Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter (TEST)


  1. Unstable HD

    Unstable HD9 tháng trước

    "We're slightly over the age of 21" 5 seconds later "I kNoW hOw tO pOuR a bEeR"

  2. Sarah McLoon

    Sarah McLoon21 giờ trước

    nice pfp

  3. Athena Bloom

    Athena Bloom11 ngày trước

    Love ya profile pic dude, Todoroki is life.

  4. library of dragons

    library of dragons20 ngày trước

    It looked like Rhett was trying to delay his reaction, but failed..... I think he got upset about that. Also, was Link joking or was he actually upset also?

  5. James Miller

    James MillerTháng trước

    Here's wonderwall

  6. Pewds Subcriber That Is Also A Weeb

    Pewds Subcriber That Is Also A WeebTháng trước

    Unstable HD lol

  7. Chloe lindgren

    Chloe lindgren23 giờ trước

    5:43 I'm pretty sure that they changed the filter.

  8. V9 ELITE

    V9 ELITENgày trước

    How do we know its not just water?

  9. Camden Holliday

    Camden Holliday2 ngày trước

    Link, you aging? Or is your hair just dyed grey

  10. lost force playz

    lost force playz2 ngày trước

    I got a listerene ad after the listerene portion

  11. Hawk Hawk

    Hawk Hawk2 ngày trước

    im studying this in science rn!

  12. Shelley Griego

    Shelley Griego3 ngày trước

    Links being an angry alcoholic you need to stop him before he drinks and makes more of the beer

  13. Deirel0

    Deirel03 ngày trước

    You discovered homeopathist beer and soda.

  14. Frd and Kat

    Frd and Kat3 ngày trước

    After listerine I got a listerine ad

  15. shivansh Harish

    shivansh Harish4 ngày trước

    is it weird that a water filter ad played in the mids of this video

  16. David Lee

    David Lee5 ngày trước

    i tried to filter mtn dew through a filter... it barely changed...

  17. Rachel on Life

    Rachel on Life6 ngày trước

    6:57 when you don’t know if they are kids are grown men. Hahaha

  18. Jhae Terry

    Jhae Terry6 ngày trước

    Maybe just drink what was filtered out?😂🤔🤔next episode

  19. John John

    John John6 ngày trước

    Good video really like it

  20. Artimus Protensor

    Artimus Protensor7 ngày trước

    When I want a burning sensation in my mouth but don't want to eat fire, I go for habanero salsa.


    PANDICORN !9 ngày trước

    I know the Mountain Dew is fake I actually liked you guys for being genuine but you lied

  22. Yessenia Payan

    Yessenia Payan9 ngày trước

    I didn’t even notice the window till they pointed it out

  23. tmak mcginnis

    tmak mcginnis10 ngày trước

    How hard would it be to filter ketchup?

  24. The Thoughtful Papaya

    The Thoughtful Papaya10 ngày trước

    ToMatO paStE

  25. Sams Life Changes

    Sams Life Changes10 ngày trước

    Mountain Dew is fake.

  26. Megan Curtis

    Megan Curtis11 ngày trước

    You should of ran things thur the filter 2 times

  27. HEAT Ledger

    HEAT Ledger12 ngày trước

    Your best episode

  28. rjrjlm1

    rjrjlm113 ngày trước

    There probably like 35 to 40

  29. The Plob

    The Plob15 ngày trước

    It's diabolical it's even lemon scented

  30. Foxy Sauce

    Foxy Sauce15 ngày trước


  31. bldarkman

    bldarkman16 ngày trước

    Okay so I’ve heard of these guys, but this is first thing I’ve ever watched from them. Their behaviors and persona’s or whatever you want to call it put me off for some reason. They remind me a bit of shock jockeys or Howard Stern or something, though obviously more family-friendly.

  32. Jayce West

    Jayce West17 ngày trước

    Can’t wait till you guys hit 15mill subs 😁

  33. Mr.Fancy PantsSheep

    Mr.Fancy PantsSheep17 ngày trước

    Just Two guys on a Friday drinking mouthwash

  34. Paulplaze

    Paulplaze17 ngày trước

    Link likes sucking on helium

  35. jafeir

    jafeir17 ngày trước

    12:14 "So the blue in Windex is just a lie?" Learning that blew his mind!

  36. Kirra Smith

    Kirra Smith18 ngày trước

    What happened to "residue of the big hills"?!😟

  37. WitherKing

    WitherKing18 ngày trước

    The question is, why and how did they get a window?

