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    Ain't nobody playing that shit.

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    Can you stop making me shit

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    Are u going to Disappear again

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    What happened to Jacque?

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    Wooooo number 1 on trending

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    You know, for Thanksgiving this year I gave thanks to the fact that we still have Toys R Us 😎🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

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    Can we just appreciate how much work is put into these videos?

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    you completely taint your videos with your ads in the beginning bro. complete turn off

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    "Ohh, whatever it I thats cared you back there, *couldn't be worse then me* ."

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    John should review goosebumps episodes again.

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    I’m new is this the WTF meme guy

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    11:49 Top 10 Pranks of 2019

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    I wanna legally change My name to Yonny Yonson.

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    @3:02 - but...but the elevator didn't go down. All that happened was a person off camera pushed a fake door across. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING AND LIEING...LIYING...Lieng?...Liing? Lieieing? Lieiuuung? WITHHOLDING TRUTH TO/FROM US!?

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    sometimes i feel some joke a little long

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    When Jontron Beats fortnite Y E S .

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    Aww they missed the opportunity to rename it *Haunted Lives Matter*

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    JonTron beat Fortnite on Trending LET'S GO

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    I edited this comment so no one knows what it said

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    I lost my shit at his demonstration on how he would build humans without shins xD!! Then he tripped over the table died. Then the stupid frisbee xD

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    I hate when I get hit by floating doors from spooky-shit-shows.

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    "Yonny, Yonny, are you there" -Me 2019

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    promocode ...4ch jontron our guy confirmed

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    Yonny yonny Yes papa Haunting toys r us? Yes papa

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    First time seeing jontron. Can't believe i spent My whole life without watching this. Gold, just puré gold.

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    “#1 trending on VIreporter” *starts with an ad* 🙄

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    I'm really liking the wipe at 2:39

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    I’ll take ur intire stock

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    i got unsubscribed from you somehow i know i didnt do it~!

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    3:15 is honestly one of the funniest gags on Jon Tron

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    What's the music at 0:03?

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    #1 on trending, GJ!🥳🥳

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    Damn that ghost laurel seems pretty dangours.

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    JonTron beat Fortnite on Trending LET'S GO

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    4:59 looks like mrs doubtfire 😂

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    ooooooo blue room

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    "Yonny Yonny?" "Yes Sylvia?" "Eating souls?" "No Sylvia…" "Telling lies?" "No Sylvia…" "Open your mouth!" *[DATA EXPUNGED]*

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    No wonder toys r us went out of business, theres ghosts in the girls bathroom

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    So glad this is trending over fortnite

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    The goddamn production quality! No wonder it takes ages for him to upload. And even if not, it's a convincing excuse still.

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    Video starts at 1:20

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    It's spooktober everyone

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    Is Yonny Yonny the reason Charlie Charlie is a thing conspiracy on conspiracy theory

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    Spiritual Sex air bending try it out nonstop.

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    Although the Sunnyvale Toys R Us shuttered, the building is back in action - and in the most fitting reincarnation possible. It's now home to a Spirit Halloween store. From 10 a.m. to 9 a.m., the former toy store sells wares of a more whimsical ghostly variety.

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    Yanny or Laurel?

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    *life rewind ad plays * Me: "what the fuck" 😥

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    Also that's technically illegal

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    Luv u JonTron

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    SOK: Any other bareley literate, emotionally disturbed farmhands out there?

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    Someone needs to track down the actor for Yonny from that show and show him this video. I’m sure he’d get a kick out of it.

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    yonny yhonson is the part 9 jojo

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    Andrew has potential. Please give him more on screen-time. Ah and also, frick everyone saying the old intro is better 🙂 Just saw that Andrew even laughed at the end, perfect.

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    jon i appreciate all the effort u and ur team put into ur 5 second skits. its really top notch

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    Do more of this show

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    True Ghost Stories not Real Ghost Stories, the difference is obvious

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    Oh look, it’s the real ghost of Timon running this dumb channel, spank you again Disney.

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    Congrats on the #1 of trending! (So far)

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    You mean "oh shiN"