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Queen - Memorable Live Moments


  1. Flávio Barbosa De Albuquerque

    Flávio Barbosa De AlbuquerqueNgày trước

    Freddie Mercury o melhor de toda sua época, sempre superando com o melhor, sou fã dele, sou fã do seu trabalho, sou fã de sua história

  2. Mary Schwarz

    Mary Schwarz4 ngày trước

    Freddy du bist unsterblich 💞

  3. Alex Playstation 1

    Alex Playstation 15 ngày trước

    Yeah and not from Made in heaven just yeah : ) ... ✨❤️♥️ ...

  4. nursesteve2004

    nursesteve20049 ngày trước

    You didn't include Live Aid

  5. Reallifehuman :v

    Reallifehuman :v11 ngày trước

    tHiS iS tHE bBc...

  6. The movie Buff

    The movie Buff15 ngày trước

    Why isn’t Live Aid on here?

  7. Carole R.

    Carole R.18 ngày trước

    «One life, one sex, one John Deacon»

  8. ISA venture

    ISA venture18 ngày trước

    Queen live -the rainbow -hyde park -buenos AIRES -budapest -Knebworth Where's live aid 1985??? -

  9. Janique Vaillot

    Janique Vaillot19 ngày trước

    Freddie Mercury was the bigger the better in Music History. And he's still. And still alive in our hearts and in our minds forever

  10. Jomai Estrada

    Jomai Estrada26 ngày trước

    I love you Freddie ❤ Why gone too soon 🙁😪💔💔💔 I love you QUEEN ❤

  11. The guy who Bit the dust

    The guy who Bit the dust26 ngày trước

    No wembley 86 or live aid (i know live aid isnt really a queen concert but still)

  12. Patricia Bilinkas

    Patricia BilinkasTháng trước

    Ironically Spike Edney from Mott the Hoople ended up playing for Queen.

  13. Aubree Tarazon

    Aubree TarazonTháng trước

    No live aid??

  14. Alyssa Creates

    Alyssa CreatesTháng trước


  15. Patricia Bilinkas

    Patricia BilinkasTháng trước

    Alyssa Creates It was suggested by Jim Hutton, but if you watch the video, the very last two words are one vision, after fried chicken.

  16. Patrii Bulsara

    Patrii BulsaraTháng trước

    Te amo mi queridoFreddie❤❤❤❤

  17. Debi Nicholson

    Debi NicholsonTháng trước

    Freddie is a true LEGAND. There will be no other. His memory lives on and still rocks in 2019!!

  18. Carol cjh

    Carol cjhTháng trước

    Deacy in a turquoise speedo........sigh.

  19. tori2dles

    tori2dlesTháng trước

    Cough cough - Live Aid - cough cough 🤭😳🤯

  20. Rita kaye

    Rita kayeTháng trước

    Every single show they did with the original 4 were memorable.

  21. Justin. WHY

    Justin. WHYTháng trước

    Can’t wait for the rhapsody tour in New Zealand.

  22. Nalini Menon

    Nalini MenonTháng trước

    I consider myself bloody lucky to see freddie and queen on my trip to the UK - the band rocked the stage, we were screaming and rocking along -- clapping our hands -- what utter joy! I will never ever ever forget this incredible experience -- freddie commanded the stage and the other band members supported him so brilliantly - they were so glued together -- OMG!!!! RIP Freddie

  23. Mithu Cherry

    Mithu Cherry2 tháng trước

    Madness for Freddie and queen God bless all April 2019 still love you darlings

  24. FrostyVamps

    FrostyVamps2 tháng trước

    Live Aid?

  25. Janique Vaillot

    Janique Vaillot2 tháng trước

    Miss you so much Freddie. The bigger the better in Music History

  26. Gaming Lemon670

    Gaming Lemon6702 tháng trước

    Live aid maybe??

  27. Valar Morghulis

    Valar Morghulis2 tháng trước

    Live aid ?

