Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Thomas Miller

    Thomas Miller30 phút trước

    She has the blood of children on her hands

  2. Taga Ilog

    Taga Ilog30 phút trước

    Adriana Chechik

  3. Jon M

    Jon M31 phút trước

    Kinda like you shaming Tucker? The left seem to do it far more than the right. The left is weak minded, followers, college nerds, Godless, fake, believers in everything not true or real. Yes they are Democrats. They trust in CNN as their portal to truth when they cant see it is one sided. Anything one sided is not true. It's their truth and nothing but their truth. Or else!!! When confronted with factual data they call the data false and continue to believe NO STUDY at all. They believe VIreporterRS, TWITTERS, FACEBOOKERS And the like. They believe in Smullet like people. They believe accusers before any factual evidence. I guess you can say ignorance is truly bliss.

  4. KateTheWolf!

    KateTheWolf!31 phút trước

    I didn’t see “Rap God” but Eminem on there!!

  5. Dan Banks

    Dan Banks31 phút trước

    Is this the pot calling the kettle black

  6. jpalm32

    jpalm3232 phút trước

    POS Go back to your crap country

  7. PrimalPeace

    PrimalPeace32 phút trước

    Although it is tempting to support it when it is for something 'good' but that leads to very obvious holes where people justify treating people improperly through political opinion which can very often be based entirely on opinion instead of facts. This is something where balancing it is so damn difficult I cannot trust the public- but freedom of speech exists for a reason, however i hate when we see lives ruined by it.

  8. Emily Rose Bosco

    Emily Rose Bosco32 phút trước

    She didnt deserve all of that hate!!! You are so strong and beautiful Monica!

  9. AnimalsVoiceMagazine

    AnimalsVoiceMagazine34 phút trước

    Kudos to both Monica and John. Thank you for this long overdue interview.

  10. P. pardus

    P. pardus34 phút trước

    Monica, I think what you went through was bullshit. I am blown away at your composure, compassion, wit and sense of mission. You seem a beautiful person inside and out. When my wife went out to see Bill, I suggested she wear a beret and blue dress, because you are absolutely right: no one ever suggested he change his name; or the scandal be hyphenated [alphabetically of course]! Best wishes

  11. AP_Oseguera

    AP_Oseguera34 phút trước

    I'm 22... And damn, he's right, I'm an idiot.

  12. bre b

    bre b34 phút trước

    wash your dress!

  13. Max Barnett

    Max Barnett34 phút trước

    Humans are so petty

  14. Margaret Chapman

    Margaret Chapman34 phút trước

    When I saw her TED Talk, I was moved to tears.

  15. Cat Black

    Cat Black36 phút trước

    So, he acknowledged 'public shaming' Monica, but no public apology?

  16. Forever Mimi

    Forever Mimi37 phút trước

    Jussie Smollet wanted that public shame thought. Sad but true.

  17. Forever Mimi

    Forever Mimi36 phút trước


  18. Mridul Mishra

    Mridul Mishra39 phút trước

    I have this feeling it will be trending in 20 minutes or so. 😂😂😂

  19. Danielle Goodman

    Danielle Goodman39 phút trước

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  21. Poe Lewinsky

    Poe Lewinsky41 phút trước

  22. David Kirkwood

    David Kirkwood42 phút trước

    The ethics of this episode of questionable

  23. MechE184

    MechE18442 phút trước

    Who in the world stores dirty clothes in the closet inside plastic bags? She had pre-meditated intent wit that dress, and she dealt with the karma of evil deeds.

  24. Trevor Rolfe

    Trevor Rolfe43 phút trước

    she must get kicked out if she doesnt want to learn and give the spot to someone who deserves it

  25. Honey Bear

    Honey Bear45 phút trước

    Oliver is retarded. What a tool.

  26. Connor Wallace

    Connor Wallace45 phút trước

    John Oliver supports shaming as long as it's someone he disagrees with

  27. justAnotherRosebud

    justAnotherRosebud46 phút trước


  28. Jayden Mcginty

    Jayden Mcginty46 phút trước

    My gt is aquaticape71429

  29. Svchin

    Svchin46 phút trước

    John Oliver is getting more and more annoying to me. Anyone else feels that ?

  30. NIN10DOXD

    NIN10DOXD46 phút trước

    Tucker Carlson is fucking Roomba right now.

  31. Sara

    Sara47 phút trước

    A man twice her age in a position of power over her, in the largest position of power in the nation, used all that to gain a sexual relationship with a young girl, and then our country mocked and humiliated her for years. I honestly can't think of anyone who has unjustly faced public scrutiny like her in my lifetime.