  38. Econia

    Econia19 ngày trước

    I can’t wait for the news to say “two middle aged men record themselves cleaning murder evidence.”

  39. coc WITH V AND V

    coc WITH V AND V20 ngày trước

    This was my first episode ever!

  40. Set Apart Disciples

    Set Apart Disciples20 ngày trước

    Should have tried to filter milk. Lol

  41. sirsethers

    sirsethers20 ngày trước

    I think this is how they make La Croix.

  42. Robert Buxton

    Robert Buxton20 ngày trước

    Pee through a water filter

  43. library of dragons

    library of dragons20 ngày trước


  44. Phantom Plays

    Phantom Plays21 ngày trước

    Rett..."so we've been lied to about the color..." Link "IT COULD BE DOOKIE BROWN..."

  45. Unicorngirl _083

    Unicorngirl _08321 ngày trước

    The filters beer looks like white wine based on what I have seen my dad drink

  46. Johanna McGrath

    Johanna McGrath22 ngày trước

    I dare yall to frink the what was filtered inside the...…..filter. dun, Dun DUUUUUUUUUUN

  47. Memedme 2123

    Memedme 212323 ngày trước

    Rhett and Link: *drinks liquid* Me:AsMr

  48. Lawrence Daniels

    Lawrence Daniels25 ngày trước

    Did they change the filter between trials? any of that junk would clog the filter.

  49. ConnorF 2004

    ConnorF 200425 ngày trước

    Linky no likey 😅

  50. ThatMexicanGuy

    ThatMexicanGuy25 ngày trước

    I would want to see Rhett and Link be bartenders for a day

  51. Ryan Jeanes

    Ryan Jeanes26 ngày trước

    I love Tim Tebow's new beard.

  52. Keenan Barnes

    Keenan Barnes26 ngày trước

    Where can I buy this water filter

  53. Keenan Barnes

    Keenan Barnes26 ngày trước

    What kind of water filter is this

  54. Hansel Abreu

    Hansel Abreu26 ngày trước

    Does that mean you can get drunk drinking Listerine because it has alcohol 😵

  55. Azrael Black

    Azrael Black21 ngày trước

    Hansel Abreu ...yes, but why tf would you

  56. Owen Szpara

    Owen Szpara27 ngày trước

    I’d love to have this job

  57. Jennis Angel

    Jennis Angel28 ngày trước

    I was actually scared when they pulled out the windex

  58. Vacant Space

    Vacant Space28 ngày trước

    Do “YoU nEeD sOme MiLK”

  59. Jessica Orem

    Jessica Orem28 ngày trước

    Will it clean

  60. Austin Huber

    Austin HuberTháng trước

    Congratulations. You guys made Utah beer.

  61. James Miller

    James MillerTháng trước

    Here's wonder wall

  62. Chadd Sinclair

    Chadd SinclairTháng trước

    would have been cool to see the shit in the filter after words..

  63. Xin Ye

    Xin YeTháng trước

    Me: There's no way this is worki... Sees 1:57 Holy Crap!!

  64. Angie Rogers

    Angie RogersTháng trước

    Could this be used for a fourth grade science project? Opinions

  65. Jake Freppel

    Jake FreppelTháng trước

    Beer-flavored LaCroix.

  66. World Wide Wrestling

    World Wide WrestlingTháng trước

    Today we’re using filters for something other than water and instagram

  67. Dexterror

    DexterrorTháng trước

    Why is their chicken soup just a bowl of noodles and water?

  68. Left in The SmokeSD

    Left in The SmokeSDTháng trước

    i know mello yellow is much better than mtn dew

  69. Amy Reiss

    Amy ReissTháng trước

    Honestly I thought you were 19

  70. FreeRoamFantasy

    FreeRoamFantasyTháng trước

    The blue in windex is to help cancel out yellow tones which leads to the glass appearing to be cleaner in yellow spectrums like sunlight. It's just like in hair color purple is used to cancel out yellow or orange tones, especially in grey hair.

  71. Otto Ottman

    Otto OttmanTháng trước

    I just did this with german beer and got Budweiser

  72. Pseudo.Lasciviousness

    Pseudo.LasciviousnessTháng trước

    may I just complain about the caption. I have a slightly weakened hearing, so I rely mostly on captions rather than turning up the volume. the caption is accurate(i think), but why is it all over the place? it's obnoxious.

