1. Ahaha hahahah Ahahahahah

    Ahaha hahahah AhahahahahGiờ trước


  2. Grace

    GraceGiờ trước

    as if she goes to the local diner I had when living in NY. bomb place - would recommend

  3. Maddox S

    Maddox S3 giờ trước

    Please move to New york

  4. Jana Radulovic

    Jana Radulovic3 giờ trước

    was she about to say peace @6:12 ????? 🥺

  5. AllLol Gaming

    AllLol Gaming3 giờ trước

    Emma Chamberlain VIreporter rewind

  6. Asma Khan

    Asma Khan3 giờ trước

    She didn't do her whole brand-deal routine this time, with her white shirt and USA tie

  7. slippery485

    slippery4853 giờ trước

    Wash thrift clothes dummy bed bugs duh!

  8. Daniel Jerome

    Daniel Jerome3 giờ trước

    got enough water to go with that emergency package you just dosed?

  9. Jillian White

    Jillian White4 giờ trước

    what the fuck is up with the lamp

  10. Walgettlif3

    Walgettlif36 giờ trước

    Hahahah that *HeY gUyS*

  11. Maimuna Moon

    Maimuna Moon9 giờ trước

    I love ny (i live in queens) but honestly JANRUARY-MARCH are not it bcz one day it snows and the next it’s somehow fucking sunny and that just keeps happening so i mean i always have an extra jacket in my locker for those dayyss

  12. Doodle

    Doodle10 giờ trước

    Who's Watching this while doing a all nighter?

  13. Catsuki

    Catsuki10 giờ trước

    "Lets go get some diner food, aHeHE.."

  14. yup

    yup11 giờ trước

    We had Acacia Brinley. Yall have Emma.. Honestly I think we can all agree 2012 tumblr kids were epic.

  15. Maddie Landgraf

    Maddie Landgraf11 giờ trước

    When I tell you I laughed at her eating the emergen-c 😂💀

  16. Molly Rose

    Molly Rose11 giờ trước

    youre fun to watch while high.

  17. Millie May

    Millie May12 giờ trước

    No shade but Crying is not a mental breakdown PERIODT im sorry i love Emma tho

  18. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj9 giờ trước

    I died at the emergen-c that was so funny

  19. selina _neal

    selina _neal14 giờ trước

    You should come to Hamilton Montana next

  20. Olivia J

    Olivia J14 giờ trước

    I died when she put the emergency c packet in her mouth cause youre supposed to dissolve it😂

  21. Meghan Hernandez

    Meghan Hernandez14 giờ trước

    Emma looks like that kid from: A Christmas story lol

  22. #12 sakura متنوعه

    #12 sakura متنوعه14 giờ trước


  23. Kinali Luciano

    Kinali Luciano15 giờ trước

    I miss old Emma,,But I Stan for new emma😂😫❤️

  24. Kimberly Navarro

    Kimberly Navarro15 giờ trước

    when she gives us packing advice 🙈

  25. remy farrell

    remy farrell15 giờ trước

    u should make a video of u looking for apartments in nyc bc itd be great content and u have to move to nyc bc i don't know why u wouldn't bc it would be best for ur health n growth n ya u really should

  26. remy farrell

    remy farrell15 giờ trước

    ny is where its at (says a new yorker but its facts)

  27. Teehee_its_ Grabshab

    Teehee_its_ Grabshab15 giờ trước

    Okay here me out but instead of being bored just ✨B A T H E✨

  28. janae

    janae16 giờ trước

    ím ã bīg fäñ

  29. Leda Çatak

    Leda Çatak16 giờ trước

    Hey guys! I recently created a VIreporter channel and recently posted a video about mental health awareness. I think it’s super important. If you could show some love by liking this comment to keep it at the top, I would appreciate it beyond my ability to put into words! Thank you all so much in advance and happy holidays!! 💜

  30. Veronica & Azraa

    Veronica & Azraa16 giờ trước

    Emma can literally make any video so fun and interesting omg

  31. Lisa Litevichh

    Lisa Litevichh17 giờ trước

    i hate cold weather wanna gimme ur house in la when u move 🙏🙏🙏

  32. Braeden VanHoogstraat

    Braeden VanHoogstraat17 giờ trước

    I died at the emergen-c that was so funny

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  34. Sunshine

    Sunshine17 giờ trước

    that emergen-C packet gave her a seizer lol

  35. Kristian Bingaman

    Kristian Bingaman18 giờ trước


  36. Hannah Batham

    Hannah Batham18 giờ trước

    I swear Emma is always sick 😂

  37. Moishe *Peppa pig herself*

    Moishe *Peppa pig herself*18 giờ trước

    Her eating that emergency vitamin pack was AMAZING Her saying "bone apple tit" was also amazing

  38. layal aziz

    layal aziz18 giờ trước

    Emma is so professional and real at hTe same time sifkek I love her

  39. layal aziz

    layal aziz18 giờ trước

    u got me sick emma

  40. Gab

    Gab18 giờ trước

    This ugly ass bitch looks like she has a lazy eye eww

  41. SPCM 434

    SPCM 43418 giờ trước

    you're ugly for this comment

  42. Bailey Davis

    Bailey Davis19 giờ trước

    Who else thinks when Emma moved to la she thought it was gonna be amazing but after a while she ended up hating it and now wants to move to NYC

  43. Alexis Monette

    Alexis Monette19 giờ trước

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