S2E2: Splits


  1. Chibike Godspower

    Chibike Godspower6 giờ trước

    I really love this movie pls part 4



    ?? the twin bro gay right??

  3. Rembuluwani Nemutavhanani

    Rembuluwani NemutavhananiNgày trước

    I'm on premium but some episodes don't play. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

  4. Latasha Brown

    Latasha Brown2 ngày trước

    why is some of the scenes so cringy like oh my goodness i have to pause the video more than one time!

  5. Janayah Henderson

    Janayah Henderson2 ngày trước

    Is anybody else wondering where Janelle is? Aint she one of the main characters should we see at least 6 sec of her we don't even see her at all.

  6. Alexander Dujardin

    Alexander Dujardin2 ngày trước

    Poppy and Dondre noooooo

  7. Leeannin Grant

    Leeannin Grant2 ngày trước

    Love this show

  8. talia841951

    talia8419513 ngày trước

    Where can I watch episodes 4-10? I used to watch the first season on hdo.to VIreporter Premium is not even available in my country yet.

  9. shazzydays

    shazzydays3 ngày trước

    okay pls don't tell me i'm the only one who ships tal and zo

  10. Jamie Fortenberry

    Jamie Fortenberry3 ngày trước

    @stepupseries I wish had my own credit card please help me I'm feeling sad

  11. xt00._ JP

    xt00._ JP4 ngày trước

    Which song is 21:38 ??

  12. Amanda Xo

    Amanda Xo5 ngày trước

    Hi guys watched it free on a certain movie site...(dont want to say the name) its fairly popular just keep searching for it ! Both season 1 and 2. !❤

  13. Rihanna Jackson

    Rihanna Jackson5 ngày trước

    That guy was wrong talking to Tel like that

  14. Zhanon Morales

    Zhanon Morales5 ngày trước

    I love my gay people's. Yeeeeeesssss. Work it bitches!!! #3snaps.🕺🕺🕺👅👅👅👅

  15. Like The Fun

    Like The Fun6 ngày trước

    Se supone que es original de VIreporter, todos los capítulos también deberías verse aquí gratis no todos disponemos de VIreporter premuim

  16. E 3lite

    E 3lite6 ngày trước

    Dondre is on the DL

  17. Lyolkin Urusov

    Lyolkin Urusov6 ngày trước

    this show would be good if there was ALL dancing and choreography, with no drama, no shitty script, no bad cinematography and directing, no bad acting, no rapid camera angle changes....

  18. LisaMarie Tv

    LisaMarie Tv6 ngày trước

    I keep rewatching the end part when they dancing!!😂

  19. Davide Raccuglia

    Davide Raccuglia6 ngày trước

    What's the title of the song sang by Collette and Nine?

  20. taitu scott

    taitu scott7 ngày trước

    I know he didn't just eat those wings cold.

  21. Toni

    Toni7 ngày trước

    42:02 yo... sry but when she started singing I died she sounds like a high pitched Miranda sings😂😂

  22. Karendal Sadik

    Karendal Sadik8 ngày trước

    The Dancing is boring compared to the first season.

  23. temitope falohun

    temitope falohun8 ngày trước

    I know this a weird question but when they dance are does real sweat 😓 marks or na?

  24. Assoumani Said

    Assoumani Said8 ngày trước

    Sa ce cool

  25. Nusar Milbes

    Nusar Milbes8 ngày trước

    "I think your son got screwed sir." I died.

  26. Michiko Sharpe

    Michiko Sharpe9 ngày trước

    These dancers are way too talented for them to be making them all look whack while battling.

  27. Márcio Chateaubriand

    Márcio Chateaubriand9 ngày trước

    Sensacional...se continuar assim eu vou assinar. Melhor que NETFLIX, que se queimou no Brasil com aquela serie tosca mentindo sobre o ex-presidente Lula!

  28. Jackastromy YT

    Jackastromy YT10 ngày trước

    Anybody else feel like this show is just showing how gay people can be accepted and are actually cool even though homosexuals deserve to be beheaded

  29. jim jim

    jim jim10 ngày trước

    Nice try

  30. Miknuggets

    Miknuggets10 ngày trước

    16:22 YES

  31. jay lucas

    jay lucas10 ngày trước

    She thicker than a snicker 😚😚

  32. Seven Strats

    Seven Strats10 ngày trước

    Why is jade so hot I want her🥵

  33. Bolilas Alves

    Bolilas Alves10 ngày trước

    22:10 beat pls

  34. Roy_ 2222

    Roy_ 222210 ngày trước


  35. Mel Bsingh

    Mel Bsingh11 ngày trước

    Where is Janelle??

