Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


  1. christakisf Christakisf

    christakisf ChristakisfGiờ trước

    Someone named Ryan sounds like he has better things to do

  2. Gage Gollin

    Gage GollinGiờ trước

    Soooo you like to play Castlevaniaaaa

  3. TwentyFirstPilotHadAPanic!WithHisChemicalRomance

    TwentyFirstPilotHadAPanic!WithHisChemicalRomance5 giờ trước

    Now watch Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds

  4. Adam

    Adam12 giờ trước

    you like a doctor

  5. InFinite Pro

    InFinite Pro12 giờ trước

    This was really awkward

  6. Muskan Singh

    Muskan Singh17 giờ trước

    What happens when 2 legends clash together in a room? apparently, great conversations! XD aha

  7. getStunnd

    getStunnd19 giờ trước

    Wait he’s the guy in the toon blast ads!

  8. Grant Walton

    Grant Walton20 giờ trước

    Ah yes Ryan Reynolds, the guy who killed himself twice

  9. seann 11261

    seann 1126123 giờ trước

    In wolverine origins deadpool teleported

  10. danara pel

    danara pelNgày trước

    Holy shit I really respect Ryan Reynolds for talking about the struggle to talk about shit you;re going through

  11. ravis pouresmaeil

    ravis pouresmaeilNgày trước

    Don’t lie to me damn it . That ain’t Ryan Reynolds, that’s Deadpool.

  12. captain ark

    captain arkNgày trước

    jakesepticeye and Deadpool playing deadpool

  13. knights syren

    knights syrenNgày trước

    I watched both of them too and I am a big fan as well I love the movies 😍

  14. Reily Cohan

    Reily CohanNgày trước

    Jack's people skills are better then my living skills. He met fricken Ryan Reynolds and he was able to ask good questions that didn't make the situation weird. I would've been like, Me: *walks up to Ryan* hehjddhbdfubdguufheueugghe

  15. Space Walrus

    Space WalrusNgày trước

    Dude this is like my 60th time rewatching this cause I can’t get enough of this

  16. Daniel Ryan

    Daniel RyanNgày trước

    I have Deadpool

  17. Joe487

    Joe487Ngày trước

    Little did he know that he was going to voice a Pikachu.

  18. NInjaTay2005

    NInjaTay20052 ngày trước


  19. Amber Charles

    Amber Charles2 ngày trước

    Tell ryan renolds i 💘 his movies especialy deadpool

  20. Greywind92

    Greywind922 ngày trước

    Ryan makes me proud to be canadian.

  21. DKBz DarkLaw

    DKBz DarkLaw2 ngày trước

    Green Lantern, Red Deadpool, and Yellow Pikachu. What is Ryan going to be next: The Blue Power Ranger?

  22. Bornflash Fammer

    Bornflash Fammer2 ngày trước

    Hey jack tell Ryan that Deadpool that they are my favorite movies

  23. StarGamer Plays80808 Stargamergirl80808

    StarGamer Plays80808 Stargamergirl808082 ngày trước


  24. Deku 4224

    Deku 42242 ngày trước

    It’s Pikachu

  25. TJ0410

    TJ04102 ngày trước


  26. Beta Bricks

    Beta Bricks3 ngày trước

    i bet Ryan will now ask the movie maker's to give dead pool teleportion now XD

  27. Beta Bricks

    Beta Bricks3 ngày trước

    love seeing Ryan Reynolds saying bad words on youtube it makes me laugh

  28. Felix White

    Felix White3 ngày trước

    so how's that fourth wall break in a fourth wall break that's like 16 walls

  29. yt b

    yt b3 ngày trước

    There needs to be an open world deadpool game

  30. Dark Dylan

    Dark Dylan3 ngày trước

    I can not believe Ryan is pigachow in the new Pokémon movie

  31. Lea

    Lea3 ngày trước

    Hey look! It's detective pikachu!!

  32. The Flabbergasted Gamer

    The Flabbergasted Gamer3 ngày trước

    How did you feel about hanging out with pikachu, Jack?

  33. worrior cats

    worrior cats3 ngày trước

    Jack: so deadpool 3 just going to be and alian invasion something like that Ryan : juess fucking criust going to give me a heart attack

  34. The Unownlord

    The Unownlord3 ngày trước

    Oh its the pikachu guy

  35. Mae Desiree Paran

    Mae Desiree Paran3 ngày trước

    Ryan just posted a trailer pokemon

  36. TheGoldminor

    TheGoldminor3 ngày trước

    Next up, detective pikachu playthrough with ryan reynolds.

