Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hands-on: Bigger, Better, and Even More Expensive


  1. Hunter Cole

    Hunter ColeTháng trước

    That hair hanging off the left side of his head is bothering me

  2. Ammar Phone

    Ammar PhoneTháng trước

    :Yesterday I had a problem with the game Asphalt9 I deleted the game and re-download it again please reply and thank you very much

  3. Melinated Greatness

    Melinated Greatness2 tháng trước

    No. Anything older than a Note 8 I would say yes.

  4. 6herrygrl

    6herrygrl2 tháng trước

    wahhhh this phone looks rlly niceeeeeeee :) i have a iphone 8 plus o whale

  5. علي بالهاشمي

    علي بالهاشمي2 tháng trước

    wooow 😍😍😥

  6. MAbduser

    MAbduser2 tháng trước

    Watching this on my Note 2 :)


    AKASH SOVIS2 tháng trước

    Bro Ur so creative! Keep it up!!!!!

  8. Robin Wesly J Silitonga

    Robin Wesly J Silitonga3 tháng trước

    Watching this on my samsung note 3 N9005.

  9. splesh Romance

    splesh Romance3 tháng trước

    C9 pro is best

  10. John Davis

    John Davis3 tháng trước

    Does it a have a headphone jack?

  11. Marvin Syrani

    Marvin Syrani3 tháng trước

    The beastly Note 9 is awesome. Went to a samsung show room to experience the new features, and I feel disgusted of why my iphone doesn't even have split window functionality or wide angle selfie.. sigh

  12. Sayantan Gain

    Sayantan Gain3 tháng trước

    Nice video

  13. Sayantan Gain

    Sayantan Gain3 tháng trước

    It's asome

  14. MisterKraky

    MisterKraky3 tháng trước

    I love the blue phone, but hate the yellow pen. If I get this phone, it'll be the lavender one.

  15. Malicious Asshole

    Malicious Asshole3 tháng trước

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks identical to the Samsung Galaxy S9, de ja vu what's new.

  16. mel johns

    mel johns3 tháng trước

    Not sure if it's enough to upgrade, but at the sametime... It very much is that's battery... Is enough to upgrade.... The note 8 battery.... Wooooow

  17. Fahad123 Zar

    Fahad123 Zar3 tháng trước

    Nice phone

  18. Keith Chai

    Keith Chai3 tháng trước

    Not everyone looking for a upgrade from the note 8. Some may be using a phone old enough and note 9 is definitely eye catching.

  19. J

    J3 tháng trước

    Yellow neon pen I think I'll stick to thanos purple

  20. amos tan

    amos tan3 tháng trước

    I dont know about other places, but in Malaysia the Note 9 (128GB) is selling at RM3699 (around $900) + a free galaxy gear sport on pre-order. Quite a deal if you ask me.

  21. CompsUniverse

    CompsUniverse3 tháng trước

    test that bomb 😂

  22. Usman Ladan

    Usman Ladan3 tháng trước

    It is a good upgrade from note 8 but it is too pricey.

  23. FORD FRS

    FORD FRS3 tháng trước

    David, we already know you hate the Note 9 already! You said so in Danny Winget's Note 9 react video, you don't like any of the Note's features or design & you complain that the Note 9 starts at $1000 for 128GB-512GB yet the Note was $1000 at full price.

  24. Clement Siby

    Clement Siby3 tháng trước

    That battery makes a huge difference!

  25. Sander Alphen

    Sander Alphen3 tháng trước

    4 collors...

  26. Peter amm

    Peter amm3 tháng trước

    Totally overpriced

  27. Aviation Gaming

    Aviation Gaming3 tháng trước

    I hope the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not explode like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did!

  28. ZeeC

    ZeeC3 tháng trước

    I hope it costs more than iPhone X 256GB. Premium price for premium phone.

