New Diet Coke Flavor Taste Test I STUFF WE TRY THAT YOU CAN'T BUY


  1. Mykaela Paradis

    Mykaela Paradis3 ngày trước

    In Ely, MN we have blueberry soda every summer when we have the Blueberry Arts Festival.

  2. Khushy Bhaura

    Khushy Bhaura6 ngày trước

    “Advanced fruit ?” 😂

  3. Bryan Wilson

    Bryan Wilson7 ngày trước

    How can you not like Dr. Pepper???

  4. Victoria McCumbee

    Victoria McCumbee7 ngày trước

    I freaked out when Rhett, Link, and Stevie said “arnge” like orange, but with that southern accent. I get made fun of when I say “ARange”

  5. Edi Ramirez

    Edi Ramirez8 ngày trước

    As a child I dealt with asthma and one of my moms in house creations for asthma was boiling coke and something called Yerba Buena into a tea like substance

  6. Nero Mauritzen

    Nero Mauritzen8 ngày trước

    🕺Hello my name is Link 👐👏🙏 🙌💨 *HADOUUUUKEN!*

  7. Gabrielle Anderson

    Gabrielle Anderson9 ngày trước

    Dude, did he say hunookin ya horirakin

  8. microwave

    microwave11 ngày trước


  9. mnm vlogs

    mnm vlogs12 ngày trước

    U will get it in online

  10. Sandvich Om Nom

    Sandvich Om Nom12 ngày trước

    Looks like the blood orange was right on target:

  11. perrrrrfect kitten

    perrrrrfect kitten12 ngày trước

    I wish that they would make normal Coke flavors not just diet diet sodas so much worse for you than real soda

  12. Mason Muennich

    Mason Muennich12 ngày trước

    Hi this is coke I like the idea of ramen coke so thank you

  13. Lily A.

    Lily A.12 ngày trước

    We have blueberry soda in New England. It’s the best

  14. Hayden Becker

    Hayden Becker16 ngày trước

    They should have put matpat bc he loved duet come

  15. cade Schiess

    cade Schiess16 ngày trước

    first time i heard link say "lets talk about that"

  16. Elli Shaw

    Elli Shaw16 ngày trước

    Somebody tell Matpat

  17. Nik

    Nik16 ngày trước

    Link is making such a mess

  18. Itz Galaxyz

    Itz Galaxyz17 ngày trước

    Are the ones at the end even real? Like instant ramen??? Wtf?!

  19. Tina Hatfield

    Tina Hatfield18 ngày trước

    You guys are hilarious


    DANKSHATTER18 ngày trước

    Wan-a sprite cranberry (Uh-huh)

  21. Just MyOpinion

    Just MyOpinion18 ngày trước

    the answer is cleeeeearrr!!!

  22. James Swann

    James Swann18 ngày trước

    Yeeaaaah. I'm broken

  23. Random account

    Random account18 ngày trước

    those glasses...

  24. Legitimate Legend

    Legitimate Legend19 ngày trước

    Ramen noodles seriously

  25. Tr33E00

    Tr33E0019 ngày trước

    Sprite cranberry

  26. HaV0K Hades

    HaV0K Hades20 ngày trước

    But vape

  27. David Matthews

    David Matthews21 ngày trước

    I was your 14676821 subscriber

  28. beeswarm 281

    beeswarm 28121 ngày trước

    Blood orange lmfao it's a pomegranate

  29. Lifeless Laughter101

    Lifeless Laughter10122 ngày trước

    I can buy those at Walmart

  30. YouKnowDrako !

    YouKnowDrako !22 ngày trước


  31. Shetany Nolaka

    Shetany Nolaka22 ngày trước

    "I'm not hitting my valve yet, ooh I got a little dribble." -Link Neal 2018

  32. Nooby

    Nooby22 ngày trước

    Oh no he can't taste he might get fired from his job as a professional taster

  33. Trid

    Trid23 ngày trước

    I can buy these though?

  34. Black_Leg_Sanji

    Black_Leg_Sanji26 ngày trước

    Link slowly turning to Rhett wearing his soda hat and saying "It's vape flavored" in an ominous Bubbles from trailer park boys voice is the funniest thing I've ever seen

  35. MrBeast

    MrBeast26 ngày trước

    Pass the pancake coke

  36. Sean West

    Sean West26 ngày trước

    Can your Chicken-Dragon fly?

