New Diet Coke Flavor Taste Test I STUFF WE TRY THAT YOU CAN'T BUY


  1. David Sweden

    David Sweden7 giờ trước

    Why does it always leak on Links side?

  2. Taytum Carter

    Taytum CarterNgày trước

    I’ve had these last week while I was on vacation the blood orange is good

  3. AtHx Psych

    AtHx PsychNgày trước

    3:00 that voice sent shivers down my spine

  4. Abiageal Mangum

    Abiageal MangumNgày trước

    I am disappointed in y’all! Have you forgotten your NC heritage? Didn’t yo daddy ever give you warm Dr. Pepper when you were sick!?

  5. Logan Paul vlogs

    Logan Paul vlogs2 ngày trước

  6. Thundrex

    Thundrex3 ngày trước

    Should've had Mr. I'm Addicted to Diet Coke MatPat in this episode

  7. Charlie Blackett

    Charlie Blackett3 ngày trước

    Yeah that Alex definitely looks the type of person to find somebodies clothes and wear them.

  8. life of lizzy

    life of lizzy4 ngày trước

    Its now October 11th 2018 MANGO AND CHERRY FLAVOUR ARE OUT! they have been for a good couple months now 😊

  9. WeebAlert

    WeebAlert6 ngày trước

    _I think everyone can buy Diet Coke, people._

  10. Sage Perkins

    Sage Perkins6 ngày trước

  11. XalphYT

    XalphYT7 ngày trước

    What was Rhett's hot flavor at the end? Argh!

  12. JAL

    JAL8 ngày trước

    “Something consumed on a college campus that’s beefy and Smokey..... its vape flavored..... beef vape.””

  13. dossi lover

    dossi lover9 ngày trước

    Ginger lime tastes like mountain dew to me🤣👍 👍if you agree

  14. Lizbeth 5183

    Lizbeth 518310 ngày trước

    I love it how I’m watching this at 11pm 😂

  15. foil hat brigade

    foil hat brigade10 ngày trước

    the blood orange was my favorite... is it still a thing?

  16. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy11 ngày trước

    0:25 *YOUR WELCOME* 0:26

  17. Jorge Falto

    Jorge Falto11 ngày trước

    Brand New flavors of diet coke ! Medicine Medicine aftertaste with a hint of mango Medicine with a bad lemon taste Barfed medicine

  18. Azilee Austin

    Azilee Austin12 ngày trước

    how do you not get cherry from something that taste like Dr. Pepper. like cherry is all I taste when drinking Dr. Pepper.

  19. Riley Tullius

    Riley Tullius12 ngày trước


  20. Insolentish

    Insolentish12 ngày trước

    If no one's tried these before just no everything has a spicy kick... Similar to the throat feel the ginger or mustard family gives you

  21. * *

    * *12 ngày trước

    I hate diet soda. I can’t stand the taste of artificial sugar; it’s so nasty.

  22. Kyler Erikson Niall

    Kyler Erikson Niall13 ngày trước

    Link those glasses are dope.

  23. Emmi S

    Emmi S13 ngày trước

    Love your videos 🤣🤣😋😋😊😊😉😁😁😂🦄🦄😪😝😍😍😍

  24. life help life change

    life help life change13 ngày trước

    Me not relishing this is a brand deal and going to buy some of this stuff... its gross

  25. Raven Roth

    Raven Roth14 ngày trước

    Why does the guy with the glasses remind me of Dana Carvey?

  26. Chloe Brear

    Chloe Brear14 ngày trước

    Rhett you’ve never tasted a soft drink that flavourful what have you been drinking ?

  27. Hangry Zombie

    Hangry Zombie14 ngày trước

    Stevie has the best voice

  28. CRAZY Cannan

    CRAZY Cannan15 ngày trước


  29. Cammie Saragoza

    Cammie Saragoza16 ngày trước

    My parents named me after a streetfighter character. My names cammie after the fighter cammy from streetfighter 2. Lol

  30. αиgєℓℓ a.

    αиgєℓℓ a.16 ngày trước

    pleaaaase leave a better link to your intro and outro music plzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. Cristina Pace

    Cristina Pace17 ngày trước

    Tail unit prescription neither age near as those external colonial shoot.

