Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter (TEST)


  1. Unstable HD

    Unstable HD6 tháng trước

    "We're slightly over the age of 21" 5 seconds later "I kNoW hOw tO pOuR a bEeR"

  2. HEY LOIS Despacito

    HEY LOIS DespacitoNgày trước

    Madyson LeDonne r/whoooooooosh

  3. Alex Goodwin

    Alex GoodwinNgày trước

    Todoroki 🤨 shouldn’t you be visiting your mum

  4. Robert Morones

    Robert Morones7 ngày trước

    Yes it's amazing

  5. 78charmingjen

    78charmingjen10 ngày trước

    Love Boku no hero

  6. KIIZER skumbag

    KIIZER skumbag10 ngày trước

    +Madyson LeDonne The joke Your head

  7. Tambourine Man

    Tambourine Man2 giờ trước

    Putting weird things in an iron

  8. Aceface 106

    Aceface 1062 ngày trước

    I have that mouth wash

  9. limesandcoconuts11

    limesandcoconuts112 ngày trước

    I could watch Link pour soup all day 😂

  10. daniel B

    daniel B2 ngày trước

    Did they use a new filter in between.......

  11. Leah Segura

    Leah Segura2 ngày trước


  12. mikemike 141111

    mikemike 1411113 ngày trước

    Lul i used to work for zero water

  13. The Arcane Two

    The Arcane Two3 ngày trước


  14. Trashboat

    Trashboat3 ngày trước

    Did Rhett and Link invent Mountain Dew Ice?

  15. Mike Z

    Mike Z4 ngày trước

    How to know if youre a millennial: if you open a Budweiser twist top and immidiately say "Ouch that hurt a little"

  16. Surjith Rock

    Surjith Rock4 ngày trước

    "Not as good as Malayalam" Do you guys watch Malayalam movies

  17. TeamZestGods

    TeamZestGods4 ngày trước

    If you think Mellow Yellow is better than Mountain Dew you're a psychopath.

  18. chemistrycounts

    chemistrycounts5 ngày trước

    So was the Windex a paid plug? Because they didn't say "window cleaner" and cover up the label, so what's up?

  19. Queerio Cheerio

    Queerio Cheerio5 ngày trước

    Tbh they don't look over 35

  20. Liz Moore

    Liz Moore5 ngày trước

    Whats with all the dislikes?!?! This was fun!

  21. Cheese Face1663

    Cheese Face16636 ngày trước

    9:21 HeY GrEaT pArTy

  22. BJ Pearce

    BJ Pearce6 ngày trước


  23. Official Des

    Official Des6 ngày trước

    Rhett reminds me of Seth Rogen sometimes 😂 hilarious

  24. Official Des

    Official Des6 ngày trước

    Wish there were a 3rd cup to pour the Mountain in lol

  25. MiMas Studios

    MiMas Studios7 ngày trước

    I want to see what’s left in the filter

  26. ANerdyBee

    ANerdyBee7 ngày trước

    “if you’re into that... flat” *FBI OPEN UP*

  27. Yamam Ali

    Yamam Ali7 ngày trước

    The Windex is blue because nothing naturally is that shade of blue (basically so u don't drink it ) :)

  28. Comfort Baking

    Comfort Baking7 ngày trước

    Rhett says "Zerowater. Takes the green out of listerine" my brother says "A bottle of dawn and metal is gone"

  29. Jasmine Jones

    Jasmine Jones7 ngày trước

    Link is just a far superior cleaner lol that windex test wasn't fair. Rhett did it like my 10 year old brother.

  30. jackson donovan

    jackson donovan7 ngày trước

    where did the listerine in normal bottle go if it was unopened

  31. Sarah Ichi

    Sarah Ichi7 ngày trước

    I was shook watching them pour the filtered Mountain Dew

  32. billy jones

    billy jones7 ngày trước

    I expected urine for some reason

  33. billy jones

    billy jones7 ngày trước

    I ain’t afraid to eat fire! 💪💪💪

  34. Hannah Jo Moore

    Hannah Jo Moore8 ngày trước


  35. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams9 ngày trước

    when they got out the windex i was like holy shit! are they trying to kill themselves!

  36. Lucifer Falcon

    Lucifer Falcon9 ngày trước

    These two guys have bland personalities, and not too bright.

