Rami Malek Had To Watch Queen Listen To Him Sing Queen


  1. The_ EmoTrash11

    The_ EmoTrash1133 phút trước

    u wu

  2. Kris B

    Kris B7 giờ trước

    He was good in The Pacific

  3. Anne Woolf

    Anne Woolf17 giờ trước

    A very humbled man. Makes him very attractive.

  4. Kashdyn Fuller

    Kashdyn FullerNgày trước

    He has a bunch of wrinkles underneath his eyes

  5. Hisham Farook

    Hisham FarookNgày trước

    Authenticity in motion.

  6. Tilly xox

    Tilly xoxNgày trước

    He is so awkward 👌 amd doesn't know how to handle fame and it is priceless 😂👌

  7. What the

    What theNgày trước

    Oh dear God, he's lovely. Love that breathy earthy voice. Loved him in Bohemian Rhapsody.

  8. Carlos Valles

    Carlos VallesNgày trước

    4:35 is when he talks about it

  9. Mitchell Burrows

    Mitchell Burrows2 ngày trước

    omg wtf hahahah Colbert: Not many people get a standing ovation Malek: Really? Colbert: So Okay...

  10. honey hush

    honey hush3 ngày trước

    He was perfect for the role of Freddie. A great copy cat. He is 40. Freddie was in he's mid thirties when he did Live Aid. I'm 40 and ppl think I'm 30. But, he looks great.

  11. Niki91-HR

    Niki91-HR3 ngày trước

    After seeing him as Freddie in the movie...I can't see unsee Freddie in him ( does it make sense?) Now he isn't anymore the Pharaoh from Night at the museum.

  12. Pete

    Pete3 ngày trước

    6:53 to actually get to the story

  13. Heloísa Vanzella Valadão

    Heloísa Vanzella Valadão3 ngày trước

    He will always be remembered for me like the crazy guy in need for speed: the movie.

  14. Law

    Law4 ngày trước

    He got some huge eyebugs

  15. honey

    honey4 ngày trước

    he has a lil bit of a freddie vibe. i love it

  16. C Bing

    C Bing4 ngày trước


  17. Ro ss

    Ro ss5 ngày trước

    I adore his voice so much

  18. Gabi Herrera

    Gabi Herrera5 ngày trước

    I really really like him

  19. AestheticsisLife

    AestheticsisLife5 ngày trước

    I think I got it figured out......the bottom half of his face is far superior

  20. iPan Zer0

    iPan Zer05 ngày trước

    where is sledge?

  21. Manuel Razona

    Manuel Razona6 ngày trước


  22. moky

    moky6 ngày trước

    he is stoned

  23. 최정금

    최정금6 ngày trước

    voice sexy~~~

  24. IShipBullshit

    IShipBullshit6 ngày trước

    literally thought he was 22-23 and hes nearly 40!?

  25. TrinBrin

    TrinBrin6 ngày trước

    1:15 omg what ya Freddie Mercury moment! He does that mouth thing!💗💗💗💗💗

  26. Davy Van reenen

    Davy Van reenen6 ngày trước

    He will always be snafu for me

  27. baby bree

    baby bree7 ngày trước

    Now Rami has 2.1 MILLION followers on Instagram.

  28. ilove her but she love Pennywise

    ilove her but she love Pennywise3 ngày trước

    still do 1 post per year lol

  29. Ainsley Carter

    Ainsley Carter7 ngày trước

    Forever an Egyptian Emperor 🌼

  30. Roberta Wilhelm

    Roberta Wilhelm8 ngày trước

    This was long ago, time to have him back Steven!

  31. honey640 ilsan

    honey640 ilsan8 ngày trước

    Rami malek Egyptian actor amazing

  32. Helena A

    Helena A8 ngày trước

    That "buenos días mi amor" just killed me😍

  33. Robyn Owen

    Robyn Owen9 ngày trước

    He is adorable and sexy at the same time

  34. Yura Graterol

    Yura Graterol9 ngày trước

    He has such a deep voice... OMG

  35. YMYTroops Official

    YMYTroops Official9 ngày trước

    Guys, check this out...i make a video.. Sacha Baron Cohen singing Bohemian Rhapsody : vireporter.net/v/video-xkBwrElzoZY.html

  36. Alis Deep

    Alis Deep10 ngày trước

    don't stop me now don't stop me now because I am having a good time having a good time

  37. Karol K

    Karol K12 ngày trước

    Rami for Oscar!!!