  28. Philip Foote

    Philip Foote2 tháng trước

    Special talents...never to be see again. Thanks VIreporter for making available to young...enjoy.

  29. Phoebe Xo

    Phoebe Xo2 tháng trước

    I’m fucking crying😭 I wasn’t alive when Freddie was!! Do you know how hard that is😂😭

  30. Mona Winn

    Mona Winn2 tháng trước

    Sad to watch their final show.

  31. Justsaying something

    Justsaying something2 tháng trước

    Okey so I spend more time than I should watching Queen videos and what happens is that I forget that Freddie isn't alive anymore. Then I come across videos like these and it's like a steam train hits me when I realise that Freddie isn't here and that always makes me cry. Truth be told I have only been a fan since late last year when I saw Bohemian Rhapsody, a movie that I normally would never watch but something made me watch the tralier for it and I knew I had to see it. So I did and have seen it seven times and I have even bought the DVD and a digital copy of the film. I geniunly feel like it was meant for me to see this film, for some mysterious reason, cause it made me for the first time in my 28 year (soon 29) old life, to be just me. Freddie, 28 years after his death, inspired me to be me. How is that even possible? I don't know and honestly it just feels great to finally stop pretending and just be the person I always wanted to be. And my memorable moment that I will cherrish forever is the feeling that hit me after I saw the film for the first time, which is something I never thought would happend. I never thought a movie could inspired me this way nor did I ever think a bands lead singer could inspire me to be me despite the fact he's not here. No motivational speech just seeing Freddie perform and seeing, hearing him in interviews was enough. Freddie being Freddie was enough for me to get a light bold moment. And of course Brian, Roger and John are as inspirational as Freddie was. They really where (and are) the band for the misfits that doesn't know there place in life and need a guiding hand.

  32. Nils Johansson

    Nils Johansson2 tháng trước

    Is that broan mai?

  33. Sweet Trubble

    Sweet Trubble2 tháng trước

    He does NOT like to wear shirts on stage, does he. Must just be his thing or else he gets unbearably hot on stage. This is by no means meant as criticism.

  34. juuzou rei suzuya

    juuzou rei suzuya2 tháng trước

    John Richard Deacon stop being so cute...

  35. Dax Diaz

    Dax Diaz3 tháng trước

    Name of song 3:23? Anyone please

  36. Nick Name

    Nick Name3 tháng trước


  37. Mark Anthony G

    Mark Anthony G3 tháng trước

    1:58 Eminem left the group.

  38. Freddie Fucking Mercury

    Freddie Fucking Mercury3 tháng trước

    Pause at 00:59

  39. Rich N.huloo

    Rich N.huloo3 tháng trước

    Hell yeah Queen.. but Freddie rock like a King👍👍

  40. Grace Antonio

    Grace Antonio3 tháng trước

    QUEEEEEEN!! Truly&verily a cut above the rest. No other band can play any style of song & sound GREAT. Critics of the band are tight assed hypocrites who undermine their unique & special quality. Typical, coz what some people dont understand they tear down or label. Queen has proven themselves to be so much fun on top of being four individual talents that combined, creates GREATNESS & the best part is they dont take themselves or their success too seriously & remained grounded. Oh yeah😊 QUEEN indeed.

  41. Jonathan Vince

    Jonathan Vince3 tháng trước

    I was there at the final show they had to knock down the fences and let in all the people. as so many people there.

  42. Audrey Caruso

    Audrey Caruso3 tháng trước

    Damn I wish I had seen them when Freddie was alive...

  43. Luce

    Luce3 tháng trước

    Freddie..someone still love you, can you see it?I hope❤️

  44. sarah masanda

    sarah masanda3 tháng trước

    Best band bar none period....creative all the way costumes lyrics never boring darling💛💞💝

  45. lowkeyyy mia

    lowkeyyy mia3 tháng trước

    Freddie didn’t die God just asked him for singing lessons 💖😰💖

  46. Mark Roberts

    Mark Roberts3 tháng trước

    Very cool wish I could have been there

  47. Davina

    Davina3 tháng trước

    I saw QUEEN in 1977 and 1982! GREATEST BAND EVER. WE LOVE YOU FREDDY! Talent missed so much. Rest in peace I'll never forget you looked at me I was in the second row....

