[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch


  1. GalXe

    GalXe10 phút trước

    Sigma from Mega Man X joins

  2. Kawaii Kelly

    Kawaii Kelly10 phút trước

    him: FINALLY I HAVE HARNESSED GRAVITY I CAN CONTROL(makes ball float) zenyatta: bruh (literally floats by himself as one of the og characters)

  3. Amyruss

    Amyruss10 phút trước

    Blizzard congrats👍 In the last few week only good things happened. 2/2/2 role lock was released and now this🔝🔝

  4. Dark Miner

    Dark Miner10 phút trước

    This guy is like sylas from LoL

  5. William Buck

    William Buck10 phút trước

    Mega Man is going to be pissed!!

  6. Loopy Lolo

    Loopy Lolo10 phút trước

    When is he from cuz he sounds German, any ideas?

  7. TheYoyoGamer

    TheYoyoGamer10 phút trước

    This guy is high

  8. Baroness Thatcher

    Baroness Thatcher11 phút trước

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  9. DuaLisT

    DuaLisT11 phút trước

    Все же русская озвучка лучше,!

  10. Love Dagger

    Love Dagger11 phút trước

    Jungkook liked this

  11. Vyrus111

    Vyrus11111 phút trước

    I can't stop watching this trailer

  12. Jai-Singh Sohal

    Jai-Singh Sohal11 phút trước


  13. Cofus

    Cofus11 phút trước


  14. GoodGuyJimbo

    GoodGuyJimbo12 phút trước

    Sigma was inspired by ligma


    GORAN DAILY12 phút trước

    Here comes the most ol hero

  16. C Tski

    C Tski12 phút trước

    Do Zenyatta next

  17. The Golden Block

    The Golden Block13 phút trước

    Is it just me or is this orgin story kinda scary

  18. Rashed Alm7rmi

    Rashed Alm7rmi13 phút trước

    He controls gravity and he’s from talon that’s all I know

  19. insta: 1.5.e

    insta: 1.5.e14 phút trước


  20. juan rivera

    juan rivera14 phút trước

    I love him. He gives this Space or Cosmic Horror vibe. I watched this video too many times 🤣

  21. Bobi

    Bobi14 phút trước

    Stop screaming wtf

  22. LRGamer

    LRGamer15 phút trước

    Lol Number 1 on Trending

  23. Ambiguous

    Ambiguous15 phút trước


  24. The Golden Block

    The Golden Block16 phút trước


  25. Zach Ross

    Zach Ross16 phút trước

    Sigma balls

  26. Bazooka Sniper

    Bazooka Sniper16 phút trước

    Sigma balls

  27. Nya Rvn

    Nya Rvn16 phút trước

    wow, just wow

  28. EManGotHoes

    EManGotHoes16 phút trước

    Best part of video was 2:08

  29. thegodofwars01

    thegodofwars0117 phút trước

    male zarya change my mind

  30. Andres Ripoll

    Andres Ripoll18 phút trước

    Why is blizzard getting lazy with animations, the original shorts were incredible, this feels like someone's cousin grabbed 3 stills and put this together.

  31. Wee Woo Wee Woo

    Wee Woo Wee Woo18 phút trước

    I sincerely hope that Sigma isn't a no aim character.

  32. XxSniperScrubxX

    XxSniperScrubxX18 phút trước

    Number 1 on trending

  33. FanRose FabRose Spencer

    FanRose FabRose Spencer19 phút trước

    Sigma? More like Sigma balls

  34. NathanTheDragon 2.O/ DraGZKing

    NathanTheDragon 2.O/ DraGZKing19 phút trước

    Tracer Father?

  35. Sepiriz

    Sepiriz19 phút trước

    Sigma balls lmao

  36. Joshua Perez

    Joshua Perez19 phút trước

    Another Talon member. He looks badass and I love the origin but why Talon?

  37. Matthias Saw

    Matthias Saw19 phút trước

    Yeah good job taking a character from someone else.

  38. Eckobarb

    Eckobarb19 phút trước

    So.... A mentally unsound Lex Luther...

  39. Rex '-'

    Rex '-'20 phút trước

    Voice acting,fantastic😵

  40. Polar Bar

    Polar Bar21 phút trước

    Sigma balls!!!

  41. JJCunningCreeper

    JJCunningCreeper21 phút trước

    Lucio on E ability: “Oh turn it up” Sigma: “WHAT IS THAT MELODY?!”

  42. Samuel Guzman

    Samuel Guzman21 phút trước

    10 years later

  43. Bader Alsafadi

    Bader Alsafadi21 phút trước

    Capcom wants to know your location

  44. Anonymous

    Anonymous21 phút trước

    the heck even was that

  45. Ew

    Ew21 phút trước

    I'm scared, I don't like it

  46. Crimson

    Crimson21 phút trước

    Remember how relevant this game was? Those were good times lol

  47. Ean Sudholtz

    Ean Sudholtz21 phút trước

    Sigma? So what, is this a Megaman X Crossover?

  48. Christian PLAYZ

    Christian PLAYZ21 phút trước

    Its a cheap version of Lex Luthor

  49. Geoffrey PierreAntoine

    Geoffrey PierreAntoine22 phút trước


  50. Golden Joker

    Golden Joker22 phút trước

    Next hero is Megaman X