  29. villavan kothai

    villavan kothai3 tháng trước

    A top notch phone without a top notch 😎

  30. yedija luhur

    yedija luhur3 tháng trước

    One other specs that manufacture tot mention is what kind of Internal memory they are use. How much the speed of the hardisk memory & RAM itself.. how much is the write time before memory getting degenerated as we know that SSD is not as durable as old HDD. thats why 128 internal storage and 128 external storage can make a huge impact in speed, bottlenecking everything. even the internal itself such as 128GB on samsung or 128GB on iphone might have different write and read speed, also the life expectancy itlself. Same case as Megapixel on Camera. But i think average consumer dont care, or dont know about this. Thats why sheer number is also important

  31. Maria Elena Cabrera

    Maria Elena Cabrera3 tháng trước

    Great video! Keep up the excellent work!

  32. David Imel

    David Imel3 tháng trước

    Maria Elena Cabrera Thanks a lot Maria! 🙏

  33. mark menezes

    mark menezes3 tháng trước

    The note 9 is a complete package of numbers

  34. Steve Wu

    Steve Wu3 tháng trước

    BUY NOTE 9 for $200. Just in time, my S8 got some damage ( back) and got tired of it..... wow, I traded it on the first day for $500 ( promotion credit from t-mobile ) and getting AKG headphone ( value $299). So the Note 9 is cost of $200 FOR (1) much better battery,(2) double speakers, (3) bigger display (4) s pen (5) two cameras (6) CPU and many improvement, not mention better finger scan location.... You tell me if I made a right upgrade.

  35. prn vang

    prn vang3 tháng trước

    I have the galaxy s9. There is nothing special about the Note 9, BUT that 4000mah battery is just so persuasive. With that size battery I'll no longer long for a replaceable battery. And those akg headphones!!! I'm sold!!!!

  36. chris yamaguchi

    chris yamaguchi3 tháng trước

    I need a terror bite for movies

  37. Kaori

    Kaori3 tháng trước

    Why Samsung fans shit on Apple fans for spending a $1000 on a phone when they’ll mostly do the same thing.

  38. Reckless Nino

    Reckless Nino3 tháng trước

    Not worth it. And half the people here won't even be able to afford this phone anyway

  39. JJ Escobar

    JJ Escobar3 tháng trước

    Brand new note 8s going for $519.99 on Ebay right now..I'm going for that(:

  40. Chris D

    Chris D3 tháng trước

    I wish they made the S Pen color red instead of yellow 😆

  41. Edwin G.

    Edwin G.3 tháng trước

    Chris D jist paint it or something

  42. Muinuneno

    Muinuneno3 tháng trước

    Very nice hands on video

  43. Garrett

    Garrett3 tháng trước

    from an s7 point of view, the note 9 would be a nice jump. the note 8 users are better off waiting another year to see what samsung pulls out since the note series is supposed to be done after the note 9.

  44. Samuel Dumas

    Samuel Dumas3 tháng trước

    This is the Note i've been waiting for.

  45. Nathan Bickel

    Nathan Bickel3 tháng trước

    Thats just too much for me too spend. I mean i get that the phone has all that storage and power but the price does seem a little ridiculous.

  46. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez3 tháng trước

    I need 1TB of storage in my life...

  47. Nashon Mwatumia

    Nashon Mwatumia3 tháng trước

    I get that it's you job to review this device, but having an opinion this early on concerning colour variations and the usability of the large storage offered should be left to the in-depth review. Please allow viewers to view the phone and judge for themselves before you offer your partial opinions.

  48. Elmo Peeping

    Elmo Peeping3 tháng trước

    This dude looks like asian Orlando Bloom. Lol

  49. David Imel

    David Imel3 tháng trước

    Elmo Peeping Weirdly I've gotten this before haha

  50. Ruthless Tyrant

    Ruthless Tyrant3 tháng trước

    Time to get a note 8!

  51. INF1-NITE

    INF1-NITE3 tháng trước

    Cant wait to get this on my hands.

  52. Ajay Kumar

    Ajay Kumar3 tháng trước

    Best phone of 2018 ??

