One Bite Can KILL YOU!


  1. Ollie Pollard

    Ollie PollardGiờ trước

    How r u not dead?

  2. Alex Bachylo

    Alex Bachylo2 giờ trước

    I have handled a biting spider and I'm 7

  3. dewet Van Eeden

    dewet Van Eeden4 giờ trước

    Cajodie please tel me how to see the deffrens between a male and female choko golden knee tarantula . I got one today but I dont know

  4. Lais Yusar Abrisam

    Lais Yusar Abrisam6 giờ trước

    This is where I Will REGRET Liking Spiders, O.o

  5. Lais Yusar Abrisam

    Lais Yusar Abrisam6 giờ trước


  6. Safiyah Nicevic

    Safiyah Nicevic18 giờ trước

    The last bit of my sentence for the one below this one was to take down the bitting channel not all your channels just the bitting one pleeease.tell me if it’s a YES or NO on your next video on the beyond the tide channel. pleeease say yes plus nobody likes seeing you in pain!!!

  7. Safiyah Nicevic

    Safiyah Nicevic18 giờ trước

    I think it was so cool that you did that. It’s such a scary spider I can’t belie you actually did that. And also I have a favour stop getting bitten by animals for your channel the animals don’t won’t to heart you on a daily bases but what if there sick or had a bad day and your just on there tail bugging them and making them try and bite you so there obviously gonna bite you.🙏🏻 pleasssseeeeeeee do what I said and take down that Chanel I don’t want you to take down all your channels just the bitting one. Please answer on your next video.

  8. Uproaring ϟ

    Uproaring ϟ18 giờ trước

    Sign me up

  9. Omar Faruk

    Omar Faruk21 giờ trước

    I want a pet of that spider

  10. Matt Clark

    Matt ClarkNgày trước

    RIP U loved by all ☹️😭😭😢 👻

  11. habeeb uddin

    habeeb uddinNgày trước

    So sad for that people's who got killer by dangerous spiders

  12. thatbarbiep

    thatbarbiepNgày trước

    You have a new sub

  13. thatbarbiep

    thatbarbiepNgày trước

    Woah that spider is.....AWESOME!!!!!!

  14. DCmedicryan

    DCmedicryanNgày trước

    Wouldn’t you want to bandage from the shoulder to fingertips? If you bandage from fingertips to should (as shown in the video), wouldn’t it essentially squeeze the blood (venom) from the sting site out?

  15. Jose Ayala

    Jose Ayala2 ngày trước


  16. iFxdedi Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege

    iFxdedi Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege2 ngày trước

    They have some hella cute snakes

  17. NNC 07

    NNC 072 ngày trước

    This was released on my birthday...will i get bitten by that...?

  18. iFxdedi Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege

    iFxdedi Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege2 ngày trước

    I bet coyotes blood is venum

  19. Aly tv Flores

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  20. kalista Mitchell

    kalista Mitchell2 ngày trước

    All the videos you do are cool and scary at the same exact time each video I very much like but I have my own VIreporter channel if you want to go to it it is a VIreporter channel where exactly it is called Calista Mitchell I can introduce kittens and if you watch you'll be able to see kittens I really like a shout out so give me a shout out as soon as you can on the next video you do thank you😆😨😮😁

  21. Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith3 ngày trước

    I just started watching "Brave Wilderness" a few days ago.I LOVE everything about this channel! (I just subscribed tonight).You and your crew introduce us all to a lot of beautiful, creepy, alien-like, majestic, weird, bizarre, and often vary DANGEROUS critters! It's always a very entertaining and very enlightening show!.It's hard to believe that sometimes you willingly put yourself at such risk like that by getting bitten, stung, poisoned, and mauled for your fans entertainment and education..I've seen you get poisoned by a myriad of spiders, snakes, lizards, centipedes, and other creatures... I love that you always show the "after-show" when you recover from these experiments, share your recovery, and remind us to "play it safe"... In this video you visited and "anti-venom" lab.I'm really curious- How do they make "anti-venoms" for all these dangerous creatures?I would LOVE to see a video like that!

  22. Banana King

    Banana King3 ngày trước

    I love these videos, you are friking brave, if I saw one of these things I would be in the next country

  23. berts bugs

    berts bugs3 ngày trước

    if you want to find another extremely dangerous spider catch a brazilian wandering spider

  24. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer3 ngày trước

    1+ making you do our job for us. genius really.

  25. DarealRjTv

    DarealRjTv3 ngày trước

    The wondering spider is more deadly 😂🤦

  26. Awesome guy 134 Mack

    Awesome guy 134 Mack3 ngày trước


  27. crafts4kids

    crafts4kids3 ngày trước

    I love Brave Wilderness!

