Reacting to Keanu Reeves Memes - [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#60


  1. Myk Xian Carl Manalaysay

    Myk Xian Carl Manalaysay3 giờ trước that Pewdiepie Shaker Cup in the intro? *That was breathtaking*

  2. Dubyking25 X

    Dubyking25 X5 giờ trước

    Hey I love pew die pie so can you sub to my channel and his

  3. About Mark Cloyde Palomo

    About Mark Cloyde Palomo6 giờ trước

    Subs my chann

  4. Big Boy

    Big Boy8 giờ trước

    Happymaria Gloria

  5. Eleous

    Eleous10 giờ trước

    Me: Your mom Breathtaking. Keanu: *no u*

  6. Public Player

    Public Player13 giờ trước

    I want your headphones.. ... ... ...yes i want your headphones

  7. Sanela Talic

    Sanela Talic15 giờ trước

    Pepimaria Gloria

  8. Sabrina Muscat

    Sabrina Muscat15 giờ trước

    10:43 please let that be a h3h3 reference...

  9. Swedicolon Games

    Swedicolon Games17 giờ trước

    Självklart har jag spelat tuber simulator mannen!

  10. UN-freeze

    UN-freeze21 giờ trước

    Why is this so awesome

  11. Gozo HD

    Gozo HDNgày trước

    Have you ever used kingdomlikes for more subscribes?

  12. ItzDestroyerMC

    ItzDestroyerMCNgày trước

    If Anyone Accuses Keanu Of Any Crimes. They Better Lock Their Fucking Doors

  13. Magical_Nub

    Magical_NubNgày trước

    Me: Mom *show pewd merch* Mom: wtf is that let's go to Ross

  14. XeloTAnimations

    XeloTAnimationsNgày trước

    H A M P I M A R I A G L O R I A

  15. banana master

    banana masterNgày trước

    Thanos: I am... inevitable Keanu Reeves: And i... am... breathtaking **snaps**

  16. VenomzHere

    VenomzHereNgày trước

    Reeve review

  17. tigerlily

    tigerlilyNgày trước

    pewdiepie looks like princess leia

  18. Dagger GirlGamer

    Dagger GirlGamer2 ngày trước


  19. Boni Chodes

    Boni Chodes2 ngày trước

    Of course he has the perfect answer to everything. He’s had 5,000 years to prepare the perfect comeback to everything because he’s immortal.

  20. Miguel Linares

    Miguel Linares2 ngày trước

    You are so gay you want to smash Keanu Reeves in the butt and also I fricking hate you Lazar beam is better I hope your VIreporter channel gets deleted

  21. Agustín Lado

    Agustín Lado2 ngày trước

    That unexpected "Quieres?" is some of the hardest PewDiePie's made me laugh.

  22. Cleone Keesha Riego

    Cleone Keesha Riego2 ngày trước

    Is pewdipie drinking.....milk? 🤷‍♀️idunno maybe it’s just me..

  23. Neonblue1

    Neonblue12 ngày trước

    Me and the boys still going.

  24. Sanic The Edgehog

    Sanic The Edgehog2 ngày trước


  25. Jamie Standen

    Jamie Standen2 ngày trước

    The boy's were Breathtaking It was sad that they had to die of fall damage and Lose there diamonds

  26. The BlackCat

    The BlackCat2 ngày trước

    Wow, Its been a Month since the last Meme review.......

  27. Lhi YT

    Lhi YT2 ngày trước

    Last meme revievv

  28. The BlackCat

    The BlackCat2 ngày trước

    Yup, It will be the last

  29. MinatoAce

    MinatoAce2 ngày trước

    The meme game have leveled up so much through all these years...

  30. Weston Metcalf

    Weston Metcalf3 ngày trước

    3:20 yoUve nEver plAyeD tubeR simUlatoR??!!

  31. ꧁༺T̥ͦh̥ͦe̥ͦE̥ͦḀͦ༻꧂

    ꧁༺T̥ͦh̥ͦe̥ͦE̥ͦḀͦ༻꧂3 ngày trước

    I am HeRe made almost all the subtitles

  32. David Scandura

    David Scandura3 ngày trước

    thatistheplan didn't die for this

  33. Almog S G

    Almog S G3 ngày trước

    ??? :)) *Follows asg7 on T T V*

  34. Chicken Strip

    Chicken Strip3 ngày trước

    Keanu Reeves's character is perfectly all things should be.

  35. SevenFrogs

    SevenFrogs3 ngày trước

    I’m binge watching the Meme Review series because Minecraft has taken over and we have to say goodbye to this :(

  36. Good Boy

    Good Boy3 ngày trước

    (1 month later) RIP Meme Review

  37. gurpreet gurpal

    gurpreet gurpal3 ngày trước

    We did a meme reviews in school and won

  38. gurpreet gurpal

    gurpreet gurpal2 ngày trước


  39. scott d

    scott d2 ngày trước

    public school ?

  40. Mohammed Shoaib

    Mohammed Shoaib3 ngày trước

    feels weird pewds not swearing in his videos anymore. . . . . . petition for *pewdiepie2* another channel where he could swear for us in his videos..

  41. Карим Дарханулы

    Карим Дарханулы3 ngày trước

    Ты дибил

  42. KLYNICAL _

    KLYNICAL _3 ngày trước

    For the raptor fan meme you have to go into every frame and also the thing you want to use and delete the part you don’t need this can take a day just for a single 15 seconds I’m doing this with the entire infinity war movie ever since it came out I’m still in wokanda ( I’m taking out the background and replacing it with its Minecraft counter part

  43. Mai Hoài Phong

    Mai Hoài Phong3 ngày trước

    Xin chào tôi đến từ việt nam

  44. Axel Voss der 31er

    Axel Voss der 31er4 ngày trước

    Dude: you're breathtaking! Keanu Reeves: *THROWS ADS INTO YOUR FACE*

  45. Bradley Woten

    Bradley Woten4 ngày trước

    Darn I went to post a meme on Reddit but I have to wait cause of the bot 😂

  46. Startrainy

    Startrainy4 ngày trước

    I really thought Keanu was hosting meme review when I saw the thumbnail

  47. Yuan Zakari

    Yuan Zakari4 ngày trước

    *he looks like John Wick*

  48. Little Rabbit

    Little Rabbit4 ngày trước

    Hey can i get love ?

  49. Jonatán Králl

    Jonatán Králl4 ngày trước

    Keanu lived in 9:56

  50. Boni Chodes

    Boni Chodes4 ngày trước

    Keanu’s existence made me raise my rating of Toy Story 4 from a 2/10 to a 3/10 because we all should be like Keanu, utterly perfect in every way with no hate in our system. At all.

  51. Daniel

    Daniel4 ngày trước

    I miss meme review 🙁

  52. Fat_Goomba-Kun

    Fat_Goomba-Kun4 ngày trước

    Paint the thumbs up button (like the artist you are) if you are watching this after pewds plays minecraft.

  53. Steven On The Loose

    Steven On The Loose4 ngày trước

    Keanu Reeves is the human personification of good.

  54. ジュリアナヒラルド

    ジュリアナヒラルド2 ngày trước