Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)


  1. Jonathan D

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  2. Un Usuario De Youtube Cualquiera

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    0.75x Speed 😻😻😻

  3. Sherk El Ogro Del Bosque

    Sherk El Ogro Del BosqueGiờ trước

    This song is is is..... A BOMB

  4. Tandefua

    Tandefua3 giờ trước

    I only want a quiet life

  5. Lucas Morais Freire

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  6. Vladimir Sanguis Tepes

    Vladimir Sanguis Tepes11 giờ trước

    She's a killer Queen Gunpowder gelatin , Dynamite with a laser beam.

  7. David V.

    David V.12 giờ trước

    I came for the Kira meme but damn I actually like this

  8. Tippo Pocoloco

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  9. EL Vroda

    EL Vroda20 giờ trước

    I try to listen to this song but this dude with an horrible hair style and his nephew that stops time keep beating my ass!

  10. Ismael Barrantes

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  11. Diet Pepsi

    Diet Pepsi22 giờ trước

    "Dynamite with a laser beam"

  12. Adolfy!

    Adolfy!Ngày trước

    JOJO Brought me here

  13. Cleonice Alves

    Cleonice AlvesNgày trước

    Nó em 1974 não era nem nascido mais em 1978 sim ouvia muito,todos os dias ouvia sem saber quem era

  14. The Raptor

    The RaptorNgày trước

    Cannot wait to see them make this music video in the new movie cuz I’m pretty sure at this point 0:30 in the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer you see the lights and Freddie in his fur coat.

  15. Charles Cf

    Charles CfNgày trước

    i cant believe freddie mercury was gay he looks so masculine

  16. SoapiestBark 950

    SoapiestBark 950Ngày trước

    K I L L E R Q U E E N

  17. Me Troll

    Me Troll2 ngày trước

    freddie mercury was the true killer queen

  18. Jorge Argueta Face

    Jorge Argueta Face2 ngày trước

    Bites Za Dusto

  19. Elliott Wright

    Elliott Wright2 ngày trước

    The best song in the world with the best guitar solo

  20. Beanie Bird

    Beanie Bird2 ngày trước

    Is this a *JoJo Reference* ?

  21. Ronkorn Samintarapanya

    Ronkorn Samintarapanya2 ngày trước

    Killer queen has touch this brilliant song ever!

  22. CutieFur

    CutieFur2 ngày trước

    this is a jojo reference?

  23. Dow Jones

    Dow Jones2 ngày trước

    I thought this song came out in the 80's!! Holy shit!!! Queen were fabulously ahead of their time!!!!

  24. squiddy mc squid face

    squiddy mc squid face3 ngày trước

    Is no one going to mention that Freddie held his microphone stand upside down for the first 25 seconds of this video?

  25. Shavell Mickens

    Shavell Mickens22 giờ trước

    He does that to a lot of his microphones

  26. 박건

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    재밌는 음악이네

  27. Skyfall Krycek

    Skyfall Krycek3 ngày trước

    Queen long live them all so beautiful🖤

  28. CottonCandy Flamingo

    CottonCandy Flamingo3 ngày trước

    insert jojo siwa meme ;)

  29. Official Queen Fanatic

    Official Queen Fanatic3 ngày trước

    This is Ear Porn ....Ha...Porn...

  30. Xirtual

    Xirtual3 ngày trước

    Killer Queen have already touched the song!

  31. squiddy mc squid face

    squiddy mc squid face3 ngày trước

    Then I guess I'm getting blown sky high.

  32. Oh Hello

    Oh Hello3 ngày trước

    I hope this song never bites the dust.

  33. HERESY

    HERESY3 ngày trước

    I would say something like "What a beautiful song", but "What a beautiful Duwang" is more accurate.

  34. Xx_Sh3rkLovmi_666 _xX_

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    i miss u freddie

  35. Hideo

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  36. the mr puppeteer's corner

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    Bite za dusto

  37. Delirando

    Delirando4 ngày trước

    Good music, Freddie Forever

  38. Kerby Valenzuela

    Kerby Valenzuela4 ngày trước

    Im addicted 😍💕

  39. Cosmic Memes

    Cosmic Memes4 ngày trước

    Yare Yare Daze..

  40. Elijah Yates

    Elijah Yates4 ngày trước

    It’s czray how esay it was to raed taht. It hnteolsy ptetry isnnae

  41. squiddy mc squid face

    squiddy mc squid face3 ngày trước

    I agree.

