Queen - Memorable Live Moments


  1. Matas M

    Matas MNgày trước

    I was a child in soviet union and yes, we loved Freddie, loved Queen, as well as Michael and Elton, Prince, Whitney, Madonna... I remember Live Aid Freddie' s performance (watched on TV, of course) to this day. They redid it so well in the movie, just like I remembered it. Soviets allowed western music and it was very popular, played at all dances, all gatherings.

  2. Adri Rifai

    Adri RifaiNgày trước


  3. Kelly Anne

    Kelly Anne3 ngày trước

    No live aid??

  4. Teacher Angello

    Teacher Angello4 ngày trước

    Best live band action !!!

  5. ethel jean cabaluna

    ethel jean cabaluna5 ngày trước

    When Radio Gaga played.. Just Goosebumps !!!

  6. Satanas

    Satanas6 ngày trước

    what? in 1984 two years earlier IRON MAIDEN were behind the iron curtain

  7. meme M.J

    meme M.J6 ngày trước


  8. Albert Teng

    Albert Teng7 ngày trước

    So sad, Queen wasnt able to perform here in asia well, except japan. Im pretty sure, their concert here would the best concert ever in the history of concerts

  9. Jaekwang Cha

    Jaekwang Cha7 ngày trước

    What Rare versions!!

  10. fgrdg duifghj

    fgrdg duifghj7 ngày trước

    Freddie is very skinny in70’s

  11. Joeythebabykangaroo

    Joeythebabykangaroo7 ngày trước

    Please release the Hyde Park show on dvd!

  12. Lynda Muir

    Lynda Muir8 ngày trước

    How does it feel playing infront of 200thousand people? Freddie- I haven't done it yet! Ha ha what a brilliant man♡ sadly missed

  13. B to the I to the G B to the A N G

    B to the I to the G B to the A N G9 ngày trước

    I love you Freddie, Brian, John, Roger❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👇🏼hit like if you love them too...✌🏼😎

  14. semut api

    semut api9 ngày trước

    1986...i was 😭😭 very young.

  15. aamancaya

    aamancaya9 ngày trước

    Los mejores!!!! No hay nadie mejor que Freddie

  16. Tone Marie Antonsen

    Tone Marie Antonsen10 ngày trước

    Correction Iron maiden played behind the iron curtain with full production 2 years before Queen so Queen was not the first. Great compilation by the way ☺

  17. สมใจ หารสกุล

    สมใจ หารสกุล10 ngày trước

    ยิ่งใหญ่จริง Queen

  18. Don Kinzett

    Don Kinzett10 ngày trước

    Not a single phone in sight?

  19. lazaglider

    lazaglider6 ngày trước

    Don Kinzett Not many mobile phones around in the 70s and 80s, Don.

  20. Bato Bato

    Bato Bato10 ngày trước


  21. Dell Chica

    Dell Chica10 ngày trước

    Love ah hairy Indian man😍

  22. Jack Gordon

    Jack Gordon11 ngày trước

    Iron Maiden played behind the Iron Curtain first.

  23. Wally- The Rapper

    Wally- The Rapper11 ngày trước

    Is there any clear footage on this site of the last concert cyber people????

  24. 이재희

    이재희12 ngày trước

    Nothing can take the place of your presence

  25. Paulino Fernandes

    Paulino Fernandes13 ngày trước

    Biggest cock suck but great voice

  26. Droosy1 1

    Droosy1 113 ngày trước

    release Knebworth!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Michael Beestick

    Michael Beestick14 ngày trước

    Live aid performance should be on this list.. Mixture of many different fans of many awesome bands. Queen won them all.

  28. Bernt Nielsen

    Bernt Nielsen14 ngày trước

    Live aid 1985 is missing

  29. Raquel Dinulos

    Raquel Dinulos14 ngày trước

    I love you Freddie Mercury (Farrokh) . . .Queen will live forever!

