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  1. Shukri Yusof

    Shukri Yusof6 giờ trước

    I love your reaction❤️.. I love it.. 👍

  2. nur azhimah

    nur azhimah2 ngày trước

    Jimin hyung,, jin hyung,, v hyung ,, n jungkook hyung .. Thanks man ..

  3. I wanna pinch Jungoo’s cheeks

    I wanna pinch Jungoo’s cheeks2 ngày trước


  4. coolin perida

    coolin perida2 ngày trước

    the driver is soooooooo attractiveeeeee!!!!!!!!

  5. Jinkook One In A Million-El Salvador

    Jinkook One In A Million-El Salvador2 ngày trước

    Thanks for this reaction!

  6. sophie lewis

    sophie lewis2 ngày trước

    Omg they want to watch the concert, theyre armys now.

  7. sophie lewis

    sophie lewis2 ngày trước

    Crystal snow live version please

  8. Craizza Magsino

    Craizza Magsino3 ngày trước

    Petition for Dylan alvarez please do reaction with them again, we want bts live reaction! THANK YOU😂

  9. protege

    protege3 ngày trước

    listen to Serendipity by Jimin!!! ♡

  10. Kayley Cawley-loftus

    Kayley Cawley-loftus4 ngày trước

    5:34 *that just made my day*

  11. AMMER SRPS44

    AMMER SRPS445 ngày trước

    React to Melon music award 🙏

  12. Liam Kim

    Liam Kim5 ngày trước

    Ese es un buen fanboy❤️❤️❤️😂

  13. jhu

    jhu5 ngày trước

    react to ONEUS "Valkyrie" react to ATEEZ "Say my name or Treasure" please 💕🇧🇷

  14. foxy lover 123456789

    foxy lover 1234567896 ngày trước

    I pure hate it when jimin says he's ugly he isn't he's beutifull

  15. Kim Soo oun

    Kim Soo oun6 ngày trước

    Owo bts 😍😍

  16. Sonia Giama

    Sonia Giama6 ngày trước

    please show them let me know and hold me tight ♥ they can see jimin's talent there ♥ ( you can see it everywhere but in those songs he just shines)

  17. Mika Lei

    Mika Lei7 ngày trước

    Liking for that “that is not correct”

  18. bts._.idolz

    bts._.idolz7 ngày trước

    jungkook is 21

  19. Brace Faces

    Brace Faces8 ngày trước

    If I was driving and saw them beside me, I never would have thought that they were listening to BTS slow songs

  20. Aliyah Young

    Aliyah Young9 ngày trước

    I wish he would be quiet while the songs on

  21. Lyza chan

    Lyza chan12 ngày trước

    They should react to a live concert

  22. nne A

    nne A12 ngày trước


  23. ChipperEm

    ChipperEm13 ngày trước

    Yes my bias is Jim

  24. Amethyst Walker

    Amethyst Walker14 ngày trước

    5:28 I’m dead😂

  25. Goldie Freeman

    Goldie Freeman14 ngày trước

    Love you guys reaction ❤️They need to react to Who’s BTS 👍

  26. bangStan sonyeondan

    bangStan sonyeondan14 ngày trước

    My crying playlist

  27. Leeloo Hargraves

    Leeloo Hargraves14 ngày trước

    My favorite vocal is Jimin... I FELT the underrating of him in this video. *Clenches chest* one day. One day.

  28. Prina

    Prina15 ngày trước

    Korean age jungkook is 22, Aand iternationally(for example in america) he is 21 Love your reactions 👍😊💜💜

  29. Kunjal Gawas

    Kunjal Gawas15 ngày trước

    Make them react to Outro: Tear

  30. вαngtαn вαвєѕ

    вαngtαn вαвєѕ16 ngày trước

    I cringe everytime he tries to sing the song but he doesn’t know korean so he just says random stuff.... ya that needs to stop lol

  31. Hoseok정호석

    Hoseok정호석16 ngày trước

    Dylan you look like you’re in your emo hours

  32. Shishtar Amelia

    Shishtar Amelia17 ngày trước

    brush jungkook is 21 not 23 lmao dumbbb asssss

  33. Giselle Godinez

    Giselle Godinez18 ngày trước

    Me encanta como sientes la primer canciooon😍😍

  34. Mika Manson

    Mika Manson18 ngày trước

    I love your videos... But Kookie is only 21

  35. Patricia Cardenas

    Patricia Cardenas19 ngày trước

    No entendí ni bergas, pero me gusto el video, asies❤

  36. The infinity Ꭺrmy

    The infinity Ꭺrmy21 ngày trước


  37. Breah Gaming XD

    Breah Gaming XD21 ngày trước

    The Truth Untold is such a sad song

  38. Intan Bob

    Intan Bob21 ngày trước

    i'm always cry when i listen this song 😢💜

  39. Nanami Aubrey

    Nanami Aubrey23 ngày trước

    Namjoon stans team up! 💜💜💜

  40. BlackCatSnapper /Catness

    BlackCatSnapper /Catness23 ngày trước

    "22, I think. And I think he turns 23 today. " Ahem. That is not correct. 🤔

  41. Маргарита Краснобай

    Маргарита Краснобай23 ngày trước


  42. Stella

    Stella24 ngày trước

    wHo cAme here just to listen to the songs?? ;)


