One Bite Can KILL YOU!


  1. Honest Police Public Orderlies

    Honest Police Public Orderlies6 giờ trước

    define hell - being locked in a coffin with 300 of these

  2. Yxng Kiax

    Yxng Kiax8 giờ trước

    Coyote is probably used to being bite by so many dangerous animals that a dog won’t even surprise him anymore ✊🏻

  3. Hello Hello

    Hello Hello16 giờ trước

    thank you for discovering us all animals so i do subscriebed and click the bell and i like

  4. Swerveey

    Swerveey17 giờ trước

    I wish he thought of asking the question "How rare is it for a male funnel spider to be brought in and milked?"

  5. An Doan

    An Doan18 giờ trước

    we might save a life but also might give up our own life

  6. Aaron Loflin

    Aaron Loflin18 giờ trước

    And I thought snakes were dangerous,but nope the real problem is 🕷🕸

  7. Luna_ Dogs4eva

    Luna_ Dogs4eva21 giờ trước

    Please do Australian snakes

  8. RealKeks

    RealKeks21 giờ trước

    I know that a orange baboon tarantula is Pretty agressive, Right? And that spider from that Thumbnail Looks just like it! I was scared for like cuz I know a guy who keeps tarantulas, and with it the orange baboon tarantula

  9. GeoLlama Llamason

    GeoLlama Llamason22 giờ trước

    "Today i will be bit by the worlds biggest most dangerous spider" *5 mins latter* Camera man: "you ok?" "Yep"

  10. DⒶve Rush

    DⒶve RushNgày trước

    the man is part spider himself, hence never bitten \m/


    ATOMIC BEEBONgày trước

    I thought you were gonna get bitten by it on purpose Dont ever do that again coyote

  12. LiquidRope

    LiquidRopeNgày trước

    Them: This spider can kill you. Try to capture the ones you find and give it to us. It could save a life. Me: Wait a minute, what about my life?

  13. Gromph Baenre

    Gromph Baenre2 ngày trước

    i wouldnt go outside without good ol'dcotor steel plate boot

  14. yandere zach

    yandere zach2 ngày trước


  15. mangle x foxy

    mangle x foxy2 ngày trước

    I like trains : train hits me : hi train :gets hit :bye tra.....

  16. Jordan Saffier

    Jordan Saffier2 ngày trước

    Realist Man On VIreporter!

  17. Auday Salihy Chaly

    Auday Salihy Chaly3 ngày trước

    I have in my house garden and front of the house so many i spray so many time nothing help only in 2018 this year abot 10 time Is any one can help any idea what i shuld do ? In hot weather they try to com inside the house so many times i catch them running on the tile

  18. SMGJohn

    SMGJohn3 ngày trước

    In the future I hope we have nanomachines that go around destroying spiders, parasite and other venomous crap that possess no benefit for nature, also mosquito.

  19. Melvin James III

    Melvin James III3 ngày trước

    ok im watching this at night and i have a fear of spiders any bug but NOT SPIDERS and like if u have ever been bitten by a spider have and it was by a tralatula

  20. Andrew Perry

    Andrew Perry3 ngày trước

    This guys sounds like the scientist from pacific rim lmao

  21. Orange Cream

    Orange Cream3 ngày trước

    I knew right away it was a funnel web :D

  22. Panda PGTM games

    Panda PGTM games3 ngày trước

    Anyone here watch lazarbeam he went there

  23. Help Find Piccaso

    Help Find Piccaso4 ngày trước

    Dedli Spyder

  24. Sera Phine

    Sera Phine4 ngày trước

    I feel like that's gonna bite my neck...

  25. Hector  Velazquez

    Hector Velazquez4 ngày trước

    This is creppy but SO COOL!!!!!!

  26. Robin Erik

    Robin Erik4 ngày trước

    The reason they are found in suburban areas, is because they built the town on their nesting area. Gj Australia!

  27. sonicfuker

    sonicfuker4 ngày trước

    Yeah bro, I'll bring you one on the end of my shoe.

  28. Bravo whiskey

    Bravo whiskey4 ngày trước

    Freakin spider milkers

  29. Robert Porter

    Robert Porter4 ngày trước

    Do bullhorn acacia ant

  30. ArTKALI GD

    ArTKALI GD5 ngày trước

    The only spider I was ever bitten by was the nothing.

