Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke


  1. Chris Ortiz

    Chris OrtizGiờ trước

    This was/is/will be the most amazing carpool karaoke ever! Thank you very much Sir. Paul and Sir. James!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  2. Arthur Pede

    Arthur PedeGiờ trước

    This video is more worth than my life

  3. Adam Jurowczyk

    Adam JurowczykGiờ trước

    James you hit the universe record with this video :)

  4. Andreas Lassen

    Andreas LassenGiờ trước

    gotta love spm

  5. mark geodhel

    mark geodhelGiờ trước

    Bawling from start to finish. This is dope!😂

  6. Eman Qawasmi

    Eman QawasmiGiờ trước

    BEST carpool karaoke

  7. Julia Castro

    Julia CastroGiờ trước

    literally sobbing

  8. sutil arqui

    sutil arquiGiờ trước

    Thank you very much, James. May God bless you.

  9. Lin Dow

    Lin DowGiờ trước


  10. TradeWithRicky

    TradeWithRickyGiờ trước

    This is what Humanity needs ! So much joy , so much happiness ! Look at those people faces and emotions when they saw Paul singing in front of them , gosh what a beautiful video . Really upset in seeing people giving thumbs down for this video

  11. Li Raven

    Li RavenGiờ trước

    It goes on and on and on because THAT LOVE is an eternal flame in the heart. Thanks for sharing it 💗💗💗 Best carkaraoke EVER.

  12. Marit Ørndal

    Marit ØrndalGiờ trước

    oh my god

  13. Louise Ransil

    Louise RansilGiờ trước

    The Beatles -- still the greatest band EVER!

  14. Aka Aka music

    Aka Aka musicGiờ trước

    This is surely the most touching installment in carpool karaoke series! James, you nailed it even sitting next to the god in pop music!

  15. Little-User

    Little-UserGiờ trước


  16. Tomulator

    TomulatorGiờ trước

    The ONLY thing that would’ve made it better is if they’d have surprised Paul by having Ringo show up and sit in on drums at the end...

  17. Nabila Ayu Mahardika

    Nabila Ayu MahardikaGiờ trước

    BEST CARPOOL KARAOKE!!! I feel blessed I got the chance to witness this when he still alive! thank you Paul for making the world a little bit better with your amazing work of art

  18. DeanGordon

    DeanGordonGiờ trước

    Absolutely outstanding, best carpool by a mile.

  19. evil child

    evil childGiờ trước

    In here before this hit a billion!

  20. IamMagPie

    IamMagPieGiờ trước

    Watching Paul is like meeting an old friend. This is now my favorite VIreporter-video.

  21. Federico Diaz

    Federico DiazGiờ trước

    Jesus, I would be proud to be a Liverpudlian

  22. Jolie 2004

    Jolie 2004Giờ trước

    Fucking legend ✊🇬🇧

  23. Ophelia S

    Ophelia SGiờ trước

    I have adored the Beatles since I was fourteen. When everyone else was listening to Kurt Cobain I was listening to John, Paul, George and

  24. Jennifer Peercy

    Jennifer PeercyGiờ trước

    The best there is

  25. Movie Fan

    Movie FanGiờ trước

    Donald trump hair

  26. Cassandra Martinez

    Cassandra MartinezGiờ trước

    This was just so special. It really shows that you can start from anywhere really. And that your life will just take you down any road. This was so wonderful!!

  27. Алиша Рания

    Алиша РанияGiờ trước

    THE REAL LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mariana Lll

    Mariana LllGiờ trước


  29. Dirk Arse

    Dirk ArseGiờ trước

    WOW WOW WOW. I'm sitting here tears running down my cheeks, who the hell cares.!!!!!!! Wow again.

  30. Dani :3

    Dani :3Giờ trước

    amazing :') 💘

  31. cmlamont1

    cmlamont1Giờ trước

    That scene in the pub three generations of people are dying to see him, what a reach the beatles and McCartney had and yet still seems so down to earth! Great stuff!