  48. Freddie M

    Freddie M3 tháng trước

    We will never see the likes again .personally I don't want to, thanks to the internet i can see it all (queen) . I bloody love them.

  49. 신우

    신우4 tháng trước

    정말 대단한 퍼퍼머스 지금껏 그를대신하는가수도 노래도없다 단한곡도 허술하게 부른적이없다 완전한 곡해석 ᆢ그의노래는 가슴과 깊은고뇌속에서 나온 노래의 연기자다

  50. Maria Beleyzan

    Maria Beleyzan4 tháng trước

    Cuando toca en argentina y canto bohemian ese oooooh baby fue unico y legendario

  51. s0ulrider

    s0ulrider4 tháng trước

    This isnt all concerts cut after each other. Dislike

  52. Ms H

    Ms H4 tháng trước

    iwish iwas mary so icould feel how to be love by freddie 😍😍😍 i loveu forever freddie

  53. Marilex Cacho

    Marilex Cacho4 tháng trước

    Cant stop watching Queen's video

  54. Matt JC

    Matt JC4 tháng trước

    Is there footage of Knebworth? Surely

  55. JAJA Cool

    JAJA Cool4 tháng trước

    R.I.P. ur majesty 😢


    ABIGAIL XPLORES4 tháng trước

    We are the champions my friends! And we keep on fighting till the end we are the champions we are the champions! No time for losers! Cuz we are the champions! -Queen

  57. dragos avram

    dragos avram4 tháng trước


  58. rnolan110

    rnolan1104 tháng trước

    What the heck about their Live Aid performance?? You've left that OUT???? Huh???

  59. Anti

    Anti4 tháng trước

    pause at 1:26. Look at Roger's face.

  60. Linda Craven

    Linda Craven4 tháng trước

    You Take My Breath Away. Pure Freddy

  61. Ros B

    Ros B4 tháng trước

    Roger is beyond fantastic drum player. I enjoy his talent as much as Freddie's sings.❤️

  62. Marisa Silva Caballero-Infante

    Marisa Silva Caballero-Infante4 tháng trước

    1:29 I´m scared

  63. Byson's Life

    Byson's Life4 tháng trước

    (shows live aid)

  64. Grzegorz Konik

    Grzegorz Konik4 tháng trước

    Come on - first western band behind iron curtain?!. In 13th april 1967 Rolling Stones were in Warsaw ;-)

  65. not the coffee machine please!

    not the coffee machine please!4 tháng trước

    Does anyone know if there's a full version of Queen singing the "funny version" of One vision please?

  66. Tan Siying

    Tan Siying4 tháng trước

    "Somebody to Love" LIVE 1982 at Milton Keynes Bowl is the best ever vocals!!!

  67. דניאל לוי

    דניאל לוי4 tháng trước

    LIVE AID????? no argument about any of the perfect moments shown but you missed the world best live performance of all times . Or is it just me? 😊

  68. Francisco Rodriguez Jr.

    Francisco Rodriguez Jr.5 tháng trước

    Best voice I’ve ever heard…ever

  69. ekswAyZee yee

    ekswAyZee yee5 tháng trước

    I really want to teleport myself to these live concerts. They are amazing.

  70. Hantu Ririwa

    Hantu Ririwa5 tháng trước

    What is the title for the first song ?

  71. Do You Wanna Dance?

    Do You Wanna Dance?5 tháng trước

    I Love!

