Neo-Nazi says he's emboldened by Trump


  1. David kwame Amfo

    David kwame Amfo4 giờ trước

    The guy was like this us my country on what grounds America is for the Indians only the Indians can say they are from America period. love humanity

  2. spöken bratze

    spöken bratze5 giờ trước

    Two things are infinite: The Universe and the knowledge about National Socialism, Hitler and the Holocaust ! This affects both sides!!

  3. caucasionliars analjpskbitsnbast

    caucasionliars analjpskbitsnbast12 giờ trước

    ‘Phuck’ , All people who are anti-Black,Period! Go and Suck your dad’s clit!

  4. Randy Butternubz

    Randy Butternubz20 giờ trước

    I am ashamed that I live in the same state as him.

  5. KennetsProtein

    KennetsProtein23 giờ trước

    Swastikas are from the beginning Baltic symbols for positivity. The fact that nazis ruined it is making me ill.

  6. I am Groot

    I am GrootNgày trước

    That news reporter hawt

  7. Diesel Ayres

    Diesel AyresNgày trước

    Of course its trumps fault!!! You fucking retards need to get a life and a real job because you are the racists

  8. Diesel Ayres

    Diesel AyresNgày trước

    You can be a proud black man like me, proud Asian or proud Latino and wave your countries flag and make others listen to you it if you are proud to be white you are a racist period! Double standard big time. I am not saying this paid actor does not speak for any white people but what the hell is wrong with being proud to be white. I have white friends and if they told me they were proud to be white I would be cool with that

  9. Diesel Ayres

    Diesel AyresNgày trước

    Fake news!!! Paid Actor 100%

  10. De Moe chan

    De Moe chanNgày trước

    Did USA soldier's fight Nazi in WW2 ?

  11. heebie jeebies

    heebie jeebiesNgày trước

    What kind of journalism is this?

  12. Ronald James

    Ronald James2 ngày trước

    Ha! It's so strange that this idiot feels comfortable enough to express his racist views and display his symbols of hate without ANY repercussions within this community in PA. Let me tell you that level of comfort has to come from some form of acceptance from the community whether overt or not.

  13. Mr Nice guy

    Mr Nice guy2 ngày trước

    Let me guess... While Obama was president this guy was petting little white bunnies, sitting around a campfire, holding hands singing soft melodies...... Because it looks like he’s been crazy for sometime now.... If he was shooting people with a semi automatic weapon, we would blame the weapon... CNN says that Trump has encouraged this guy, yet I’ll bet no one would ever know this guys thoughts and beliefs, until CNN goes looking for him....

  14. Jeffrey Meredith

    Jeffrey Meredith2 ngày trước

    Nothing but a bunch of Democratic propaganda.

  15. Big Mac

    Big Mac2 ngày trước

    this guy wants gas all homosexuals and none whites find him at Hans Gruber @bocephus on gab 😠😠😠😠

  16. Nicholas Alexander

    Nicholas Alexander3 ngày trước

    F white america I feel like breakin his neck his shirt means he wants to abolish people of other races when he needs to be gone not them he gonna get some karma when he passes you see that fire on his shirt that’s where he’s gonna be

  17. Simon A.J.

    Simon A.J.4 ngày trước

    The third Reich were losers -- so are these pretenders.

