[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch


  1. Get This Bag to 1,000 Subs With 0 vids

    Get This Bag to 1,000 Subs With 0 vids37 phút trước

    This is the intro for an animated horror film.

  2. Sydney Rea

    Sydney Rea37 phút trước

    Also he reminds of the bald man from glass when they showed him inprisoned

  3. No Healing

    No Healing38 phút trước

    We literally just got Baptiste But I’m not complaining

  4. Get This Bag to 1,000 Subs With 0 vids

    Get This Bag to 1,000 Subs With 0 vids38 phút trước

    If I see anybody playing as this madman I’m closing the Xbox.

  5. Lucas Fazzini

    Lucas Fazzini38 phút trước

    Small channel gang where you at (maybe we can support eachother)

  6. Extra Toxic Uno63 0

    Extra Toxic Uno63 038 phút trước

    Another sciencetist bru

  7. Skamaz BG

    Skamaz BG38 phút trước

    Sigma is not drifting into multiverses. He just has a really high ping.

  8. Skaði Bifröst

    Skaði Bifröst39 phút trước

    Is this just gonna be zenmoiratta?

  9. RxLC

    RxLC39 phút trước

    1:49 who is that on the far left??

  10. Lebowski

    Lebowski39 phút trước

    This gives me goosebumps

  11. Лев Храмов

    Лев Храмов39 phút trước

    Лол, Николай Воронин, что ты забыл в овервотче?

  12. Shinozu

    Shinozu39 phút trước


  13. notimeremains

    notimeremains40 phút trước

    Sigma is confirmed Dutch

  14. flerpaderp

    flerpaderp40 phút trước

    Chills. Literal chills.

  15. Sydney Rea

    Sydney Rea40 phút trước

    So he is kinda like junk rat where he is insane (which is the thing I love about junkrat) and he is like reaper and widowmaker and Moira (my fav hero’s) I love him.

  16. Caged Coco

    Caged Coco40 phút trước

    Nice to see a Mega-Man's villain finding work in other IPs.

  17. Mahessa Navaro

    Mahessa Navaro40 phút trước

    Sugma & ligma = sigma

  18. NothingWithoutChrist

    NothingWithoutChrist40 phút trước

    His wife died from ligma.

  19. Dragon 54

    Dragon 5441 phút trước

    Welp, I hope this character is truly insane in game. Cause this was spoopy.

  20. Nalin Gamage

    Nalin Gamage41 phút trước

    so sad he wasnt named sugma

  21. Sour Apple

    Sour Apple41 phút trước

    Sigma is one mad lad.

  22. Flameshy

    Flameshy41 phút trước

    "who is Baptiste?"

  23. Dave Rodriguez

    Dave Rodriguez42 phút trước

    I dont have overwatch im broke

  24. Soda Trash

    Soda Trash42 phút trước

    Memes have ruined me, read his name as "sugma".

  25. Hunterbot12

    Hunterbot1242 phút trước

    If the release origin stories like this, OVERWATCH will never die!

  26. Ramsey Bolton

    Ramsey Bolton43 phút trước

    Play the video in reverse and there's several discernable lines. This really is a great reveal.

  27. Moker Moker

    Moker Moker43 phút trước

    He sounds like richtofen at 1:50

  28. {GD} REGER 123

    {GD} REGER 12343 phút trước

    Sigma more like ligma am I right

  29. Michelle Maier

    Michelle Maier43 phút trước

    I can't even play, my PC broke last week 😭

  30. Can I Get 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Reason :\

    Can I Get 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Reason :\43 phút trước

    "RELEASE ME" Even this guy is tired for not getting released in the game for so long

  31. Splatoon is the worst game of all time.

    Splatoon is the worst game of all time.44 phút trước

    Discontinue Overwatch altogether; nobody plays it anymore.

  32. mkkid4745

    mkkid474544 phút trước

    I can't wait to uninstall because I can almost guarantee that he counters Genji

  33. Unamito

    Unamito44 phút trước

    @1:06 When the alarm goes on, you can hear Reaper's shotgun, then Widowmakers' rifle, and then Moira's orb sound.

  34. Confused Aleks

    Confused Aleks44 phút trước

    *Sigma sees the Cultist skin for Zenyatta* "I have found it again..."

  35. Mika Ex

    Mika Ex45 phút trước


  36. OOF MASTER432

    OOF MASTER43245 phút trước

    Sigma sigma...*gasp* LIGMA MA BALL!!!!!

  37. s sdo

    s sdo45 phút trước

    it's just ligma with s

  38. Aninonymousa

    Aninonymousa45 phút trước

    he is basically junkrat but smarter

  39. Dáro

    Dáro45 phút trước


  40. e1n3r

    e1n3r46 phút trước

    Smurfaccounts are CHEATER. No more Overwatch, cause full of cheater. Ty Blizzard...

  41. CHAZ

    CHAZ46 phút trước

    Ligma and Sugma had a child... his name was Sigma

  42. Neah Noriaki

    Neah Noriaki47 phút trước

    Meh, just another madman.

  43. Xenon Neko

    Xenon Neko47 phút trước

    Was expecting a jump scare in the trailer, plus I can finally play as a mad psychopath scientist in overwatch

  44. Jayden Smith

    Jayden Smith47 phút trước


  45. RB9157

    RB915747 phút trước

    sigma nuts

  46. richard espanol

    richard espanol48 phút trước

    Reminds me of tracer somehow

  47. Kraabah

    Kraabah48 phút trước

    people still play this game OMEGALUL

  48. AzzamNix s

    AzzamNix s49 phút trước

    Dudeeee, this is the best trailer so far! I've watch it like a hundred times already

  49. GameTheorist 101

    GameTheorist 10149 phút trước

    Can we make a science fiction psychological horror movie/game out of this? I think so.

  50. Orbis36

    Orbis3649 phút trước