  30. Jose Gollayan

    Jose Gollayan15 ngày trước

    8:07 holy sh*t man goosebumps

  31. Eva Dixon

    Eva Dixon15 ngày trước

    There is an inaccurate comment. Queen was not the first western band to play on Budapest, Hungary. I attended several concerts, the latest one was Jethro Tull in/about 1970-71, I left in 1972.

  32. Kiku

    Kiku16 ngày trước

    Most important.you wont see anyone filming with their phone!

  33. L G

    L G16 ngày trước

    Unbelievable ....I mean some of the "Deadpan faces" in the Knebworth audience at the very end !

  34. Kevin Prior

    Kevin Prior18 ngày trước

    What about Live Aid?

  35. Jose Alarcos

    Jose Alarcos20 ngày trước

    Solo le pido a dios,que me de una vida muy larga,para escuchar mil millones de veces mas,todas estas obras maestras que nos brinda,este grupo.Esa explosion de creatividad musical,no creo que se vuelva a repetir jamas.Son el mejor grupo del mundo y Fredy la mejor voz,que he escuhado jamas. Gracias por toda la musica que nos habeis dado,sois y sereis el mejor grupo de la historia. Gracias QUEEN

  36. Epitome

    Epitome20 ngày trước

    If freddie was still here they would fill 3 stadiums or more. Freddie teased tf out of mankind, everyone is wishing for more.

  37. bertha craff

    bertha craff23 ngày trước

    i was a teenage back then listening to queen, and still today i miss FREDDY AND THE REST HIS BAND MATES playing their songs. really great songs. R.I.P. FREDDY MERCURY.

  38. Angelo Mio

    Angelo Mio25 ngày trước

    Inquietante...non aver più il nostro Freddie!😑😑😑

  39. Yolanda Arques Alvarado

    Yolanda Arques Alvarado25 ngày trước

    Queen, el rey de la musica🤩🤩

  40. Wraith

    Wraith27 ngày trước

    I have a powerful sad link to Queen and Freddie to see them live, my brother loved Queen around 1975 he said we both goto a concert to see them sadly my brother never got this as he was killed by a drunk driver 1977, i lived most of my life listen to Queen sadly i also never got to see them live just took a long time to bring my life back on track and then it was too late ! i have seen QE with marc which was good, and i am off to the Movies tomorrow "24/10/18". but i need to close a chapter in my life, think i need to see Queen on tour with Adam. and my time is running out due to hearing problems next time in the uk... i will go anywhere to see them...

  41. John Abbott

    John Abbott29 ngày trước

    Not arguing... just curious: How is it that Live Aid didn't make this list? According to legend, every band backstage was in fear of following them after their performance. Doesn't that merit a place on this list?

  42. Bimbo Baraguir

    Bimbo BaraguirTháng trước

    Rock the world...queen Freddie mercury the legend

  43. Stephen Brown

    Stephen BrownTháng trước

    I can remember being on the bank at Knebworth, looking across the arena and feeling my jaw hit the ground at the sight of 180,000 (Harvey Goldsmith's estimate) clapping to Radio Ga Ga

  44. Audrey Irene

    Audrey IreneTháng trước

    Freddie Mercury's performance of You Take My Breath Away at Hyde Park is absolutely one of the best things my ears have ever heard. It actually brought me to tears. How can someones voice be so amazing??????

  45. lavrose

    lavroseTháng trước

    Thank You.

  46. Frode Hansen

    Frode HansenTháng trước

    With all respect, Queen was not the first western rock band to play behind the iron curtain. One example is Iron Maiden, who played Poland, Yugoslavia and Hungary two years before this.

  47. Joshua Tan Xue Xian

    Joshua Tan Xue XianTháng trước


  48. bbbfst

    bbbfstTháng trước

    What the actual hell? You have Queen's memorable live moments and leave out Live Aid? That's insane.

  49. I own A fat cat

    I own A fat catTháng trước

    Dear Brian why would u think England wasn't thinking Queen was "that" cool 😂

  50. Ravish Ranjan

    Ravish RanjanTháng trước

    Freddie Mercury gave the best music lessons in his concert.. :D

  51. Ravish Ranjan

    Ravish RanjanTháng trước

    Man..Listening to queen live videos always gives me goosebumps.. RIP Mercury you Legend..