  42. Infinity War Survivor

    Infinity War Survivor4 ngày trước

    VIreporter subtitles can't understand Freddie Mercury

  43. Klayground

    Klayground4 ngày trước

    Luck has sided with Freddie Mercury.

  44. Mr KRABS

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  45. genius mchaggis

    genius mchaggis4 ngày trước

    who the fuck is JOJO

  46. genius mchaggis

    genius mchaggis15 giờ trước

    thanks tin can! i was wondering...

  47. Tin Can

    Tin CanNgày trước

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure(JoJo for short) is an anime/manga series where there's a character called "Killer Queen", named after this, which is why everyone is mentioning it.

  48. genius mchaggis

    genius mchaggis4 ngày trước

    ive got the feeling that the "killer queen" was NOT a FEMALE!

  49. what me worry

    what me worry4 ngày trước

    voice manipulation done right

  50. johanna elena mallea ferreira

    johanna elena mallea ferreira4 ngày trước

    genio, maravilloso.....nadie se iguala a ti

  51. Lloyd Games

    Lloyd Games4 ngày trước

    Killer Queen has already touched the guitar.

  52. Luna chan

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  53. Bobby Lee

    Bobby Lee4 ngày trước

    Young pappy brought me here

  54. Sagar Khadka

    Sagar Khadka4 ngày trước

    1:33 that tone❤

  55. Blank Screen

    Blank Screen4 ngày trước

    he is such a beautiful man oh my-

  56. Bradking Kapik

    Bradking Kapik5 ngày trước

    Omg jojo référence KILLA QUEEN ❤

  57. Roblox gamer rocker oofer

    Roblox gamer rocker oofer5 ngày trước

    1.25 speed is awesome

  58. Liz Sánchez

    Liz Sánchez5 ngày trước

    Amo ésta canción 😍😍😍 me encanta

  59. gut76666

    gut766665 ngày trước

    Love ( France 2018 )

  60. Issie Puente

    Issie Puente5 ngày trước

    "You can do anything you want with my music my music, just don't make me boring" Freddie Mercury (1991) To Jim Beach who is Freddie's executor.

  61. Jumppy1

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  62. I fuck lolis for a living

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  63. Andrianina Raharijao

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    Gotta keep the jojo influence in this comment section.

  64. R. C.

    R. C.5 ngày trước

    *Is that a Jojo reference?!*

  65. Rowan Amador

    Rowan Amador5 ngày trước

    you know when i first heard this song I know this is a bit crude but... I Got an Erection.

  66. reset play

    reset play15 giờ trước

    Rowan Amador did it feel good though 🤤😏

  67. Grivinn

    Grivinn5 ngày trước

    guess i'll explode :))))

  68. low level otaku

    low level otaku5 ngày trước

    Ever since part four of JoJo's bizarre adventure came out,many JoJo comments are now on here

  69. Infinity War Survivor

    Infinity War Survivor6 ngày trước

    Just heard I'm doing this for music in year 9. I can't fucking wait!

  70. squiddy mc squid face

    squiddy mc squid face3 ngày trước

    Lucky, I had to cover Taylor freaking Swift in year nine.

  71. No Name

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  72. Tom Birdman

    Tom Birdman6 ngày trước

    Deadly Queen is such a good song.

  73. lamees Daoud

    lamees Daoud6 ngày trước

    2018 anyone ?😏

  74. rino gamer

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  75. Lluvia de Otoño

    Lluvia de Otoño6 ngày trước

    Me mata me mata!! Era una Diva!! Una Diva!! Era una soprano!! Freddy TE AMOOOO!!!

  76. Pranav Bhosle

    Pranav Bhosle6 ngày trước

    September 2018?

  77. annika

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  78. TheLcky

    TheLcky6 ngày trước

    Hirohiko Araki already touched this song....

  79. Skelleks

    Skelleks6 ngày trước

    Bite za Dusto

  80. Rodolfo Cabrera

    Rodolfo Cabrera6 ngày trước

    I love this song!!! It's amazing! !

