Rick and Morty Season 4 Release Date | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim


  1. bennihaha87

    bennihaha877 giờ trước

    Bout fucking time

  2. Potter007 boyo

    Potter007 boyoNgày trước

    Oh geese rick


    LEONAADONgày trước

    My birthday is in November

  4. Bet0n misch3r

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  5. Bike vlog Valcea

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  6. Noah The Texan

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    Get up on out of here with my eyeholes

  7. W.D. Gaster

    W.D. Gaster3 ngày trước

    Yes Rick and morty

  8. thered_hood

    thered_hood4 ngày trước

    imagine all the rick and morty retards celebrating

  9. Gruba Dama

    Gruba Dama4 ngày trước

    Oh yeeeees

  10. Batuhan Batuhan

    Batuhan Batuhan4 ngày trước

    Yeah no thanks. Dan Harmon productions only last 2 seasons. The rest is just boring. Morty's speech is annoying now. I would like something new.

  11. NoahLovesDoggos

    NoahLovesDoggos4 ngày trước

    Wow, Morty’s first 4th-wall break!

  12. Flame TCL

    Flame TCL4 ngày trước

    Season 4!

  13. My Name Is Jeff

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  14. hector diaz

    hector diaz5 ngày trước

    Season 75

  15. The Sean

    The Sean5 ngày trước

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  16. Çağrı Aydoğdu

    Çağrı Aydoğdu5 ngày trước

    aw jeez! i can't wait

  17. EnglandIsMyCity

    EnglandIsMyCity5 ngày trước

    I guess depression does go away :)

  18. I’ll crash Your nans car

    I’ll crash Your nans car5 ngày trước

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah boiiiiii lets go i love this shit cant wait for it

  19. Muhammad Yusuf

    Muhammad Yusuf5 ngày trước

    Who else is hyped for Evil Morty?

  20. ck Marcus Forbes 2

    ck Marcus Forbes 26 ngày trước

    Rick and morty knows they are actors

  21. 22

    226 ngày trước

    hype is real!

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  23. Unda Grounds

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  24. Griffin Sebastian

    Griffin Sebastian7 ngày trước

    YaY i can't wait >~

  25. Stubbay

    Stubbay7 ngày trước

    Hopefully, not the shitshow that season 3 was.

  26. ItzKhoas LOL

    ItzKhoas LOL7 ngày trước

    November is my birthday, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

  27. Eroith

    Eroith4 ngày trước

    A month is your birthday? Holy shit your poor mother kept giving birth to you for a month straight

  28. Ice Ender

    Ice Ender7 ngày trước

    I just want to see mr. Poopy butthole

  29. LittleBlu Sofia

    LittleBlu Sofia7 ngày trước

    The hype for this is unreal

  30. Yamol DNA

    Yamol DNA7 ngày trước

    That's make me a live

  31. Pattendo YT

    Pattendo YT9 ngày trước

    Please release it on Netflix as soon as possible😩

  32. Jam X 13

    Jam X 139 ngày trước

    “Man I can’t believe we’re back- We’re gonna be back I mean...” I wondered why this sounded odd to me at first, and I assumed it was meant to be just Morty being Morty, but an idea just hit me: Some people have theorised that Rick and Morty got separated during this season because of the screenshots posted on instagram; they are not together, which is further implied through the scene with Glootie where it’s only Morty and Jerry. However, in a recent interview with Justin Roiland, he says that Rick tattooed the “do not develop my app” onto the aliens forehead (The reason? I’m not sure yet, but whatever this guy’s app is certainly will remain a mystery until the episode is out), so this might be one of the earlier episodes in the season if Rick is still around at that time. The reason why I think these theories with them both being separated somehow is likely, is from this trailer. “I can’t believe we’re back” as if they are back from a long tiresome adventure and the emphasis on “we” from morty’s hand movements towards ricks position and kinda “relieved?” tonality- then the immediate switch to “We’re GONNA be back” makes it seem as if it’s in the future for us, but for them the events already happened in the past. Could this be a thing? It’s rather ambiguous to me as it could reference this, or just the fact they know the show is coming back again. Idk anymore, but I feel like there is more to this than just a short black background simple trailer 🌚✊

  33. Steven

    Steven9 ngày trước

    The season 4 will be on Netflix???

  34. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon10 ngày trước

    Me: I bet rick and morty s4 will come out 2020 Adult swim: hold my beer

  35. Ivana Živković

    Ivana Živković10 ngày trước

    Fuck you

  36. IIXTemperzz

    IIXTemperzz11 ngày trước

    *I n t e r e s t i n g*

  37. MrMusicVault

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  39. William Smith

    William Smith12 ngày trước

    10 yrs later

  40. MATÍAS Riveiro

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    ¡ wabba labba dub dub !