  72. Hajime NoIppo

    Hajime NoIppo5 tháng trước


  73. Kimberly Anne

    Kimberly Anne5 tháng trước

    Great Music and John's green Speedo😇

  74. Nat Taylor

    Nat Taylor5 tháng trước

    OMG the fact that You take my breath awayis on this just makes it a million times better! 😍

  75. Silver Moon Cat

    Silver Moon Cat5 tháng trước

    No live aid? 😕

  76. Claudia M Cuartas F

    Claudia M Cuartas F5 tháng trước

    I wish I could travel back in time and space to enjoy every single show with these guys!!! :)

  77. Feyza Erdogdu

    Feyza Erdogdu5 tháng trước

    John deacon 💗

  78. Jean-Luc DeCoster

    Jean-Luc DeCoster6 tháng trước

    “Memorable Live Moments” Live Aid wasn’t on this list because it’s the most memorable live performance ever, this video was made to shed light on other spectacular acts

  79. almei dinha

    almei dinha6 tháng trước

    Our Freddie 💕❤💙💜💛♥❤

  80. almei dinha

    almei dinha6 tháng trước

    I love everyday more💕

  81. the Bride of Frankenstein

    the Bride of Frankenstein6 tháng trước

    Love long hair Freddie gorgeous

  82. Guiler Ramirez Mendoza

    Guiler Ramirez Mendoza6 tháng trước

    Hagamos que QUEEN llegue a los 30 millones de suscripciones a más. Vamos vamos. Espero los que vean le digan...

  83. Gillian Trading

    Gillian Trading6 tháng trước

    What an excellant singing technic freddie got! Amazing!

  84. teebz R

    teebz R6 tháng trước

    that's so awesome to look out into the crowds and see only white people.

  85. Florencia Abraham

    Florencia Abraham6 tháng trước

    Queen: I feel alive when I see your videos and when I listen to your music! Thanks for this Legacy

  86. James Sveinsson

    James Sveinsson6 tháng trước

    Someone asked Keith Richards what do you play he responded guitar somebody asked Paul McCartney what he plays me said base somebody asked Freddie Mercury what he plays he responded the Crowd

  87. Lee Chae-rin

    Lee Chae-rin6 tháng trước

    This is my first time knowing there gay

  88. Lee Chae-rin

    Lee Chae-rin5 tháng trước

    @red rose Bi? I thought they were gay

  89. red rose

    red rose5 tháng trước


  90. Sonia Felita

    Sonia Felita6 tháng trước

    Love that little harmony at the very end with Freddie and Roger. All of their live shows were great, I believe. #Queen4ever #Legends 💜💜💜💜

  91. andi suryowinarto

    andi suryowinarto6 tháng trước

    mr May, mr Taylor, mr Deacon were living legend

  92. Antonia Caviedes

    Antonia Caviedes6 tháng trước

    Why is nobody talking about 6:22 ?

  93. Jp Bunn

    Jp Bunn6 tháng trước

    Whats the song starts at 6:30 ? Thx

  94. Giannis Kyriazakos

    Giannis Kyriazakos6 tháng trước

    Tie your mother down

  95. Gary Singlewood

    Gary Singlewood6 tháng trước

    Simply the best

  96. Dani741

    Dani7416 tháng trước

    The most special thing about them is when they perform Live they were greater than on records thats what make them legends

  97. Mimosa Pudi

    Mimosa Pudi6 tháng trước

    Just Wow!

  98. Steven Jonathan

    Steven Jonathan6 tháng trước

    Release the Knebworth please!!

  99. Douglas Roth

    Douglas Roth6 tháng trước

    And yet no mention of their most iconic live performance July 13, 1985 Wembley Stadium

  100. Manami Talukder

    Manami Talukder6 tháng trước

    I guess live aid was not in here coz it was not a queen concert

  101. Andrea Naquin

    Andrea Naquin6 tháng trước

    surprised live aid wasn't on here

  102. Ggame R

    Ggame R6 tháng trước

    No Handphone camera

  103. curly 123

    curly 1237 tháng trước

    Best band ever!

  104. Thammy lima

    Thammy lima7 tháng trước

    Roger Taylor i Love you boyfriend