  37. Troyboy man

    Troyboy man3 ngày trước

    Jack plays Dead pool with deadpool

  38. Tony Barraza

    Tony Barraza3 ngày trước

    Here after watching the Detective Pikachu trailer. Hi.

  39. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow3 ngày trước

    Is this guy the ad sponsor for toy something something?

  40. RainKitsu 96

    RainKitsu 963 ngày trước

    Jack, Ryan Reynolds is gonna play in the new Pokemon movie, and he's gonna be a Pikachu! XD

  41. VOVAN SARANIN GAMES MOVIE scott cawthon

    VOVAN SARANIN GAMES MOVIE scott cawthon3 ngày trước

    "Deadpool" (2016) "Deadpool 2" (2018) "Deadpool 3" (20??) :(?

  42. MixedVibesYT

    MixedVibesYT3 ngày trước

    7:08 plz tell me your joking

  43. Genral WhiteShark

    Genral WhiteShark3 ngày trước

    Why is it when ever other youtubers invite other peopl its very awkward

  44. Vegeta Gaming

    Vegeta Gaming3 ngày trước

    I just watched this in November and now I’m friggin watching detective pikachu starring Ryan Renalds aka pikachu

  45. gage harrison

    gage harrison3 ngày trước

    You lucky mofo

  46. Spyninga Pugjocy

    Spyninga Pugjocy3 ngày trước

    I knew who was Ryan Reynolds from the toon blast ad XD

  47. Captain Candy

    Captain Candy4 ngày trước

    Now you need to play a Pikachu based game with him.

  48. MaxBuster

    MaxBuster4 ngày trước

    Playing Deadpool with a Pikachu ?

  49. zelix cx

    zelix cx4 ngày trước

    When was the last time u played castlevania 😂 love that game

  50. Donut the wolf 11

    Donut the wolf 114 ngày trước

    He plays detective pika in 2019

  51. Oreo Wolf

    Oreo Wolf4 ngày trước

    ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

  52. Hopeisthekey

    Hopeisthekey4 ngày trước

    Definitely one of the best videos of the year.

  53. L PC

    L PC4 ngày trước

    Yo jack what’s your gamer tag on Xbox

  54. Frozen Polar Bear

    Frozen Polar Bear5 ngày trước

    You should have asked if he really likes toonblast

  55. mr.small dick

    mr.small dick5 ngày trước

    Let Ryan play

  56. Roblox is better

    Roblox is better5 ngày trước

    "🎶 Jesus take the wheeeeellll take it from my haaannds" Ryan: "oh no don't do that"

  57. Brooke Ure

    Brooke Ure5 ngày trước


  58. Brooke Ure

    Brooke Ure5 ngày trước


  59. Brooke Ure

    Brooke Ure5 ngày trước

    He plays himself lol

  60. MrNRG The Animation Maker

    MrNRG The Animation Maker5 ngày trước

    I'm Thinking About Something Crazy Right now, Deadpool Used to Have a Crush on Black Widow, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, Scarlet Johansson is Black Widow, Ryan Was Once Married to Scarlet

  61. Jacob Mollette

    Jacob Mollette5 ngày trước

    He said fuck he said fuck Steve he said fuck throw your shield at him and say LANGUAGE

  62. Jacob Mollette

    Jacob Mollette5 ngày trước

    Who remembers his old intro TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES!!!??

  63. Camron Blankenship

    Camron Blankenship5 ngày trước

    Yeah I can't believe he's really playing with Ryan Renalds

  64. kitty farts

    kitty farts5 ngày trước

    The only one who's watching this for the fifth hundredth time just to see how much Jack and fanboy

  65. kitty farts

    kitty farts5 ngày trước

    Can fanboy*

  66. hay Henderson

    hay Henderson6 ngày trước


  67. Joshua Roberts

    Joshua Roberts6 ngày trước

    Who’ve seen this guy on toon blast ads

  68. FilippasAngelMartina

    FilippasAngelMartina6 ngày trước

    Sean looks like he's about to shit his pants any second x'D

  69. ghast girl223

    ghast girl2236 ngày trước

    Love u Jack and ryan is awesome and u are cute. =3

  70. Ze_ Alpha

    Ze_ Alpha6 ngày trước

    You should be in DEADPOOL3 Jack ! it'd be awesome!