  31. jeremih gaming

    jeremih gaming5 ngày trước

    I feel like spiders are crawling to me

  32. Lauren Boyd

    Lauren Boyd5 ngày trước


  33. Lauren Boyd

    Lauren Boyd5 ngày trước

    Omg pleaseee no I don’t want you getting hurt 😢

  34. PantherMistress88

    PantherMistress885 ngày trước

    Can we milk this spider? •spider thoughts• Go ahead, milk me if you dare.

  35. Annalei Allen

    Annalei Allen5 ngày trước

    I hate hate hate hate hate spider

  36. Tyler Brown

    Tyler Brown6 ngày trước


  37. Lara Bowen

    Lara Bowen6 ngày trước

    my fear of spiders has now became bigger ;-;

  38. MlgKid9225

    MlgKid92256 ngày trước

    It's Eric Rowan!

  39. Akane Mugoho

    Akane Mugoho6 ngày trước

    THIS IS INSANE😱!!!!! I HEARD THOSE SPIDERS🐙 KILL💀 PEOPLE👦👧👨👩👴👵👶👱👮👲👳👷👸👰👯!!!!!

  40. An13a [animation maker]

    An13a [animation maker]6 ngày trước

    Australia is the deadliest country in the world OMG.

  41. mourad hanefioui

    mourad hanefioui6 ngày trước

    Dis guy mad

  42. Oliver Robertz

    Oliver Robertz7 ngày trước

    How are you still not dead

  43. Stephanie Cutts

    Stephanie Cutts7 ngày trước

    So funny that boy is just starting like he is going to kill h XD lol😝

  44. Stephanie Cutts

    Stephanie Cutts7 ngày trước

    What do y mean it can kill y

  45. Ashlee Adams

    Ashlee Adams7 ngày trước

    Don’t die please

  46. Anoobis

    Anoobis7 ngày trước

    3:03 The *T H I C C* er legs

  47. Aaron Aguirre

    Aaron Aguirre7 ngày trước

    Almost got bitten by one

  48. AlpacaPunch 999

    AlpacaPunch 9997 ngày trước

    This little fella can kill you in a single bite... I’m gonna give him a pat

  49. Vision Legacy

    Vision Legacy7 ngày trước

    i got bit on the butt by a spider.

  50. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams7 ngày trước


  51. mike sambo

    mike sambo7 ngày trước


  52. mike sambo

    mike sambo7 ngày trước

    But i👍 it

  53. mike sambo

    mike sambo7 ngày trước

    Not 1 bite

  54. Jonathan Vincent

    Jonathan Vincent8 ngày trước

    i'm watching this while i'm eating

  55. Bloxiade Adventures

    Bloxiade Adventures8 ngày trước

    Better than A Poison Dart Frog I wonder if it will kill a cow and girrafe

  56. KevTheCreerian Playz

    KevTheCreerian Playz8 ngày trước

    1:25 *children* WTF!?!?!?

  57. Alysha Luan

    Alysha Luan8 ngày trước

    "now if u DO happen to see one of these spiders out in the wild-" Me: *interrupts* Ill be running away from it until Im on the other side of the world

  58. No

    No9 ngày trước

    It’s not the most dangerous spider in the world a black widow is.

  59. Yes Yes

    Yes Yes9 ngày trước

    you must be under the average intellectual level if you think the widow is the most dangerous.

  60. Mirza Elahi

    Mirza Elahi9 ngày trước

    I've been thair before

  61. Toxic_Gaming

    Toxic_Gaming9 ngày trước

    I always wanted to milk a spider

  62. Rheanne Rojas

    Rheanne Rojas9 ngày trước

    That moment when you feel something “crawling” on your leg in your bed but you realize it’s just crumbs 💀

  63. sarah abreu

    sarah abreu9 ngày trước

    goodbye friend

  64. Gunner Mossinger

    Gunner Mossinger9 ngày trước

    Are they in Georgia??

  65. asuzena aleman

    asuzena aleman9 ngày trước


  66. abolfazl ahmadi

    abolfazl ahmadi9 ngày trước


  67. fnaf_scp gaming

    fnaf_scp gaming9 ngày trước

    fnaf_scp gaming

  68. Wissam Damarji

    Wissam Damarji10 ngày trước

    Bite can kill you. HEY IF YOU CAN CATCH IT BRING IT HERE

  69. dave taylor

    dave taylor10 ngày trước

    Ahh, I got a spider in my beard!