  32. Bougs Slim

    Bougs Slim50 phút trước

    I grew up in that time and witnessed first hand how brutal and relentless she was attacked. I was a teenager, so unfortunately I laughed also. But looking back, I'm just glad she didn't kill herself. The media and people in general really put her through back then. Glad to see her overcome it all.

  33. Huh ?

    Huh ?50 phút trước


  34. Abdirahman mohamed

    Abdirahman mohamed51 phút trước

    Don’t say am stupid. John.

  35. android263

    android26352 phút trước

    Just proves how predatorial humans are specially the Clintons. Get the fuck outta here.

  36. Aarushi Koul

    Aarushi Koul52 phút trước

    she's so incredibly charming and pretty and funny!!! the intelligence and compassion with which she speaks and the eloquence of her message is absolutely refreshing to watch! you're incredible Monica :)

  37. Mel B

    Mel B53 phút trước

    monica looks great here but those shoes are a crime

  38. ложный название

    ложный название45 phút trước


  39. Mel B

    Mel B51 phút trước

    +Andrew Seah no you

  40. Andrew Seah

    Andrew Seah52 phút trước

    No you.

  41. Joan Snow

    Joan Snow53 phút trước

    I didn’t know about the songs, it’s just crazy, and even 20 years later people are still talking about it. I have done a lot of dumb things in my 20’s, grateful I’m not a well known person. She’s a strong woman to have gone through it. I wouldn’t fuck with her. She has blossomed into a beautiful woman, she looks great. Love your show “Jacks”, this is one of your better ones. Thank you!

  42. Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson55 phút trước

    Public Shaming has long been a tool of governments to get men to go to war, probably the most horrific example was England in WWI with something called the White Feather movement...This is where the government employed young women to find men of military age who were not in uniform to surround them and shout things like "Coward" at them, they would pin a white feather on them as a sign of their cowardice...Of course, many of these young men who enlisted went to their deaths...Great piece Mr. Oliver!

  43. David Rutledge

    David Rutledge56 phút trước

    What Bill and Hildebeast Clinton did to her is criminal

  44. Yobogoya

    Yobogoya56 phút trước

    "If the sound *thud* grew a face" ... lmfao

  45. dshew d

    dshew d57 phút trước

    This show sucks more dick than Monica Lewinsky

  46. Joe Wolf

    Joe Wolf57 phút trước

    Did John Oliver just do a bit on unwarranted public shaming and fail to even mention the Covington school case?

  47. Verbena blu

    Verbena blu57 phút trước

    Lewinski 2020!!!

  48. GLO RIA

    GLO RIA58 phút trước

    It takes TWO. Why is no one talking about Bill Clinton? I see him being sooo welcomed here and there and yet the same group of people go hush hush whisper whisper when Monica shows up?

  49. Alberto Garayúa

    Alberto Garayúa58 phút trước

    Turn to Jesus so you get Life

  50. Meeskees De film

    Meeskees De film58 phút trước

    Oh come on Johnny boy play the whole Tucker clip. His whole schtick there is that he should not be apologizing to people like media matters and the dumber Cuomo brother on CNN. Why the hell would and should he? Apologizing is for people you've offended and i don't think they suffice, but your clip does his message little justice.

  51. Claus Pedersen

    Claus Pedersen30 phút trước

    The way I see it, he can either apologize/explain, or own it. And I don't mean to CNN or Media Matters, because why would they care. I mean to people and fans who care what he thinks. And by apologize I don't mean grovel and fall on his sword and go live in a cave somewhere, never again to show his face on TV. I mean just a simple "those were stupid opinions, but what can I say, I was young and dumb and thought I was being 'edgy' and I'm older and wiser and less obnoxious today. See my show and be convinced." And then just .... move on. Reasonable people will probably believe him, or at least be forced to go look for some similar clips of a more recent nature if they don't. OR, of course, he can own it, and declare that he meant every word and still do, and people can just go f... themselves. And suffer the consequences. I don't think he holds those opinions today though. At least I hope not, him being on TV with a fan base and all. Full disclosure, I don't watch that much tv, so he may already have done one of these.

  52. Jade Birk

    Jade Birk58 phút trước

    Kim K had to look up to Monica Lewinsky🤔 lil Kim K was like that's how to become a star 🤗🤩🤑🤭👅🍆

  53. JjOpoku55

    JjOpoku5558 phút trước

    The fact she still looks good is amazing

  54. Robin Garrett

    Robin Garrett59 phút trước

    There's a huge difference between intelligence and wit. I knew Monica was intelligent. I had no idea she was such a witty woman. Thank you Alvin Oliver this was a great interview.

  55. mlzanercik

    mlzanercik59 phút trước

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  56. Michael Quinn

    Michael Quinn59 phút trước

    Hats off. What an incredible lady.

  57. Dancing Soul

    Dancing Soul59 phút trước

    Great great show... I really liked the energy between Monica and John. It was funny and uplifting so thank you.

