Neo-Nazi says he's emboldened by Trump


  1. Jaime Mata

    Jaime Mata10 giờ trước

    This was Native American Land first the whites just came and stole it and they are saying that this is their land oh that’s bullshit I’m Native American and I consider this as my land my country and my home and nothing will destroy our culture because we were here first

  2. christo esamor

    christo esamor17 giờ trước

    he loves America but America's where in war with nazis

  3. JR GEE

    JR GEE19 giờ trước


  4. Dunn Lean

    Dunn Lean21 giờ trước

    CNN is just trying to make themselves feel tall. Leave the dude alone.

  5. Victor Bujase

    Victor Bujase23 giờ trước

    He's not even German.

  6. Savin Alecu

    Savin Alecu23 giờ trước

    All nazists deserve a bullet in head or cancer. They are not people all are humans.

  7. Thomas Dillon

    Thomas DillonNgày trước

    The Klan is alive and well in the northern States. Here in sunny South Carolina. That crap won't fly. Only inbreds and drunks buy that garbage. Guess they migrated North to stay. You can keep them.

  8. gerald anderson

    gerald anderson2 ngày trước

    another tile in the (((mosaic)))

  9. ricefield_man

    ricefield_man2 ngày trước

    Yeah, you know what else cant be denied? Russians killing 20 million people.

  10. The Chosen One

    The Chosen One2 ngày trước

    Lol.. this story would never exist if they didnt HATE Trump.. ironic white people need to be pushed out for HATE, but it's ok for all Democrats to HATE Trump ...

  11. Michael David

    Michael David3 ngày trước

    ISIS likes CNN ergo CNN is the cause of ISIS wait what?

  12. Michael David

    Michael David3 ngày trước

    ISIS likes CNN ergo CNN is the cause of ISIS wait what?

  13. Quinton  Millett

    Quinton Millett3 ngày trước

    With the next 10 years white america will be a minority, by 2050 Hispanics will be a majority.

  14. Ben E

    Ben E4 ngày trước

    In other news, neo-communist and AOC supporter says 100s of millions killed under stalin, “worth it”. Clearly all leftists also think the exact same way

  15. Andres Porras

    Andres Porras5 ngày trước

    6 million jews?...who did the math?

  16. pain uchiha

    pain uchiha5 ngày trước

    He's scared that whites will become a minority lol

  17. Quinton  Millett

    Quinton Millett3 ngày trước

    Within the next 10 years white america will be a minority. Hispanics will be the majority by 2050.

  18. pain uchiha

    pain uchiha4 ngày trước

    True American are not white

  19. pain uchiha

    pain uchiha4 ngày trước

    What about native americans

  20. James Hender

    James Hender5 ngày trước

    A minority in a land that's not theirs

  21. Cudaman2 Formula

    Cudaman2 Formula5 ngày trước

    CNN has turned into a complete propaganda network. This shit is unbelievable. Unbelievable

  22. Fernando Oliveira

    Fernando Oliveira6 ngày trước

    Dieser Mann ist sehr dämlich wie ein schmutziges Schwein, aufwachen!

  23. Jackson RRXT

    Jackson RRXT8 ngày trước

    It's Commie News Network. That interview was cut and shredded to pieces. Play it in its entirety, mongrels. Guarantee you don't. FOAD.

  24. Jake LaMarca & Louie

    Jake LaMarca & Louie8 ngày trước

    'Are you a neo-nazi?' she asks as he wears a hakenkrutz shirt and is standing in front of a building with an Iron eagle...

  25. bad boy Sandte family

    bad boy Sandte family8 ngày trước

    Looks cool

  26. Hatelor

    Hatelor8 ngày trước

    hello everyone.

  27. Arena Rat

    Arena Rat9 ngày trước

    6 million jews? there wasnt 6 millions jews killed. how about all the other people who died? they dont deserve to be listed? cnn is a communist news network

  28. sounduser

    sounduser10 ngày trước

    I don't under stand... If you wanna be a white power type guy... Come up with your own name.. Why copy the nazi party... That guy didn't seem like a national socialist.

  29. Minimalism

    Minimalism11 ngày trước

    He’s a nutjob 😂😂😂

  30. TrεκγTroo

    TrεκγTroo11 ngày trước

    Not 6 million jews. 3 million Jews who identified as Polish and Polish was their first language. 3 million ethnic Poles (Polish People) But Neo Nazis have a problem with Jews not Poles these days.

  31. Philip J. Fry

    Philip J. Fry11 ngày trước

    How is being a Nazi and a racist NOT illegal? Would you let muslim people walk in streets preaching Jihad and extremism? No. So why do you only act when it effects/terrorizes white people directly?