  70. Nubajev

    Nubajev10 ngày trước

    How ya garn?

  71. Jamie Lyall

    Jamie Lyall10 ngày trước

    9:05 or 9:06 THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE!

  72. gamingwith cool

    gamingwith cool10 ngày trước

    1:43 when you get a ralts and it's not a male

  73. Luna Moonlight

    Luna Moonlight10 ngày trước

    U do crazy things....there is something wrong with u....u ok?

  74. Unicorns unite!

    Unicorns unite!11 ngày trước

    Coyote: this spider can kill you in one bite! So hope me luck.... Coyote: *coyote picks spider up* Coyote: he seems sa- *spider bites coyote* *coyote dies* Camera cruw: you okay man?

  75. Mar 3509

    Mar 350911 ngày trước

    But where the place

  76. Ieng Sai Chea

    Ieng Sai Chea11 ngày trước

    That's the funnel one

  77. Sara Troquay

    Sara Troquay11 ngày trước

    hears the word whats lucky in australia... Me: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IM LUCKYYYYY

  78. Take This L

    Take This L11 ngày trước

    If you see one of the deadliest spiders in the world CAPTURE IT

  79. F A L L T I M E S

    F A L L T I M E S11 ngày trước

    i like how the kids were just watching,,,,

  80. rorobisi rorobisi

    rorobisi rorobisi11 ngày trước

    Ho was in his bed at night and turned his light on to see if something in the room

  81. Herbert West

    Herbert West12 ngày trước

    Where can I buy that compression bandage? Is the square that shows if you've got it tight enough specifically for spider bites, or does it just show that you've generally restricted blood flow?

  82. karen megginson

    karen megginson12 ngày trước

    I almost fainted

  83. Hypee 47

    Hypee 4712 ngày trước

    Lazarbeam is Proud

  84. Chick Falley420

    Chick Falley42012 ngày trước

    This will happen one day Coyote"This can kill u if u touch it" *touches it* Camera man"R u ok??" 😂

  85. Alex Spelmanas

    Alex Spelmanas12 ngày trước

    Ooooooooh so your taking her venom, aha that’s how u milk her

  86. Alex Spelmanas

    Alex Spelmanas12 ngày trước

    Milk spiders?!

  87. M Weaver

    M Weaver12 ngày trước

    Ur guys’ beards ON POINT!

  88. Blueparty smasher

    Blueparty smasher12 ngày trước


  89. masoumeh mohseni

    masoumeh mohseni12 ngày trước

    Heyyy! I live in aussie!

  90. Leon Scott Kennedy

    Leon Scott Kennedy12 ngày trước

    Good lord, that Aussie is awesome.

  91. Zach Beetlestone

    Zach Beetlestone12 ngày trước

    I’m so grateful I live in the UK 😂😂

  92. Jennifer Davis

    Jennifer Davis12 ngày trước

    This is me now😐👕👖

  93. Jennifer Davis

    Jennifer Davis12 ngày trước

    This is me🧢😀👕👖

  94. pinkfan_mega games

    pinkfan_mega games12 ngày trước


  95. pinkfan_mega games

    pinkfan_mega games12 ngày trước


  96. SandwichMunster Pro

    SandwichMunster Pro13 ngày trước

    I’m in Western Australia. Oh I forgot There’s no funnel web Spiders in WA

  97. Charlie Apelo

    Charlie Apelo13 ngày trước

    I like spiders

  98. Give me back My ACOG

    Give me back My ACOG13 ngày trước

    Spider xing

  99. Pluto :

    Pluto :13 ngày trước

    Dat spider thicc

  100. GroovyDuck

    GroovyDuck13 ngày trước

    Fortnite, marshmello, to this. Please like this comment if I get 10 likes I will upload a vid

  101. dre billybounce

    dre billybounce13 ngày trước

    all i got say is you or brave


    SALLY RHYDDERCH14 ngày trước

    Guy: You can feel that's really tight Coyote:Oh yeah I feel like a mummy 🙊😝😜😂-5:56- 5:54

  103. Christian Kish

    Christian Kish14 ngày trước

    I Can't watch this sorry....I have Arachnophobia 🕷🚫

  104. Ah’mier Wilson

    Ah’mier Wilson14 ngày trước

    So that’s how you milk a spider? Lmao