  38. Toby Dion

    Toby Dion13 ngày trước

    Thank goodness the first attempt failed, it would have been portrait mode.

  39. Hello?

    Hello?13 ngày trước

    Anyone notice how he talks like how he does in Bohemian Rhapsody and moves his mouth as if he was covering his teeth ?

  40. Gaylemarie Easton

    Gaylemarie Easton13 ngày trước

    Can i just meet him and get a hug..he seems so genuine and not full of himself. Love this

  41. Tornadic84

    Tornadic8414 ngày trước

    2017? Did they predict the future?

  42. Elise Uhlar

    Elise Uhlar14 ngày trước

    I love him so much

  43. brotherjohn25

    brotherjohn2517 ngày trước

    A great actor in his generation, a truly unique one, incomparable.

  44. Persiansweetcat1

    Persiansweetcat117 ngày trước

    I'm so happy for him. He deserves the Oscar. he was fantastic as Freddy

  45. haya jbee

    haya jbee18 ngày trước

    he looks more relaxed now after Bohemian Rhapsody!

  46. Jade Jaspe

    Jade Jaspe18 ngày trước

    How could he be so fucking hot, adorable, cute and handsome in all the same time like daaaaaamn

  47. Cristina Martinez

    Cristina Martinez18 ngày trước

    I got butterflies in my stomach to that carrot line hahahaha

  48. Tracey Tan

    Tracey Tan18 ngày trước

    LOVE HIM !! He deserve's the awards for being Freddie Mercury, an honor and he made it a real pleasure !!

  49. sui artina

    sui artina18 ngày trước

    Aku mau buat lagu perdy mercury

  50. Dayan Lopez

    Dayan Lopez18 ngày trước

    My husband 💓😘😍

  51. Karen Mcdermid

    Karen Mcdermid18 ngày trước

    Awesome actor rip freddie u brought him back to life love 😍 the film 📼 seen it 5 times already

  52. Joy I

    Joy I18 ngày trước

    I love watching Rami in interviews - articulate and intelligent. I love how he catches jokes 😃

  53. Nea Emrys

    Nea Emrys19 ngày trước

    Rami should win the oscar because his acting in this movie was a once in a life time performance. The others that are nominated are all regular white make roles that we see every single year - Rami as Freddie happens once in a century - if Rami doesn't win it's a disgrace. Why give another white bland actor the award when you can give it Rami Malek? I don't get it, Cooper can win for directing or for the songs, he doesn't have to win this, he'll get another role like it again soon, but Rami getting another role like this is impossible. I say Rami should win!

  54. Melek Guseynova

    Melek Guseynova19 ngày trước

    He looks like Mila Kunis

  55. Dave The Climber

    Dave The Climber19 ngày trước

    look at his mouth on 3:13

  56. Andrea W.

    Andrea W.19 ngày trước

    I’m so in love 🥰

  57. Nicole Petrica

    Nicole Petrica20 ngày trước

    Oscar for Rami!!!💖

  58. Gam3Junkie

    Gam3Junkie20 ngày trước

    He should have called the 2nd date a "stick" if the first one was the carrot. Dick-pun intended.

  59. Anasyub

    Anasyub20 ngày trước


  60. Michaela

    Michaela20 ngày trước

    *WTF two days ago I watched Bohemian Rhapsody. And now I am searching and watching everything associated with it. I know almost everythig about Queen, Freddie Mercury and other members of the band, Mary Austin, Marc Martel, etc. I have already heard all the songs too many times. Seen posibly every single video with Rami Malek. I even searched for Freddie's mansion and its exact coordinates. F-ck that, I am going to watch Queen at LIVE AID for the 139289434th time. Bye*

  61. Zacki Habibi

    Zacki Habibi20 ngày trước

    1:09 hand shake denied

  62. Chico dd

    Chico dd20 ngày trước

    Ned flander

  63. Zoe Barry

    Zoe Barry20 ngày trước

    his voice is so sexy omg

  64. P J

    P J21 ngày trước

    When he said Freddie was looking at him and said don't Fuck this up . My Opinion I said Freddie I pick you Rami do my Spot-On. I been a Oueen fan for 40yrs I been to a lot Oueen concert. Rami Spot-On Freddie Awesome Job I would see it again and again Amazing Performance My Opinion I said months ago he will win Oscar nomination

  65. Jo O Reilly

    Jo O Reilly21 ngày trước

    He is a lovely man

  66. Jaceric2

    Jaceric221 ngày trước

    He's allways gonna be Snafu from The Pacific in my mind.