  32. Driver J

    Driver J12 ngày trước

    Wow how CNN takes 2 out of millions upon millions of people that support Trump and then portrays Trump supporters are all this way! What a fucking crock! FUCK CNN AND ALL THE IDIOTS THAT FALL FOR THIS SHIT THAT THE ESTABLISHMENT PLANS TO DIVIDE AND RETRIEVE THE POWER BACK FROM THE PEOPLE!

  33. chalupahead321

    chalupahead32113 ngày trước

    People who say the sign means peace............ the sign means peace when the symbol is laying flat, but Hitler changed the angle. Also the guys shirt says White Power, he also said that this is his country and not her country because she is black. He also denied Jewish people killed and tortured. Talk about the sign meaning peace, this video is about him being a Nazi supporters, not a Peace supporter.

  34. Good Tymes

    Good Tymes15 ngày trước

    What an absolute looser




  36. Osvaldo Petracca

    Osvaldo Petracca16 ngày trước

    Astonishing no brain people....

  37. Konrad Reketi

    Konrad Reketi17 ngày trước

    Know the Real Truth, this was a CHERADE !

  38. Konrad Reketi

    Konrad Reketi17 ngày trước

    I come to you follow white americans as croatian to tell, you, that the germans are OUR friends !

  39. psycleen

    psycleen17 ngày trước

    prop a granda

  40. Tague Relyea

    Tague Relyea17 ngày trước

    Is everyone really that dumb

  41. Tague Relyea

    Tague Relyea17 ngày trước

    Dude works for George soros so does Antifa

  42. JT1998

    JT199816 ngày trước


  43. Gabriel Prado animates

    Gabriel Prado animates18 ngày trước

    Did he just say that white people are a minority Minority is a word that talks about skin colors that aren’t white is he ok

  44. William Wolfcastle

    William Wolfcastle19 ngày trước

    Mercedes-Benz was in World War One helping Germans kill people and were banned from building military equipment and yet in World War II they still build even more deadly weapons and are still in production today if I'm not mistaken Japan was banned from making airplanes because of its involvement in World War II

  45. mo fo

    mo fo19 ngày trước

    Bet you guys thought this was real!!!! Lol

  46. Shon Alvarez

    Shon Alvarez20 ngày trước

    Fuck CNN 😂🤣 fake ass fucking news. You people can eat a bag of dicks

  47. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord20 ngày trước

    Lol dumbass

  48. J - D - K 81

    J - D - K 8121 ngày trước

    How do you let this happen there?!

  49. Diego R.

    Diego R.21 ngày trước

    “You’ll never sell me on that” Uuuuhhhhh Did u not see videos/pictures/museums? How much ignorance can you stuff into a person?

  50. Nokomisclub

    Nokomisclub21 ngày trước

    I tend to look at this as an anti-Trump typical leftist conflation/fabrication. The fact is: There were peaceful protesters on each side in Charlottesville. This is real history. There were a small group of far-right folks, and some indeed behaved violently, which is wrong. It is also wrong when radical leftists, including the laughably named antifa (violent fascists), attack people. However, the leftist media (CNN), and leftist celebrities like Billy Joel, never stop misrepresenting history. Acting like violence only comes from the right, and that any right-leaning violence is representative of ALL pro-Trump people. Consistently ignoring the avalanche of leftist violence and leftist fascist attacks on free speech that occurs almost daily. CNN gets no respect from me for inappropriately pulling out Nazism as a slander, like most leftist outlets. They just wants everyone to say, "If you believe in the first and second amendment, and stand with Trump, you are a Nazi".

  51. Toast

    Toast21 ngày trước

    He's nit the perfect human though

  52. ziggy morris

    ziggy morris21 ngày trước

    There are many versions of the swastika, the version this guy is using is Hitler’s and it was done deliberately because he has the same views as Hitler did. So his “it isn’t a symbol of hate” is true, but that isn’t the type symbol he is using here.

  53. Yesenia Lopez

    Yesenia Lopez22 ngày trước

    This are believes of this people, not Mr. Trump's. You can't just put everything on him. How about the violence Maxine Waters have created?? Democrats followers are attacking children, women, men and the elderly. CNN doesn't condemn this people either. Mr. Trump can't control this people, he hasn't said directly to those people go after them. But Maxine Waters did talk about that CNN. This people are ridiculous. Not all Mexicans and he talks against anybody that talks bad about him that's the way he is, but is against any race. Stop democratically you lost, Mr. Trump is great for this country. Don't you get exhausted talking bad about our President?? I'm sure tired of listening to all the nonsense you talk about. 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  54. Alex Gowland

    Alex Gowland22 ngày trước

    I still don't get how there are vile gits like him these days who are holocaust deniers,, its a historical fact,, 6 million Jews were murdered, pure genocide,, I myself am a 3rd Jewish, if I was born then, I could of been among the dead,, just for the bit of jew that's in me,, I can't stand trump,, and feel sorry for the queen of my country today, who had to welcome him into her home,,!,, we need to destroy hate,!!!,

  55. დავით კირვალიძე

    დავით კირვალიძე22 ngày trước

    Nazi 😘💪🏻✝☝🏻🥰🥰🥰🥰

  56. Dontasme Eydidnudoit

    Dontasme Eydidnudoit25 ngày trước

    He a dick in a half.. He needs to be punished.. The town should burn down his house..Notice how the racist dogs are crying about how mean the liberals are to them.. But look what the republicans are..Now I say if republican what liberals to stop calling them Nazis.. Kick this guy and all those like him out of your party..

