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Rise Cast - Left Behind (Official Lyric Video)


  1. MarinaO

    MarinaO2 tháng trước

    don't get me wrong, I really like this rendition, and I know why _plot wise_ the show had this character sing this, but what kind of in-world explanation could they have for HANSCHEN singing this?

  2. KL _144

    KL _14424 ngày trước

    I don't know for sure, but if I remember correctly, this was when Damien (Melchior) wasn't sure if he was going to do the show at all because of football, so maybe they were doing a run through and thought Simon should do it. And they also talk about how Simon is usually the lead for shows, so he probably has the "best voice" there for it at the moment.

  3. pressley e.

    pressley e.10 tháng trước

    I unfortunately can't learn to love this cover more than when Jonathan sang it, but it's very good :)

  4. Rebecca Parrish

    Rebecca Parrish10 tháng trước

    Still can't believe they cancelled the show

  5. Rebecca Parrish

    Rebecca ParrishNăm trước

    Anyone no the song that was in Simon and Jeremy's kiss part

  6. Alexus Lefevre

    Alexus LefevreNăm trước

    i mISS RISE

  7. sephyrspirit29

    sephyrspirit29Năm trước

    So so many feelings

  8. Elliot Vineyard The New Christ

    Elliot Vineyard The New ChristNăm trước

    “Whoever believes in me will do what I do, for I am going back to the father now” -Christ. I am the new Christ ❤️

  9. Freya UWUs Woojin

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  10. Martine Whitear

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  11. Lazzari Snow

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  12. Bambi Pardis

    Bambi PardisNăm trước

    Been a Starbucks can with my son since Starbucks started

  13. Bambi Pardis

    Bambi PardisNăm trước

    Starbucks sponsors this kind of music .did kings Leon good Charlotte band with college education .

  14. Rino

    RinoNăm trước

    Q hago aquí? :v

  15. Glenn Hubble

    Glenn HubbleNăm trước

    Great lyrics.

  16. Trisha C

    Trisha CNăm trước

    I hope they do rent!!!

  17. Charlotte Decker

    Charlotte DeckerNăm trước


  18. Alice Wise ツ

    Alice Wise ツNăm trước

    *_Guys - does anyone know the song that plays in the background when Lou finds alcohol in his son's locker in episode 2 of Rise? I really love it but I don't know what it's called and I could really use some help!_*

  19. Kaitlin 1

    Kaitlin 1Năm trước

    All things!!!!!!!!!

  20. yoyo

    yoyoNăm trước


  21. André Felipe

    André FelipeNăm trước

    LINDO 😍😍


    I AM SNAP PETENăm trước

    We Tha Bast Music 2018 ✖

  23. BOT 2

    BOT 2Năm trước

    I love this. Does the boy remind of Glee's Kurt?

  24. keandric 2

    keandric 2Năm trước

    Nope. Not at all :)

  25. Anna C

    Anna CNăm trước

    wait wait wasn't this from spring awakening? I'm so damn confused THE HEEELL IS HAPPENING?

  26. Anna C

    Anna CNăm trước

    oh shit! Thanks hahha

  27. lys georgia

    lys georgiaNăm trước

    yeah, the plot to rise is that they’re putting on a production of spring awakening- hence the covers of the songs

  28. MrSpecialk1

    MrSpecialk1Năm trước


  29. Vinayaka Subramanya

    Vinayaka SubramanyaNăm trước


  30. Alisstaa

    AlisstaaNăm trước

    Now, I don't understand the song and where it's from, but in love.

  31. Reba Catx99

    Reba Catx99Năm trước

    Good god, I cry so hard every time I hear this song

  32. Karen Gomez

    Karen GomezNăm trước

    His best friend commits suicide and he sings this to his friends father (who is one of the reasons he killed himself) at the funeral

  33. Emmanuel Jair Cuaresma

    Emmanuel Jair CuaresmaNăm trước

    It's a song when Moritz died of suicide in the Spring Awakening Musical (sorry for the spoiler) and I think Melchior is thinking about the things Moritz could have done if he's still alive but its all left behind because he's dead.