  18. todd scholefield

    todd scholefield4 ngày trước

    You can’t say tromp is doing this. I fucking hate nazis. I think what trump is saying is that the emigrants are coming over here and fucking shit up. And most are of Colour, I really don’t think that’s racist because it’s fucking true. Now I have seen ww2 footage of all the death camps naked women and children dead on the grown in the millions.blacks whites gays body’s that are Burns and decomposed. Staring in to to there old cameras back in 1945. And I’m here to tell you it doesn’t just scare the shit out of you it makes you sick. And I often thought to my self after watching all that. How can one evil man do that?? The only thing I can really think of his he wasn’t alone in it. We are at a crossroads if you start just letting everyone in your Country and take over it. The holocaust can happen again. That’s how hitler won public opinion, this is why all this happened back then. Now I don’t think trump is a nazi but I do think he wants the USA to be back the way it was. So all you people with green cards please fuck off back where you came from. We really don’t hate you, we are just sick of all you coming here and changing our shit, we already have a culture we don’t need yours. And that doesn’t mean you don’t want you do come to visit because we do, but there comes a time you have to head home. I maybe white with blue eyes that doesn’t make be better then anyone, I’m no aryan race. No ones better then anyone. But this is my house I was born here if your not please leave before ww3 happens and there’s more dead, just because you don’t know anything about the past. If we forget history it is bound to repeat itself. And this time we could all die in it. Technology as we are weapons stronger in more destructive.

  19. Ian Mcentegart

    Ian Mcentegart4 ngày trước

    Being racist is wrong, hating other cultures is wrong, but Trump isn’t racist this is a white mans country other races our outnumbered it’s just facts. (I’m not racist I love all races)

  20. Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones5 ngày trước

    What a disgrace to all the men who fought against the nazis in ww2! These people gave their lives to fight against the nazis and this man is gonna say the holocaust never happened?! How unfortunate!

  21. Rob Lòpez AR

    Rob Lòpez AR5 ngày trước

    Latin Americans are 70 million in USA African Americans are 30 millon in USA 100 million Total I don't think these Hillbillies can win against this . And this number is not including all non whites

  22. Squid-force

    Squid-force5 ngày trước

    Yeah, hitler would've killed you anyways because you were white and american. These troopers FOUGHT for your rights.

  23. HeyOctubre

    HeyOctubre6 ngày trước

    that mf got a shirt and everything

  24. national unity party of canada

    national unity party of canada6 ngày trước

    RUSSIA and Germany both invaded Poland... why did they only pick Germany??? who owns your banks.... media. .. again why didn't the world claim war against RUSSIA.. as well.. Stalin went on to kill 20 million of his own people and... Who headed the communist party look it up

  25. national unity party of canada

    national unity party of canada6 ngày trước

    communism.. was sweeping across Europe.. 1917-1932 they were killing millions of Christians.. and 8 million in Ukraine.. when they tried to turn Germany into a shithiole.. that's why national socialism came to fight off the communist... also why doesn't your history books... don't mention the greatest mass murderer COMNUNIST JEWISH GENRIKH YAGODA ... your media is 95% liberal and bias.. like our history books

  26. national unity party of canada

    national unity party of canada6 ngày trước

    6 million ...lmao ya right... that number has been around since 1896.. even Poland reduced that number to 4.5 million .. then to 1.5 million

  27. John Wasp

    John Wasp6 ngày trước

    OY VEYYY. The goyim are knowing about our holocaust lies. Shut it down!

  28. Joseph F. de Freitas

    Joseph F. de Freitas6 ngày trước

    Why don't we give Liberals and the left, Humanitarians, Good Samaritans, And people like that the same voice that we give shitheads like Burnside. Hate is not to be used for profit and getting more show viewers, plain and simple. Burnside deserves as much publicity as my last dump in the toilet today......

  29. Miguel Baca

    Miguel Baca6 ngày trước

    There’s some serious mental gymnastics going on in that debate trying to justify Trumps actions

  30. Rosie H

    Rosie H7 ngày trước

    Dear CNN, Trump is not your KKK boogey man... He is more socially liberal than Obama or HRC, and has dated more black people than they have in the past. Trump was also the only celebrity to defend Michael Jackson against unfounded allegations of paedophelia, at a time when his own family members were prepared to sell him out in exchange for payments from your network and other MSM. Trump also won an award -- along with Rosa Parks -- for reducing barriers to blacks and Jews, with regards to to WASP-owned country clubs. Your side loses the debate the second you resort to baseless ad hominem attacks and claims of white supremacy. Also, there comes a point where you push the hysteria too far... No amount of gas lighting or distortion of facts can hide the truth from the public... Just look at your ratings, no one is buying what you are selling anymore! If the only way you can guarantee the election of your Manchurian Candidates is by drawing links between your opponents and white supremacists, or by erasing people from the internet, shipping in illegals to vote as dead people, and shadow banning conservatives on social media, then your ascendancy will be short lived! A grass roots resistance has formed, spanning the globe, which is going to expose you for the frauds that you are. It won't be long now, before you and the remaining dinosaur MSM disappear into oblivion!