  57. Mustard Fart

    Mustard Fart25 ngày trước

    Clearly a paid actor hahaha you fucking zionist funded Bolshevik shills HAHA

  58. Viking Ninja-Kitty

    Viking Ninja-Kitty26 ngày trước

    This is Propaganda. When did journalism become activism? This is not journalism, this is hatred hiding behind reporting based using an Apex Fallacy to straw man half the country. Shame on you “journalists”.

  59. Mike Hood

    Mike Hood27 ngày trước

    Caucasian the Red Human's from the Caves of Edom and the Caucus Mountains of Eastern Europe.

  60. John Walters

    John Walters28 ngày trước

    Yet another hit piece by FAKE NEWS! What about the KKK grand Dragon that supported Hillary Clinton in 2016? That never made it to the FAKE news. BUT IF SOME NUT FEELS HE IS FREE TO SPEW HATE( MUCH LIKE THE LEFT DOES AT TRUMP 24/7). THE Fake news blames President Trump for what a Nazi says but is crickets when a AntiSemitic Jew hater who was emboldened by Hillary Clinton and the Lefts backing of her. Hypocrites that is the Progressive Fascists!

  61. Adolf Shitler

    Adolf Shitler28 ngày trước

    He's so cute. He reminds me of Obama supporters.

  62. Dontasme Eydidnudoit

    Dontasme Eydidnudoit25 ngày trước

    Yea right Nazi shit..Your comment is a fallacy..

  63. RiKK Exploitz

    RiKK Exploitz28 ngày trước

    The fat chick on the right is smart

  64. Mark M.

    Mark M.29 ngày trước

    Isn't Trump pro israel? xD

  65. Bristolpa

    Bristolpa29 ngày trước

    I like how pushing the “good on both sides” bullshit. They totally took what trump said out of context. He meant the people who wanted to keep the statues. There where no neo nazis there.

  66. Bristolpa

    Bristolpa29 ngày trước

    He is one of maybe 20 “neo nazis” in the country. The white power movement died in the 90s. It simply doesn’t exist. It’s almost non-existent. This is nothing but more race baiting leftist propaganda. When I say “20” of course I’m being slightly sarcastic. But it just isn’t the problem the left makes it out to be. It’s total nonsense. The last time I saw a Nazi skinhead it was a 1989 in Trenton New Jersey at a GBH show. They just hate Trump and use the racism schtick to make him look bad. Typical communist propaganda

  67. nusto gusto

    nusto gustoTháng trước

    You know what's crazy all of the KKK leaders are still alive or died of natural causes but all the black leaders are dead lol wow of that says nothing I don't know what to tell u

  68. Brent Miedema

    Brent MiedemaTháng trước

    White men will fight to the death before bowing to shit colored libtards.

  69. Navarsh TTD

    Navarsh TTDTháng trước

    Racist ass mf say that shit to a black or Hispanic person and you'll get the shit beat out of you

  70. Politically Incorrect

    Politically IncorrectTháng trước

    What self-respecting neo-Nazi embraces either Trump or Putin with the number of Jews orbiting each of them?

  71. HBB

    HBBTháng trước

    American white right wing trash.

  72. Diana Mccall

    Diana MccallTháng trước

    The reason why African-American is the lowest because they kick them out of unemployment for 6 months and they throw them out okay

  73. Diana Mccall

    Diana MccallTháng trước

    Trump is racist white racist people voted for Trump and most of them are racist like Trump

  74. Diana Mccall

    Diana MccallTháng trước

    A lot of black people did not vote for Trump let's be realistic so stop lying Trump is racist how do you know a lot of black people voted for Trump you sitting up here lying you taking up for Trump how do you know that many blacks voted for Trump you're lying

  75. MaxiMambo secure_2

    MaxiMambo secure_2Tháng trước

    Neo-Nazi??? You have a beard?

  76. Randy Cox

    Randy CoxTháng trước

    Clinton News Network probably paid this idiot

  77. Hancockst1

    Hancockst1Tháng trước

    Another loser shit head.