  67. Pauline Hashimoto

    Pauline Hashimoto21 ngày trước

    vireporter.net/v/video-HvBwJrc_-ns.html Rami real voice before borap.

  68. niena husein

    niena husein22 ngày trước

    How he succeed, being a big star with a state of depression and aids ... this is not easy... you amazing bro😎 and if we meet on the road I will say eeeeeeooooo, I hope you repay me😜

  69. VALENTINEproductions

    VALENTINEproductions22 ngày trước

    2019 here, Rami is now up for an Oscar!

  70. PrincessAle

    PrincessAle22 ngày trước

    i am in love with him

  71. m moo

    m moo23 ngày trước

    he looks like young


    MARIAN NEAGU25 ngày trước

    Ok, soooo.... I did not give a crap about Kenny, i just plainly hated Elliott, but this guy is a great actor, and a very cool looking man

  73. Steven Sandhu

    Steven Sandhu26 ngày trước

    Jeez I have to watch these late night prostitutes just to see a wonderful Actor Rami Malek.

  74. leo fernandez

    leo fernandez26 ngày trước

    Freddie had a beautiful weird personality too....

  75. magdalena kwlsk

    magdalena kwlsk26 ngày trước

    Beyonce moment Little did they fucking know

  76. c2l

    c2l26 ngày trước

    Stephen, wtf man..

  77. Nancy Meyhoefer

    Nancy Meyhoefer27 ngày trước

    He is a good couch. Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody...didn’t know this dude....love him!

  78. Mana M

    Mana M28 ngày trước

    He's so cute I can't even

  79. mkatseal

    mkatseal29 ngày trước

    If the first date is the carrot, the second date should be the stick.

  80. Ainul Akmal Hisham

    Ainul Akmal Hisham29 ngày trước

    He will always be that dude from Battleship, Twilight & Need For Speed to me.

  81. Han B

    Han B29 ngày trước

    Rami is such a beautiful human I love him so much🖤

  82. Norah Hayes

    Norah HayesTháng trước

    7:26 "How did they take you?" "They took me"

  83. k r

    k rTháng trước


  84. Kim Oey

    Kim OeyTháng trước

    He had his Beyoncé moment

  85. Denisse Benítez

    Denisse BenítezTháng trước

    I’m in love with this man. ❤️😍

  86. Beth C

    Beth CTháng trước

    This says 1 year later and I got rlly confused for a second

  87. Aide Ortega

    Aide OrtegaTháng trước

    I see Freddie in that entrance of his ❤︎ love Rami!

  88. LLM !!

    LLM !!Tháng trước

    The Little Egyptian Pharaoh 😍😍

  89. Joy I

    Joy ITháng trước

    I love Rami’s sense of humor - super cute😄

  90. Joy I

    Joy ITháng trước

    Gosh. I can be your carrot😂😂😂


    ITS MY LIFETháng trước

    Who’s here when he played Freddie Mercury

  92. David Peet

    David PeetTháng trước

    Hey that guy is rami Malak

  93. Полина Орехова

    Полина ОреховаTháng trước


  94. Sonia

    SoniaTháng trước

    I think he is a very handsome man...his smile, how he talks very polite..💝💝💝

  95. Dj dd

    Dj ddTháng trước

    Am I the only think he looks like Mr. Bean

  96. Muser4Life

    Muser4LifeTháng trước

    I love how he underestimated his beard growing ability LOL

  97. Zully 89

    Zully 89Tháng trước

    Finn from Need for Speed

  98. RebekkaIrene

    RebekkaIreneTháng trước

    At this moment he has 1.9 mill insta followers with 3 photos. Ofc I had to check.

  99. Milla Owens

    Milla OwensTháng trước

    i love rami

  100. Emily Lyon

    Emily LyonTháng trước

    I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much while watching an interview 😓 I swear he makes my knees buckle wwwHHHOOOOO

  101. Dea Likes Bands

    Dea Likes BandsTháng trước

    What was the movie at the beginning?!