Paying Sister and her "Boyfriend" to Tell their DEEP Secrets! | Brent Rivera


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    THE TEA IS SPILLED😂 hit that LIKE button👍🏼 and then comment "ben has a farting problem"😂 I love you so much

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    MrBrent98 hi

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    Your the vest

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    MrBrent98 Ben has a farting problem

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    Ben has a farting problem 😂

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    Ben is so cute😂❤😍

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    Basically 9 minutes of Lexi being a b****!

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    Good one like the one you said I would like to change Ben’s attitude it was funny I am a big fan

  10. luna barragan

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    Good one Lexi that was funny when you said I would like to change Ben’s attitude and made me laugh and I am a big fan

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    I think Ben and Lexi look more like siblings thank Brent and Lexi

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    Why didn’t you say “now I have another £1000 and you two can split it if you kiss infront of the camera”

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    Lexi is pissed because of the fake ring🙄

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    u should've gave the last 100 dollar to Ben sothat he could by a real ring

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    Hi Do you guys know Sofie Dossi

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    who else thinks Lexi is beautiful and hot because I think she is

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    What would VIreporter be without Brent

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    Bexi and breva

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    Brent said that "the girls you have DATED " he answered Lexi there's your answer

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    This video should be called “Lexi being savage for 8 minutes straight”

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    hey pls kiss eva plssssssss

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    Brent is so happy becouse they are fighting but ben and lexi are nervous. hah

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    Splits one million stack in half, HERE, HERES ONE HALF FOR BOTH OF YOU

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    U did not expose them at all

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    Weird flex but ok

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    All we need is Brent in our life

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    I norm dont sub to super famous youtubers. But dude you are awesome

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    Ooooor you could have hired an investigator to dig for the juicy dirt. Lol jk this vid was funnier

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    *when Lexi throws the money over to Ben because of the fake ring* Me:SMOOOOOOOOTH Btw Brent you’re so nice 👍

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    7:51 Ben: You're talkin Arianna Grande? Lexi: You're talkin ASAP Rock? Me: You're talkin Kai? ben has a farting problem

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    Brent in this video is literally me lmao

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    I feel bad for Ben


    FUTURE BOYNgày trước


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    Ben is so ugly EW

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    But Ben got roasted pretty hard

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    Lexi is a Savage

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    His face 3:48 is priceless 😂😂😂

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    1 like=1 Kindness from lexi to ben

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    Lexi's trash talking is on point :)

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    Literally a brother trying to break up the relationship between his sister and his best friend!XD

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    Ben has a farting problem

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    Omg bro


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    I am ur nw subscriber

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    I feel bad for ben tbh lmao

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    a week later: they broke up

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    Ben Alxei is your girlfriend because you have a six pac BOOM

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    Lexi hensiler has a crush on you

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    Hey BRENT

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    so at 4:26 lexi would date Andrew Davila thta Andrew people pls reply to me i need to know

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    The title: paying my sister and her boyfriend to tell me their deep secrets Real title: Lexi roasting Ben for 8 minutes and 54 seconds

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    Wow Lexi is very mean not hating but Ben loves her more

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    Brent was like the thirdwheel in the vedeo😂😂

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    You are a fly Ben and Levi and breant most fully ben

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    Lexi is a badass 😂😂 RESPECT!

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    how is it that in every video brent is always sitting in the middle of the couple?????? hmmmmmmmmm coincidence NOT

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    omg lexi did ti

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    They both are adorable!

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    Ben is the sweetest guy ever Brent and Lexi you guys are MEAN

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    Kendra So

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    I Love you Ben. Hashtag “Carmen

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    Ben has a farting problem! LMAO

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    I feel bad for ben.....😞

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    7:25 Can we get "why are we still here , just ro suffer" song , zoomed on poor Ben's face please? :'(

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    lol Lexi didn't even want to be in a relationship at the start ;)