Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect


  1. Thuy Taylor

    Thuy TaylorGiờ trước

    They should make a “pick another player” on wheel unfortunate For the missing wheel unfortunate it should be - go to a public park in a bikini 👙 Finally, I've been waiting 2 whole weeks for these 20 minutes and 10 seconds! What was the most tries, you had to do for a trick shot? 7.8 million views 23 hours ago

  2. Mr Nayarramo

    Mr NayarramoGiờ trước

    Happy Birthday Tyler (March 24th)

  3. Green Cauldron

    Green CauldronGiờ trước

    At 12:46 coby is sooo happy but karma was knocking at the door xd

  4. Ramiro Dellano

    Ramiro DellanoGiờ trước

    Coby should rename himself Corey

  5. Blarnix

    BlarnixGiờ trước

    *Dude Perfect budget disliked that.*

  6. aaron bonner

    aaron bonnerGiờ trước

    So I can show up at your warehouse and meet you?

  7. BatmanPlayz Gamez

    BatmanPlayz GamezGiờ trước

    How do you know who wins the giveaway

  8. Lilly W.

    Lilly W.Giờ trước

    The new wheel unfortunate should be getting their office/car covered in sticky notes

  9. Savage Games 110

    Savage Games 110Giờ trước

    Make the other wheel unfortunate be the other dudes choose the consequence from the weel


    DRiTH PLAYZGiờ trước

    Wheel unfortunate punishment idea: Roast Me challenge

  11. Brayden Joyner

    Brayden JoynerGiờ trước

    Love the entry music

  12. Brad Ingram

    Brad IngramGiờ trước

    Wheel Unfortunate suggestion: Scrape your nails on a chalkboard for 5 minutes straight. You must alternate hands ever 30 seconds.

  13. Paradox p

    Paradox pGiờ trước

    Add me plssssssssss

  14. myth1ca1elk _

    myth1ca1elk _Giờ trước

    You guys wasted so much food

  15. Nate Johnson

    Nate JohnsonGiờ trước


  16. Grant Kelley

    Grant KelleyGiờ trước

    Why have I already seen these bloopers

  17. Edgardo Sandoval

    Edgardo SandovalGiờ trước

    How do these guys have a big following. Wow. Not funny.

  18. Katie Warnock

    Katie WarnockGiờ trước

    When you play the opening song I always sing along. I love OVERTIME please post more often. I think it’s because Cory got his eyebrows shaved .

  19. Darren Bras

    Darren BrasGiờ trước

    for the new punishiment shave your head

  20. Gamer Is Playing

    Gamer Is PlayingGiờ trước

    Keep releasing overtime episodes. I love it.


    SFPD NYPDGiờ trước

    Indian rug brun for 2 minutes

  22. King Flik

    King FlikGiờ trước

    When did you start playing fortnite Like=season 0-3 Reply=season 4-8

  23. Darlene Kalbach

    Darlene KalbachGiờ trước

    I Dare coby to dab 10000000000 times.

  24. Andy Ho

    Andy HoGiờ trước

    almost 50million subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. SPN madness

    SPN madnessGiờ trước

    I love Voice Box!

  26. juju on dat beat

    juju on dat beatGiờ trước

    #1 on trending. CONGRATS :)!

  27. Aiden Perkins

    Aiden PerkinsGiờ trước

    Eat a raw egg

  28. Alien Productions

    Alien ProductionsGiờ trước

    Anyone tell me if they have made a trickshot first time

  29. Cam Fjell

    Cam FjellGiờ trước

    Hey guys I had an idea for a video. What if you asked the fans to submit their own videos of trickshots to you and then you compile them into a video...? Just an idea

  30. Fortnite ProSniper

    Fortnite ProSniperGiờ trước

    Add in wheel unfortunate, Get hit with balloons with stuff inside!