    ANIME CHANNEL25 ngày trước

    Pls let them react to let me know

  44. Leriah's life

    Leriah's life25 ngày trước

    I love house of cards that my favorite

  45. Jυиgκøøκ ; 봄 Jeøи

    Jυиgκøøκ ; 봄 Jeøи25 ngày trước

    No entendí ni mergas, but me gusto xd 💕

  46. Liza Joshi

    Liza Joshi26 ngày trước

    Make them listen to every god damn songs of bts! I swear every songs they have is just so meaningful and damn good. We get different emotions from different songs. Their songs represent the reality of the world both in happy and sad ways.

  47. Chrissy Ann Frasier

    Chrissy Ann Frasier27 ngày trước

    Jan 9 is not jk's birthday it is separate 1

  48. Chrissy Ann Frasier

    Chrissy Ann Frasier27 ngày trước


  49. Pika Lim

    Pika LimTháng trước

    y must u guys talk during V's turn 😓😢


    TATA EYHUNGTháng trước

    I purple u

  51. Tommy

    TommyTháng trước

    Force your friends to listen to BTS whilst in the car so there’s no escape? I seriously need to do this

  52. Alleya Mauridzaf

    Alleya MauridzafTháng trước


  53. Gracie Blaney

    Gracie BlaneyTháng trước

    Jungkook is 21

  54. Meriam El Mokadem

    Meriam El MokademTháng trước

    jungkook 23 ? He’s 21 American age and 22 Korean age 😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Gummy Love

    Gummy LoveTháng trước

    nobody: My cat as soon as the video starts: *MEOOOOOOOOW*

  56. Salchira Rema Horan

    Salchira Rema HoranTháng trước

    Please listen to suga's seesaw

  57. Jackie Soto

    Jackie SotoTháng trước

    The truth untold like it gets my stomach a weird feeling it gets me sad :(

  58. Bonnie Bonnie

    Bonnie BonnieTháng trước

    I like how Dylan love BTS and introduce them to non fan

  59. Black Danillyn

    Black DanillynTháng trước

    The 3 guys at the back are so cute while listening in BTS songs😂😂lol

  60. Hana Utsukushi

    Hana UtsukushiTháng trước

    I really love you Dylan 😂😂😂😂

  61. Erikha Re

    Erikha ReTháng trước

    "Let's go to BTS concert" "did you have 800$?" "No."😂😂 This is like me😂😂

  62. Lucas Pablo

    Lucas PabloTháng trước

    I love you ❤❤ hey pls react (Pabllo Vittar- Seu Crime) pleaseeee

  63. Kennedy Brown

    Kennedy BrownTháng trước

    We stan Jack in this family.

  64. Heart Jimin

    Heart JiminTháng trước

    They should have listened to hold me tight

  65. Heart Jimin

    Heart JiminTháng trước


  66. Janet Lozada

    Janet LozadaTháng trước

    Reaction of ARMY vs NON KPOP FAN..LOL...he's so me....lmao..nice

  67. Meilan Pérez

    Meilan PérezTháng trước

    react to Who is bts the seven members!!! please, I think this guys would like that video

  68. Faith Agan

    Faith AganTháng trước

    Try reacting to v and rm's 4 o'clock also to jin's awake and jimin's promise😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  69. Hayden B.

    Hayden B.Tháng trước

    yoooo the driver cute as hell hello 🥴

  70. 국산아미

    국산아미Tháng trước

    Please react to Best of me with your friends!!😭😭

  71. Yoongi’s lil Meow meow

    Yoongi’s lil Meow meowTháng trước

    Dylan is literally me every day with BTS 😂💜

  72. Emily Alvara

    Emily AlvaraTháng trước

    You should react to Epiphany and the trivias of the rappers and the solo songs of the wings album (Begin, Awake, Lie, First Love, Mama, and etc)

  73. The Limit

    The LimitTháng trước

    Let them reat to bts (Let Me Know live)