  36. Tamika Halls

    Tamika Halls11 ngày trước

    Davis was even hotter when I say him on that horror flim

  37. Tamika Halls

    Tamika Halls11 ngày trước

    Neyo was my high school crush

  38. Tamika Halls

    Tamika Halls11 ngày trước

    Zo look like the big lip boy in my school lol

  39. Lucky Olabisi

    Lucky Olabisi11 ngày trước

    Hi. Water 💏😝

  40. The Great Liberators

    The Great Liberators12 ngày trước

    i should smack tf outta her

  41. Trish Mugari

    Trish Mugari12 ngày trước

    Who else think that tal is handy😙😙😙

  42. Israe Badaoui

    Israe Badaoui12 ngày trước

    Jaaaaad ❤❤❤

  43. Philou Mars

    Philou Mars14 ngày trước

    They deserve an award for the Best Bad Taste of the year.

  44. suzana3661

    suzana366114 ngày trước

    Uhmmm tal won that battle idc what anybody says

  45. Juvelyn Bartolome

    Juvelyn Bartolome14 ngày trước

    ang gwapo tlga ni dondre

  46. papi chulo

    papi chulo14 ngày trước

    Love this show

  47. Brena Silva

    Brena Silva14 ngày trước

    Eu ainda vou consegui dança igual eles

  48. italkshyt14

    italkshyt1414 ngày trước

    42:32 had me dying 😂😂😂

  49. Isis Angel

    Isis Angel15 ngày trước

    Okay but where's Janelle ? She can do college laterrr. We need her back😭

  50. Surviving You Today

    Surviving You Today15 ngày trước

    Zo got that sex appeal.... get it Zo on tha dance flo!!!

  51. Nika Gomez

    Nika Gomez16 ngày trước

    Not being rude but the male team leader is acting like he is all that in a bag of potato chips because sage picked him

  52. Surviving You Today

    Surviving You Today16 ngày trước

    Love... the girl with the flower in her hair is so pretty... love that dance scene at the end!

  53. Emily Madden

    Emily Madden16 ngày trước

    not happy that they push their leftist agenda, and Jade just plays along with it. way to frame people more right of center as the bad guy as always. check yourself Jade.

  54. Five H

    Five H16 ngày trước

    Actually like Collete's take more than Nine's

  55. Robert Dixon

    Robert Dixon16 ngày trước

    IKYFL if you thought that Nine’s version was better than Collette’s.

  56. Robert Dixon

    Robert Dixon16 ngày trước

    White people smh! 😂

  57. Jay erica Taylor

    Jay erica Taylor16 ngày trước

    Absolutely love this show

  58. Sheneko Watson

    Sheneko Watson17 ngày trước

    zo didn't win that battle

  59. Malik Taylor

    Malik Taylor17 ngày trước

    Zo is a star

  60. Gonza LessWay

    Gonza LessWay17 ngày trước

    Blue Print is in it damn I didn’t see it coming

  61. genegeneish

    genegeneish18 ngày trước

    More black bullshit. WHY DONT YOU MOTHERFUCKERS GET A JOB.

  62. Jack Daniels-Son

    Jack Daniels-Son19 ngày trước

    The only reason Zo called Tal a mommas boy is because he got a man crush on Tal on the LOW, Youll see.

  63. Lexus Jacobs

    Lexus Jacobs19 ngày trước

    Damn I was really hoping Tal and Davis would go against each other since Tal replaced Davis on the tour. 😭

  64. Allante Hall

    Allante Hall19 ngày trước


  65. iKian11

    iKian1119 ngày trước

    what song is that? 36:43 when tal battles zo?

  66. Yasemin Ferizi

    Yasemin Ferizi19 ngày trước

    How called that song, when they went to the Dondre Party on 20.33 min ??

  67. Jack Daniels-Son

    Jack Daniels-Son20 ngày trước

    Do yall see how they dancing at the beginning. Them fools look like they remaking a science fiction movie or something. lol Dondre almost went beast mode while he was dancing, lol and almost put his back out in the process.

  68. DackRambo

    DackRambo20 ngày trước

    Effeminate gay guy in heels where's my eye roll emoji

  69. DackRambo

    DackRambo20 ngày trước

    For a show about dancing ..the dance battles were lame

  70. ollivier florence

    ollivier florence20 ngày trước

    Pk je ne peux pas voir les autres épisode ? Autrement j'adore

  71. Lauren M.

    Lauren M.21 ngày trước

    Can I just talk about how sexy Marcus Mitchell aka Dondre is. I was always a sucker for a guy who could dance. There was always something so confident and effortless about it.