  31. your local communist

    your local communistGiờ trước

    nice eyebrows

  32. Lacrosse Pro 13

    Lacrosse Pro 13Giờ trước

    the question mark should be rent ned a limo

  33. Noony Doody

    Noony DoodyGiờ trước

    If Dude Perfect sees this they must pin this comment

  34. Graham TV

    Graham TVGiờ trước

    For Wheel Unfortunate "Sticky Rat Trap Angels"

  35. Kole DeBerardinis

    Kole DeBerardinisGiờ trước

    Add on the wheel unfortunate the cinnamon challenge

  36. Phoenix Fire cat

    Phoenix Fire catGiờ trước

    Wheel unfortunate. Fly to Fairbanks Alaska, jump in the chena river and fly back. No staying

  37. Mr. preston

    Mr. prestonGiờ trước

    Put in wheel unfortunate kiss a dog

  38. Thegamer249 Bet

    Thegamer249 BetGiờ trước

    It should be stick your hand in a fire ant mond

  39. Stephanie Bennett

    Stephanie BennettGiờ trước

    go on tour

  40. Wacdonald none

    Wacdonald noneGiờ trước

    Play Apex

  41. Ruma Yi

    Ruma YiGiờ trước

    12:09 uninstall life

  42. Gilbert Fisher IV

    Gilbert Fisher IVGiờ trước

    8 overtime !!!!

  43. shandy89 channel

    shandy89 channelGiờ trước

    Perfect dude 👍👍👍 I like it's

  44. JC DUBS

    JC DUBSGiờ trước

    3:03 did anyone else see the Minnesota north stars shirt

  45. Shazia Azam

    Shazia AzamGiờ trước

    golden boy is not there

  46. Nikki Pooler

    Nikki PoolerGiờ trước

    They should have too stay in the woman's bathroom for 1 hour

  47. Space Expander

    Space ExpanderGiờ trước

    The bloops say "now you guys know why they celebrate so hard once they are successful on camera."

  48. Haydon C

    Haydon CGiờ trước

    at 15:12, dp spelt the word 'should' wrong in "what unfortunate thing should we add?"

  49. Samuel Jebaraj

    Samuel JebarajGiờ trước

    They should make a school stereotyped. Like if you agree

  50. Jeff Henry

    Jeff HenryGiờ trước

    For every 1 Like, Im going to do 10 Pushups, actually gonna do them

  51. Gear Runner

    Gear RunnerGiờ trước

    Put skunked on the wheel. Where the contestant gets sprayed by a skunk. Lol

  52. cooke crunch13

    cooke crunch13Giờ trước

    For new whell unfortunate do eat a Carolina reaper

  53. Maxy

    MaxyGiờ trước

    I’m 20 subs away from 300 could yall please help me and subscribe I will sub back when done 😭❤️🤙🏼

  54. Movie HOT

    Movie HOTGiờ trước

    Million like

  55. 500 subs with no video upload?

    500 subs with no video upload?Giờ trước

    U r tending in India #2.........

  56. In Depth Auto

    In Depth AutoGiờ trước

    Did anyone notice the cereal had water in it?

  57. Zachary Gaming

    Zachary GamingGiờ trước

    Wonder what happens when Ty gets picked for wheel-unfortunate

  58. Monkey Man Jones

    Monkey Man JonesGiờ trước

    Can’t wait until someone owns a cat

  59. theGameofGames

    theGameofGamesGiờ trước

    #1 trending

  60. yogi zzz

    yogi zzzGiờ trước

    Not Pew no Not T series... Dude perfect deserves number 1 spot.

  61. Bruticus 1

    Bruticus 1Giờ trước

    The quality is nice

  62. Softball_LIFE!!!!!! YEET

    Softball_LIFE!!!!!! YEETGiờ trước

    Did you notice that the time of the video is the same of the year

  63. Abby The turtle

    Abby The turtleGiờ trước

    you should add an "all of the above" option

  64. xts mnst

    xts mnstGiờ trước

    40 mi)

  65. Joseph Metz

    Joseph MetzGiờ trước

    Wheel Unfortunate Idea: army crawl a mile in a full, heavy military uniform, in the sun of course, while carrying a prop or air soft gun to resemble a real gun

  66. Mystery Boy

    Mystery BoyGiờ trước

    eat a pig alive

  67. Mickael Gustavo

    Mickael GustavoGiờ trước

    BR Brasil presente no canal 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  68. Mnac

    MnacGiờ trước

    Didn't Ryan Higa do this already?