  28. Spurdo Spärde

    Spurdo Spärde4 ngày trước

    Why do you want to milk a spider so badly?

  29. member of chat

    member of chat4 ngày trước

    spiders are cute

  30. Crazybot Productions

    Crazybot Productions4 ngày trước

    get bit by it!

  31. Jacky Kao

    Jacky Kao4 ngày trước

    Gracie I totally agree. It is sooo cool but I am still very scared about the venom and I’m only in second grade... 🕷🕷🕷 heheheheh im not really interested with touching spiders...

  32. Naomi Jones

    Naomi Jones4 ngày trước


  33. Michaelopra2012m

    Michaelopra2012m4 ngày trước

    Mothafucka crazy

  34. Pandas LPS World

    Pandas LPS World4 ngày trước

    Okay now I stay at home in the corner with only my iPad I’m now screaming I MDONT WANT TO SEE ONE OF THESE SPIDERS.

  35. Isaiah P.

    Isaiah P.4 ngày trước

    How come Coyote is not dead yet?

  36. AquaMan247

    AquaMan2474 ngày trước

    I’m so scared and that spider 🕷 Jesus I like non poisonous ☠️ spiders 🕷

  37. Luke Hendrickson

    Luke Hendrickson4 ngày trước

    how would one enter this field? milking spiders?

  38. Ríonagh Gamer

    Ríonagh Gamer4 ngày trước

    And I'm watching Lucas the spider and thinking "hey, spiders aren't that bad" HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA *Nope*

  39. Snyper Assassyn

    Snyper Assassyn5 ngày trước

    I thought it was a ant but it is a spider...🕷🕸

  40. DNA Edge

    DNA Edge5 ngày trước

    Me when i get bit. FAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK (╯⚆ロ⚆)╯︵ ┻━┻ lol

  41. GTN M Workstation

    GTN M Workstation5 ngày trước

    One bite One kill

  42. Vanessa Davis

    Vanessa Davis5 ngày trước

    You’re gonna die

  43. Officially Isaiah

    Officially Isaiah5 ngày trước

    Rip X

  44. disbfhd

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  45. Woah gaming

    Woah gaming5 ngày trước

    Shoot im going to sydney

  46. Danielle Gillespie

    Danielle Gillespie5 ngày trước

    Ya not milking it your venoming it!

  47. Jo The2nd

    Jo The2nd5 ngày trước

    Does dis mean dat dis put dis abov da bullet ant 🐜

  48. tigerramen 12333

    tigerramen 123335 ngày trước

    My friends used to call me "Web Spinner", because my name's Sydney, and I climbed fences and trees a lot.

  49. Ashtyn VanMee

    Ashtyn VanMee5 ngày trước

    Hi I love you so much

  50. Battle Bonders0990

    Battle Bonders09905 ngày trước

    Lucas the spider meets his fans (gone wrong)

  51. Shaun Lawson

    Shaun Lawson6 ngày trước

    Oh no.I’m scared of spiders.Why did I watch this

  52. cunty bollox

    cunty bollox6 ngày trước

    Where's my shoe.

  53. jawskill305

    jawskill3056 ngày trước

    my favorite spider is the jack hunter

  54. Nate Y

    Nate Y6 ngày trước

    I didn’t know Thanos had a day job

  55. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith6 ngày trước

    I didn’t know you could milk a freakin spider

  56. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith6 ngày trước



    ITS FUNNEHS FAN YESSS6 ngày trước

    Man: will you ever cheat on me Girl:never Man:do you love me Girl:yes Man:will you ever kill me Girl:no Read this backwards

  58. Elvannah’s Crib

    Elvannah’s Crib6 ngày trước

    He should have his own like shop

  59. Lanang Ari

    Lanang Ari6 ngày trước

    let it bite you

  60. Clayton Lapham

    Clayton Lapham6 ngày trước

    Hey yesterday morning we found a black widow spider in our garage and you don’t know how high I jumped up😂

  61. Iziah Bullock

    Iziah Bullock6 ngày trước


  62. Mr fries face

    Mr fries face6 ngày trước

    I wish I could control spiders so whenever someone would try to mess with me I'd use this spider

  63. Sylito Tour's And Build's

    Sylito Tour's And Build's7 ngày trước

    If bitten karma is back

  64. Nick Phillips

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  65. •SkySky•

    •SkySky•7 ngày trước

    *Thicc legs*

  66. Math Gamer

    Math Gamer7 ngày trước

    I'm meaning that the spider is scary

  67. Math Gamer

    Math Gamer7 ngày trước

    THAT IS SCARY!!!!!

