Rip Offs


  1. SomeThingElseYT

    SomeThingElseYTTháng trước

    I think I want to remake this video. Feel like this video is being used as an excuse not to break formats or try new things with an already existing format. Need to also come from a better perspective of having you're stuff ripped off. Have a better understanding of both sides. If you see this I still agree with alot I say in this vid... 20 year old me. But... I think I can do a better job explaining my feelings towards the matter

  2. HNGaming Productions

    HNGaming ProductionsNgày trước

    SomeThingElseYT go ahead

  3. Shadow Films

    Shadow FilmsNgày trước

    Why is this so new

  4. Nightcore Fever

    Nightcore Fever2 ngày trước

    I think you would do better now, but new content would be perferable.

  5. Jake Williamson

    Jake Williamson3 ngày trước

    BTW hope you have a good time doing it


    TNTBLASTBOY YT3 ngày trước

    Died I love yo vidssssssssssssssssssss and Jameis vids

  7. Potato Gaming

    Potato Gaming52 phút trước

    I love your vids, and maidens and James's vids, you guys are all great!

  8. RedPlayzGamez

    RedPlayzGamez4 giờ trước

    ury riup uoff

  9. Epic Wolf

    Epic Wolf10 giờ trước

    Everybody gangsta until Mark has to wear a "Not SomethingElseYT" shirt

  10. Yixin Zhao

    Yixin Zhao12 giờ trước

    Adam the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. THEJZTEAM27 27

    THEJZTEAM27 2712 giờ trước

    I watch all you animation VIreporterrs none of you are rip-off's you are all good and chill ^_^

  12. AidenDaBeast127 Ludeker

    AidenDaBeast127 Ludeker13 giờ trước


  13. Rafael Gamers

    Rafael Gamers14 giờ trước

    My character (that I want to make) has gotten a lot of different "stages". I first went through the obvious "human" stage, but then I thought, "Come on! Think of originality!" So then I went through my "shape" stage, It was basically me putting shapes like Squares and Triangles as a head of my character. Then I thought of a "Bill Cipher like" character but I scratched that since people will call that a rip-off, obviously. THEN! I've decided to try an animal! Tried a cat, a dog, even a spider once, and now, I still don't know what character I'm gonna use :/.

  14. Kermit Channels

    Kermit Channels16 giờ trước


  15. Kermit Channels

    Kermit Channels16 giờ trước

    I think your cool (0 0) ___

  16. Kermit Channels

    Kermit Channels16 giờ trước

    The odd ones out is cool

  17. Kattie's Animated Adventers

    Kattie's Animated Adventers18 giờ trước

    OMG PEOPLE THING YOUR A RIP OFF BOI YOUR AS REAL AS IT GETS BTW!!!! you james (odd1sout) and jaiden have inspired me to make my own (suck as the world) animation channel!!! thanks

  18. Rồng

    Rồng22 giờ trước

    All the haters Gansta until Jaiden tells them to stop.

  19. Poison Tipped Sword

    Poison Tipped SwordNgày trước

    Me: *sees Mark* Oh hey, cool! Also me: *sees Seàn* Yo! My boy! Adam: “Take Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye for example..” Me: *unholy fangirl screeching*

  20. Kadensky08

    Kadensky08Ngày trước

    Is it bad I’m watching this when he as 2.4millon

  21. Alison Brown

    Alison BrownNgày trước

    *Okay but if you are 'inspired' by something. Give credit. Don't ask questions, just do it.*

  22. XxReaperDarkWolfxX25

    XxReaperDarkWolfxX252 ngày trước

    Brookie = MAKE BROWNIES pick up some WALMART cookies get a box and cool the brownies then u take one of the cookies u put the brownies THEN SQUASH is into the shape of the cookie TAKE ANOTHER COOKIE put it on top BOOM. get a GLASS OF MILK dunk it BOOM BAM DAMNNNNNNNN THATS GOOD

  23. CloudNine400

    CloudNine4002 ngày trước

    Love this video, but there are some VIreporter channels (cough cough, Morgz, cough cough) that LITERALLY DO THE EXACT SAME THING AS OTHER VIreporterRS (cough cough, Mr. Beast cough cough.) So while you are correct Adam, there are some people who legitimately copy every single thing someone else does, right down to the upload schedule for fucks sake.

