Rami Malek Had To Watch Queen Listen To Him Sing Queen


  1. XXBXƆ

    XXBXƆ9 giờ trước

    His side profile looks like how i used to draw a mango. Actually, no. It’s still how i draw a mango...

  2. Ananya Neralla

    Ananya Neralla9 giờ trước

    He is adorable!

  3. Pat Earehart

    Pat Earehart18 giờ trước

    It's his voice...

  4. Hello World!

    Hello World!Ngày trước

    he is so cool! swager as hell

  5. Lina XD

    Lina XDNgày trước

    He's still Josh for me ^^

  6. Lewis Ali

    Lewis AliNgày trước

    Flight full purple congressional distance may easy time instead contemporary reveal.

  7. one good fella

    one good fellaNgày trước

    all of you guys saying rami malek is "kinda ugly but not" are WACK and LOSERS this dude is a sexy motherfucker Point Blank

  8. PanRace

    PanRaceNgày trước

    Rami has such a raw powerful energy I'm convinced he's another immortal.

  9. Xigza D

    Xigza DNgày trước

    Isn't this that guy from need for speed

  10. Genadij Smradztoiek

    Genadij SmradztoiekNgày trước

    -Which side of the carrot do you want? -ASS TO ASS!

  11. Anthony Gudgeon

    Anthony Gudgeon2 ngày trước

    I still think that sacha baron cohen would of done a much better job but he fell out with Brian May who tried to make it all about himself

  12. Linny Crocus

    Linny Crocus2 ngày trước

    I would split a carrot with him.

  13. Traino6490

    Traino64903 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who thinks his voice sounds a lot like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs?


    NESCAUW3 ngày trước


  15. oscar dainis

    oscar dainis3 ngày trước

    i cant unsee rami as elmo

  16. miz fitry

    miz fitry3 ngày trước

    he looks like shy baby .... awwwww love him so tiny

  17. Janice Taube

    Janice Taube3 ngày trước

    Weird, Award, No just high

  18. Janice Taube

    Janice Taube3 ngày trước

    He is so high

  19. Hilary Truesdale

    Hilary Truesdale3 ngày trước


  20. Sudani Chan

    Sudani Chan4 ngày trước

    He is super sexy...

  21. eddy ciucci

    eddy ciucci4 ngày trước

    the beatles are from liverpool not london. abbey road isnt london mate

  22. Lfc Rules

    Lfc Rules21 giờ trước

    Sorry to disappoint you mate, The Beatles are indeed from Liverpool, but Abbey Road Studios are in the St John's Wood area of London.

  23. margarita

    margarita4 ngày trước

    who would of thought rami would be more successful one from twilight along with anna

  24. The FinesseFamily

    The FinesseFamily5 ngày trước

    I recognized him from Until Dawn! I knew he looked familiar

  25. Syd

    Syd5 ngày trước

    Colbert SUCKS, and for the Queen movie, and though I loved Queen, I'll never see the movie; not with Robert DeNiro making money on it by being a producer.

  26. badmiyagi .s

    badmiyagi .s5 ngày trước

    Tell me he doesn't have that weird Klaus Kinski mouth/teeth and expression. KK was an odd yet great eccentric personality/actor. Check out 'Mortimer strikes a match' on YT. Hahahaha!

  27. Nate

    Nate5 ngày trước

    Looks like mic jagger instead of F.M.!!! Just saying.

  28. lorrane

    lorrane6 ngày trước

    His face has symmetry! That’s what we notice about him. Almost no one has symmetry ,

  29. harveythepooka

    harveythepooka6 ngày trước

    Such a weird guy, but I like him.

  30. Donna Hudson

    Donna Hudson6 ngày trước

    Benjamin on breaking dawn is how I was introduced to this talented man.

  31. babloki tansmania

    babloki tansmania6 ngày trước

    ist just me or he sound like retard lil bit!

  32. QueenSeraphin

    QueenSeraphin7 ngày trước

    I was wondering why he looks so familiar, he's from Until Dawn!

  33. Abdullah Şen

    Abdullah Şen7 ngày trước

    I think Rami Malek forgot his Instagram password.

  34. Zaden Rojo

    Zaden Rojo7 ngày trước

    I’m glad everybody seems to be in agreement, Rami’s uniqueness is strangely captivating.

  35. Lainie Medina

    Lainie Medina7 ngày trước

    That 'buenos días, mi amor' killed me! As a spanish speaker, that was freaking beautiful. So beautiful.

  36. cynthia cook

    cynthia cook7 ngày trước

    It is Marc Martel singing in the bio pic....NOT YOU Rami, You should of mentioned Marc Martel!!