  52. Guillermo Hernández

    Guillermo HernándezTháng trước

    Not even a mention of Live Aid.

  53. dani ash

    dani ashTháng trước

    I envy everyone who got to see them live :(

  54. Bill Bill BillBill

    Bill Bill BillBillTháng trước

    don't hate me...summer of 82 in Chicago. Amazing.

  55. Good Old Fashioned Freddie

    Good Old Fashioned Freddie2 tháng trước

    Live Aid?

  56. Nonius Aries

    Nonius Aries2 tháng trước

    Queen ...70s .. Miami..

  57. Luis Aroso

    Luis Aroso2 tháng trước

    Why they never did knebworth concert dvd...like they did with the Wembley shows and others?? It was their last..

  58. piratefreak07

    piratefreak072 tháng trước

    Where was concert #5? That wasn't Milton Keyes was it?

  59. Elena Carlos

    Elena Carlos2 tháng trước


  60. Emetal Madman

    Emetal Madman2 tháng trước

    british rock royalty. no artist or bands today have this level or magic.

  61. Jola Jola

    Jola Jola2 tháng trước

    Love Mercury❤❤❤❤❤❤

  62. Mithu Cherry

    Mithu Cherry2 tháng trước

    Freddie you are sheer magic I,ll always love you sweetheart

  63. Gakkie Gakkienl

    Gakkie Gakkienl2 tháng trước

    ‘’shiver deep inside’. Just that!

  64. Happyduck

    Happyduck2 tháng trước

    I’m so Jealous of all those ppl that witness Queen live 😩😩 what a band 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and Freddie ahhhhh ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  65. P La

    P La2 tháng trước

    no live aid?

  66. Margaret Cronin

    Margaret Cronin2 tháng trước

    Mugs gallery, put together by a moron.

  67. Luis Mercado

    Luis Mercado2 tháng trước

    What about Rock in Rio in 85?!

  68. Ramil Gonzales

    Ramil Gonzales2 tháng trước

    If The Beatles did not broke up,,even a billion of seating capacity of the stadium,they can do occupied them..only The Beatles they started this kind of concert.did you see that Happen in Ed Sullivan,that was 1964 feb.9 about 73 millions viewers,40% of population in the U.S. and their concert in Shea Stardom, did you that stadium,that football field,they did not occupy them..and The Beatles,they are not same with the other band,the're just only simple in stage but the people wathing they are collapse to see them..Queen,they are very lucky,If The Beatles they're not broke up,they're no chance to getting popular,really! Believe me!!

  69. g 77

    g 772 tháng trước

    @8:15 goosebumps every time!!!


    THEDREAMASTER2 tháng trước

    Where's Live Aid or Rock In Rio 85?!