  32. Melody 9421

    Melody 942117 ngày trước

    10:01 iconic lol

  33. Soccer Sergio

    Soccer Sergio18 ngày trước

    I love these challenges!!!!

  34. Janmaverick Inguillo

    Janmaverick Inguillo19 ngày trước

    Like coke? Not the white powder one.

  35. Tortellini Lemon-Squeezy

    Tortellini Lemon-Squeezy19 ngày trước

    IN MY OPINION I think Diet Coke is disgusting!!!

  36. Lass Bisharp

    Lass Bisharp19 ngày trước

    I would kill for buttery pancake flavored soda~!

  37. Namjoon랩 몬스터

    Namjoon랩 몬스터20 ngày trước

    Comment :p

  38. HoneyedHylian

    HoneyedHylian21 ngày trước

    I did that t-shirt thing once. One of my brother's friends left his tshirt at our house and a couple weeks later, I wore it to school and sat next to him in class, but I didn't say anything or look at him.

  39. Its T0asty

    Its T0asty21 ngày trước

    Fiesty Cherry is hot and taste like chemicals😝

  40. Oscar Plays

    Oscar Plays23 ngày trước

    All those flavours are real here in the UK

  41. Snow Paw

    Snow Paw24 ngày trước

    they really should clean out the tubes after every drink

  42. TheSparkyWriter

    TheSparkyWriter26 ngày trước

    Alex is looking nice... not sure why that just dawned on me. Must be that no-look pour.

  43. anicet kouldjim

    anicet kouldjim27 ngày trước

    coke cola is best soda ever i like flavors

  44. Cropalin

    Cropalin28 ngày trước

    What happened to bartender Chase?

  45. ReanikRM

    ReanikRM28 ngày trước

    Will be honest and point out the Fiesty Cherry flavour is straight up horrible. Like... it's vile.

  46. YouTube comment guy

    YouTube comment guy29 ngày trước

    Blood orange is red

  47. Craig Sheffield

    Craig SheffieldTháng trước

    Link is the only one who looks like he's aged

  48. Gabby

    GabbyTháng trước

    Peep the old logo mug


    JULIA CANZONERITháng trước

    Any one else watching a 1:00 am like if so

  50. ItzSpanky

    ItzSpankyTháng trước

    These are in the vending machines at my school

  51. The Stupendous Parrot

    The Stupendous ParrotTháng trước

    On pickle juice, rhett was legally supposed to earn half a point having only guessed pickles.

  52. Olive Obelisk

    Olive ObeliskTháng trước

    Why is there no Cucumber Coca-Cola , Coca-Cola should make a Cucumber Coca-Cola flavoured soda

  53. Ashley Helle

    Ashley HelleTháng trước

    I was hitting my SMOK T-PRIV box mod when Link said vape flavor... I choked on the vape from laughing so hard...

  54. Liz B.

    Liz B.Tháng trước

    Every time Link said “have you hit it yet” I’d die

  55. Abby Stevens

    Abby StevensTháng trước

    Are those flavors the official ones?

  56. Or 贝贝Be the panda 小熊猫LinPackie 小熊猫

    Or 贝贝Be the panda 小熊猫LinPackie 小熊猫Tháng trước

    You can get Blueberry soda all over Maine!!!

  57. Jason Colasanto

    Jason ColasantoTháng trước

    Holy peroxide, Alex. I thought I was watching an early-2000s video for a split-second.

  58. Rugby 101

    Rugby 101Tháng trước

    Alex looks insane

  59. DirtyLaundry

    DirtyLaundryTháng trước

    um excUSE me i love ginger lime diet coke

  60. Ellie Hodge

    Ellie HodgeTháng trước

    We have the lime, mango and feisty cherry here in Britain

  61. Gabe Godin

    Gabe GodinTháng trước

    oilman skid lids? why the change? also weird seeing those buckets so clean

  62. SNAIL Baker

    SNAIL BakerTháng trước

    9:59 he looks and sounds like he is a camper instructor

  63. SNAIL Baker

    SNAIL BakerTháng trước

    “You might win for once” (Looks at him salty) Plays it off like nothing happened

  64. alexXx

    alexXxTháng trước

    8:15 hmmmm

  65. My Name Gumby

    My Name GumbyTháng trước

    BEEF VAPE! I'm crying lmao

  66. Anusha Goonasekera

    Anusha GoonasekeraTháng trước

    How can watching two men drink soda be so entertaining?? 😂😂

  67. Molly Turner

    Molly TurnerTháng trước

    Feisty cherry is strange. It leaves a certain burn in your mouth

  68. tom lewis

    tom lewisTháng trước

    Feisty cherry is nasty, it’s spicy

  69. Indira Wylie

    Indira WylieTháng trước

    Rhett: * drinks pickle coke * *oh oH OH OH OH I KNOW WHAT THIS IS* Link: i don’t wAnt to know what this is..butithinkido