  58. Sydney Rae

    Sydney RaeGiờ trước

    Okay... but Monica aged beautifully! She looks just about the same as she did 20 years ago.

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  60. - Mitch

    - MitchGiờ trước

    Holy shit... I have so much respect for this woman. Monica Lewinsky is a fucking inspiration. Bill and Hilary Clinton could _both_ learn a thing or two from her.

  61. Miro H

    Miro HGiờ trước

    Sub to pewdiepie

  62. Bob The Angry American

    Bob The Angry AmericanGiờ trước

    It’s weird how you’re upset the media lied about this aunt lady, but you’re not upset about how you’re lying about Tucker Carlson and taking him out of context. It’s almost as if you also want to just fill time instead of telling the truth.

  63. Milorad Menjic

    Milorad MenjicGiờ trước

    One of your best shows till now. Alvin :)

  64. Jo-Ann Frank

    Jo-Ann FrankGiờ trước

    Funny how they twist the trending to make you watch what they want you to watch

  65. ind0ctr1n3

    ind0ctr1n3Giờ trước

    This dumb UK cunt also though the Covington kids were racist and shit. Fuck you lefists, enjoy the next attack.

  66. timmy timmytimmy

    timmy timmytimmyGiờ trước

    Pro Revenge on sub R/ This is your brain on Scientology

  67. Alex X Show

    Alex X ShowGiờ trước

    To be one to have my friends taken from me family turn on me and to have it all happen from a snake little brother I cannot escape his 2 faced behavior that has been driving me up the wall. I really feel like he has ruined my life no-one will talk to me and when I blow up after being treated like garbage everyone else is the victim to my behavior. Everyone who public shames can catch my fade I will jack you up for it. Idc if I stab you and am prisoned for it public shaming is what I have had to live through for the past 2 to 3 years and I have thought crazy things that would have fbi spooked. All because of how everyone is.

  68. Lodewijk Langeweg

    Lodewijk LangewegGiờ trước

    Speaking of projection: publicly shaming Carlson Tucker by dragging up some things he said on a comedy radio show between 2006 and 2011, on which he commented that he doesn't think that way any longer. The AntiFa mob is grateful now for this support after going to his home at night, threatening his wife and children when they were alone.

  69. Claus Pedersen

    Claus Pedersen48 phút trước

    DID he (Tucker Carlson) comment that he doesn't think that way anymore? I've only seen the clip where he complains of being a target of the "leftist outrage machine" (or something along those lines) and that people waiting for an apology or explanation will be waiting a long time.

  70. FarfalleAlfredo

    FarfalleAlfredoGiờ trước

    It's messed up that people are more concerned with the results of consequence and nothing at all about the acts committed. Nothing at all about the fact that Monica had an affair with a married man? Did she think nothing was going to (pardon the pun) come out of that? She's not sorry she had an affair with Bill, she's sorry she got caught and had to suffer the consequences of her actions. Same for the college "scandal". They're not sorry they bribed and cheated, they're sorry they got caught and are now having to live through the consequences.

  71. Nein zu Korruption

    Nein zu KorruptionGiờ trước

    she is so beautiful! and such a nice and strong person.

  72. Frank Parra

    Frank ParraGiờ trước

    She went through hell but came out the other side looking beautiful

  73. Suriya Farrow-Harris

    Suriya Farrow-HarrisGiờ trước

    Anyone else about go follow Monica Lewinsky on Twitter?

  74. jbrunnez

    jbrunnezGiờ trước

    wow, listening to her was incredible. heroic

  75. junkmail1203

    junkmail1203Giờ trước

    I have got to say I have a changed view of her after this interview. Kudos Jacks for having a good interview

  76. Muh

    MuhGiờ trước

    John is clearly in love...

  77. Real

    RealGiờ trước

    I just think about what my wife always says: choice, consequence. We make choices and they all have consequences. Engaging in a sexual relationship with a married president doesn't warrant bullying but you ARE tarnishing your reputation. Forever. That goes with you forever. So the shaming, yea, it's way over the top. But she still did something very, very stupid and she was going to pay in some form or another for a pretty decent amount of time.

  78. novicetech1

    novicetech1Giờ trước

    I've always been a John Oliver fan because he often gets things right even when his presentation of those things is wrapped in thick layers of (in my humble opinion) great comedy. For those that missed it, we just witnessed some of the best journalism on the web. This is what thoughtful, respectful journalism should look like. He let the story be about her, her experience, and her triumph, not the vile, media-shaped public opinion of her. Kudos "Alvin" and thank you, Monica, for your candor and grace.

  79. gayatri devi govindarajula

    gayatri devi govindarajulaGiờ trước

    Funny I am 22... And I agreed to him..