  37. evilemperordude

    evilemperordude10 ngày trước

    The blue in Windex is just dye.

  38. Max Jansson

    Max Jansson10 ngày trước

    so what you are saying is MOUNTAIN DEW, IS WEIRD!?! Cause if you do, you are right.

  39. Jacuzzi Winkles

    Jacuzzi Winkles10 ngày trước

    So you basically made Fosters

  40. Huang Xin Yue

    Huang Xin Yue11 ngày trước


  41. Huang Xin Yue

    Huang Xin Yue11 ngày trước


  42. Should I Janna?

    Should I Janna?11 ngày trước

    What filter is that I want it

  43. bhad._vxbes M

    bhad._vxbes M11 ngày trước

    all i learned from this is.. *filtering things make the color disappear*

  44. Lourdes Castro

    Lourdes Castro11 ngày trước

    love u guys u r my first loving channel😍

  45. Joshua Hale

    Joshua Hale11 ngày trước

    Germans say the beer was water before and after lol

  46. DoOmSdAy PREPPers

    DoOmSdAy PREPPers11 ngày trước

    Watching this made me really need a piss.

  47. Edgar Nickols

    Edgar Nickols11 ngày trước

    Nailed it

  48. Cara Buker

    Cara Buker11 ngày trước

    I haven't watched one of their videos for years. My question: When did link start getting grey hairs?

  49. RyanGr Comi

    RyanGr Comi12 ngày trước

    Your videos are cool but both of yall are really irritating get some new host

  50. Space Racer26

    Space Racer2612 ngày trước

    Ew that mouth wash part was gross

  51. James Kelly

    James Kelly12 ngày trước

    La Croix is made with cockroach killer.

  52. GG2000

    GG200013 ngày trước

    Rett: 40 years Old Link: 39 years old

  53. TideGypsy

    TideGypsy13 ngày trước

    Thank goodness y’all popped up in my feed. Where y’all been my whole life?! Smart, funny and attractive. I’m sold.

  54. Justice Warrior

    Justice Warrior13 ngày trước

    I'm seeing this wile high... What an expereehhjkkince

  55. Andres Rincon

    Andres Rincon13 ngày trước

    That soup looks like hospital soup

  56. Ph Siren

    Ph Siren13 ngày trước

    The beer wasn't that impressive? Budweiser is water to begin with..

  57. JayLeePoe

    JayLeePoe13 ngày trước

    Of all the foods we've seen you two spit out... we couldn't get a decent shot, swish, and spit on the mouthwash test?! I mean... we're here for the hardcore S C I E N C E™! Tell us if it still mouthwashes after the filter! It seems like it turns Listerine into more like less-sugary Shout. Shout, the sweet-tea of mouthwash.

  58. Chrissy

    Chrissy13 ngày trước

    Not going to lie, I got slightly concerned when the Windex came out. "Please, don't drink that."

  59. Elijah Ayres

    Elijah Ayres14 ngày trước

    I got a listerend add before this

  60. MrFireYT123019 gaming

    MrFireYT123019 gaming14 ngày trước


  61. Madeline Mcnary

    Madeline Mcnary14 ngày trước

    Linkey don’t likey?

  62. David Wright

    David Wright14 ngày trước

    No!! the aquatru turned Diet Coke into water!!!!!!!! $

  63. Ada Withers

    Ada Withers14 ngày trước

    There’s an essence of chicken noodle soup

  64. Silas Rott

    Silas Rott14 ngày trước

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  65. The Bird-Box

    The Bird-Box14 ngày trước

    *Spills Soup Allover The Table* "nAilEd iT"

  66. Adeline Mills

    Adeline Mills14 ngày trước


  67. Veronica Zapata

    Veronica Zapata15 ngày trước

    I didn't even notice the window until 10:38 hahahaha

  68. Gorgnull

    Gorgnull15 ngày trước

    Other things to filter: • Animal Blood • Energy Drink • Wine/Grape Juice • Coffee •Orange Juice •Milk

  69. death4014 games

    death4014 games15 ngày trước

    Wait links not 70?

  70. Black_Rose_Gaming

    Black_Rose_Gaming15 ngày trước

    Linky don't liky chicky soupy .... OK I am so sorry for that but it was funny

  71. Trio Of Trouble

    Trio Of Trouble15 ngày trước

    Anybody want a mountain filter!