  70. Austin Flagler

    Austin FlaglerTháng trước

    One of my fav soda’s is “old soaker blueberry soda”

  71. As useless as Dan's belt

    As useless as Dan's beltTháng trước

    I tasted them and they're gross imo

  72. Eli Ross

    Eli RossTháng trước

    Who is that woman in the background?

  73. Omid Shahidi

    Omid ShahidiTháng trước

    I saw the yellow one today

  74. Grumpy Nayeon

    Grumpy NayeonTháng trước

    My parents would add ginger to hot coke as a remedy when I’m sick sometimes

  75. MaKezzen Heath

    MaKezzen HeathTháng trước

    Second time watching this episode. Tried all the flavors after the first viewing and I don't like any of them. Lol

  76. cookie cake

    cookie cakeTháng trước

    Hey buddy, do you want to get some ramen

  77. Elliott Eng

    Elliott EngTháng trước

    I tried blood orange Diet Coke and it tasted like regular coke

  78. Luigiman1089

    Luigiman1089Tháng trước

    will it soda

  79. jdssurf

    jdssurfTháng trước

    Wth both should get half point for the pancake one

  80. jdssurf

    jdssurfTháng trước

    Alex no look made the show. Smooth move bro lol.

  81. jdssurf

    jdssurfTháng trước

    Lol what type of nonsense taste testing what you assume the real coke is gonna taste like?

  82. Dawn Morgan

    Dawn MorganTháng trước

    Alex has always been cute, but DANG! So gorgeous in this episode especially!

  83. mae frey

    mae freyTháng trước

    confused bc i can buy these from vending machines at school and have been able to for literally months lol

  84. mae frey

    mae freyTháng trước

    I know I meant I've been able to buy them at school for like 8 months lmao

  85. Noah Ste. Marie

    Noah Ste. MarieTháng trước

    This was made 8 months ago

  86. Haroon Arain

    Haroon ArainTháng trước

    This was posted on my birthday

  87. Emma Beal

    Emma BealTháng trước

    I love links face when he says it’s vape flavored 😂

  88. Emerald Soccer

    Emerald SoccerTháng trước

    Ewww Raman and pancakes and pickle juice.

  89. Araya Feeney

    Araya FeeneyTháng trước

    Rhett and 6:28 is a phat mood

  90. Amanda May

    Amanda MayTháng trước

    The mango is sooo good!

  91. Unicorn Lover

    Unicorn LoverTháng trước


  92. R6-D2

    R6-D2Tháng trước

    Coke bongs

  93. Babaloo

    BabalooTháng trước

    I went to Wendy's and I loved all of the flavors

  94. Vedad Delic

    Vedad DelicTháng trước

    I love there reaction when there they get it wrong

  95. Hope Robertson

    Hope RobertsonTháng trước

    Do a taste test of sanpellegring

  96. Patrick Wells

    Patrick WellsTháng trước

    I always drink pickle juice, and it’s easily distinguishable.

  97. AlexToxYT 07

    AlexToxYT 07Tháng trước

    I Think Link At The End Should Win Because He Said "Pickle Juice" And Rhett Said "Pickle"

  98. Hanniyah Ahmad Khan

    Hanniyah Ahmad KhanTháng trước

    I'm broke rhett McLaughlin 2018

  99. TheGodlyBeast

    TheGodlyBeastTháng trước

    Am I the only one that noticed how weird the guy looked at the camera while pouring the soda

  100. Rat man

    Rat manTháng trước

    I can buy this I live in New York and we have them

  101. cryopod gaming

    cryopod gamingTháng trước

    they actually have those where i am my favorite is mango

  102. WindowsEXE

    WindowsEXETháng trước