  37. Ruth Koshy

    Ruth Koshy8 ngày trước

    I have such a huge crush on him.

  38. SulkyChild

    SulkyChild8 ngày trước

    What? Are you telling me sir that you don't remember him from night at the museum??? I wanted to marry him when night at the museum came out he was a god!!!!

  39. carrie harrell

    carrie harrell9 ngày trước

    No offense to Malek but Adam Lambert would have been my choice for the role of Freddie

  40. Atheeva Rejikumar

    Atheeva Rejikumar9 ngày trước

    His eye bags have eye bags. But damn he a cutie

  41. Darby Henzel

    Darby Henzel9 ngày trước


  42. licinha

    licinha9 ngày trước

    English is not my first language so it was particularly hard for me to read this title without tripping on every word

  43. Bear Moth Owl

    Bear Moth Owl10 ngày trước

    I love interviews with him, he has such a beautiful voice.

  44. koushiki saha

    koushiki saha10 ngày trước

    For all the weirdos like us , he is simply GOD!!!

  45. Maritza Piccarillo

    Maritza Piccarillo10 ngày trước

    On the line?

  46. Susan Orchard

    Susan Orchard10 ngày trước

    Rami Malek has the weight of the entire Queen fan base on his shoulders with this role as the rock god himself, Freddie Mercury. Freddie is placed on a pedestal, he's a rock god. Rock royalty. Legend. Don't f*** it up Rami!

  47. Mary K Sansone

    Mary K Sansone10 ngày trước

    The first few seconds I saw him in The Pacific my jaw dropped. I got an instant major crush. Cannot WAIT to see Queen!


    ARMY FIGHTING10 ngày trước

    why do people laugh when the other guy talks its strange like...ok

  49. craig davidson

    craig davidson11 ngày trước

    American audiences are f"""Ing idiots, the whoop and clap at the most mundane thing.....

  50. Leeann Mcforbes

    Leeann Mcforbes11 ngày trước

    Rami you are soo fucking sexy!!! I love you!

  51. Daeaarin C

    Daeaarin C11 ngày trước

    This guy is beautiful

  52. Vincent Units

    Vincent Units11 ngày trước

    the into to this is incredible wtf

  53. haha123haha

    haha123haha11 ngày trước

    aww hes sososos cute

  54. I. Wynn Wynn

    I. Wynn Wynn11 ngày trước

    He definitely is gay too

  55. Esther Martinez

    Esther Martinez11 ngày trước

    Something about him is so familiar. He is so normal! Not Hollywood at all, just a guy with great talent, admirable humility and laid back vibes. Refreshing personality.

  56. Ben Schaeffer

    Ben Schaeffer11 ngày trước

    He's very unconventional looking, which is VERY interesting.

  57. waqqashanafi

    waqqashanafi11 ngày trước

    Looks like a teenager who just got hit hard by testosterone.

  58. Cass

    Cass11 ngày trước

    Rami looks like the baby of Mesut Ozil and Freddy Mercury

  59. David Ellgen

    David Ellgen11 ngày trước

    Seems like a genuine nice dude!

  60. Lauren G

    Lauren G11 ngày trước

    Lmao. Rami just goes with it. He’s so fucking good.

  61. scrainbow1234

    scrainbow123411 ngày trước

    Rami Malek is the prequel to Jeff Goldblum

  62. Cornelius Maximilianus

    Cornelius Maximilianus12 ngày trước

    I love this guy, such an awesome character.

  63. sandra gorog

    sandra gorog12 ngày trước


  64. tech four9

    tech four912 ngày trước

    Which side of the carrot do you want?

  65. Car Chat

    Car Chat12 ngày trước

    He acts like he accidentally wandered on to the set, and was pleasantly surprised the whole time

  66. Trevor Pietruszka

    Trevor Pietruszka12 ngày trước

    I will only know him from until dawn

  67. minimalel

    minimalel13 ngày trước

    Everyone’s calling him weird but..I’m just not seeing it. He’s extremely handsome.

  68. Rosalind Davico

    Rosalind Davico13 ngày trước

    When he starts talking about Busters Mal Heart I love how he leans into Stephen and it feels like I'm prying on two people and their conversation

  69. J p

    J p14 ngày trước

    I can agree with his dads take on camping lol

  70. Aly Pettene

    Aly Pettene14 ngày trước

    Lily of the valley is just amazing 😍

  71. Joyce Taylor

    Joyce Taylor14 ngày trước

    He is a cutie pie! Love his smile

  72. Giovanka Bisano

    Giovanka Bisano14 ngày trước


  73. agku ahmad

    agku ahmad15 ngày trước

    is it just me?? because i always see james mcavoy when i watch rami malek. anyone else??