  24. shoto todoroki

    shoto todoroki2 ngày trước

    Your not a rip off. You've never been a rip off

  25. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel Gonzalez2 ngày trước

    Finally you guys said No SAYING RIP OFF TO HIM OR JAMES OR jaden

  26. Lucas Regan

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  27. Natlie Richmond

    Natlie Richmond2 ngày trước

    I love you ❤️😘💕

  28. Alex Natsu uwu

    Alex Natsu uwu2 ngày trước

    i took inspiration from you

  29. emilee van buren

    emilee van buren2 ngày trước

    You are great (•~•)!

  30. weeler x

    weeler x2 ngày trước

    What do you use to animate with?🦝😆😋

  31. Your last yeehaw

    Your last yeehaw2 ngày trước

    This is a rip off

  32. Demon girl

    Demon girl2 ngày trước

    You are cooll!!!!!!!!

  33. pug pug

    pug pug2 ngày trước

    Everyone get a cool wepon

  34. URANIUMS -brawl stars

    URANIUMS -brawl stars3 ngày trước

    Morgz: alright bet

  35. Wesley Fischer

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  36. Wesley Fischer

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  37. Marley Lopez

    Marley Lopez3 ngày trước

    U have a different perspective of thing or personality and that's why I watch u Jayden and odd1s out

  38. Leanne Laws

    Leanne Laws3 ngày trước

    Somethingelseyt)stupid Me. Oh well that's me meanie pants

  39. Leo gave Lemons2903

    Leo gave Lemons29033 ngày trước

    Oh no! I saw the word........ RHOMBUS. (bruh i just started that maths topic a few weeks ago) xD

  40. Freestyle flyer

    Freestyle flyer3 ngày trước

    Lmao that Matthew Santoro sneak diss!

  41. Elliott Brown

    Elliott Brown3 ngày trước

    Rip off J.k. love your vids

  42. Brayden Peterson

    Brayden Peterson3 ngày trước

    I guess I’m late because now your in the millions

  43. Buster

    Buster3 ngày trước

    Hey somethingelseyt you’re a rip off of theoddonesout Anyone who thinks that I’m being serious... just 😒

  44. The J Factor

    The J Factor3 ngày trước

    So I could be an animator

  45. Phil West

    Phil West3 ngày trước

    People do that . . [][][]

  46. Dividing Coyote

    Dividing Coyote3 ngày trước

    Why do people even dislike or comment bad things if that's what they want to do

  47. MyDog 57

    MyDog 573 ngày trước

    This is such a rip-off

  48. isilverskeleton

    isilverskeleton4 ngày trước

    Remember that time James kinda sorta copied Jaden in school stories

  49. isilverskeleton

    isilverskeleton4 ngày trước

    Man what a Tabbes ripoff

  50. nerfboy561

    nerfboy5614 ngày trước

    what i think a rip - off means: a worse version of something that's good, then announced as another's work

  51. The Creeper Queen

    The Creeper Queen4 ngày trước

    You’re not a rip-off, you’re just a cutie patootie

  52. Nathalie Hein

    Nathalie Hein4 ngày trước

    Rip off

  53. Izuku mydoria

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  54. dong wang

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    -random thoughts..........-

  55. If Mations

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  56. MLGBONNIE21 Shea

    MLGBONNIE21 Shea4 ngày trước

    I’m lonely can you give me some advice Adam

  57. dawing and games and stuff

    dawing and games and stuff4 ngày trước

    Oh my God you're just a rip-off of the odd ones out


    DIS CHERRY5 ngày trước

    0:06 o-o

  59. Sexy rat Bat

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  60. Sexy rat Bat

    Sexy rat Bat5 ngày trước

    I love all the animators

  61. Kael Mcauliffe

    Kael Mcauliffe5 ngày trước

    NOT rip off

  62. Baguetteboi YT

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    U ain’t no rip off

  63. TomNotTom YouTube

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  64. Catarina Lourenco

    Catarina Lourenco5 ngày trước

    Adam Adam!!

  65. Catarina Lourenco

    Catarina Lourenco5 ngày trước

    I agree with Adam