  71. juicypancakes200

    juicypancakes2006 ngày trước

    Drunk husband: the "hic" 2 most handsom men In the hollow hearth Wife: you are fucking drunk harold Drunk husband: fuck you Janet Wife: who the hell is Janet Drunk husband: Julie?

  72. Stephanie Southerland

    Stephanie Southerland6 ngày trước

    I love DP, love both movies, the comics, everything... I WANNA BE YOU DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!

  73. Sketchboi

    Sketchboi7 ngày trước

    So... Ryan reynolds and irish Ryan Reynolds

  74. Beemap

    Beemap7 ngày trước

    Ryan like toon blast

  75. Incapable of originality but im trying

    Incapable of originality but im trying7 ngày trước

    Yes, the most important question. Colossus's ass.

  76. seth Egen

    seth Egen7 ngày trước

    who else absolutely loved that ending

  77. Allen Yang

    Allen Yang7 ngày trước

    He’s the toon blast guy

  78. SuperGamer

    SuperGamer7 ngày trước

    Two cool dudes!

  79. TheSlitherySnake

    TheSlitherySnake7 ngày trước

    This got too deep really quick

  80. The_gaming_pea pea

    The_gaming_pea pea8 ngày trước

    Oh dear hes that green labtgton guy ohh dear

  81. Vampire 210

    Vampire 2108 ngày trước

    Ryan Reynolds and Jacksepticeye is the best combo of comedy ever

  82. SirTimmicus

    SirTimmicus8 ngày trước

    All these people are saying play the new spiderman with tom holland but fuck that, play with Tobey Maguire

  83. Spider ManPower

    Spider ManPower8 ngày trước

    Is that Ryan Reynolds?The actor who plays the Dead Pool? Wow that is amazing..-0_+

  84. Damien Seymour-Allen

    Damien Seymour-Allen8 ngày trước

    Ryan and jack are friends and after he said a#$ he jumped😮😄

  85. mAgIc_MeMeR 456

    mAgIc_MeMeR 4568 ngày trước

    Why My PP Hard ?!?!?!?!?!?

  86. Marisa 2

    Marisa 29 ngày trước

    This is beautiful. Ryan Reynolds looks like the nicest guy in the world

  87. the joker

    the joker10 ngày trước

    I love you both I'm your son take me daddies

  88. James Moriarty

    James Moriarty10 ngày trước

    Ryan is such a dad

  89. Shae-Shae

    Shae-Shae10 ngày trước


  90. ManiacFarmer

    ManiacFarmer10 ngày trước

    What happened to "TOPODAMORNINGTOJALATTIES"!!!!


    GOLDEN GAMER10 ngày trước

    Oh it’s that toon blast guy

  92. Anthony Sigala

    Anthony Sigala10 ngày trước

    It's funny because it's like trying to teach your parents how to play a game and you have to tell them where to go and how to do stuff

  93. Mashoon Patel

    Mashoon Patel11 ngày trước

    Jack looks so cute

  94. Wan 27

    Wan 2711 ngày trước

    Sean's head looks small in the thumbnail🍊

  95. michael smith

    michael smith11 ngày trước

    Ryan and Tom Holland should make a Deadpool X Spiderman movie. I think that would be amazing.

  96. Holden Pendergrass

    Holden Pendergrass11 ngày trước

    Hey Ryan Reynolds shouldn't you be playing toon blast right now?

  97. Dope Side

    Dope Side11 ngày trước

    *Green Lantern is Here*

  98. Sara Peterson

    Sara Peterson11 ngày trước

    Oh ryan that green one in the pattern game fake arms? ...oh the red on hes spiderman i love that guy!!! With the toon blast was it yeah thats it!!!

  99. Sibs restaurant

    Sibs restaurant11 ngày trước

    RYAN: god you're so good at this Shawn/jack: better than felix

  100. dorky bunny

    dorky bunny12 ngày trước

    Actually, you and Tom Holland playing Spider-Man would be amazing. I mean, both of you are so cute and just sweet. You two should meet and play Spider-Man! ❤ Also i love every video like this like the one with Bryan and also Ryan here. This video is also so sweet. Kind of.. Inspiring? I adore you and everything you do.

  101. big kahuna burger

    big kahuna burger12 ngày trước

    It's so surreal wish I could meet Ryan