1. Raya Olson

    Raya OlsonNgày trước

    holy crap girl you and sabrina are so lucky with those cheek bones and anyways you are both so great love you

  2. Brenda Visser

    Brenda Visser2 ngày trước

    Does tati have like a whole Disney princesses mirror collection or something?

  3. carmen chavez

    carmen chavez2 ngày trước

    Love these videos!!

  4. Wilde Jakobsen

    Wilde Jakobsen3 ngày trước

    Where do you guys get your mirrors from?? They are so freakin cute🤠

  5. Ginny Rose

    Ginny Rose4 ngày trước

    Sabrina went to makeup school...I want to hear some of her tips and tricks, too!

  6. Srabanti melody

    Srabanti melody6 ngày trước

    You two looks like Twins...😍🥰

  7. Maricela Cads

    Maricela Cads9 ngày trước


  8. Silvia Maia Holanda

    Silvia Maia Holanda10 ngày trước

    I loved it!!

  9. sunshine leah

    sunshine leah10 ngày trước

    are you guys twins?

  10. Ena Roos

    Ena Roos10 ngày trước

    it's crazy how much you all look alike 😍

  11. Cassandra Alba

    Cassandra Alba11 ngày trước

    All her family’s skin is 🤯😍

  12. Demi & Haylee

    Demi & Haylee11 ngày trước

    Y’all look so much alike and so different at the same time

  13. I only Stan a queen like fei

    I only Stan a queen like fei11 ngày trước

    6:15" here at sm we got it all for you"

  14. Mauris Canaan

    Mauris Canaan12 ngày trước

    You guys look like twins

  15. vic

    vic12 ngày trước


  16. edith mojica

    edith mojica13 ngày trước

    can you make a video on how you take care of your hair its so healthy !

  17. Amy K

    Amy K13 ngày trước

    Oh my God I absolutely love your videos with your siblings you are all so beautiful!

  18. Ami Unlimited

    Ami Unlimited13 ngày trước

    Tati do her makeup and hairstyling so that she looks exactly like you 💄😂💄💄😍😍😍

  19. sofia amaya

    sofia amaya14 ngày trước

    wait i’m new. are they twins or do they just look really really alike

  20. Martina Albornoz

    Martina Albornoz12 ngày trước

    sofia amaya they just look really alike, sabrina has a twin though

  21. McKenna Dyer

    McKenna Dyer14 ngày trước

    what is up with this family’s cheekbones!!!!!

  22. Mak Angeline

    Mak Angeline14 ngày trước

    sabrina’s jawline said: “|___|” and i heard it

  23. Monica Potter

    Monica Potter14 ngày trước

    I love when the sisters come on ! And her mom. How cute is she with the purple?

  24. Alivia Small.

    Alivia Small.14 ngày trước

    Woah is it just me or does she kinda look like Nancy from weeds

  25. Daniela Silva

    Daniela Silva14 ngày trước

    I felt that when Tati’s sisters jawline went 🔪

  26. Noah gilbert

    Noah gilbert14 ngày trước

    In the beginning I was very very confused for a second.

  27. Yee Yee

    Yee Yee14 ngày trước

    Are they twins?

  28. Monica Hanson

    Monica Hanson14 ngày trước

    You girls are beautifullllll

  29. Lauren Agnes

    Lauren Agnes15 ngày trước

    I don’t like the brushed up wild eyebrow trend either.

  30. Amber Jackson

    Amber Jackson15 ngày trước

    You two are hilarious together!

  31. Kate Ballew

    Kate Ballew15 ngày trước

    You should do one of your sister’s makeup really badly.. as a prank

  32. aliasMiya

    aliasMiya15 ngày trước

    👏👏👏 now I want to do this withmy my brother 😂

  33. Alaa Atari

    Alaa Atari15 ngày trước

    Ugh yes that lashes trend looks horrendous!!!

  34. Mezmerized4Life Jay

    Mezmerized4Life Jay15 ngày trước

    You pranked her with Jaclyn Hill products 🤣

  35. MysteriousMeila Tv

    MysteriousMeila Tv15 ngày trước

    In the thumbnail I couldn’t tell the difference

  36. Chiara Assalve

    Chiara Assalve15 ngày trước

    Tati:” omg... I just saw the future”😂😂😂

  37. Tizzy Lizzy

    Tizzy Lizzy15 ngày trước

    I can hardly tell the difference between you two 😂

  38. Jess Page

    Jess Page15 ngày trước

    If this is supposed to be bad, I shouldn’t be doing the makeup I do on myself

  39. Orah Soller

    Orah Soller16 ngày trước

    I’ve gone down memory lane watching this video. Looking back I realised what fun I had doing my makeup with my big sis.

  40. Mia

    Mia16 ngày trước

    she sounds so much like you !!!

  41. Heidi Weller

    Heidi Weller16 ngày trước

    Tati what shade of Tom Ford Lipstick did you use!? It is so pretty

  42. Brieanna Star

    Brieanna Star17 ngày trước


  43. Heather Hernandez

    Heather Hernandez17 ngày trước

    Turned out beautiful

  44. Kristin Lynn

    Kristin Lynn17 ngày trước

    I mean is Tati’s entire family just genetically blessed? All naturally gorgeous! And have the same noses!

  45. Roxy and Matilda

    Roxy and Matilda17 ngày trước

    You gyes are literally 1 person

  46. Agnes Kostet

    Agnes Kostet17 ngày trước

    Good genes hello!?!?

  47. Chance Devine

    Chance Devine17 ngày trước

    Do anyone know the drink that Tati have ? I think would be nice to keep some at home

  48. Aanya

    Aanya16 ngày trước

    I think it is premier protein

  49. Kims_Quest

    Kims_Quest18 ngày trước

    I am dying. I thought I was the only one who fell off top bunk, passed the rail, while sleeping. I hit the floor and went back to sleep. I remember my parents running up my bedroom stairs like, “What happened?” I said, “I guess I fell. Let me sleep!” Lol

  50. Carey Lowther

    Carey Lowther18 ngày trước

    What are these wellness shots I see you take all the time?!?!

  51. TheONly _ khadi

    TheONly _ khadi18 ngày trước

    Who else thought tati cloned herself?

  52. Melissa Melissa

    Melissa Melissa18 ngày trước


  53. HeyyitzAlyssa

    HeyyitzAlyssa18 ngày trước

    Omg plot twist, Sabrina went to makeup school and you didn’t?? Also I have a feeling everything’s gonna look great on Sabrina😂

  54. ur mom SKSKSKSKSKSKS

    ur mom SKSKSKSKSKSKS19 ngày trước

    lol her face made me laugh 9:03 😂🤣

  55. Nelmarie Villegas

    Nelmarie Villegas19 ngày trước

    Bro they are twins 👯

  56. Fatema Alkamzari

    Fatema Alkamzari19 ngày trước

    I don't get it?

  57. Ziyantherubyminer Fire

    Ziyantherubyminer Fire19 ngày trước

    too loud

  58. Nataly Garcia

    Nataly Garcia19 ngày trước

    Subscribe to my channel! 💓

  59. Riosmonserrat21

    Riosmonserrat2120 ngày trước

    Omg more videos with Sabrina she’s adorable! Who else agrees Sabrina needs her own VIreporter Chanel 😍😭😍😭😍😭

  60. Hbgfub

    Hbgfub20 ngày trước

    Is tati the youngest ?

  61. Sabrina Cecilia

    Sabrina Cecilia20 ngày trước

    They have the same Voice

  62. Mackenzie Rae

    Mackenzie Rae20 ngày trước

    Are they twins??