1. 日辺いいよ

    日辺いいよ6 phút trước

    Wait if the challenge is putting hot sauce on everything I eat why dose he put it on drinks?

  2. James Dinh

    James DinhGiờ trước

    It’s not bone apple teeth it’s bone apple titty

  3. Angie's Universe

    Angie's Universe9 giờ trước

    0:12 ok why is there a shoe in his fridge

  4. Madison Fine

    Madison Fine10 giờ trước

    A doughnut would be disgusting with hot sauce

  5. Micahel Lopez

    Micahel LopezNgày trước

    Does any one notice the black toes are in this guys fridge 0:10

  6. Andre Grosse

    Andre GrosseNgày trước

    Bruh I'm from Louisiana and I eat everything hot in my sight Toni's Takis hottttt sauce bruh you weaklings can't take the heat

  7. SupremeVIP11

    SupremeVIP112 ngày trước

    21:00 “when you bust and she keep sucking”

  8. S0LD13R

    S0LD13R4 ngày trước

    Mf put his Jordan 1 Chicago in the fridge to flex...

  9. Gek

    Gek4 ngày trước

    What a baby

  10. Tyra h

    Tyra h4 ngày trước

    Love your videos😂 he does know that he doesn't have to put it in what he drinks as it's an eating challenge😂😂

  11. Sub Hero

    Sub Hero4 ngày trước

    In is dick

  12. Bridget Dixon

    Bridget Dixon5 ngày trước

    Hahahah - + - = -

  13. phetkitt chor. akachai

    phetkitt chor. akachai5 ngày trước

    Eating everything in the menu that that restaurant have. 555

  14. Zigler Uchiha

    Zigler Uchiha6 ngày trước

    Nani why you put hot sauce in your drinks the title is putting hot sauce on everything you eat not drink

  15. McClain Burgett

    McClain Burgett6 ngày trước

    Eat french fries without sauce for 24 hours

  16. ItsKelsi Life

    ItsKelsi Life6 ngày trước

    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot. I bet it'll grow back.Hahahahah

  17. WestWay Warrior

    WestWay Warrior6 ngày trước

    Derek should put Hot Sauce on his bald spot.I bet it'll grow back.

  18. M1XEL

    M1XEL6 ngày trước

    10:57 english fam

  19. irfan gamez 457

    irfan gamez 4577 ngày trước

    Derek should put hot sauce on his bald spot I'll bet it will grow back

  20. Aiden Hammer

    Aiden Hammer8 ngày trước

    You forgot air man lmao

  21. Guðrún Birna Jóhannsdóttir

    Guðrún Birna Jóhannsdóttir8 ngày trước

    sksksksksksksk and i oop

  22. Michelle Joseph

    Michelle Joseph8 ngày trước


  23. idont modwds

    idont modwds9 ngày trước

    Idk about u but I don't eat my drink

  24. Jasmine Molenaar

    Jasmine Molenaar9 ngày trước

    Omg love the 1D shirttt

  25. spot conrad

    spot conrad9 ngày trước

    Next you should let tik tok decide what you eat by scrolling through tik tok and trying find a tik tok with food in it and eat that

  26. Aakansha Gharde

    Aakansha Gharde9 ngày trước

    "You know what they say, Bone Apple Teeth😂"

  27. Nataly Aguilar

    Nataly Aguilar10 ngày trước

    I thought that he was going to pick coffee

  28. Hana

    Hana10 ngày trước

    did he eat the strawberry head?

  29. Ici HD

    Ici HD11 ngày trước

    you failed the challenge you drank milk without hot sause

  30. Ici HD

    Ici HD11 ngày trước


  31. Wren Woods

    Wren Woods12 ngày trước

    Why are there Jordans in his fridge

  32. Volleyballgirl_ 2005

    Volleyballgirl_ 200512 ngày trước

    Why did you get spicy salsa with the burrito

  33. Volleyballgirl_ 2005

    Volleyballgirl_ 200512 ngày trước


  34. Firedragon 44

    Firedragon 4413 ngày trước

    valentina is the best hot sauce don’t @ me

  35. The Dewrell Vlogs

    The Dewrell Vlogs13 ngày trước

    Next video putting chocolate syrup on everything that I eat 🍫

  36. Safa Ahmed

    Safa Ahmed13 ngày trước

    Derek: ' putting hot sauce on everything I eat!' Toilet: OH SH*T....

  37. TTV icheeks

    TTV icheeks12 ngày trước

    Here we go again

  38. Xaina 2821

    Xaina 282113 ngày trước

    6:02 DRAMATIZED!!!!!!!

  39. Ciahna Walker

    Ciahna Walker15 ngày trước

    Water is bbbbaaaadddd with hot sausage I tried it for you before you do it and it was nasty

  40. Spoty The Pink Cheetah

    Spoty The Pink Cheetah15 ngày trước

    Derek: It's like going from VIreporter to brazzars. Me: Huh, I didn't know Derek watched porn.

  41. The Red Ruby

    The Red Ruby15 ngày trước

    save the turtle derek

  42. abhiram ayyala

    abhiram ayyala15 ngày trước

    You could have not put the hot sauce on ur lovely coffee I would have been as happy as you

  43. David Murphy

    David Murphy16 ngày trước

    You don't eat toothpaste LOL

  44. OM BRE

    OM BRE16 ngày trước

    Did anyone question why he ate the leaf on the strawberry

  45. Daniel t

    Daniel t16 ngày trước

    wait a minuteee a shoee in the fridge

  46. Bree Wilkin

    Bree Wilkin16 ngày trước

    Do dunkaroos with hot sauce

  47. Karla Hrencevic

    Karla Hrencevic17 ngày trước

    Puting chocolate sauce on everthing you eat

  48. Purevdorj Altankhuyag

    Purevdorj Altankhuyag18 ngày trước


  49. Sean Enwright

    Sean Enwright18 ngày trước

    "The only person that puts hot sauce on cinnamon toast crunch is DAVID PARODY, not morons Derek. Lol

  50. Emperor T

    Emperor T19 ngày trước

    You put too much!!!!!

  51. Bryon

    Bryon19 ngày trước


  52. Trinity Munley

    Trinity Munley20 ngày trước

    Why did he put so much hot sauce on everything he could of did alittle

  53. GamerShark 113

    GamerShark 11320 ngày trước

    You know what he should of done...? No hot sauce in the coffee

  54. iggy_jerry

    iggy_jerry21 ngày trước

    Lets just see what people do when they see this comment: 1: they’ll like 2: they’ll spam my comment telling me to stop begging 3: ignore it

  55. Britnay Riggs

    Britnay Riggs22 ngày trước

    Best challenge ever!!! Da bomb sauce and salsa is amazing!!! 😍

  56. Maxx Golub

    Maxx Golub22 ngày trước

    My favorite milk is soymilk

  57. Asmr With me

    Asmr With me23 ngày trước

    Are you dumb that hot sauce is one million scovel unites

  58. Power Saturn

    Power Saturn23 ngày trước

    I would just eat nothing :/

  59. Mike The Gamer_

    Mike The Gamer_23 ngày trước

    Yo I love all the hot sauce in the vid but da bomb helllll noooo

  60. Adham El Saadany

    Adham El Saadany24 ngày trước

    I already do that ever day I’m the spice god I’ve eaten he spiciest food ever

  61. Faze _emoboy

    Faze _emoboy24 ngày trước

    Starbucks is a asshole