  34. Evan Mysteryfall

    Evan MysteryfallNăm trước

    Most heartbreaking song from Spring Awakening.💔

  35. Musically Nerdy

    Musically NerdyNăm trước

    All things ... All things ... All things ... All things

  36. tyler joseph love club

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  37. Lee Harding

    Lee HardingNăm trước

    This community is just the right one, I was so hoping I'd see this hahaha

  38. Leah Thai

    Leah ThaiNăm trước

    isas torres actually that would be word of your body reprise. They just give each other looks in the video but his is not the official hanschen and Ernst song

  39. isas torres

    isas torresNăm trước

    this is the song of jeremy and simon

  40. saltyhonorsstudent

    saltyhonorsstudentNăm trước

    omg nooo

  41. Stacey Mitchell

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  42. Bambi Pardis

    Bambi PardisNăm trước

    I am the little mama heavy metal .cool mom of rock my my son died for this musicial landscape him I created

  43. OLDSKOOL978

    OLDSKOOL978Năm trước

    Melodyne much?? 😂

  44. Michael Griswold

    Michael GriswoldNăm trước

    This song is like comfort food to me, it sounds so good and you never want to stop listening to it, even going back to it when you are in a bad mood because you relate.

  45. Nymeria Sutcliff

    Nymeria SutcliffNăm trước

    Amazing version, I especially loved the "his mamma" parts, 'cause they are really difficult. But you cut the falsetto part 😭😭

  46. Nicholas Rutter

    Nicholas Rutter5 tháng trước

    Nymeria Sutcliff they didnt cut it

  47. Reba Catx99

    Reba Catx99Năm trước

    Nymeria Sutcliff aww, the falsetto part is my favorite part of the piece

  48. Mark-Edward Miner

    Mark-Edward MinerNăm trước

    This was the saddest song from spring awakening.

  49. Leah Thai

    Leah ThaiNăm trước

    I’m so sorry I had to do it. I just couldn’t pass up a perfect opportunity

  50. Leah Thai

    Leah ThaiNăm trước

    I don’t do sadness ;)

  51. TheGinn88

    TheGinn88Năm trước

    Aawwwwww😍😍😍😍 i feel in a Disney Musical 😍😍😍😍

  52. Naomi CatYard

    Naomi CatYardNăm trước

    HECK Yeah. This is the farthest from Disney I've gone in all of my years of life.

  53. Leah Thai

    Leah ThaiNăm trước

    This is the farthest thing you’re going to get from a Disney musical


    I AM SNAP PETENăm trước


  55. Jennifer Knipe

    Jennifer KnipeNăm trước

    Beautiful music

  56. Official Keona Jordan Music

    Official Keona Jordan MusicNăm trước

    This is awesome. As a singer myself this is motivational! 👐🏽 I want to cover this maybe?

  57. iron alex campos

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  58. Armando Enriquez

    Armando EnriquezNăm trước

    Japanese dub in 1998.

  59. Rodrigo Rodrigues Almeida

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  60. Rodrigo Rodrigues Almeida

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  61. Mary Frimpong

    Mary FrimpongNăm trước

    TUNE.... 💥❤💛💚💚💛❤💥 Please pin me I have cancer and I have never been pinned God bless beautiful song... ❤

  62. Jose Alonso Ramirez Salazar

    Jose Alonso Ramirez SalazarNăm trước

    No me gusta muy aburridooooo

  63. Shoto

    ShotoNăm trước

    Yo fue 7

  64. Blake S

    Blake SNăm trước

    Such a beautiful and heartfelt song

  65. Suzanne Studebaker

    Suzanne StudebakerNăm trước

    Get over it.... WOW

  66. İsmail'in Kanalı

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  67. İsmail'in Kanalı

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  68. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan GonzalezNăm trước

    I got first like

  69. Maddi Brown

    Maddi BrownNăm trước

    Love it