  31. Tim M

    Tim M7 ngày trước

    "A Neo Nazi is accrediting Trump as a reason for Nazi activity doubling" "I don't know if that's true. I want facts" I swear, conservatives will believe the most bat shit conspiracies and ask you for proof if you tell them a car has four wheels.

  32. Tuan Tr

    Tuan Tr7 ngày trước

    keep them in your house asshole, Mr Trump @)@) 2020@)@)

  33. Christopher Charles

    Christopher Charles7 ngày trước

    My grandad died in a concentration camp, poor cunt fell out of the guard tower.

  34. Nick Harris

    Nick Harris8 ngày trước

    I hope most Trump supporters don’t accept this kind of behavior.

  35. Nukie Cash

    Nukie Cash8 ngày trước

    His Jamaican bride 😂😂😂😂

  36. Michael Kabyle

    Michael Kabyle8 ngày trước

    AT least 12 million people killed by the Nazi in concentration camps including about 5 million Jews. Nobody cares about the other millions killed. We only hear Jews died in WW2 as if tough they are the ones who matter. I say the other 7 million killed by the Nazi deserve more.

  37. Eddie Sille

    Eddie Sille8 ngày trước

    WhitePeople are Fucking Ugly


    THE PATRIOT8 ngày trước

    lol America is the country of none...White americans are English and Spanish people..and Black people are Slaves from Africa


    THE PATRIOT8 ngày trước

    you wont do shit...this is just the truth that hurts your "American" ass get over it and accept it +Eddie Sille

  40. Eddie Sille

    Eddie Sille8 ngày trước

    THE PATRIOT I will pee in your mother’s mouth...

  41. Pedro Carnitas

    Pedro Carnitas9 ngày trước

    This is a reason why we dont like Trump... Not just because of building a wall but reigniting these lowlife scumbags and bringing such hate...

  42. RMC 004

    RMC 0049 ngày trước

    CNN is ridiculous, this idiot has nothing to do with trump but they spin this story to hurt trump. FUCK CNN

  43. JK LEE

    JK LEE9 ngày trước

    What the ridiculous idea of "this is my country" he can say this to only for foreigners not American. Research skin color, what white what black it's a just difference of pigmentation. What the ignorant neo Nazis

  44. Joe T

    Joe T10 ngày trước

    Lady in the blue is a total idiot , and is in Denial

  45. Real Talk! እውነተኛው

    Real Talk! እውነተኛው10 ngày trước

    The white brotherhood gang doesn't respect us so why should we respect them? They always talk about gangs but the white nationalists & trump are the biggest gang in America!

  46. Darrell Lopes

    Darrell Lopes10 ngày trước

    that nazi guy was in a documentary and he has native american children from another relationship

  47. Kenneth Monroe

    Kenneth Monroe11 ngày trước

    CNN fake news

  48. SoloPiensoEnLaVagina

    SoloPiensoEnLaVagina11 ngày trước

    double u double u two is over

  49. SRB;*

    SRB;*11 ngày trước

    Well if today is normal to be a gay then its completley normal to be a Neo Nazi or what ever i mean who can stop him ?

  50. Alex Caruso

    Alex Caruso12 ngày trước

    Fuckin' CNN. Because racism existed before Trump's time that's his fault?


    EDGAR CHAVEZ12 ngày trước


  52. LaTavia Washington

    LaTavia Washington12 ngày trước

    “Become a minority in our own county!” Bitchhhhhhh. I’m so sick of people like him calling this “their country” or “our country” . Mother fucker you came over here , stole land and called it your own. It’s not “yours”. God these people make me sick. You can be racist all you want but when you come with this bullshit ass talk about this country belonging to you is what pisses me tf off.

  53. Maggie Temp217

    Maggie Temp21713 ngày trước

    Nationalist defined as a group of Racist, red neck hillbillies, NEO Nazi KKK, white Supremacist SCUM. Welcome to Trumps America.

  54. Eddie Sille

    Eddie Sille8 ngày trước

    Maggie Temp217 We should kiss...

  55. Roberta Foginthemorning

    Roberta Foginthemorning13 ngày trước

    these, whitewashing people's, should be moved to where Hitler lived,and see how they are treated. this man is our of control, he's found an excuse to be how he is, or maybe he can't help himself, mental illness.

  56. Vinay Ramakrishnan

    Vinay Ramakrishnan13 ngày trước

    Black peoplenare more racist than any one. They address each other with the N word.

  57. Vinay Ramakrishnan

    Vinay Ramakrishnan8 ngày trước

    +Eddie Sille : Your last name sounds Silly :P just spelt differently! But you're right Im from hell.

  58. Eddie Sille

    Eddie Sille8 ngày trước

    Vinay Ramakrishnan What the Fuck is a Vinay...?... And your last name... Sounds like you are straight from hell... Are you str8 from Hell Vinay...?...

  59. Eddie Sille

    Eddie Sille8 ngày trước

    Vinay Ramakrishnan You have a really ugly name...

  60. Vinay Ramakrishnan

    Vinay Ramakrishnan8 ngày trước

    +Eddie Sille : my sis? I dont have a sister, use your mom instead sorry cant give you any of my family. What happened to yours? Why cant you use yours?

  61. Eddie Sille

    Eddie Sille8 ngày trước

    Vinay Ramakrishnan I want your sister

  62. Darkless4X

    Darkless4X13 ngày trước

    So meanwhile we have far-left wing terrorist groups such as Antifa, Black Bloc, Black Panther Party, La Raza, Symbionese Liberation Army, Bloods, Crips, etc that are committing numerous violent crimes on a daily basis, but yet we were only told that Neo-Nazis are a threat to America. (-_-)

  63. Jack Jay

    Jack Jay13 ngày trước

    This woman in blue can play damn all she want .. by playing dumb you are supporting that kind of behavior and you are racist yourself

  64. Jack Jay

    Jack Jay13 ngày trước

    Vote. Not just complain. Vote blue

  65. Jack Jay

    Jack Jay13 ngày trước

    We have racist in the White House so will need to balance the power in the Senate and or the house Plz vote blue . Send message to him that he’s not okay

  66. tms999

    tms99913 ngày trước

    You don't want to be in that town after the sun goes down with him and his Alt-Right buddies see a minority! Scary.

  67. Elizabeth Mare

    Elizabeth Mare13 ngày trước

    Her talking is like nails to my brain...

  68. khaitsae

    khaitsae13 ngày trước

    Amy Kremer is in denial, she's always trying to make Trump look good. It is shameful. Donald Trump is a 21st century white supremacist in suit and tie.

  69. martin solano

    martin solano14 ngày trước

    If you're American, And you fly the Nazi flag.. YOU ARE A FUCKING TRAITOR! Come out of the woods pig skin.

  70. MirandaK321

    MirandaK32114 ngày trước

    America's Cheetos King is a racist asshole and if you can't see this then you might be the same. Amy Kremer is delusional.

  71. Hector Nonayurbusiness

    Hector Nonayurbusiness14 ngày trước

    EmBoLdEnEd By TrUmP

  72. Xiaolong Shao

    Xiaolong Shao14 ngày trước

    You don't have to blame media or anything, people choose to believe what meets their ideology, and the media's ultimate goal is to perform well on the stage for their audience in order to make more profit out of them.