  69. Isaias S. Silva

    Isaias S. SilvaGiờ trước

    I an brasilian

  70. Kristen Sanders

    Kristen SandersGiờ trước

    Run 300 yards on a football field

  71. dumb kids 4

    dumb kids 4Giờ trước


  72. Isaiah Blanc

    Isaiah BlancGiờ trước


  73. slime boy

    slime boyGiờ trước

    Sky dive for weel unfortunate


    ITZ BRYANGiờ trước

    Follow me on Instagram on lil_bryan25

  75. Grant Dy

    Grant DyGiờ trước

    11:00 sounds like a snare drum

  76. Softball_LIFE!!!!!! YEET

    Softball_LIFE!!!!!! YEETGiờ trước

    Ride a real bull

  77. Pierce McCarthy

    Pierce McCarthyGiờ trước

    Or listen to nails on chalkboard for a day

  78. CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

    CIA - Central Intelligence AgencyGiờ trước

    Wheres ybn cordae & juice wrld xxl pitch ??

  79. Click Influencer

    Click InfluencerGiờ trước

    Awesome show. Funny and Entertaining. Trending on top.

  80. Lysander L.

    Lysander L.Giờ trước

    #1 on trending! Let’s go Dude Perfect!

  81. Banana Masher

    Banana MasherGiờ trước

    The ? Mark for wheel unfortunate it should be try and eat as much banana’s / sprite as you can

  82. Mandy Culbertson

    Mandy CulbertsonGiờ trước

    Is it crazy that my 4 year old curly haired comic relief kid reminds me a lot of Ned?

  83. Pierce McCarthy

    Pierce McCarthyGiờ trước

    For wheel unfortunate, you should have to read a book list of really stuffy and boring books like war and peace or pride and prejudice

  84. Whale Films

    Whale FilmsGiờ trước

    Roses are red My name is Dave This makes no sense Microwave

  85. Tuấn Lâm

    Tuấn LâmGiờ trước

    Việt nam đâu rồi

  86. EH BROWN

    EH BROWNGiờ trước

    I. Hate. You. Codey. By. Mario

  87. Maxy

    MaxyGiờ trước

    I’m 20 subs away from 300 subscribers could yall please help me reach my goal ❤️❤️

  88. Samuel Moreno

    Samuel MorenoGiờ trước

    Loved this flicking video🤣🤣

  89. Jacob Coates

    Jacob CoatesGiờ trước

    Cotton candy were someone puts there head in cotton candy machine and then and person or animal eats it off lol

  90. Thelectricleaf

    ThelectricleafGiờ trước

    They changed the title 🤔

  91. Edgar Rivas

    Edgar RivasGiờ trước

    Make a new channel called dude not so perfect for the bloopers

  92. beyblademperorhunters2000

    beyblademperorhunters2000Giờ trước

    About time Coby gets picked on Wheel Unfortunate

  93. beyblademperorhunters2000

    beyblademperorhunters2000Giờ trước

    Looks like Coby's winning streak at the wheel ends at 7

  94. Mandy Culbertson

    Mandy CulbertsonGiờ trước

    Wheel unfortunate spot: gallon of milk in an hour challenge

  95. WhyImIHere

    WhyImIHereGiờ trước

    You guys should do a stream on youtube to show us some trichshots at the HQ

  96. Latisha Coleman

    Latisha ColemanGiờ trước

    Meet a Nba Player

  97. Pinky Hoo

    Pinky HooGiờ trước

    I'm guessing Cory got his eyebrows back.

  98. Lucas Lyche

    Lucas LycheGiờ trước


  99. Aaron Munoz

    Aaron MunozGiờ trước


  100. Tate Eriksen

    Tate EriksenGiờ trước

    I love wheel of fortunate and cool not cool

  101. Dante D'Alleva

    Dante D'AllevaGiờ trước

    get hit by a airsoft guns