  72. Anyone

    Anyone21 ngày trước

    Collettes voice was way better and more natural then that other girls voice.

  73. Elianise Pierre

    Elianise Pierre21 ngày trước

    21:33 that's how you know that Colette wanted to have you know what with Sage.

  74. Elianise Pierre

    Elianise Pierre21 ngày trước

    like, if you want to see dance battle: Rigo vs Zo.

  75. John Wolf

    John Wolf21 ngày trước

    Can't have a show without libtards crying over law breakers... The American Indian learned it the hard way...

  76. Fashion Addik

    Fashion Addik22 ngày trước

    Love Tal and Dondre’s friendship!! Dre is like the big brother/protector he’s never had ✊🏾

  77. Imani Chanel

    Imani Chanel22 ngày trước

    I fuckin love Tal!!

  78. Proton Dolphin

    Proton Dolphin23 ngày trước

    52:26 what was that love song at the end

  79. Boogie's Babies

    Boogie's Babies23 ngày trước


  80. Alice W

    Alice W23 ngày trước

    when's Janelle comin back

  81. Mãe e Filha Loucas

    Mãe e Filha Loucas23 ngày trước

    Oh vi IV vi IV vi oh vi IV vi UV vi UV e h vi

  82. Mãe e Filha Loucas

    Mãe e Filha Loucas23 ngày trước


  83. Yasmaine Meoww

    Yasmaine Meoww23 ngày trước

    I feel so bad for Collette. She is just being tossed around like a ball. I actually like her. She embarrassed herself tho when she took them underwear off LMAO

  84. Jay Stew

    Jay Stew23 ngày trước

    Poppy done got even thicker for season 2.

  85. Jonathan Cipriano

    Jonathan Cipriano23 ngày trước

    41:05 That was so good. I would listen to that, mature, sexy, perfect.

  86. ari be rad

    ari be rad23 ngày trước

    “you’re barking up the wroooong tree” 😂💀💀

  87. B cadet

    B cadet24 ngày trước

    I'm sorry so Ashley defends immigration and homelessness and Davis gets upset at her? I'm so confused. Yes she made him lie about tons of stuff but in the end she stood up for immigration, homelessness, Davis, and their relationship. Am I missing something, is Davis just being a lunatic, or was the only purpose of that scene to generate more drama for the show.

  88. Joydyne Walker

    Joydyne Walker24 ngày trước

    Brooo WHERE is Janelle?

  89. Victoria Trin

    Victoria Trin22 ngày trước


  90. Nurufx Productions

    Nurufx Productions24 ngày trước

    Anyone else mad about him deleting fortnite????

  91. Tyler Hunter

    Tyler Hunter24 ngày trước

    Collette was me in that moment when Sage chosed Nine vocals over hers

  92. Imaru Lewis

    Imaru Lewis24 ngày trước

    Ay that anime dance battle was lit.

  93. Sae E

    Sae E24 ngày trước

    So can a gay scene happen between Tal and Dondre already because.....?

  94. Lelynn Miller

    Lelynn Miller24 ngày trước

    ⭐💗 i luv this show❕ 😃👍 #TheBingeWatcher

  95. Zara

    Zara24 ngày trước

    How did Zo win?

  96. Chilly G

    Chilly G25 ngày trước

    My boi Tight Eyes was awesome!

  97. some body

    some body25 ngày trước

    The dance battles suck the dancing in general sucks 🌽

  98. chris spears

    chris spears25 ngày trước

    If anyone wants to know the song at 31:05 it's called rat-a-tat revenge by Rose Red. If you can't find it on here they have it on sound cloud

  99. XLRGraso

    XLRGraso25 ngày trước

    40:37 The auto tune is real

  100. Backup Crew Berlin

    Backup Crew Berlin25 ngày trước

    Big up and thanks for the Production and all workers that you give KRUMP the Opportunity to represent. I think not a lot people know..but this guy "TIGHT EYEZ" is the creator of KRUMP a Legend. Respect and thanks again!

  101. Chloe Cardoso

    Chloe Cardoso25 ngày trước

    We need a step up high water season 3!!!

  102. vmin is life

    vmin is life25 ngày trước

    “Sage” is actually worthless in this show and is using other people to build up success 😷🤦🏾‍♀️ this is depressing

  103. Arianna Twoshoes

    Arianna Twoshoes25 ngày trước

    Odalie fuels my hate for her with each new episode...