  74. divya hasurkar

    divya hasurkarTháng trước

    V is my favourite vocalist ....plzz react to stigma and singularity 💖💖💖💖

  75. BT BT BTS

    BT BT BTSTháng trước

    What about reaction to Expensive girl😂😂😂

  76. Jesus L. F.

    Jesus L. F.Tháng trước

    When he started singing i cringed so hard lmao

  77. Daya Tamang

    Daya TamangTháng trước

    l0l *CaR rIdE eDiTiOn*

  78. Aysha -

    Aysha -Tháng trước

    Can you guys react to Jimin- Promise?? Pleaseeeee



    How about bts funny videos? 😊

  80. Carissa Tuazon

    Carissa TuazonTháng trước

    u guys are so cute 😂

  81. ARMY Thats What I Am

    ARMY Thats What I AmTháng trước

    Please have them react to Let Me Know & Love is Not Over and Let Go

  82. A

    ATháng trước

    Since they reacted to jk’s solo you should do an episode and get them to react to the other solo’s for vocal unit Jimin - serendipity Taehyung - singularity Jin - epiphany

  83. HowlOfTheWolves :3

    HowlOfTheWolves :3Tháng trước

    Do Paradise!

  84. KimLine_GeniusLine

    KimLine_GeniusLineTháng trước

    You should make them react to So Far Away + Lost live BTS Memories of 2017. It's so good.

  85. Sa Riaka

    Sa RiakaTháng trước

    Awwww thank you for playing house of cards, it's my favorite BTS song! Though I absolutely adore their hip hip songs & prefer them in general btw, but house of cards is such a masterpiece

  86. Penyoel97 04

    Penyoel97 04Tháng trước


  87. My love life,n_a

    My love life,n_aTháng trước

    Pls really to magic shop, paradise ,love maze,and so what 😍😘

  88. My love life,n_a

    My love life,n_aTháng trước

    Bingo,my bias is jungkook 😘😘😍chan

  89. Dennise Lagtapon

    Dennise LagtaponTháng trước

    Found This😊 FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T KNOW? The Truth Untold is based on La Citta Di Smeraldo. It's the story of a man who lived in a castle and kept himself bcs he thought himself to be ugly. One day,A woman came near to his castle and picked his flowers. He was angry at first but eventually became curious and waited for her. He found out that she was actually selling those flowers for a living. The man fell in love,but didn't want to show himself bcs he was "too ugly" ( you know that I can't,show you me,give you me ). So he decided to plant a flower that didn't exist on the planet. So he could sell it at an expensive price. Eventually he managed to fill his garden with them but the woman stop coming. He the learned that she died. The part where they sing "But I still want you" is about him regretting not telling her his feelings all bcs he didn't love himself first. ©:/ Hannah Jeon 💜|Seagull Nochu V. Aestaeticole💜

  90. Bianca Flippo

    Bianca FlippoTháng trước

    No hate but jungkook is 23 in Korean age but in America he is 21 because Korean age system is different.

  91. Tabatha Rampazzo

    Tabatha RampazzoTháng trước

    React more jungkook, please

  92. Tabatha Rampazzo

    Tabatha RampazzoTháng trước

    I love this reaction😍♥️

  93. lucy balladares

    lucy balladaresTháng trước

    Lmfao I have this a thumbs up in the first 22sec all because of Jim 🤣🤣

  94. Tyisha Allen

    Tyisha AllenTháng trước

    "Let's watch House of Cards live" 👌👌👌

  95. Tyisha Allen

    Tyisha AllenTháng trước

    +alex diaz but you are right about "let's" Autocorrect fails me

  96. alex diaz

    alex diazTháng trước

    +Tyisha Allen Ohh... I got right click

  97. Tyisha Allen

    Tyisha AllenTháng trước

    +alex diaz it's of not if

  98. alex diaz

    alex diazTháng trước

    Let's? you mean Lets. It supposed to be "let is" if you write Let(')s. You said: let is watch House if card live. Correction: LeTs watch house of card live

  99. Baek Chiminie

    Baek ChiminieTháng trước

    Hey! I love your reactions😍😍 If you want more pure and true freaking vocals can you react with them to EXO they are just vocal legends.

  100. Iņės Mahboulä

    Iņės MahbouläTháng trước

    Jungkook is 21 😐😐

  101. katie_nuna

    katie_nunaTháng trước

    It ain't his bday xD Jungkook day was the day he picked in their season's greetings calendar! They all pick one special day. JK's bday is September 1st

  102. Betty Hodge

    Betty Hodge2 tháng trước

    This is funny thought.. they use House of Cards in FF that are 21+ which means detailed sexual content.. and it WAS sound cloud.. it's not on spotify..


    ARIANA QUEEN2 tháng trước

    can you do let me know reaction ?


    ARIANA QUEEN2 tháng trước

    i fucking laughed so hard when i donno his name said JIM besids JIN

  105. Btslover MinYoongifan

    Btslover MinYoongifan2 tháng trước

    Jungkook is 19-20. He’s Korean age is 22