  71. kritarth karki

    kritarth karki2 tháng trước

    Happy birthday freddie wherever you are

  72. Jan Hunt

    Jan Hunt2 tháng trước

    It is interesting to listen to Freddie's voice in the beginning of his singing. A higher tone/pitch compared to the 80's. Of course, due to getting older, even our voices change. Roger said when they first heard him sing that it was, (my words), like screeching! And then as they hit the 80's and Freddie's voice matured, he gave us that beautiful, rich, full, deep, forceful sound. Listening to the transition of Freddie is interesting. Just as we watch him change from a slender, long-haired young man who told everyone he would be a legend, (and they all thought he was just to arrogant!!!) to a mature man, very very handsome, sexy, happy with who he was and became that legend, even today, on his 73rd, birthday, almost 28 yrs after we lost him, he still remains more of a legend. A young man from Zanzibar, with an unimaginable dream to anyone else, Farouk Bulsara, was pre-ordained the opportunity, (imho, God's plan for him)to have conflict arise in Zanzabar, having had the great fortune of his father working for the British government. Had his father not had that job, Freddie would not have gone to boarding school, found his voice and feeling he knew exactly his destiny, his parents fleeing with their family, to England. And then to go to college, meet Roger and Brian, start a new band he named Queen, drew the awesome Queen logo, and became a legend. That could not have happened if God had not had those plans for his life. Freddie went against many social attitudes. He was not white, but light-skinned of his MiddleEastern descent, born with severely protruding front teeth, and gay. God gave us what God sowed, a baby born with the gift of voice, music and aunbekievablw artistic talent. God made clear the way for everything that came together that gave us our Freddie. In the US, we call that obtaining the American dream, but it was a human dteam. Ifhe had not been creayed with the deep confidence and refusable to give in at first sign of problems obtaining his dreams, we would not be talking about him. A huge life lesson for those who quit the second things do not ho right for reaching our dreams. I once saw a sign that is so spot-on, and parents should be instilling this in their children----Failure is not trying at all. Wow, could that be any truer as we try to achieve dreams. Or just making a McDonald's hamburger the way you are supposed to! Don't quit until you have exhausted every avemue available. And yes,not trying is true failure. I would rather try and fail than say, "no, it is too hard and don't want to work that hard because it probably won't happen anyway. . Then you do not want to succeed. There are so many lessons we can learn from Freddie, about ourselves, as humans. Delve in to his heritage, Persian Parsi, the history and the culture and you will see the same traits in Freddie. Just watch the ridiculoius reality show on Bravo Channel called Shah's of Sunset. Reality, yes, but I was shocked when the group talked about being Persian Parsi! The things I have learned is amazing, even spread out in this type of show. It was only because if Freddie and the vast theories out there about who his ancestry is, is why I started watching. IF you are in to Freddie, like I am, in wanting to know about him, watch this show. Just remember, it is crazy reality, but I have learned so much, I can not believe it. And most reason season finale, if you can get to it, will, as human beings, make you cry, and change some of your thinking. All I will say is that I can not comprehend standing in a country and looking out to the land I was born in, and know I am not welcomed, and because of my homosexuality, I would be killed. This episode gets to your humanity. Main cast member is Raza Farahan, gay. But, his looks are exa tly like Freddie. Same forehead, etc. His face is just wider, but you will see Freddie's heritage when you look at Raza. Freaked me out first time I saw Raza. Just tune out the vulgarity, sexual stuff, which also explains Freddie's excess in that department! And had the stache! Google Raza Farahan. But I guarantee you will feel like you finally know this awesome man named Freddie Mercury. And I love him more. Sorry for long post. People on Facebook's Queen fan.club are are not as nice as all of you, my fellow Queen and Freddie fans. They will not miss an opportunity to be hateful, especially when they don't even umderstand what you are saying. I may not stay on Official site because of being attacked by total ignorance. Would have thought more considerate people being the official fan club, so I am not leaving this family. Yes, been some nastiness at times, but boy, not like these people! And alot because young and immature and no life experience yet, that allows them to show their ignorance. FYI, I dud make a long post on their site about discovering Shah's of Sunst that is more info about the show, culture and how we can understand Freddie now. Only had two replies, so that was interesting. Never cared about history before but thanks to Freddie, I am wiser, knowing. Persian Parsi are from Iran. That is Freddie's true heritage. Interesting. Asa, was born in Iran, and fled with her parents from Iran to US. Other members were born in US, but parents, too, had fled Iran. I highly recommend watching this series from the first time it came o. Tv in 2014. Especially, again, the last few episodes of this season. Iran is the origin of Persian Parsi. Not from India. So, have a good week and all wishimg Freddie a Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday, my Persian Beauty. I still love you.

  73. Lanir DeRose

    Lanir DeRose2 tháng trước

    The Queen of England agrees that Queen are the best

  74. John Urban

    John Urban2 tháng trước

    what? No Live Aid?

  75. thelongtony

    thelongtony2 tháng trước

    Why didnt you show Queens biggest live concert of paid tickets??? Morumbi São Paulo, Brazil??? 131.000 PAYING people, a world world record by the time. Not to say about Rock in Rio. performance...