  37. Jon Targaryen

    Jon Targaryen26 ngày trước

    these have been out in canada for like 8 months

  38. Daniel Kobert

    Daniel Kobert27 ngày trước

    I love the feisty cherry flavor if you chug it it makes your throat tingly

  39. Supahlitfiyah

    SupahlitfiyahTháng trước

    I’ve seen blueberry soda but I’m from canada

  40. Raptors #1fan

    Raptors #1fanTháng trước


  41. Bjones Jonesb

    Bjones JonesbTháng trước

    Blood orange is gross

  42. rockstarjackster

    rockstarjacksterTháng trước

    Link so got out of drinking that hot coke😂

  43. random random stuff

    random random stuffTháng trước

    The cerry one taste like cilli poder mixed with water

  44. samus Viking8611

    samus Viking8611Tháng trước

    Rhett looks so tired

  45. Nya K

    Nya KTháng trước

    The first time I tasted the fiesty cherry flavor it stung my throat and I thought something was wrong with's supposed to sting. "Fiesty"

  46. Subparallel

    SubparallelTháng trước

    Link's forehead looks like a loaf of bread in this video

  47. LyricsAreRandom

    LyricsAreRandomTháng trước

    You don't like Dr pepper cause you're in the wrong place #wacotexas

  48. Calli-ann Fitzpatrick

    Calli-ann FitzpatrickTháng trước

    Read it ill read it *looks inside mug* ur gonna die later 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Calli-ann Fitzpatrick

    Calli-ann FitzpatrickTháng trước

    On a college campus...beef vape Im dead😂😂😂😂😂 I love link

  50. Calli-ann Fitzpatrick

    Calli-ann FitzpatrickTháng trước

    Link: uhh uh=ew Link again: hmm=oh wait Hint hint: he was fisty cherry Haha Im eating pancakes

  51. Rainbow puppy 101

    Rainbow puppy 101Tháng trước


  52. Jaxon Ace Hood

    Jaxon Ace HoodTháng trước

    Pepsi already did this in England aihht

  53. Marsh Plays

    Marsh PlaysTháng trước

    I have those drinks in my school vending machine

  54. Ethan Barraclough

    Ethan BarracloughTháng trước

    Link going grey makes me feel old

  55. The One Amigos

    The One AmigosTháng trước

    *rocktopus* adds

  56. Owen Potter

    Owen PotterTháng trước


  57. Lukas Johnson

    Lukas JohnsonTháng trước

    Wheres the congealed blood Diet Coke?

  58. Cam x Cam

    Cam x CamTháng trước

    Mango anything is always good. Phillipine dried mangoes are *THE* best snack.

  59. Brooke Burbank

    Brooke BurbankTháng trước

    My friend had blood orange diet coke yesterday at my house, it was good.

  60. France Henry

    France HenryTháng trước

    I wouldn't be surprised if Coke got into the nicotine business...they've already gotten into the cocaine business.

  61. xKaitoACUTEx - DarkerShade

    xKaitoACUTEx - DarkerShadeTháng trước

    I feel like Good Mythical Morning can be a sitcom just by the crew laughing at the background and I live for it. :D

  62. Haley Kirouac

    Haley KirouacTháng trước

    Stevie: “This would most likely be consumed on a college campus.” Link: “It’s vape!” Rhett: “Beef vape!”

  63. autumn fendley

    autumn fendleyTháng trước

    I like the lime one

  64. William Bishop

    William BishopTháng trước

    Hot coke is the opposite of a punishment, it's delicious.