  32. Ivana Đorđević

    Ivana ĐorđevićGiờ trước

    THE BEST EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. outerrealm

    outerrealmGiờ trước

    This brings tears to my eyes, God bless Sir James Paul McCartney

  34. Hannah Fraser-Brown x

    Hannah Fraser-Brown xGiờ trước

    Nice patek and AP james, except you are both wearing it on the right hand!!!

  35. Tiffany Linaman

    Tiffany LinamanGiờ trước

    I love how Paul has to look down at his own lyrics 😆

  36. Harry

    HarryGiờ trước

    best carpool ever, beautiful video... Paul is da man!

  37. J P

    J PGiờ trước

    Finally one with real music

  38. daprox

    daproxGiờ trước

    Not so long ago Kanye made him famous and now this man is doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. What a career!

  39. Virgilio Gabriel

    Virgilio GabrielGiờ trước

    Beautiful memories, caught me welling up as well..

  40. William Snyder

    William SnyderGiờ trước

    This is just magic. Thank you, James and James Paul

  41. Jenn'sCrazyLife

    Jenn'sCrazyLifeGiờ trước

    i want to be one of the fans aha

  42. Valerie Pearson

    Valerie PearsonGiờ trước

    Too cool

  43. Not Me

    Not MeGiờ trước

    My favorite part is the crowd in the pub... you can see ALL AGES its honestly so beautiful it makes me cry

  44. ongomagic

    ongomagicGiờ trước

    Awesome 😎

  45. Claudia Martinez

    Claudia MartinezGiờ trước

    The best carpool karaoke ever. The looks on those faces at the pub, priceless. The man is a legend. God bless Sir Paul McCartney.👏😀

  46. Patrice Marquez

    Patrice MarquezGiờ trước

    I was crying the whole time..

  47. RealVids Highlights

    RealVids HighlightsGiờ trước

    Curry is trash

  48. Tomulator

    TomulatorGiờ trước

    Insanely COOL!

  49. Laura Kluinhaar

    Laura KluinhaarGiờ trước

    Fantastic! 😘

  50. ritacamillej

    ritacamillejGiờ trước

    I truly enjoyed watching! I think this is the best one yet!!!

  51. endrizo

    endrizoGiờ trước

    The shortest 24 minutes ever.

  52. raul villarreal

    raul villarrealGiờ trước

    Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Rainbow 101

    Rainbow 101Giờ trước

    I’m glad Paul is finally letting the grey hair come through. Looks classier

  54. Keila Lodetti

    Keila LodettiGiờ trước

    I cried so hard

  55. Dave L

    Dave LGiờ trước

    Wow, just wow. This was wonderful. Thank you!

  56. Michelle Moriarty

    Michelle MoriartyGiờ trước

    I love him so much!! What a beautiful soul ❤️

  57. Žiga X

    Žiga XGiờ trước

    that was dope. billy idol next?

  58. Don'tWorryBabyRebornCollective

    Don'tWorryBabyRebornCollectiveGiờ trước

    Seriously the best I can’t believe this has brought me to tears 😭

  59. Edgar Morales

    Edgar MoralesGiờ trước

    Best. Carpool. EVER.

  60. Richard Treat

    Richard TreatGiờ trước

    This is the best Carpool EVER !!!

  61. DylsFS

    DylsFSGiờ trước

    Can see James reading the lyrics to the new song 😂😂

  62. Jenn'sCrazyLife

    Jenn'sCrazyLifeGiờ trước

    I love seeing how excited everyone gets to see Paul.

  63. Stephanie Dixon

    Stephanie DixonGiờ trước

    Why am I crying?!

  64. imtocool

    imtocoolGiờ trước

    I thought he was dead!!!!

  65. Per Erik Wennberg

    Per Erik WennbergGiờ trước

    I choked up when Paul said: He is!.. OMG!...

  66. Paul Milde

    Paul MildeGiờ trước

    Best carpool Karaoke ever!!!