  68. That Dude Zach

    That Dude Zach7 ngày trước

    I just came across your channel and I have watched a few of yor videos and I am enjoying them and liking learning about these things. Keep up the stuff you do and pls stay safe

  69. Stephanie Johnson

    Stephanie Johnson7 ngày trước

    that black spider is dangerous

  70. Julio Altamirano

    Julio Altamirano7 ngày trước

    *HELL NAW*

  71. Happy Bee

    Happy Bee7 ngày trước

    My mates and I love goin to the spider place in the Australian Reptile Park. It’s bloody great. Any aussies?

  72. Millie Staggs

    Millie Staggs7 ngày trước

    if they were harm less i would LOVE to see one

  73. Rosyblue2008 AJ

    Rosyblue2008 AJ7 ngày trước

    Yikes! I would hate to see that, especially in my town, Phoenix!

  74. Scott Carlson

    Scott Carlson7 ngày trước

    Do a wandering spider

  75. Paige Lindquist

    Paige Lindquist8 ngày trước

    My room had a funnel spider....

  76. Keshav Prasath

    Keshav Prasath8 ngày trước

    came here after watching lucas the spider.. uhm nope...

  77. HighLight.Gaming Pro

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    Daniel Kwiecinski8 ngày trước

    This is SO cool you have a new subscriber

  79. Tasfyah Rahaman

    Tasfyah Rahaman8 ngày trước

    He is so brave I mean very very brave

  80. Destiny Hastings

    Destiny Hastings8 ngày trước

    This dude is a savage

  81. Elaika YT channel

    Elaika YT channel8 ngày trước

    spider: yoyoyo ready to die Man: *continues shaking container* Spider:BRUHHHHH THERES VISITOR.... MAN 2; HEY MAN! MAN: hey welcome Spider: *dances* Man: *throws container* Spider: wow container's open! Spider: things is about to be dangerous! >:) Man 2: *accidentally steps the spider* oh spider died bye gtg end the vid! NOT FUNNY JUST A STORY

  82. Elaika YT channel

    Elaika YT channel8 ngày trước


  83. I have No friends

    I have No friends8 ngày trước

    I don’t wanna seem bad or argue with a professional but I know that females are WAY more deadly

  84. Mary Joseph

    Mary Joseph8 ngày trước

    The things he does for VIreporter 😂 🙄 💀

  85. Anubis

    Anubis9 ngày trước

    This is a scary but funny spider

  86. VetorthePlagueWerewolf

    VetorthePlagueWerewolf9 ngày trước

    Welp. . .I'm never going to visit Australia.

  87. bailey boo

    bailey boo9 ngày trước

    That beard tho

  88. Jarred Poepperling

    Jarred Poepperling9 ngày trước

    we love your videos and you are so brave.can we be in your next video 😊😀😂😍

  89. abdi hussein

    abdi hussein9 ngày trước

    he is so stupied dont let him brisbane he will D I E

  90. Ibrahim Moizoos

    Ibrahim Moizoos9 ngày trước

    Is no one really gonna talk about the fact that this niggeh milked a fokin spider

  91. Jennifer Packer

    Jennifer Packer9 ngày trước

    😱🕷omg 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🆘🆑💯

  92. Christos Andrews

    Christos Andrews9 ngày trước

    Dear god, please stop saying you want to milk a spider

  93. psycho aiden

    psycho aiden9 ngày trước

    Stop do ing this you can die

  94. Madilynn Moyer

    Madilynn Moyer9 ngày trước

    Wow that's awesome but I seriously don't want to get bit by those spiders

  95. Jessica Xia

    Jessica Xia9 ngày trước

    If someone wants me to get a spider and then put it onto my body I'll just cry for a long time!

  96. Rory O'Brien

    Rory O'Brien9 ngày trước

    Do the banana spider one bite you get a very painful erection then die

  97. alaster boneman

    alaster boneman9 ngày trước

    What he found a Sydney funnel web in Queensland? I've lived in Queensland all my life and I've never even heard of of one of these spiders being found so far North. That's really concerning. I suppose it could have hitched a ride on a car or truck.

  98. Pengie Plays

    Pengie Plays9 ngày trước

    0_0 😱

  99. Chloe Baker

    Chloe Baker9 ngày trước

    And wait were can you find these because if I see one of those I am going to be in a room locked up we’re no spider can get in

  100. The Bombastic Overseer

    The Bombastic Overseer9 ngày trước

    In fact, there are more dangerous insects than that spider, such as the kissing bug, the bot fly, the giant Japanese hornet, the tsetse fly, the driver ant, the executioner wasp, the Brazilian wandering spider, the Death stalker scorpion, and the the marbled cone snail...but...coyote is still right...that is an extremely dangerous insect that could kill you with its offense coyote