbh

  80. david moua

    david moua10 ngày trước

    One day they’re just going to get used to eating weird stuff

  81. hunt_the_ munt

    hunt_the_ munt10 ngày trước

    Is the glue even edible

  82. qwerty boy 478

    qwerty boy 47811 ngày trước

    Swallowing glue is very dangerous never try this

  83. Dat's DFO

    Dat's DFO11 ngày trước

    I love pig blood lol

  84. jak3thed0g

    jak3thed0g11 ngày trước

    why couldnt we see the smoothy drinking tho?

  85. Serenity Childers

    Serenity Childers11 ngày trước

    im fine with the tase of blood

  86. Adaptations

    Adaptations9 ngày trước

    Serenity Childers Animal blood?

  87. Commando Solider

    Commando Solider11 ngày trước

    Little Smokey’s are the best

  88. Wolfheart 147

    Wolfheart 14712 ngày trước

    Link looks high af at the start

  89. Cadence Driscoll

    Cadence Driscoll12 ngày trước


  90. homeless tv

    homeless tv12 ngày trước

    9:00 bookmark

  91. Cartoonska

    Cartoonska12 ngày trước

    We really need to get some from the middle.. *grabs red* crap

  92. Aleksandra Kedžić

    Aleksandra Kedžić12 ngày trước

    Why do Rhett and Link look like mustard and ketchup? 😂😂

  93. Kawaii GachaTube

    Kawaii GachaTube13 ngày trước

    Are they friends or are they related?

  94. Kendall

    Kendall11 ngày trước

    they're friends!

  95. Brailey Logsdon

    Brailey Logsdon13 ngày trước

    *”ooh she’s tight”* *John Cena’s face appears* *aRe YoU sUrE aBoUt ThAt?*

  96. Chy Preltinceo

    Chy Preltinceo13 ngày trước

    0:40 meee

  97. TellMeWhy

    TellMeWhy13 ngày trước

    Thirsty girl that wants my virginity: It’s peekin! Me: But I think it wants to go back into hidinnng Although this scenario would never happen...

  98. melany CRUZ

    melany CRUZ13 ngày trước

    *daddys home ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  99. Hawkeye Pierce

    Hawkeye Pierce13 ngày trước

    Link ate a SPIDER 😱 ahhhhh!!!!!

  100. GabiGabbyGabbi _

    GabiGabbyGabbi _13 ngày trước

    I sent the text... to my dad.... His response: I do not, sorry

  101. Savannah Henne

    Savannah Henne13 ngày trước

    How are y'all not dead yet?? I mean it's a good thing, but what in the world is wrong with your digestive systems

  102. Savannah Henne

    Savannah Henne13 ngày trước

    My new go-to line "I can smell yo mouth spideh"

  103. Christian Espiritu

    Christian Espiritu14 ngày trước

    I can't beliece I'm watching this while my jaw is hurting

  104. Izzy-Rose

    Izzy-Rose14 ngày trước