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Rise Cast - Spring Awakening Montage (Official Lyric Video)


  1. Riley Browning

    Riley Browning3 tháng trước

    Auli'i Cravalho murders me with her voice

  2. Kim _

    Kim _3 tháng trước

    Just finish watching this on Stan I gotta day it was the show I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Better than 13 Reason Why or any other shows. Wish there will be Season 2.

  3. giulia pennimpede

    giulia pennimpede8 tháng trước


  4. Lidia Longo

    Lidia Longo8 tháng trước Please, sign up the petition. It's important if we want Rise to still have a change. #SAVERISE #RISEAGAIN #RENEWRISE

  5. Martine Whitear

    Martine Whitear8 tháng trước

    😂😂😂 blah blah blah me right there 😂😂

  6. LeopardAzure

    LeopardAzure9 tháng trước

    Ok this is awful but I understand that it's for the sake of progression in the future. I just hope it gets MUCH better.

  7. Nick Rose

    Nick Rose9 tháng trước

    im sorry but i totally freaked out at the word of your body reprise

  8. Libby Abadee

    Libby Abadee8 tháng trước

    YAAS me tooo

  9. Theo

    Theo9 tháng trước

    Nick Rose YES!!! I really hope they do a full version ❤

  10. castle rose

    castle rose9 tháng trước

    everyone complaining about their sound, please understand that this is so incredibly accurate to what the first few rehearsals for high school theatre sound like. “all that’s known” starts as a rap because it’s what the character is comfortable with, and he grows as they go deeper into the song. some of it is kind of dead, but that mostly has to do with how the characters are grasping the music, and trying to figure it out as they go. (sometimes this actually takes until tech week. it’s rough.) one of the songs (aka word of your body reprise) is really quiet and kind of empty because the two boys are meeting pretty much for the first time and one’s dealing with family problems over his casting. please give this show a chance and watch the first episode, before you judge, as the actors are actually doing a phenomenal job capturing what it’s like at the time of the episode.

  11. Blurrycake

    Blurrycake9 tháng trước

    My problem with this is that Melchior's singing parts are really heavily autotuned. They couldn't even pick a football player that could actually sing? Come on man.

  12. fanatsywriter 12345

    fanatsywriter 123459 tháng trước

    I never saw Spring Awakening, I just heard of it from this show, and I never seen Hamilton, but my brother listens to all of their songs. I want to see both plays, and some people are saying that it's dry and all this other stuff, but I like it. LOve the show btw.

  13. Gigglepud

    Gigglepud8 tháng trước

    fanatsywriter 12345 go find boots of the spring awakening revival, it's beautiful I promise it's worth it. One of the most beautiful shows I've seen and it did not get the recognition it deserves, so it's easy to overlook

  14. jesse mcisaac

    jesse mcisaac9 tháng trước

    Everyone bein all like "they sound bad." That's kinda literally the point, they're just starting rehearsals. When a high school production first starts it sounds awkward and clunky. It doesn't sound polished because it's not supposed to. This show is going to take time for the songs to sound amazing, in that respect I think it's amazing. Instead of having amazing polished vocals right away without knowing the show. This is realistic. Great job to everybody in the cast and who worked on this show

  15. Austin Taylor

    Austin Taylor9 tháng trước

    this was cringe

  16. Ya boi Brackenfur

    Ya boi Brackenfur9 tháng trước


  17. peaxhez peachy

    peaxhez peachy9 tháng trước

    The only best part was the ending "MAMA THE WEEPINGGGGGGG MAMA THE ANGELSSSSS"

  18. Nhy R

    Nhy R10 tháng trước

    the only important part of this is auli'i's part and that's just facts

  19. srayj

    srayj10 tháng trước

    I really like Spring Awakening, but I don’t think it’s believable that a high school would be able to do a production of it or if they are, it would be so censored would it even be worth it? I do like the show so far though.

  20. maia Taruc-Pilling

    maia Taruc-Pilling7 tháng trước

    srayj yea I just did spring awakening as a grade 11. I played Wendla. It was tough to do, and even more tough to explain my role to my grandma

  21. Shaye Thoroughman

    Shaye Thoroughman8 tháng trước

    A school in New Jersey did I️t recently with no censoring which is super cool

  22. Grace Kennedy

    Grace Kennedy9 tháng trước

    My high schools production of spring awakening closed this week!! I go to an arts high school and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to perform in this beautiful show. We didn't censor or cut anything out of the show and stayed very truthful to the plot.