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  43. digital spongy123

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    Aye finally i would watch every episode

  44. sad

    sad14 ngày trước

    Season has got to be better than season 3, season 3 is still good it just doesn’t compare to the first 2. The show exploded and their was new writers who weren’t that experienced so was way more pressure on them than before. There was also the divorce plot which I didn’t really care for and the finale was a disappointment from it being to episodes stapled together. But it did really pick up greatly after the whirly dirly conspiracy

  45. Broken Silence

    Broken Silence14 ngày trước

    I cant wait that long

  46. shootmeplease 4

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    I i i i i i i i

  47. Mr. ClouDark 787

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    Wtf, I didn't watch this, and I ended watching the show in a week, well, time to wait!!

  48. Jaime Alemany Codina

    Jaime Alemany Codina15 ngày trước

    14th of November. That is the day

  49. yeetus

    yeetus16 ngày trước

    The dislikes are the 4000iq people who watched the video updside down

  50. Anime Encodes

    Anime Encodes16 ngày trước

    *Season 4 already.*

  51. Anze Niemi

    Anze Niemi17 ngày trước

    can't wait to watch the new episode of evil morty now and his "time for action" plan

  52. SOMEBODY 111

    SOMEBODY 11117 ngày trước

    Is it goin to be on Netflix?


    KILLI NUT17 ngày trước

    I think its gonna be released in 11.11

  54. Piotr Lisiecki

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  55. Molly Queen

    Molly Queen17 ngày trước

    My brother and my dad is so excited

  56. Pushabug _

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    Released on my birthday soo happy rn

  57. GG Mathias

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  58. grandma user69

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    That my birthday yeahh!!!

  59. Evil Overlord

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    Al fin maldición, ya era hora!!! :'v han pasado 84 años

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  62. Water Sheep

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    Hell yeah, wubba lubba dub dub

  63. Oh Yeah Yeah

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    Is this canon?

  64. TFG Damond

    TFG Damond19 ngày trước

    Oowie cant wait till 4 months pass oowie

  65. JBT-JD

    JBT-JD19 ngày trước

    dank oh fuck yea

  66. Rainbow -Chan

    Rainbow -Chan19 ngày trước

    Let's see what Mr. Poopy buthole looks like now. Does he have a white beard? 😂

  67. Wolfgang Kenshin

    Wolfgang Kenshin20 ngày trước

    4 more months...

  68. krush skull da ork boi

    krush skull da ork boi20 ngày trước

    Ay my boyz ar bak LUBBA WUBBA DUB DUB!

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  71. RDustyMhG _

    RDustyMhG _22 ngày trước

    I just finished watching the whole season on Netflix lol

  72. wav.yliving 波打つ

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  73. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name22 ngày trước

    I've been waiting for so long.. this must be a long and good season!

  74. Hydra Infinity Rick

    Hydra Infinity Rick22 ngày trước

    DUDE lol bring back Unity from season 2 and have her stay with rick as his equal for the rest of the time your doing Rick and morty that will make the show so much more interesting lol Unity can control all consciousness in the universe essentially can you imagine how much fun that would be for rick if he could go anywhere with her ? lol also you should have the characters like morty and summer age so as the show ages they age I would like to see Beth become more like rick and they seriously need to get rid of Jerry. like really bad. I cannot stand jerry he has got to go.

  75. AngelDMSYT

    AngelDMSYT22 ngày trước

    Finally WOHOO!!!

  76. Ethan Scott

    Ethan Scott23 ngày trước

    Fuck you that’s to long

  77. Ultra Dip

    Ultra Dip23 ngày trước

    I think it will be release 11 November on my birthday, because on the alien’s phone the time was 11:11

  78. Rafael Suprayogi

    Rafael Suprayogi23 ngày trước

    When you raid Area 51 and got rick and morty season 4 early : **Happiness noise**

  79. Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life

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  80. Swirve Mixes

    Swirve Mixes25 ngày trước

    97 things you have missed in rick and morty trailer 0:00 - rick does a fallopioaniese rebellion hand gesture, possibly hinting that they’re will be Evil Morty in season 89 0:03 - Morty is shocked, Morty is never shocked, is this the end to The Simpson’s? 0:04 - Morty does an illegal masryional gesture, you know what dat shi means *one more like and I’ll add more*

  81. Joshua Barber

    Joshua Barber25 ngày trước

    I can't wait for 2019 of November