  78. Hunter Fisher

    Hunter FisherTháng trước

    He should move to Berkeley, CA that is the home of the Nationalist Socialist Party in the U.S.A. .

  79. Melissa Thomas

    Melissa ThomasTháng trước

    I really feel for the people that live in that town.

  80. TheTruthIsRacist

    TheTruthIsRacistTháng trước

    This is why CNN is called fake news, one guy and any real nazi would hate Trump because they would know he's pro Israel, has many jewish people in his family, etc.

  81. beast Mode23

    beast Mode23Tháng trước

    good thing i live in california 😎 fuck all that hate shit

  82. Begzodbek Urinboev

    Begzodbek UrinboevTháng trước

    Like for the mix family. I never forget my black girlfriend

  83. 2brunhilda

    2brunhildaTháng trước

    This is called psychological warfare and they have all the media and they have half the country in the FN MATRIX!

  84. 2brunhilda

    2brunhildaTháng trước

    So they found a Nazi and they will play this shit on every FN channel. He doesn't represent the Patriot Movement. CNN is as much of a scumbag as any Nazi they find. In fact CNN supports a violent army called ANTIFA! WTF is the difference!

  85. Andre Guardarrama

    Andre GuardarramaTháng trước

    Nazi goes to hell

  86. John History videos

    John History videosTháng trước

    I wish I could punch that guy in the face. >:) >=)

  87. Sarah Wilkens

    Sarah WilkensTháng trước

    I'm sure this guy also thinks the earth is flat and the government is trying to kill us with chemtrails. These dirty poor prople.need some.kind of identity to cling to and this is one they can afford, simple as that. Trash

  88. PDIcomics

    PDIcomicsTháng trước

    Wow are you really that ignorant about White nationalism? Watch a Jared Taylor video or ten. Subscribe to American Renaissance.

  89. dan Finer

    dan FinerTháng trước

    Fake new world deep state garbage. Reminds me of watching WWE. They want another $$war$$ fueled by hatred. Nuff said.

  90. Gunna Gang

    Gunna GangTháng trước

    I hat this guy


    ECDCTECHTháng trước

    how is this guy white ? im mexican and alot more white than him

  92. Hector Martinez

    Hector MartinezTháng trước


  93. Data Mined

    Data MinedTháng trước

    Fuck CNN is bullshit, how do normans believe Trump is a Nazi

  94. National Autistic Socialism

    National Autistic SocialismTháng trước

    Only people ignorant in history choose to be neo-Nazis. Makes no sense. Hitler lost the war, Nazism was a crazy ideology driven by violence, war, and death. A horrible horrible ideology.

  95. sheltomlee

    sheltomleeTháng trước

    The real white genocide = drugs dude. Opioids and meth. Not brown skinned people who come here to pick fruit. If you want to do something for your fellow white people, get them off dope. Stop this stupid hate garbage. Every American ought to be helping every other American no matter what they look like.

  96. NoVa Shadow

    NoVa ShadowTháng trước

    Weren’t 6 million Jews it was 2 million but still really fucked up

  97. Computer Expert

    Computer ExpertTháng trước

    Burn those rural americans. Burn them all my african brothers. Black panther needs to be recreated

  98. CRASS_886

    CRASS_886Tháng trước

    the interviewer is a fucking bitch...shes not even black, then she says "being me is great". If being her is so great then why is she conducting that interview in the first place

  99. Tommy Cox

    Tommy CoxTháng trước

    CNN, Farrakhan, obama now thats racism!

  100. Tommy Cox

    Tommy CoxTháng trước

    I remember blacks saying the same thing about obama

  101. Ritz handles

    Ritz handlesTháng trước

    Wow. The trump lady was not only an idiot but her ending remarks, just wow. Racism isn’t dead it’s reincarnated as MAGA troops

  102. clarinda galletta

    clarinda gallettaTháng trước

    What about Obama that was happening in 2014 why aren’t they say anything about him

  103. clarinda galletta

    clarinda gallettaTháng trước

    It’s not all trump it was like that when Obama was in but the difference is the media never talked about it

  104. Katanya Wilson

    Katanya WilsonTháng trước

    Black supremacist black power

  105. Son Goku

    Son GokuTháng trước

    Bet half the commenters have 0 clue CNN has 0 percent proof of their what they preach. Cnns rratingsa are now lower then the food channel. Wake up people !!!

  106. Option Net Virtual

    Option Net VirtualTháng trước


  107. Heil Honkler

    Heil HonklerTháng trước

    Feels good man

  108. Goodman

    GoodmanTháng trước

    You know what at least he's doing whatever he wants with his properties and he realizes its all in the past and it doesn't matter anymore. If you wanna draw a penis on your own garage door, go for it! 😁

  109. Andrew Laco

    Andrew LacoTháng trước

    Finally a real, true, unscripted news report...