  23. Kiran Kharbanda

    Kiran Kharbanda9 tháng trước

    i think more arts focused high schools do it, cause otherwise a lot of schools would say it's too adult

  24. Blurrycake

    Blurrycake9 tháng trước

    As others have pointed out, it's based on a true story.

  25. HiMyNameisPeter

    HiMyNameisPeter10 tháng trước

    I'm into it! Not gonna lie!

  26. trueromance300

    trueromance30010 tháng trước

    I think they sound better the original cast.

  27. Blurrycake

    Blurrycake9 tháng trước

    That was a really funny joke, good one.

  28. choo choo soul

    choo choo soul9 tháng trước

    Uhhh they??? don’t what. they sing with like no expression and the changes they made to the songs did nothing for them

  29. andrew naral

    andrew naral10 tháng trước


  30. BOT 2

    BOT 210 tháng trước

    Very nice. I have HSM and Glee feels

  31. EllaThePan

    EllaThePan10 tháng trước

    People have got to watch the show and understand the characters are still just in rehearsal for their school musical at this point. I’m sure we’ll get longer, more polished versions of the songs. Right now they are pretty good though. And just so people know the character playing Melchior is known more for rapping around the school but his singing is also beautiful and the character playing Moritz is a trans guy who is only in the beginning of his transition if you’re wondering why it’s so high pitched

  32. Nadine Mochtar

    Nadine Mochtar10 tháng trước


  33. gren

    gren10 tháng trước


  34. whambamsam

    whambamsam8 tháng trước

    It's also not exactly the type of musical to sound hyper and positive? Like do you expect them to be happy when singing about it? Not to mention, they edited each clip together in a way that makes it sound horrible. It's the same piano cords for each clip.

  35. seffi rotti

    seffi rotti9 tháng trước

    At this point they are not prepared, they are a mess and tryna fix theyre selves

  36. Angel

    Angel9 tháng trước

    It's ment to sound like a highschool production if the singers wanted it to sound like Broadway they could definitely do it. So far it a good show and I can't wait to see what they do.

  37. Black Parade

    Black Parade9 tháng trước

    Don't expect an american football player to sing perfectly in his first song ever

  38. Suz_ Draws

    Suz_ Draws9 tháng trước

    gren Hi gren Also at this point they’re in rehearsal in the show the show is freaking amazing actually

  39. Stupid Sea Pigeon

    Stupid Sea Pigeon10 tháng trước

    This was legit awful. Talk about doing Spring Awakening wrong.

  40. Stephanie L

    Stephanie L10 tháng trước

    Not entirely sure how I feel about some of these arrangements (especially All That's Known... let's not try and cross Spring Awakening with Hamilton, show, k? They're two different vibes :P) , but I will say that I am PUMPED to see Auli'i take on Wendla's songs!! Mama Who Bore Me sounds gorgeous

  41. Alex Leigh

    Alex Leigh10 tháng trước

    so what language is this?

  42. Haley Keim

    Haley Keim10 tháng trước


  43. F DJ

    F DJ10 tháng trước

    lmao why is melchior rapping the first line of all that's known

  44. Blurrycake

    Blurrycake9 tháng trước

    Because it's ~*EdGy*~

  45. Michael Griswold

    Michael Griswold10 tháng trước

    I feel it is the show trying to show how that character grew from automatically trying to rap like he during the prep rally and turn it into a song instead of a rap

  46. Alex S.

    Alex S.10 tháng trước

    :-/ I liked some parts but not others

  47. erin_PXC19

    erin_PXC1910 tháng trước

    Yes!!! More Spring Awakening songs!!

  48. Emmanuel Jair Cuaresma

    Emmanuel Jair Cuaresma10 tháng trước


  49. Jose Alonso Ramirez Salazar

    Jose Alonso Ramirez Salazar10 tháng trước

    Es una 💩💩💩💩 que aburridoooooo....

  50. Lindsey Z.

    Lindsey Z.9 tháng trước

    Jose Alonso Ramirez Salazar how do you find it boring? I hardly think it’s crap

  51. Emma Garay

    Emma Garay10 tháng trước

    queeeeeee , no se que decir estoy muy confundida

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    Franklin Lino Cholan10 tháng trước

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  59. Naomi Ogemah

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