Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


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    Anyone remember he played the green lantern

  4. D4RK_ Blast

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    Wers ryan bro its been a year

  5. Kylee Harper

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    Ok I just watched Deadpool 2 and I may have cried

  6. Night bot

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    Ryan: -touches jacks leg and gives him a classic jack five- Jack: -internally dying and screaming but still woke-

  7. Abream

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    this is such a good interview format.

  8. Danny Hale

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    Play marvels Spiderman ps4 with Tom Holland

  9. Perce King

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    They are talking and Jack is just playing Deadpool

  10. Jack x Ari

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    This is the best

  11. Julia Locke

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    one of the most wholesome interviews I have seen in such a long time. I've watched it so many times I cannot get over their chemistry!

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    New title: *playing Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds*

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    wow dead pool looks so diffrent from the game

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    Oh and speaking of asses

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    Anyone else notice how Ryan Reynolds looks like Ramy Youssef! Research about this but I found it first

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    Man it would be really cool to see Ryan react to the show Castlevania since he played Castlevania !

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    Are they using an Xbox at Sony???!!!!!!!!!

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    That was a interesting interview, i enjoyed watching it

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    lucky bastard

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    Can they just make out already

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    DeadPool is the definition of a sociopath

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    My favorite line in Deadpool 2 Deadpool: I LOVE DUBSTEP

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    Rip x

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    hey look its pikachu

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    I think Ryan would be proud if he saw Death Battle between Deadpool & Deathstroke

  27. Conner Winde

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    00:55 TOON BLAST

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    Title: *Interviewing Ryan Reynolds while I play Deadpool!*

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    Ryan looks like he doesn’t want to be there in the beginning

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    Which platform is Ryan following him on? Def not insta. 🤷‍♀️

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    I don’t fucking know how to play this

  32. TheRealDeadra

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    Is the background a green screen because it's jiggling

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    One of my favorite youtubers and my favorite actor doing my favorite thing....

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    This is how many times Ryan made Deadpool jokes 👇🏼

  35. Lui K

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    Rian and decapario are my favorite actors Deadpool is the best I’m serious

  36. Alexis Montiel

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    5 year old kids be like "is that the guy from Pokémon Detective Pikachu."

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    I think it is really cute how ryan is interested in the things jack is doing.

  38. JohnPlays YT

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    Sometimes Ryan Reynolds's sarcasm is so on point that I can't tell if he's for real or being sarcastic, 6:37 Family Movie lmao

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    My favorite super hero:deadpool My favorite villian:deadpool

  40. bad girl

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    Im 11 and im going through a lot My parents wont stop fighting when my dad gets home and my dad hurts my mom a lot a-and i d-dont know w-what to d-do 😢😥😩😟

  41. bad girl

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    Jack:huge fan Me;-;:Im a huge fan too :D


    OFFICIAL FBI7 ngày trước

    The ability to have patience talking with a famous celebrity

  43. Bad Advice Joe

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    Now he needs to play let's go pikachu

  44. Nathaniel Solis

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    In this video we see Deadpool play as himself

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    This video was uploaded on mothers day, a day after my parents anaversery, and the day of my birth

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    I would kill to get Ryan Reynolds here just so he could meet my brother. He's not the nicest person ever but I think he deserves to meet his favorite person in the world, just sayin.

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    Jackaboi: They said I couldn't go big, but here I am playing a video game with a famous actor!

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    As soon as the video ended, he was out the door. Geez.


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    How have I not seen this video yet

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    You should play Superman 64 with Henry Cavill!

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    Im jellis


    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN9 ngày trước

    VIreporter recomendation is fucking Gay today!

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    Has his own game Doesn’t know how to jump

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    Ryan Reynolds played for only 2 minutes and 46 seconds while Sean took the rest of the video

  58. TechRuinedMyLife

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    This Ryan Guy's voice is really funny almost as funny as Deadpool

  59. HMM Mm

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    TechRuinedMyLife “iS thIs a JOkE? TheY’Re tHe sAmE pErSOn”

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    I want to see him meet Chris Evans

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    Play roblox

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    Deadpool is worse then then the standerd videogame player AT DEADPOOL!!

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    1:39 lmaoo

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    I would have passed out. You’re so lucky!

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    Take a shot every time they say deadpool

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    i fucking loved you in waiting lol

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    Ryan Reynolds omg iam your biggestdeadpool fan

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    ....All I can say is......I am like M.Reynolds when it comes to this kind of games.....and my little sissa(sister)...are the one helping me when we play two pair games...I sometimes make her lose it...when I failing really hard....(U_U)...

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    You could’ve played green lantern

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    I always get ads of Ryan playing toon blast

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    Looking like the perfect gay couple

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    I like the channel name.If you know you know😉

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    Im dead

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    you think when Vanessa died she went to the dc universe

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    An Irish and a Canadian. Such wholesome content.

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    I wonder how this ever got any dislikes

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    get the game on xbox 1 plus ps4

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    so after soooooo long I finally checked this one out ry seems like a real chill n humble dude . I'd love to see you meet Reeves he's %100 the nicest greatest guy in the world ;) . love you broham keep up the good work and all the best in your future

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    How about the hulk

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    Lol this is the one time I've seen him not say "top of the mornin to ya laddies" when it started.

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    Anyone here because of detective pikachu😂😂

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    Starting a utube channel and all the help I can get would be amazing

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    Hey yall should go sub for me

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    I appreciate it

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    Lima balls thx

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    My favorite Ryan renolds moment is detective pikuchu crying and singing

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    Pika pika

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    and if not fortnite with cap america if that game is still alive

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    Wow he actually got ryan reynolds to play with him.

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    "im getting dead" -Ryan Reynolds

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    Ryan: *talking about acting and having a good time* Sean's thoughts: is the aircon good? Is he bored? Am i annoying? Does he hate the game? Am i asking weird questions? *hyperventilate* Ryan: Sean... tell me how to jump Sean: senpai knows my name Also i have never heard Sean so quiet

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    Fakeee thats just gordon reynolds

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    Should’ve renamed it Playing Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool

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    I love Deadpool ☺️😄

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    Ryan He is so kind and inspiring and then you see dead pool

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    Clickbait... boring video. Bad jokes. Ryan Reynolds is obviously suffering through this entire thing.

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    This is pretty cringe 😳

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    This is like me and my dad trying to play games. Yes my dad is my only friend

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    A ear footage of watching deadpool the actor play desdpool

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    I dont think my coach knows that he has the same name ryan renalds

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    How much did u pay him to do this again???