  76. Anderson artiles lopez

    Anderson artiles lopez2 tháng trước

    las mejor agrupación de sus tiempo, lastima que perdí todos sus CD

  77. nevar moon

    nevar moon2 tháng trước

    rip Freddie

  78. AntyAnty1000

    AntyAnty10002 tháng trước

    Queen ist unsterblich

  79. Ира Ханюков

    Ира Ханюков2 tháng trước

    Спасибо,нужно изучать английский,сын в Америке уже11лет,я в восторге от голоса фреди-я его очень люблю!!!

  80. Ира Ханюков

    Ира Ханюков2 tháng trước

    Я схожу с ума от этого исполнителя,и пусть все плохие люди о нем плохо не говорят,пожалуйста

  81. Thea Cowling

    Thea Cowling2 tháng trước

    I’m so excited for the film ☺️

  82. Rylee

    Rylee2 tháng trước

    *the 5 most iconic moments of all time*

  83. Andrea testet und bloggt

    Andrea testet und bloggt2 tháng trước

    I love it, i love it, i love it !

  84. Daddy Angela

    Daddy Angela2 tháng trước

    I was born 2004 and I’m 13 and like very old music because it’s so good. and i really wish I existed to experience these performances but all i can do is watch them on my phone💀 but i just think the band queen is the best thing that has happened to this earth. and i really want to go to there concert coming up in vegas but i live in Houston Tx but oh how I wish I was alive so I could see Freddie riding on Darth Vator’s back in August 1980😭😭😭😭

  85. Carol Lopez

    Carol Lopez2 tháng trước

    Awesome .....Queen Poweerrrrrr....

  86. Paulo Vicente de Souza

    Paulo Vicente de Souza2 tháng trước

    No Rock in Rio? :/

  87. Carol Alvarez

    Carol Alvarez2 tháng trước

    I'm miss you so much Freddie Mercury

  88. GermaniaAertanaEst

    GermaniaAertanaEst2 tháng trước

    Es wird nie wieder eine Band wie diese geben. Sie ist Legende!

  89. Erik Thibaut

    Erik Thibaut2 tháng trước

    Did not know there was that much live footage about Knebworth?! Always thought the beginning with part of one vision was all... So maybe also a release in the near future?

  90. Freddy Hernandez

    Freddy Hernandez2 tháng trước

    Best front man that ever graced a stage, there's freddie an immense gap and then there's everyone else miss you so much.

  91. Slappy K

    Slappy K2 tháng trước

    Saw Queen at the Omni in Atlanta (36 years ago - August 24, 1982; I was 18). Ditched our "nose-bleed" seats for some closer, un-ticketed seats almost behind the stage (we were surprised they didn't make us move). Best concert I ever attended. Thanks for the fabulous memory!

  92. Maria De Fatima Rosa

    Maria De Fatima Rosa2 tháng trước

    Que saudades, saudades, saudades,😥😥😥😥🤘🤘🤘🤘

  93. Shinji Ikari

    Shinji Ikari2 tháng trước

    In mexico?

  94. GohJunZee Creations

    GohJunZee Creations2 tháng trước

    Queen at newcastle 1979 was the best live the world had ever seen.

  95. Will Be

    Will Be2 tháng trước

    Wow, Hyde Park, sure wish I was there, 200,000 people....was in school at day.

  96. Alf Gemini

    Alf Gemini3 tháng trước

    Queen For ever👑


    GOOD LUCK3 tháng trước


  98. Yosua 13

    Yosua 133 tháng trước

    what is the name of the minute song 0:27

  99. Kamla Kumari

    Kamla Kumari3 tháng trước

    Yosua 13 it’s called ‘one vision’

  100. HIPER MIŚ

    HIPER MIŚ3 tháng trước

    1986 At Wembley,i wish i could be able to see the concert live.


    NARACE PASCUAL3 tháng trước

    Queen Forever

  102. Baba Tova

    Baba Tova3 tháng trước

    freddie mercury did 9:11 confirmed

  103. Renaldo Susilo

    Renaldo Susilo3 tháng trước

    0:09 I wonder what is this topless girl name. Hmmmm