  72. S-S-Snake

    S-S-Snake16 ngày trước

    Filtering filtered water?

  73. beresheethtrack

    beresheethtrack16 ngày trước

    Link screaming about knowing how to pour a beer reminds me too much of Judge Kavanaugh to be comfortable.

  74. Peter Kazavis

    Peter Kazavis17 ngày trước

    2:26 Shots fired

  75. Its A Bucket

    Its A Bucket17 ngày trước

    Today we’re using filters on things that arent water or instagram Lol. :)

  76. Matthew droz

    Matthew droz17 ngày trước

    why does everything look like water

  77. Pam Rush

    Pam Rush17 ngày trước

    Interesting chicken soup let's find out

  78. Joshua Colon

    Joshua Colon17 ngày trước

    Why am I watching this?

  79. Jacob Dudley

    Jacob Dudley17 ngày trước

    Mountain Dew is best don’t argue

  80. Ninja Legion

    Ninja Legion17 ngày trước

    Windex is blue because blue is appealing

  81. Sibling Wars

    Sibling Wars17 ngày trước

    They weren’t even drinking it

  82. Cookies and cream Time

    Cookies and cream Time17 ngày trước

    I KnOW hOW To PoUR A BeEr

  83. limit less

    limit less17 ngày trước

    your emm your your wix person

  84. Lisa Chiappetti

    Lisa Chiappetti17 ngày trước


  85. Bowie Fan123

    Bowie Fan12318 ngày trước

    Is it just me, or do you think of George McFly when you see Link?

  86. Fire_ FlyzYT

    Fire_ FlyzYT18 ngày trước


  87. GalaxyGate

    GalaxyGate18 ngày trước

    8:09 link: I KNOW HOW TO POUR A BEAR!

  88. Eli Arnold

    Eli Arnold19 ngày trước

    I wish they tried to filter milk!

  89. Caroline Chambers

    Caroline Chambers19 ngày trước

    linky don't likeythe bromance

  90. Vince Dibona

    Vince Dibona19 ngày trước

    I will have to try this, as I have a habit of taking my clothes off and running around. My doctor has since prescribed me to drink 1/4 cup of Windex three times a day, as it prevents streaking. I'll see myself out now...

  91. Tara Ozansoy

    Tara Ozansoy19 ngày trước

    This would le better if they tried to guess what the drink is after the crew has filtered it

  92. food

    food20 ngày trước

    white male privilege must end asap

  93. Sam D Kid

    Sam D Kid20 ngày trước

    Original Filter

  94. ToxicSoRaw

    ToxicSoRaw20 ngày trước

    They turned Budweiser into Budlight. BRILLIANT!

  95. Castiel Novak

    Castiel Novak21 ngày trước

    "good flavors" dude it's beer. Beer is disgusting

  96. Joshua Livingston

    Joshua Livingston21 ngày trước

    I think yall just made Bud light

  97. Nicholas Herrstrom

    Nicholas Herrstrom21 ngày trước

    *Rhett holds up Windex* *_OH SH-_*

  98. Hamilton Mcgregory

    Hamilton Mcgregory21 ngày trước

    Basically made a bud light 😂😂

  99. Humuteha Zone

    Humuteha Zone21 ngày trước

    They probably take 15 minutes trying to think Of a phrase or like whatever it’s called

  100. StylishGrape

    StylishGrape21 ngày trước

    Y'all should do a episode were you compare candy from the US and from the United kingdom, they got some interesting stuff.

  101. iZucc_xxEdgyDabz_xx v2

    iZucc_xxEdgyDabz_xx v221 ngày trước

    Those substances ARE moslty water

  102. Aurelius R

    Aurelius R22 ngày trước

    Ugh... GMM has become so "slick" and commercialised... not sure I like it as much.

  103. Gabriel Theilacker

    Gabriel Theilacker22 ngày trước

    Saw windex and thought: “shit they’re really bout to risk it all”

  104. Avocado Bush

    Avocado Bush22 ngày trước

    Link VS Rhett in chicken noodle. The chicken noodle won. Destroyed the competition and the clean parts of that table.

  105. H02ReaperRuss -will be a sensation in the future

    H02ReaperRuss -will be a sensation in the future22 ngày trước

    Link: over here we have some tomato paste hand prints. Me: hmmmm tomato paste you say? Or is It!?