  53. Dave Vaidya

    Dave Vaidya3 tháng trước

    These latest and greatest phones are seriously overpowered...not complaining. Oh and there are differences between the note 8 and nine in terms of storage and obviously the RAM buff.. which make the big difference between the two phones. Not to mention the design layout of the phone which I'm sure is fits just as perfectly if not better than the note 8. We are literally approaching the era where smartphones might even surpass laptops in the next 15-20 years..maybe even less than that. Overall, any phone after 2016 are all really good with that premium price tag to match the quality. However, I can see how some people may not want to upgrade fro m the s9 because it also has the dual aperture of f1.5 and f2.4.

  54. Azuremizt

    Azuremizt3 tháng trước

    Just pre-ordered mine. Switched from iPhone to this monster. 😍

  55. King ShinoK

    King ShinoK3 tháng trước

    why do u reminds us of the explosing battery???

  56. Nick Dorsey

    Nick Dorsey3 tháng trước

    the only thing i wish this phone did was put both speakers front facing

  57. Justin -Sam

    Justin -Sam3 tháng trước

    Mighty note 9

  58. mena seven

    mena seven3 tháng trước

    Nice Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with huge memory and RAM, SD card slot and remote control pen.

  59. Arthur Vin

    Arthur Vin3 tháng trước

    No black color in US??? Sammy just lost 50% of customers.

  60. gerald quines

    gerald quines3 tháng trước


  61. - Keyleet

    - Keyleet3 tháng trước

    🤔Think I will be waiting for the S10 instead.

  62. Randolph Joubs

    Randolph Joubs3 tháng trước

    Do you rather have a phone with a headphone jack or micro sd support? Which one do you need the most?

  63. Mwai Kibaki

    Mwai Kibaki3 tháng trước

    Nice 4k

  64. Carlos Garzon

    Carlos Garzon3 tháng trước

    fortnite is terrible!

  65. David Jones

    David Jones3 tháng trước

    How long until reports of the Note 9 exploding?

  66. URirrelevant2Me UDntExist2Me

    URirrelevant2Me UDntExist2Me3 tháng trước

    For those holding on to note 8, trade in value for note 9 is only 400 dollars, imagine when it's two yrs old waiting on galaxy will be only 250 or 300. Be smarter than the phone you own. Would like to wait on note x, or whatever it becomes. Try the note 9 for a week, if I like keep it and send them note 8. Rather than hold on for the value to go down. S9 gives you 450 toward note 9. Goes to show old phone are worthless.

  67. bXtopu

    bXtopu3 tháng trước

    yes, very expensive, but worth it

  68. Alluri SAI KRISHNA

    Alluri SAI KRISHNA3 tháng trước

    That's not a big upgrade if you already have a note 8. But it's a good device is you want to but a new one

  69. Makeesha Šímqś0ñ

    Makeesha Šímqś0ñ3 tháng trước

    Great phone but might wait for the S10 not Note 10 I can't wait that long.

  70. Sagar Nandi

    Sagar Nandi3 tháng trước

    Stereo speaker is new to the note line up

  71. smartAL912

    smartAL9123 tháng trước

    Why do you downplay the convenience of having an extreme amount of storage on the phone? Its there and the whole point is to not worry about ever running out of space again. Who cares if you "dont need it" at least its there, at least Samsung made it available. Also when did Samsung say the battery will last couple days? I watched the event it was clear for 1 whole day of use, unless you mean for light and medium usage.

  72. Jack Media

    Jack Media3 tháng trước

    It's silly to question why people would need 1TB storage.

  73. KJ M

    KJ M3 tháng trước

    i like how they add these fine lines at the back panel which is visible only in extreme close ups.

  74. vegangsta

    vegangsta3 tháng trước

    Why does everyone keep saying that name it's pink. We have had this for years since apple called there colour rose gold it was pink. This is about marketing the phone to women. Women love pink and by making the other phone blue for men it's Ying and yang. It's a great way of disguising the marketing to women. In the past women.and even possibly now women don't like big phones. Yet by making it feature rich and pink you will find that they can capture a bigger audience hahha lilac purple what kinda of colour is that

  75. Brian Hochhalter

    Brian Hochhalter3 tháng trước

    Don't care who makes the phone, none are worth $1,000.