  74. Rama Tolentino

    Rama Tolentino15 ngày trước

    what music/song was the band playing???

  75. Rose Murphy

    Rose Murphy15 ngày trước

    When there will be a movie about the Rolling Stones, I think he will be a perfect 'Mick Jagger'.

  76. Marsha Creary

    Marsha Creary15 ngày trước

    I find it interesting that 'Queen' samples found their way to Jamaican dancehall riddims

  77. Dalton Moen

    Dalton Moen16 ngày trước

    I love Rami but I wish Sascha Baron Cohen didn’t leave the part. His idea for the movie was so perfect (Also he’s a dead ringer for Freddy) and he can sing. The band wanted Freddy to die half way through and the rest of it to be about the band and Sascha wanted it to be all about Freddy and his journey. I love queen but Freddy lead a fascinating life

  78. doug avila

    doug avila17 ngày trước

    Sasha Barron Cohen was originally suppose to play Freddie Mercury. I always thought he would look more psychically like Mercury but he wanted to delve into his death and lifestyle as the base of the movie. Queen said it didn't want that because they are a still active band. So they parted ways over creative differences. Malek face does resemble Mercury but he just seems maybe too small compared to the real Freddie Mercury.

  79. Sushi Prince

    Sushi Prince16 ngày trước

    Freddie was small tho. Sasha is tall. Too tall

  80. fOrken sKumMeL

    fOrken sKumMeL17 ngày trước

    si johnny depp no cuida su negocio, este tipo de ojera gruesa puede desbancarlo jaja

  81. trash can

    trash can17 ngày trước

    that *chin* man

  82. The Triumph of the Thrill

    The Triumph of the Thrill17 ngày trước

    He's gay. Like most actors an oddball too. Hope he did well in "Bohemian Rhapsody".

  83. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones17 ngày trước

    I can't even watch it.

  84. Deborah Johnson

    Deborah Johnson17 ngày trước

    people are saying he is weird, he is grounded, authentic and mature. I guess those traits are weird these days?

  85. JulietteB

    JulietteB19 ngày trước

    He looks like a lizard, but anyway i like him🤔😍

  86. Elijah Gonzales

    Elijah Gonzales19 ngày trước

    4:39 Queen Part

  87. Roots, Bloody Roots

    Roots, Bloody Roots19 ngày trước

    My favorite actor of all time ever since I watched Mr.Robot.

  88. Gooody17

    Gooody1719 ngày trước

    this guys looks so ugly...

  89. stephane Z

    stephane Z19 ngày trước

    stephen colbert has to abilty of not being shy and not judging anyone in front of him. this make others feel confortable ! + he is simply kind

  90. stephane Z

    stephane Z19 ngày trước

    stephen colbert has to abilty of not being shy and not judging anyone in front of him. this make others feel confortable ! + he is simply kind

  91. Dominique Maldonado

    Dominique Maldonado19 ngày trước

    This guy makes me feel odd...but i love it...

  92. London Says

    London Says20 ngày trước

    He needs to play Prince WHEN they decide to do his biopic. He is the only person I know of who looks the most like him physically AND he's a phenomenal actor.

  93. Priyanka R

    Priyanka R20 ngày trước

    Oh boy..those jaw lines 😄

  94. Li Obee

    Li Obee20 ngày trước

    #marcmartel is the voice in the movie.

  95. Darren Banhthai

    Darren Banhthai20 ngày trước


  96. Cydney Senior

    Cydney Senior20 ngày trước

    "I see Rhianna." 😂

  97. Nicholas Ovel

    Nicholas Ovel20 ngày trước

    The mother will ALWAYS be the "nothing like great sex to make you need to shit" lady!

  98. Miguel Santiago Morales

    Miguel Santiago Morales20 ngày trước

    Joker role for this guy...

  99. Fother Mucker

    Fother Mucker21 ngày trước

    Get ready for the Stephen and Rami fanfiction 😂

  100. John Williamson

    John Williamson21 ngày trước

    He played a young terrorist on season 8 of '24', he meets a very messy end in an airtight chamber lol.

  101. Elvengador20092

    Elvengador2009221 ngày trước

    Josh from until Dawn!!!

  102. CynicallyObnoxious

    CynicallyObnoxious22 ngày trước

    You know what I wouldnt mind seeing him in like a DC film or something playing a villain and I cant help but think he screams something terrifying