  65. James Thompson

    James ThompsonTháng trước

    NO DONT LOOK IT UP!! C came in like a jump scare iWas not expecting it

  66. John Lawless

    John LawlessTháng trước

    Link with the hardhat on looks like an architect at a construction site

  67. Hailey Walters

    Hailey WaltersTháng trước

    Pamplemousse 😂

  68. Giovanni Mitchell

    Giovanni MitchellTháng trước

    Yes in the last video i got mad that they were uneven

  69. Tyler the guitarist

    Tyler the guitaristTháng trước

    I hate the new diet cokes they are so acidic

  70. Ezrah432

    Ezrah432Tháng trước

    Hot coke-o Someone had to say it

  71. I Yeet My meat

    I Yeet My meatTháng trước

    *its vape flavored*

  72. dylan gieza

    dylan giezaTháng trước

    6:41 HAS ME DEAD BRO 😂😂😭 the way he stuck his tongue out 😂😂

  73. Jacob Brooks

    Jacob BrooksTháng trước


  74. Winter Wonderland

    Winter WonderlandTháng trước

    Is it just me or was link missing eyebrows at first?

  75. C J

    C JTháng trước

    Diet cherry stings my throat

  76. Adrian Shipley

    Adrian ShipleyTháng trước

    b e e f v a p e

  77. Melanie Hoyle

    Melanie HoyleTháng trước

    Ginger lime sounds like it could be good, I like Coke with lime and I love Pepsi max ginger. We got a peach flavour diet Coke which to me tastes like Fanta so I'm guessing the mango and blood orange will be similar. We do have feisty cherry here already in the UK which is like a bit like diet cherry Cola but a more bitter cherry and has a bit of a fire kick to it.

  78. Preston Luscher

    Preston LuscherTháng trước

    I want to like and dislike this vid


    OVO GAMEZTháng trước

    Bro of course he’s gonna know pickle

  80. Kenneth Young

    Kenneth YoungTháng trước

    We need to see Alex more, his coy winks for the ladies and the masculine stance for the guys!

  81. Hans Wurrst

    Hans WurrstTháng trước

    „Y‘all should do that too.... coke“ -Rhett

  82. BuckyBoi

    BuckyBoiTháng trước

    The cherry flavor makes you burp a lot

  83. Raydhel Reyes

    Raydhel ReyesTháng trước


  84. Braxton Johnson

    Braxton JohnsonTháng trước

    10:51 Rileeeeeeeee, auto park.

  85. Jesse Hartless

    Jesse Hartless2 tháng trước

    Love me some sun frickin kist

  86. David Sweden

    David Sweden2 tháng trước

    Why does it always leak on Links side?

  87. Taytum Carter

    Taytum Carter2 tháng trước

    I’ve had these last week while I was on vacation the blood orange is good

  88. AtHx Psych

    AtHx Psych2 tháng trước

    3:00 that voice sent shivers down my spine

  89. Abiageal Mangum

    Abiageal Mangum2 tháng trước

    I am disappointed in y’all! Have you forgotten your NC heritage? Didn’t yo daddy ever give you warm Dr. Pepper when you were sick!?

  90. Logan Paul vlogs

    Logan Paul vlogs2 tháng trước

  91. Thundrex

    Thundrex2 tháng trước

    Should've had Mr. I'm Addicted to Diet Coke MatPat in this episode

  92. Charlie Blackett

    Charlie Blackett2 tháng trước

    Yeah that Alex definitely looks the type of person to find somebodies clothes and wear them.

  93. gamer girl lizzy

    gamer girl lizzy2 tháng trước

    Its now October 11th 2018 MANGO AND CHERRY FLAVOUR ARE OUT! they have been for a good couple months now 😊

  94. WeebAlert

    WeebAlert2 tháng trước

    _I think everyone can buy Diet Coke, people._

  95. Sage Perkins

    Sage Perkins2 tháng trước

  96. XalphYT

    XalphYT2 tháng trước

    What was Rhett's hot flavor at the end? Argh!

  97. Lewmanauti

    Lewmanauti2 tháng trước

    “Something consumed on a college campus that’s beefy and Smokey..... its vape flavored..... beef vape.””

  98. Crystal 13

    Crystal 132 tháng trước

    Ginger lime tastes like mountain dew to me🤣👍 👍if you agree

  99. Lizbeth 5183

    Lizbeth 51832 tháng trước

    I love it how I’m watching this at 11pm 😂

  100. foil hat brigade

    foil hat brigade2 tháng trước

    the blood orange was my favorite... is it still a thing?

  101. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy2 tháng trước

    0:25 *YOUR WELCOME* 0:26