  73. ChiNiNo

    ChiNiNoTháng trước

    Beer is SUPPOSED to be poured so that you DO have a huge frothy top. Look it up.

  74. Nebula 51

    Nebula 51Tháng trước

    Link’s defensiveness about trying to pour a beer is honestly a mood

  75. Aga Volm

    Aga VolmTháng trước

    Hey guys, did you know Listerine was originally a 'house-cleaning' detergent? That would be why it feels like burning; they only changed enough of the formula to be 'edible' and to try tasting better to consumers...

  76. Alexandra Venera

    Alexandra VeneraTháng trước

    god they make the worst jokes

  77. Avenging Hero

    Avenging HeroTháng trước

    Hahaha it looks like a Coors light!!!!

  78. 1423 171

    1423 171Tháng trước

    I bet Red bull would put out some really nice water if it was filtered

  79. Natalie Gibson

    Natalie GibsonTháng trước

    Seriously, the Listerine bottle top is the most formidable opponent when it comes to the war of removing bottle caps.

  80. spoonfulofsmiles

    spoonfulofsmilesTháng trước

    "le croy"

  81. Blue Axolotl Empire

    Blue Axolotl EmpireTháng trước

    Do modelo beer

  82. GhostWeirdo

    GhostWeirdoTháng trước

    This and welcome to nightvale makes my day lol

  83. 2010HarleyDynaFXD

    2010HarleyDynaFXDTháng trước

    Hot sauce thru a water filter.

  84. The Humanity

    The HumanityTháng trước

    You guys are such Frauds. Won't even drink the Windex.

  85. sarah elsing

    sarah elsingTháng trước


  86. Zinkromo

    ZinkromoTháng trước

    So this is how la croix is made...

  87. Ken Oakleaf

    Ken OakleafTháng trước

    Proof is out of 200 Percentage is out of 100 ~20% = ~10 Proof

  88. Mandaprie

    MandaprieTháng trước

    There is an art to cleaning windows/mirrors. I use glasses cleaner. Windex streaks like an s.o.b.

  89. Morgan Wheatley

    Morgan WheatleyTháng trước

    “Chicken free, noodle free, veggie free, chicken noodle soup.” Yea Link that’s a thing...CHICKEN BROTH!

  90. Enderblaze Animations

    Enderblaze AnimationsTháng trước

    They made fosters

  91. Alyssa Galaxy

    Alyssa GalaxyTháng trước

    I saw mountain dew and I was like:"I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW RED"

  92. Roll Right

    Roll RightTháng trước

    Turns Budweiser into Coors light.

  93. Orlando Rosado

    Orlando RosadoTháng trước

    Urine... Will it filter???

  94. DutchM

    DutchMTháng trước

    11:50 who cleans a window with a paper towel!?!?!

  95. Hannah Bergh

    Hannah BerghTháng trước

    Budweiser is like making love in a canoe.... Its f'''ing close to water =P

  96. Kerbalnaught

    KerbalnaughtTháng trước

    Bad test. Didn't filter the paper towel.

  97. Blue Strawberry

    Blue StrawberryTháng trước

    Follow me on Instagram @2016lia2016

  98. Mortally Challenged

    Mortally ChallengedTháng trước

    Running Mtn Dew through a water filter is probably how La Croix makes their citrus flavor.

  99. A Pug named Grapes

    A Pug named GrapesTháng trước

    6:08 lol

  100. bandgeek89

    bandgeek89Tháng trước

    seriously, filter your own urine

  101. Spencer Nelson

    Spencer NelsonTháng trước

    Please let us hear them with helium

  102. Magical Boy Mercury

    Magical Boy MercuryTháng trước

    6:57 me when I show my parents my report card

  103. minna !!!

    minna !!!Tháng trước

    do a PEEEEE

  104. Appolyon

    AppolyonTháng trước

    If you want put beer through the filter, why you take Budweiser instead?

  105. Andria Wang

    Andria WangTháng trước

    They could have tried cleaning the window with normal water too, just to have a control and make sure that the blue was a lie. Then again, "THIS ISN'T A SCIENCE CHANNEL."

  106. Andria Wang

    Andria WangTháng trước

    (It's a reference to a Good Mythical More voicemail wheel thingy)

  107. Andria Wang

    Andria WangTháng trước

    Am I the only one that ever wonders what they are doing during the timelapses?