Preparing Leroy to STREET DRIVE Over 1,300 Miles to FIVE Racetracks! **RACECAR ROADTRIP**


  1. Brice Hoogenboom

    Brice Hoogenboom22 ngày trước

    I'd definitely lose my license driving Leroy on the streets.

  2. TRD_SR5

    TRD_SR5Tháng trước

    Why don’t you put Leroy on jackstands in the trailer, then strap him down.

  3. JDMricist

    JDMricist2 tháng trước

    Cleetus MacFarland, America's man, has many skills and talents. Stick throwing? Definitely not one of them...

  4. Saule Karavirs

    Saule Karavirs3 tháng trước

    The Galaxy 's license plate starts with IL2, that's a Soviet Flying Tank ground strike plane. You need to change that. Your running on Bald Eagle Power not Commie power! Change that license plate to AD4 or A10 for the Capitalist Bald Eagle Power Boost!

  5. Dylan Carter

    Dylan Carter3 tháng trước

    You should get a little solar panel to let you charge your phone and battery’s if you don’t have a plug

  6. Cooper Johnson

    Cooper Johnson3 tháng trước

    Hey Cleetus, I wanna buy some sunglasses of your site. Any ideas on when the sunglasses with be restocked

  7. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob3 tháng trước

    the dogy drift

  8. cjlyon44

    cjlyon444 tháng trước

    Flex seal that peice of cardboard on the car with some duct tape and run it like that, full send and waterproof bud. If you actually do it you gotta give me credit!!

  9. Steve M

    Steve M4 tháng trước

    Intake filters and ear protection. And, of course, sunblock.

  10. Travis Hartley

    Travis Hartley4 tháng trước


  11. randall jr Benoit

    randall jr Benoit4 tháng trước

    I love golden retrievers best dogs in the world.... but so was my other dogs .... im without my dogs atm 31... had 5 pass away

  12. David Kelm

    David Kelm4 tháng trước

    uh uhm ok

  13. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera4 tháng trước

    Not a G. Foreman its a Ronco Rotisserie that your thinking of, but this is gonna be a sick trip.


    JIGA BACHI4 tháng trước

    Need water repellent socks on cone filters for the Turbskies.

  15. Chip Fisher

    Chip Fisher4 tháng trước

    Does this guy even know how to work on vehicles? All I see is him talking

  16. DemoScottGaming Lounge

    DemoScottGaming Lounge4 tháng trước

    You should do some sort of hardtop removel panel that sits all round the cockpit area of the car that comes off as one piece

  17. Franco Racing

    Franco Racing4 tháng trước

    Where can I find that launch control button?!

  18. Court Bouchard

    Court Bouchard4 tháng trước

    "Set it and forget" it is actually the Ronco Rotisserie tag line. Just sayin.. you are still the coolest of doods so all good

  19. Ron Schmidt

    Ron Schmidt4 tháng trước

    You should do hot rod drag week too.

  20. Benjamin Gonzales

    Benjamin Gonzales4 tháng trước

    Ask pro fab to pro fab you a targa too hehe

  21. J.R. Beumel

    J.R. Beumel4 tháng trước

    8:14 good idea James.

  22. Dustin Warren

    Dustin Warren4 tháng trước

    It's not the Foreman grill, it's the Ronco showtime Rotisserie cooker. Set it and Forget it.

  23. 6.0 Coal

    6.0 Coal4 tháng trước

    Spray the roof with can Bedliner

  24. David Windsor

    David Windsor4 tháng trước

    Did you change out the rubbers on the rear suspension. Or were thay ok.😆😉👍👍👍

  25. O0osH KJV ONLY

    O0osH KJV ONLY4 tháng trước

    do it 4 dale

  26. Boo Boo

    Boo Boo4 tháng trước

    Look up HornBlasters on VIreporter for a horn for Leroy.

  27. SuperGameStar

    SuperGameStar4 tháng trước

    How are you starting LEROY without engaging the clutch? Just curious is that an option for corvettes or is that because of the Holley system?

  28. Barnznall’s Garage

    Barnznall’s Garage4 tháng trước

    Why does it crank so long before it fires up? It’s a built motor worth big $$$$ and it cranks over like it’s a worn out shit box jalopy my ls2 Holden ss Ute 2 to 3 turns max and it fires every time

  29. dank9288639

    dank92886394 tháng trước

    oakley needs to sponsor out boy tf

  30. Alexander Grullon

    Alexander Grullon4 tháng trước

    Get a Jeep 2 door top

  31. Reckless Garage

    Reckless Garage4 tháng trước

    Spends tens of thousands of dollars on racecar stuff..... sunglasses break.... rocks broken sunglasses. Priorities.