  80. Angelia Salah

    Angelia SalahGiờ trước

    I always thought it was pretty fucked up how she took the brunt of everything for what happened with Clinton. She was a young lady and an intern. He was the President. He was a male in a position of power who took advantage of his power and at any other place of employment would be considered sexual harassment because she was his subordinate. It, however, did not ruin his life. He basically got high fived for getting with a young girl and cheating on his wife and he life went down in flames.

  81. Moroccan EpicTV

    Moroccan EpicTVGiờ trước

    I feel smarter than a Trump while listening to your show 😂 I self-deprecating?

  82. gayatri devi govindarajula

    gayatri devi govindarajulaGiờ trước


  83. S D

    S DGiờ trước

    Did micro penis Oliver get a blow job as well?

  84. Sandusky boy y

    Sandusky boy yGiờ trước


  85. Frank Parra

    Frank ParraGiờ trước

    John Oliver is brilliant fuck hypocrite jay Leno

  86. R D

    R DGiờ trước

    I never had any idea Monica was such a genuinely funny person. She's a riot!

  87. Roger "Ghost Fart" Clemens

    Roger "Ghost Fart" ClemensGiờ trước

    Amazing how he gives more flack to Jay Leno than to Bill Clinton or the Clintons. But he said fuck, so he is rad.

  88. web11ify

    web11ifyGiờ trước

    Why is it a problem that Tucker Carlson compared women to dogs? Women have been calling ALL MEN "dogs" for a ridiculous long time and are still doing it and as we all know, women are equal to men (dogs).

  89. Greg Christopher

    Greg ChristopherGiờ trước

    Melania Trump gets bullied quite a bit (FYI this is coming from a lefty). Dems love ganging up on her.

  90. Muhanesh Haridas

    Muhanesh HaridasGiờ trước

    19:15 I'm 22 this year and I am a bloody idiot. I'll still watch your show though you specky twat :)

  91. Dragon Lord Skater

    Dragon Lord SkaterGiờ trước

    Just come out already Johnny

  92. Tahkeem Hilton2.0

    Tahkeem Hilton2.0Giờ trước

  93. Curtis Edwards

    Curtis EdwardsGiờ trước

    I can't believe this shit is number #1 on the Trending. Just Proves VIreporter sucks and is loaded with Sheep.

  94. Dominic Kristofek

    Dominic KristofekGiờ trước

    I think I have a new hero! You go girl!

  95. Joshua Cisneros

    Joshua CisnerosGiờ trước


  96. Pew diep1e

    Pew diep1eGiờ trước

    Sub to PewDiePie

  97. Cuishi10

    Cuishi10Giờ trước

    But she KNOWINGLY was fucking a MARRIED PRESIDENT...& I'm supposed to feel bad??? Come on, man

  98. Summers Winterer

    Summers WintererGiờ trước

    I'm confused is she the gal in the captain marvel fat suit?

  99. Maureen Franklin

    Maureen FranklinGiờ trước

    I didn’t pay attention to Bill Clinton’s impeachment process when it occurred. Obviously many of you were paying close attention when it occurred. Supply and demand, cornerstone of the media. Don’t attempt to wash your hands now. Gtfohwtbs

  100. Cynthia Stephens

    Cynthia StephensGiờ trước

    You are beautiful. Smart the best of luck btw you are a victim ❤️🎈🍀

  101. tiny99990

    tiny99990Giờ trước

    Yeah I never really understood why the media and so many people made it seem like Monica was the bad guy of the Clinton affair... (I didn't even really know about it until '08 since when it happened I was 5 or 6 and didn't give a flying fuck about anything other than being a child) and until recently I thought it was Clinton abusing his power to get a blow job... but in fact they had a relationship, which while wrong since he was married, isn't uncommon nor is it, in my opinion, anything to ruin a career or life over, shame them sure but to go to such a length is pure overkill, and I think we as a society need to learn when enough is enough, and also to be more equal in our shaming of people, for example Trump paid AT LEAST 2 people to have sex with him... the people he paid shouldn't be shamed rather Trump should be, since he abused his wealth to cheat on his wife and to break the law, of course since he is shameless it doesn't matter how much you shame him.

  102. Quick Clips

    Quick ClipsGiờ trước

    Sub 2 me

  103. Salty Salmon

    Salty SalmonGiờ trước

    13:26 Fatoni hat's geschafft :D

  104. Beanie Bento

    Beanie BentoGiờ trước

    Even though I know this is very small to mainstream but i wish he would have looked into Monica vs Vic situation

  105. Alano Carter

    Alano CarterGiờ trước

    I read "Pubic Shaving"

  106. Joe Dirt

    Joe DirtGiờ trước

    Age of enlightenment soon