  81. starlord 5

    starlord 56 ngày trước

    Miusic sorry

  82. starlord 5

    starlord 56 ngày trước

    The exelend song

  83. idiot yt

    idiot yt7 ngày trước


  84. Rosy Barrera

    Rosy Barrera7 ngày trước

    De plano que Freddie Mercury se peló en no usar condón jujuju cuantas obras de arte más nos pudo haber regalado!

  85. Sandi Sasono

    Sandi Sasono7 ngày trước

    Too many jojo in comment section

  86. Samir Choudhury

    Samir Choudhury7 ngày trước

    She is a killer queen😍❤❤

  87. Braulio E. T. G.

    Braulio E. T. G.7 ngày trước

    2018 any?

  88. BallGaming

    BallGaming7 ngày trước

    A Josuke Higashikata e Jotaro Kujo piace questo elemento.

  89. Indigo Indigo Bae

    Indigo Indigo Bae7 ngày trước

    Anyone know if Freddie wrote this song about Mary?

  90. uebergeek

    uebergeek7 ngày trước

    This song has improved with age! I remember not liking it when it came out (I was 9.) Got tons of airplay, which in 1974 meant AM, transistor radios. Youch! Poor song couldn't breathe!

  91. r0ckoman

    r0ckoman7 ngày trước

    *am i the only one who heard it from family guy first?*

  92. Brewsterion 1017

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  93. Spice For Spice

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  94. Jaylen Turner

    Jaylen Turner8 ngày trước

    Personnel:Songwriter:Freddie Mercury.Lead Vocals:Freddie Mercury.Background Vocals:Freddie Mercury,Brian May,Roger Taylor,and John Deacon.Instrumentation:Freddie Mercury:Grand and tack piano,finger snapping.Brian May:Electric guitar.Roger Taylor:Drums,triangle,chimes.John Deacon:Bass guitar.Arranger,Conductor,and Producer(s):Roy Thomas Baker and Queen.Year:1974.Album:Sheer Heart Attack.

  95. Snabber C

    Snabber C8 ngày trước

    Happy b day u have a special part in our hart

  96. Bee

    Bee8 ngày trước

    What a beautiful duwang!

  97. Bridget T

    Bridget T8 ngày trước

    IT'S good and Fab to be dah Gansta Quuen of the...........LUCY....blossomberry when i say SO

  98. carlitos mercuri solano bulsara

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  99. El Té

    El Té8 ngày trước

    FIRST :V

  100. Рандомная Тян

    Рандомная Тян8 ngày trước

    искал момент из жижи и нашёл это, оказывается Араки круто умеет петь :\

  101. [리니지M창훈]

    [리니지M창훈]8 ngày trước

    RIP Freddie from korea



    I just realized the snaps in the beginning of the song sound like killer queen igniting a bomb

  103. Deeper Deeper

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  104. johnny zell

    johnny zell8 ngày trước

    She keeps her Moet et Chandon In her pretty cabinet 'Let them eat cake' she says Just like Marie Antoinette A built-in remedy For Kruschev and Kennedy At anytime an invitation You can't decline Caviar and cigarettes Well versed in etiquette Extraordinarily nice She's a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatin Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind Anytime Ooh, recommended at the price Insatiable an appetite Wanna try ? To avoid complications She never kept the same address In conversation She spoke just like a baroness Met a man from China Went down to Geisha Minah (Killer, killer, she's a killer Queen) Then again incidentally If you're that way inclined Perfume came naturally from Paris (naturally) For cars she couldn't care less Fastidious and precise She's a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatin Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind Anytime Drop of a hat she's as willing as Playful as a pussy cat Then momentarily out of action Temporarily out of gas To absolutely drive you wild, wild She's all out to get you She's a Killer Queen Gunpowder, gelatin Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind Anytime Ooh, recommended at the price Insatiable an appetite Wanna try ? You wanna try

  105. Tim Doe

    Tim Doe8 ngày trước

    Fateful as a pussy cat STRAY CAT INSPIRATION OMG!!!!!!

  106. marriz fidel

    marriz fidel8 ngày trước

    im the guy 1985

  107. Yare Aguilar

    Yare Aguilar8 ngày trước

    Le debo un Gracias a mi hermano Por acercarme a esta música que es tan grandiosa la verdad no sabía de lo que me estaba perdiendo pero esto sí es música y no intentos fatales 👍👍👏📻📻

  108. Fabrizio Forteis

    Fabrizio Forteis8 ngày trước

    Nunca Te Olvidaremos Freddie