  76. Marc Just Cons

    Marc Just Cons3 tháng trước

    Meanwhile, I only got the Note FE just yesterday. #ZeroBudgetMan

  77. Gazi Rayhan

    Gazi Rayhan3 tháng trước

    I find it ugly The bezel looks huge and the phone is thick. No updates is a bummer. I am thinking this year to get iphone or google pixel What is important to me is that a phone has a reliable camera.. ldac.. regular updates and great for phone calls. My s8+ sometimes makes me feel like i am smaller than my phone cause most of the time people can't hear me because of it being a giant phone

  78. Iván Bastías

    Iván Bastías3 tháng trước

    Is it just me or someone else miss the speakers item? I mean don't it have AKG stereo tunned speakers?

  79. Chang Ken

    Chang Ken3 tháng trước

    why is there a hair sticking out from your right ear? lol

  80. Isaac Newton

    Isaac Newton3 tháng trước

    hands-on without the phone. Pathetic...

  81. Tazzifa Afizzat

    Tazzifa Afizzat3 tháng trước

    Due to currency exchange rate drop, note 9 is a lot cheaper than note 8 😂

  82. Abdul Rehman8bp

    Abdul Rehman8bp3 tháng trước

    Josh sound to me more energetic than any other presenters :P

  83. marTin Tapia

    marTin Tapia3 tháng trước

    You think the S-pen is now better built than the stylus from Note 5 or Note 8 which are 90% identical? I know the stylus is now blue tooth, but I find my Note 8 stylus WAY TOO LIGHT weight. Thanks

  84. Chavali

    Chavali3 tháng trước

    had Samsung gone with a slightly aggressive pricing considering the poor sales of s9 series and also the note 9 itself is an incremental update over note 8, then it would have better chances to do good business, but with the current pricing, I think it finds its self only in few pockets..Also, we can likely see a price drop of this phone in near future. But that said, there is nor there will be any other phone like the galaxy note... will always be a fan of the note series.

  85. rynomuncher

    rynomuncher3 tháng trước

    I really like the flatter sides! Reminds me of the Note5 which was my favourite note to hold

  86. David Imel

    David Imel3 tháng trước

    rynomuncher Agreed! It's a lot easier to hold for sure.

  87. Mark Evan Delos Reyes

    Mark Evan Delos Reyes3 tháng trước

    Ive just notice The "NOTE" is pertaining the camera just look at the word its rectangular And the "S" forming a vertical rectangle camera on the S9

  88. Jaysann22

    Jaysann223 tháng trước

    Ughhh.... You guys fuqd up letting Josh go.... :/

  89. Chandan 20

    Chandan 203 tháng trước

    Am I the only one who misread as Explosive instead of Expensive?

  90. Aniel Sardjoe

    Aniel Sardjoe3 tháng trước

    How about the international version what kind of exynos processor has it ???

  91. Abxxdy Blox

    Abxxdy Blox3 tháng trước

    In my opition Note 9 sucks at look but it has better camara 3rd places

  92. Eric Lee

    Eric Lee3 tháng trước

    They had me until $999

  93. debendra gurung

    debendra gurung3 tháng trước

    this S pen is revoluonary.

  94. Surface Pro

    Surface Pro3 tháng trước

    note9 very strong phone 💪😘

  95. Abbas rezayee

    Abbas rezayee3 tháng trước

    In battery life and the s pen yeah it has a major upgrade but in camera or speakers not really

  96. Avinash Singh

    Avinash Singh3 tháng trước

    I think I'll stick with my note 8. I don't see it as worth it to upgrade.

  97. Sam

    Sam3 tháng trước

    Using note 8 happily, I do like the idea of getting more functionality with the s pen but extra storage and battery bump isn't enough for me to upgrade. Maybe samsung can bring some software update to bring more s pen features to note 8.

  98. Justin Z

    Justin Z3 tháng trước

    I'll pass,still liking my A530F

  99. