Neo-Nazi says he's emboldened by Trump


  1. Casey T

    Casey T55 phút trước

    you stop giving bat shit crazy people a platform. Thanks.

  2. My man flint

    My man flintGiờ trước

    Long live antifah and black lives matter and the John brown gun club !

  3. King Merpig

    King Merpig5 giờ trước

    He is a horrible man but of course they connect it to corrupt. What they say about CNN is true

  4. 1488

    14885 giờ trước

    kill jew

  5. James Bembel

    James Bembel5 giờ trước

    This Country belongs to the natives, idiot!

  6. Galva Tron

    Galva Tron6 giờ trước

    Lol who cares, this whiteboi dont want no smoke

  7. Wolf 522

    Wolf 5228 giờ trước

    CNN always doing their best to blame Trump for all the "bad" in the world.

  8. Antoine Finch

    Antoine Finch10 giờ trước

    wait she had no problem blaming Obama as the cause of racial tension but trump cant be blamed? they keep talking about black unemployment being the lowest of all time, not where i stay? and money makes everything else ok to trump supporters they have the problem Judas had! money doesn't buy everyone !

  9. Bala Codax

    Bala Codax12 giờ trước

    Man who eats his own shit says "hes emboldened by Trump" >>>youtubers>>> "this is a threat to america!!! how can people eat their own shit?? the president is into coprophagia!!" fucking sheep.

  10. Daveidkila Must

    Daveidkila Must13 giờ trước

    That woman makes me feel like the reincarnation of baba yaga is reborned in the amazons!

  11. Vinox i

    Vinox i14 giờ trước

    Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang

  12. John Gonzales

    John Gonzales15 giờ trước

    Fuck these people

  13. Koichi Nishi

    Koichi Nishi15 giờ trước

    CNN American Liberals make me sick!

  14. Koichi Nishi

    Koichi Nishi15 giờ trước

    Lol! OBAMA had brought #blackLIESmatter!!!!!!!!! CNN feeds off crazy Liberal AGENDA

  15. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith15 giờ trước

    And black power nut jobs were emboldened by Hussein Obama...what's the difference?.......and what policies has trump passed or what has he done (really) in his time in office to make things unfair or harder for black America?

  16. Alam Udesky

    Alam Udesky16 giờ trước

    The only way that total looser can claim supremacy is in a world filled with blind people.

  17. Protagnis YT

    Protagnis YT20 giờ trước

    “Trump isn’t racist, racists just like him because he likes whites”

  18. David Wu

    David Wu21 giờ trước

    It's really sad that Nazis kill Jews and other races for what they believed in and how they looked. ( NO HATE)

  19. David Wu

    David Wu21 giờ trước

    I feel like Trump isn't doing much and isn't making " the world great again."

  20. Issac newton

    Issac newton22 giờ trước

    that guy lives in a shit hole around trash. whats so supreme about it

  21. Brisk4cityGz

    Brisk4cityGzNgày trước

    White supremacists are fucking stupid like hell

  22. Yorelis Pinto

    Yorelis PintoNgày trước

    Antifa is Trumps fault because the antifa group is protesting everything about Trumps government antifa didn’t come out when the other president was in charge. So yes, Trump is part of the reason. And apparently this lady hasn’t heard of the internet. Hate in a small town can get out and appeal to a lot of people elsewhere. He pardoned that lady and the other people he’s been pardoning since then is because I believe he is setting the stage to pardon some of he’s own people when that time comes. He didn’t pardon that lady out of the goodness of he’s heart. The economy was already pretty stabilized when he came into office. I don’t know where all of a sudden black people are going out more and getting jobs as oppose to one year ago? and how that has anything to do with him? I don’t get that part.

  23. Blitzkrieg Airsoft

    Blitzkrieg AirsoftNgày trước

    This is why I don’t like CNN.

  24. enow de muller

    enow de mullerNgày trước

    this white supporter of trump is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

  25. Juantnsoup Records

    Juantnsoup RecordsNgày trước

    Not a possibility of becoming a minority, an actual reality. Even corporations realize this change and are adapting to how they advertise to consumers The fastest growing demographic in America are brown people More than 800,000 legal Latino's become eligible to vote every single year The fastest dying demographic are white males that vote for and support conservative/right wing politics Women now make up 1/2 the voting populace. People are mixing more than ever The newest of generations are so progressive they wanted nothing to do with Trump or Clinton Within the next 10-25 years 3 generations are set to die-off and become obsolete This is one of the last fights guys like this man, and republicans in general, will win. And they know it. The next 25 years won't look anything like the previous 25 And the next 50 even more different. The best part of it all: no one can do anything to stop it.

  26. Yew

    YewNgày trước

    ThIs Is TrUmPs AmErIcA

  27. dave karo

    dave karoNgày trước

    Shame on you. Everybody knows the original people of america is Indian.

  28. Kimberly Allen

    Kimberly AllenNgày trước

    amy kreamer omg let me tell u the man now in the white house is sturing up hatered. you need to open your eyes ans see that he is a racists. what he has said that he hates anyone that is not white. i cant believe that we are going through something that like back in the 60s. please people stop this is not my america the america my father fought for please people wake uo before its to late.

  29. Kimberly Allen

    Kimberly AllenNgày trước

    what an ass

  30. section sarkar

    section sarkarNgày trước

    America is crumbling from will fall unless everyone embrace everyone and get rid of hate and ingorance...brothers and sisters of america...come forward and talk about the problems with open mind...

  31. Culo Ano

    Culo AnoNgày trước

    *6 gazillion jews* *TRIGGERED*

  32. Technique

    TechniqueNgày trước

    I want to go to england

  33. Nicholas Avila Rose

    Nicholas Avila RoseNgày trước

    CNN “Hey we’d like to setup an interview with you, we know your a racist bigot, so let’s talk” Neo-Nazi “yeah sounds good” CNN *interrupts constantly and doesn’t allow the man to talk, then gets surprised that he rages***. You were there to interview him, not argue, I get it, he’s a racist, you don’t like that, I don’t like that, but if you’re gonna have a civil conversation, you can’t interrupt someone, because that also turns it from an interview, into an argument.

  34. Weezis

    WeezisNgày trước

    I dont teust CNN cuz its all desperate trump bs

  35. adoff hitler

    adoff hitlerNgày trước

    someone needs to speak up for the what the police dont do. all you people bitch till something happens to you. these people just make sure most things dont happen to them.

  36. adoff hitler

    adoff hitlerNgày trước


  37. keitherable

    keitherableNgày trước

    When a country like Japan exists,there are no race problems.Multi racial country=nothing but trouble.

  38. keitherable

    keitherableNgày trước

    Burnett is a JEW.Jews own Almost ALL media outlets.

  39. keitherable

    keitherableNgày trước

    Ugly Monkey.

  40. DanielJones Jones

    DanielJones JonesNgày trước

    Will Harley's be cheaper now they will be made somewhere else other than the USA ?

  41. DanielJones Jones

    DanielJones JonesNgày trước

    Trump is not the most powerful man in the world ! He could be the most out of touch poor excuse for a leader . Belgium is not a town ,idiot .

  42. Joyce Jones

    Joyce JonesNgày trước

    Sick. Whites acting like this. African Americans acting like that. Not just white its everyone!! Fucking sick JUST LOVE EVERYONE!

  43. Andrew Cockram

    Andrew CockramNgày trước

    CNN. Perpetuating the belief of the ‘other’, and focusing on disharmony. Ironically, fighting for love is like screaming for quiet.

  44. bobby harvill

    bobby harvillNgày trước

    CNN = cunts, negros, nitwits.

  45. octopeodeius octopeodeius

    octopeodeius octopeodeiusNgày trước


  46. AMBROSIOUS De Ambarious

    AMBROSIOUS De Ambarious2 ngày trước

    Great zuastikkka,HERMOZA TULA..

  47. Mr. Cookie

    Mr. Cookie2 ngày trước

    These hateful people are ruining the name of Republicans everywhere, it saddens me that people like this are so cruel and unaccepting.

  48. Timmy Mo

    Timmy Mo2 ngày trước

    Mein kampf head ass

  49. sergio bomr

    sergio bomr2 ngày trước

    Fuck anyone who supports nazi's you can burn in hell for believing in such bullshit ideas

  50. Lucas

    Lucas2 ngày trước

    fake news fuck you cnn

  51. TFW

    TFW2 ngày trước

    This is the most dishonest thing I've heard in a long time

  52. Juan Ortega

    Juan Ortega2 ngày trước

    Don’t pay attention to him sadly he is a hateful redneck, and dumb as hell.

  53. 333

    3332 ngày trước

    Is it coincidence that every holocaust denier is anti Semitic?

  54. Carlos Reyes

    Carlos Reyes2 ngày trước

    of a course he said that the white man won the war but yet we are still here i am a native american please all supreme white racism go shoot your self and you want a man to go toe to toe i live in Michigan wish i could meet some one like this i am waiting for this insets white shits

  55. MDHK

    MDHK2 ngày trước


  56. david smith

    david smith2 ngày trước

    Trumps a hero and we need someone like him in the UK

  57. Dims Kyu

    Dims Kyu2 ngày trước


  58. wsrpotg

    wsrpotg2 ngày trước

    And many race baiters are emboldened by the leftist media. Don't try and say race politics is owned by the right..

  59. Darnell Keith

    Darnell Keith2 ngày trước

    Heh, he says we didn't win the culture war. He should really look around.

  60. Patrick Paradis

    Patrick Paradis2 ngày trước

    Please cnn don't give airtime to these subhumans.

  61. Anna Marie

    Anna Marie2 ngày trước

    I'm literally in shock! As to why in this country we would still be going through this racial divide. It 2018 it's unbelievable that these ppl want to carry this on generation after generation! It's sickening...

  62. SCube Gaming

    SCube Gaming2 ngày trước

    To everyone that believes this segment is fake/staged, give me one ounce of proof other than a gut feeling, and plenty of people will start believing you.

  63. Pickle Presser

    Pickle Presser2 ngày trước

    He lives in a rural town with less than 700 people... does anything outside of his town even effect him... and as far as WHO “won the culture war” ... look around dip shit. With that said... I stand by my president!

  64. Anime shot

    Anime shot2 ngày trước

    I'm sorry for how some of us white people have been acting. Not all of us are like this.

  65. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia3 ngày trước

    Real american is the indians

  66. Actuarian

    Actuarian3 ngày trước

    I don’t care about the KKK their wrong about it all. Don’t they know that Europeans and Blacks all came to America first heck people with dark skin were here before the Europeans

  67. Actuarian

    Actuarian3 ngày trước

    I hate people like this. America is for everyone unless you come in illegally but these people are dumb like actually

  68. MommyAngel1

    MommyAngel13 ngày trước

    So glad to have heard it from a white person. The man that said the president isn’t helping the situation either. I agree. He has not nor will he help.

  69. Alan Rice

    Alan Rice3 ngày trước

    Trailer trash.....

  70. PekosGaming Daily stuff & things

    PekosGaming Daily stuff & things3 ngày trước

    The journalist is probably a J E W

  71. Abraxas Aquarius

    Abraxas Aquarius3 ngày trước

    Racism homophobia etc is and will always be apart of retarded ass murica' im white and see is all the time, IN PERSON.

  72. Bryan Morgan

    Bryan Morgan3 ngày trước

    Yes but that's just one Nazi, not every nazi

  73. Hamilton Rodgers

    Hamilton Rodgers3 ngày trước

    Maybe we should be emboldened to kick the crap out of neo-nazis.

  74. Casper Nilsson

    Casper Nilsson3 ngày trước

    CNN the worst channel ever with no facts.

  75. faizan abbasi

    faizan abbasi3 ngày trước

    But of course for the right wings this is merely a propaganda.

  76. Alfredo Aguirre

    Alfredo Aguirre3 ngày trước

    You guy see how sad there life is there not happy that's so sad love everyone is better

  77. Alfredo Aguirre

    Alfredo Aguirre3 ngày trước

    My friend is better if we all get along we all human

  78. Ernieboi56

    Ernieboi563 ngày trước

    He isn't a republican he is just an asshole.

  79. Jamie Bond

    Jamie Bond3 ngày trước


  80. Schplays

    Schplays3 ngày trước

    This is fake I guarentee it

  81. Carlo Pereira

    Carlo Pereira3 ngày trước

    This bitch is such an asskisser lock them all up

  82. Joshua Leonard

    Joshua Leonard3 ngày trước

    Why this why that why this why the fuck report this for money just shut the fuck up about it your report is giving him attention the fuck. Also this seems fake.

  83. Dave B

    Dave B3 ngày trước

    That women is approving racism

  84. Corey Gill

    Corey Gill3 ngày trước

    This lady is asleep. Zzzzz

  85. Corey Gill

    Corey Gill3 ngày trước

    You are an asshole.

  86. swapnarka arnan

    swapnarka arnan3 ngày trước

    America: defeats nazis if WW2. Americans: heil hitler American veterans: excuse me wtf

  87. steven monroe

    steven monroe3 ngày trước

    The reason they won't march in the Southside of Chicago is because 1. They'd get their Ass whipped, 2. They don't want to bring warring blacks together over a common eneny

  88. tee jay

    tee jay3 ngày trước


  89. Sniper Cat

    Sniper Cat4 ngày trước

    The swastika is a symbol of good luck stop treating it like dead bodies hanging from trees

  90. 1967fateh

    1967fateh4 ngày trước

    That guy is a resist no question but what real chocked me is 6 million Jews got killed what about the others 54 million more who got skilled they don't count only 6 million 60 million people died in WORLD war 2 not just the 6 million Jews ok

  91. Ban

    Ban4 ngày trước

    CNN paid actor :D

  92. Carolyn Koester

    Carolyn Koester4 ngày trước

    Yes they have been hear for a long time but trump makes it ok to be like this

  93. Baltzar Bonbeck

    Baltzar Bonbeck4 ngày trước

    So many leftists here holy shit

  94. Edith Hardy

    Edith Hardy4 ngày trước

    When a person show you who they are belive them . The lady was right we are One Tribe. Love is the key

  95. Crypto Icon

    Crypto Icon4 ngày trước

    This will never be your country dumdass hillbilly, your country is the caucus mountains of Russia dumbass.redneck

  96. Adrian Felan-Arteaga

    Adrian Felan-Arteaga4 ngày trước

    Your never gonna make stupid people understand.. (Atlanta chick) .

  97. ChristianMuscle

    ChristianMuscle4 ngày trước

    Fake news story, neo-Nazis are a nationalist socialist party and Hate this Capitalist president for empowering black Americans with the greatest employment opportunity and lower taxes for everyone! CNN And the other mainstream news organizations are race baiting planters of discourse.

  98. Danny Brooks

    Danny Brooks4 ngày trước

    Real National Socialist wouldn't even accept this guy back in the 40s they'd probably laugh at him or a lot more worst he is actually a disgrace of how they dressed and carried themselves and thinking as well they weren't idiotic stinky looking alcholics like this guy looks

  99. Nasssir Jones

    Nasssir Jones4 ngày trước

    African American unemployment is at it's lowest because of President Barrack Obama. Name one policy out of Trump's white house that contributed to the numbers?

  100. Oto Brantevics

    Oto Brantevics4 ngày trước

    Why CNN is making Neo-Nazis more popular than they ever could have been. I know why, because that helps them to take eyes off from Antifa, ISIS and making stereotype that all Trump supporters are racist Neo-Nazis.