  32. 7Trillion Corporation

    7Trillion Corporation4 tháng trước

    You guys have certainly taken over where Roadkill left off, (When they sold out to doing subscription only) I highly commend you for your creativity and all of the unique projects you are working on. Now about that dirt track super mod project car you are planning...

  33. Flat4Buggy 2

    Flat4Buggy 24 tháng trước

    Roadkill is not subscription only. You can still watch the 3rd latest episode for free every 4 weeks on Motor Trend's website, or mobile app. (In the US, as well as some other countries)

  34. Jeff Wallace

    Jeff Wallace4 tháng trước

    At 14:40 you never mention mounting a refrigerated MTN DEW dispenser / ice cooler system ? Gonna need drinks.

  35. A1 Bandit

    A1 Bandit4 tháng trước

    All that mtn dew 😂

  36. clint lane

    clint lane4 tháng trước


  37. Corey Kononchuk

    Corey Kononchuk4 tháng trước

    See you all at Pueblo Motorsports Park on the 15th!! Looking forward to some Leroy rips!! Also, you might be slightly masochistic driving that all the way from Florida, jussayin'

  38. Purified State

    Purified State4 tháng trước

    Holly 13/10 for cuteness

  39. Jon.R.C

    Jon.R.C4 tháng trước

    Get a roll of plastic wrap and wrap around the cardboard longways so the water will stay out...did that to my forklift at work while it was raining worked awesome

  40. Quint G

    Quint G4 tháng trước

    C.A.D. cardborad aided design

  41. Rick B

    Rick B4 tháng trước

    I’m curious to know if during your little street trip with Leroy and a Police Officer had pulled you over, what is the probability of an ticket or tickets being issued?😳🤔 I can guarantee up here in Ontario Canada the car would have been on the hook and I would have had a pocket full of tickets.☹️💲💲💲💲💲💲

  42. Christopher Craighead

    Christopher Craighead4 tháng trước

    FYI. If you use a dryer sheet dampened in water it will take love bugs right off

  43. Kevin Deleon

    Kevin Deleon4 tháng trước

    Don’t let your dog chew on wood it’s bad for their gums! High vet bills !

  44. Михаил Еремееев

    Михаил Еремееев4 tháng trước

    Круто круто ребята.

  45. hamburgerman

    hamburgerman4 tháng trước

    Should get a Leroy trailer for Leroy.

  46. William L. {MAG Warrior BAM!!}

    William L. {MAG Warrior BAM!!}4 tháng trước

    It's funny to hear my name Leroy, the name of a car!! Lol Leroy was meant for me 😉now that would be a dream come true....I would rename the car, "Leroy & Leroy".

  47. Red Revanant Arc Demon

    Red Revanant Arc Demon4 tháng trước

    You guys make cars?

  48. Jack Robertson

    Jack Robertson4 tháng trước

    Yes! We love the holley content! More doggos please.

  49. Dmaxgn

    Dmaxgn4 tháng trước

    Tell James to let the beard grow lol

  50. SendIt Steve

    SendIt Steve4 tháng trước

    I still can't believe you run a Walmart ever start

  51. vmoutsop

    vmoutsop4 tháng trước

    You need something to protect for water/rain for engine bay and cockpit as well as street/rain tires

  52. TraceZ28

    TraceZ284 tháng trước

    That thing legal on the street without a dash bar?

  53. bobcatt666

    bobcatt6664 tháng trước

    why not bikini top like you get from jc whitney for 40-50 ear cj jeeps?

  54. Kenio Calzadilla

    Kenio Calzadilla4 tháng trước

    they bout to put the body kit back on

  55. Chris Borns

    Chris Borns4 tháng trước

    Add pre-filters for RAIN

  56. Don Barzini

    Don Barzini4 tháng trước

    U guys r not ready af lol

  57. Chris Cichon

    Chris Cichon4 tháng trước

    - Must have headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals and a horn. - Must have valid drivers license and up to date; insurance, registration and plates. - You cannot run faster than your car is tech’d to by NHRA specifications. - Must have all windows. (Lexan accepted)

  58. The DREadEd fam

    The DREadEd fam4 tháng trước

    Make a bikini top out of some black canvas like a old k5 blazer beach cruiser

  59. John Jankowski

    John Jankowski4 tháng trước

    Gotta switch over to them heatwaves you got🤘🏼

  60. MJM’s Workshop

    MJM’s Workshop4 tháng trước

    I think you found your new daily.

  61. The Sound of Speed

    The Sound of Speed4 tháng trước

    Was so glad to see you put filters on the turbos