  73. Roy Lay

    Roy Lay15 ngày trước

    We have to be very careful. Putin, as well as the RW billionaires who fund The Heritage Foundation & other think tanks, are trying to split us, keep the working class fighting against each other. Dangerous times.

  74. Anthony Hill

    Anthony Hill15 ngày trước

    String that cracker up!

  75. Bear Lafay

    Bear Lafay15 ngày trước

    lol, all towns people are ww2 veterans

  76. DiabloPhones

    DiabloPhones15 ngày trước

    Oh and CNN's Don Lemon doesn't have Nazi beliefs toward's White people. What a joke of a news organization that is clearly bias. It might be news if it wasn't fake and staged though. Keep shooting yourselves in the foot there is only so many times you can do that.

  77. Rebecca Benway

    Rebecca Benway16 ngày trước

    Who's broken the record for most public lies in a day? Trump!

  78. TheKingraptor724

    TheKingraptor72416 ngày trước

    These comments are full of CNN NPCs as expected. No critical thinking allowed in the comments.

  79. Eddie Sille

    Eddie Sille8 ngày trước

    TheKingraptor724 Critical thinking? You look like you’re wearing makeup... Skippy Are you a Lesbian...????.....

  80. Roy Lay

    Roy Lay15 ngày trước

    Look at you. What are you, 15? Your so-called 'critical thinking' has all been fed to you by Alt-righters preying on young impressionable video-gamers. "NPCs, cucks, snowflakes, SJWs, you all sound like cultists, with own cult terminology. You wouldn't know what to do with an original idea if you accidentally had one! Those Red Pills they keep feeding you? Those are Seconals. Wake up, tweenkie!

  81. Marcus Flippen

    Marcus Flippen16 ngày trước

    Donald Trump will be proud

  82. Lokendra Limbu

    Lokendra Limbu16 ngày trước

    This group are not like nazi Germany

  83. Earth Man

    Earth Man16 ngày trước

    By the way, it is just as important to fact check people you agree with, as it is to fact check people you disagree with. Perhaps more so. That is why I will continue to fact check CNN, FOX, and all news sources. Go ahead and editorialized, but that is different than news no matter what side a person is on.

  84. Earth Man

    Earth Man16 ngày trước

    Ok, CNN says "Neo-Nazi says he's emboldened by Trump". They never got him on camera referring to Trump, nor did CNN quote a source where he referred to trump. This guy is scum, and so are all NAZIs. But this is strawman reporting by CNN. Where did this scumbag say he was "emboldened by Trump?"

  85. moses xxx

    moses xxx16 ngày trước

    nah we need to depot those losers even Muslim they would exterminate us hate Christian More saints than they are

  86. Captain CC27

    Captain CC2716 ngày trước

    Tired of people giving credit to Trump for the economy. It is the only rebuttal they have and it is false.

  87. karen sinclair

    karen sinclair17 ngày trước

    white nationalist are racist and they will shoot you if you throw rocks

  88. Loveyourself LiveLife

    Loveyourself LiveLife17 ngày trước

    Seeing racist white people is sad most of them are ugly and ignorant but its funny too

  89. Dark Star

    Dark Star17 ngày trước

    Alt-nazis are filth. We should treat neo-nazis and fascists the way they would govern others, with the alt-nazis/fascists summarily executed in the street. They want respect so I suggest we take them at their word they want to live in a society run by a political system where "might makes right" and the rule of law is ignored.....a civilized society would put a couple bullets in their skulls out of "respect".

  90. Bucky Brown

    Bucky Brown16 ngày trước

    TRUMP 2020

  91. RedNDead

    RedNDead17 ngày trước

    Someone call the Nakam.

  92. Mark Ridgeway

    Mark Ridgeway17 ngày trước

    Stupod liberals


    LEGAL EAGLE17 ngày trước

    A rat can be embolden to live in my home because I have food shelter etc that doesn’t mean he won’t be dealt with if he enters my home. Why do YOU give attention to people who are ignorant like this.......