  67. Joanne Katende

    Joanne KatendeGiờ trước

    Hey Jude😭😭😭

  68. Alannah Brennan

    Alannah BrennanGiờ trước

    Such an incredible human

  69. Aka Aka music

    Aka Aka musicGiờ trước

    FROM日本 🇬🇧❤️🇯🇵

  70. Silvania Silva

    Silvania SilvaGiờ trước

    The best video I have ever see. Amazing!!!!!

  71. Martin Gutierrez

    Martin GutierrezGiờ trước

    Carpool in Liverpool. Not much of a carpool nor any livers 2/10. Very disappointing

  72. Ester Sánchez

    Ester SánchezGiờ trước

    I'm not crying, is just something in my eye

  73. Stephanie Dixon

    Stephanie DixonGiờ trước

    YES YES YES!!!

  74. wstport1

    wstport1Giờ trước

    Absolutely fabulous !! They looked like they were having real fun .

  75. Christina Bucher

    Christina BucherGiờ trước

    James Corden what a show! Thank you.

  76. quflos

    quflosGiờ trước

    The best video yet.

  77. Kellie Brown

    Kellie BrownGiờ trước

    best carpool karaoke ever! This was so moving and so amazing it just speaks to how the Beatles will always be relevant and their music will stand the test of time. For generations to come if they have any sense. Fantastic!

  78. Maurèen

    MaurèenGiờ trước

    So emotional, it was the best carpool karaoke ever ! I am so pleased that James Corden invited Paul McCartney. I am such a huge fan of the Beatles since I am 11, now 25, almost 26 and I can't and won't get over them. The first time I saw Paul McCartney in live was in 2015 in Paris, and I will cherish that day for ever, one of the most powerful nights of my entire life.

  79. Stephanie Walls

    Stephanie WallsGiờ trước

    totally not sobbing at my desk right now. totally not.

  80. Cristian QuitoRockyRoll

    Cristian QuitoRockyRollGiờ trước

    I Lovd Rock And Roll And Paul Mccartney

  81. retno w

    retno wGiờ trước


  82. Greenleaf _

    Greenleaf _Giờ trước

    500 dislike...? Wtf wrong with people?

  83. Abigail Bolks

    Abigail BolksGiờ trước

    Best carpool karaoke ever!!

  84. Lee Murray

    Lee MurrayGiờ trước

    Right in the feels 😭

  85. bert falasco

    bert falascoGiờ trước

    I have been indifferent about Corden but this is the best content I have seen in a very long time. This was absolutely legendary and fascinating.

  86. jerseyrock1969

    jerseyrock1969Giờ trước

    Now that's a true musician!!!

  87. Merrill Matthews

    Merrill MatthewsGiờ trước

    Hands down this is the most emotional, beautiful, funny, perfect carpool EVER. It's almost like a mini documentary!

  88. Mr. Vdpk

    Mr. VdpkGiờ trước

    I would be great if they put up the entire concert

  89. Jessica Erandi Villa Bárcenas

    Jessica Erandi Villa BárcenasGiờ trước

    The beessst!!!!

  90. Chloe Costa

    Chloe CostaGiờ trước

    That was FUCKING amazing

  91. Wade Hammes

    Wade HammesGiờ trước

    This was beyond epic.

  92. N01ne

    N01neGiờ trước

    Funk you bitch James cordon sucks major donkey dick

  93. Filma Pro11

    Filma Pro11Giờ trước

    *guys mutual subscription please*

  94. S G

    S GGiờ trước

    The 515 who coted this down have no soul whatsoever, and i feel for you!

  95. Mel B

    Mel BGiờ trước

    This is beautiful man...emotional,legendary. Beatles forever...🙄💖

  96. Stephen Cresswell

    Stephen CresswellGiờ trước

    and people say Beatlemania is over...

  97. Dan B

    Dan BGiờ trước


  98. Lexx San Luis

    Lexx San LuisGiờ trước

    The best!

  99. BlackHole PW

    BlackHole PWGiờ trước

    The beatles is the best,50 years ago autotune wasnt a thing yet so.

  100. hoopoe bird

    hoopoe birdGiờ trước

    We want Tom!