  94. Desert Flower

    Desert Flower17 ngày trước

    They sent a racially ambiguous person to confront a Neo Nazi 😮CNN wtf🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

  95. Keenan Daley

    Keenan Daley18 ngày trước

    The KKK are wrong, Indians should be credited for their country

  96. Aariz Fawad

    Aariz Fawad18 ngày trước

    Asia bibi

  97. Aariz Fawad

    Aariz Fawad17 ngày trước

    World news

  98. echanys ramirez

    echanys ramirez18 ngày trước

    U played yourself u a dum ass get her off

  99. echanys ramirez

    echanys ramirez18 ngày trước

    Trump need to go hr is a fool

  100. Jay Sommerset

    Jay Sommerset18 ngày trước

    You notice the real bad ass '"supremacists are all in smalltown usa where nobody that they live

  101. chris brunette

    chris brunette18 ngày trước

    Daniel sucks too much cock on the side and is a big pussy trying to raise his voice!

  102. storm14k

    storm14k18 ngày trước

    No he means rural America. I saw it before the election happened. Let's be real. These are the less educated folks..not all but many and I saw their overwhelming support for Trump vs support for Hillary in the cities. They had signs all over the place. Basically they hijacked the country. It's time to take it back.

  103. Linda Kamhi

    Linda Kamhi18 ngày trước

    Donald Trump really needs to come out against White Supremacy. He has to condemn White nationalism and push for Nationalism among all ethnic groups.

  104. SpiredSword52

    SpiredSword5218 ngày trước

    I agree, but the real issue right now isn't white supremacy.

  105. Courney Hallcy

    Courney Hallcy18 ngày trước

    This is what’s sad. White Americans are terribly afraid of losing this country and they aren’t making it up. They see the shifting demographics and it frightens them. All a party has to do is come out and say I hear you. I’m listening to you. This country is still all of ours. You haven’t lost anything. We haven’t lost anything. Our nation is growing and you are a part of that. That’s all that has to be said. First party that figures that out will not only win elections but will be able to govern our nation properly. Where CNN is losing and where the left is losing is they aren’t making it up. They are genuinely afraid of losing what was theirs. Their birthright they feel is being taken away. It doesn’t make me “sick” watching this man talk, it makes me sad because no one is listening to what that man is trying to say. We just dismiss it and sweep it under the rug instead of trying to listen to these people and helping assuage their fears.

  106. Omar Lopez

    Omar Lopez18 ngày trước

    Leave it to CNN to blame these crazy people on Trump. How about the Bernie Sander’s supporter who shot the baseball game or the guy who shot the cop because former President Barrack Obama? This isn’t any President’s fault. This is the leftist-media’s creating this environment and problem.

  107. Huero Town

    Huero Town18 ngày trước

    Amy kremer was dropped at birth fuck that bitsh she’s pretty stupid And fucking dummy

  108. Huero Town

    Huero Town18 ngày trước

    Fuck that fat mother fucker trump and all those fucking trump supporters They going down impeach 45

  109. SpiredSword52

    SpiredSword5218 ngày trước

    Yeah let's vote for a president who supports terrorism instead

  110. Mister Bellvadere

    Mister Bellvadere18 ngày trước

    I could find a serial murderer that says Obama enboldened him. This is just more propaganda to widen the left/right divide

  111. David Rogers

    David Rogers18 ngày trước

    He said this is his country.... a lot of people think that way... I've heard go back to Africa.. Go back to Latin America I've often wondered why do a certain group of people think that this country belongs to them exclusively

  112. Vick Driton

    Vick Driton18 ngày trước

    Fuck it lets just say fuck the laws all the election bullshit lets party like the USA should everybody quit work smoke some weed and chill man...

  113. iridefast1

    iridefast118 ngày trước

    Humpty Dumpty’s son in law.

  114. Missy G

    Missy G18 ngày trước

    The neo nazi, just an ego booster for a small penis man. Men with big penises do not anger easily like that or need to say which color is better. Neo Nazies lack confidence. “Ohh look at your color, let me hate you for it.”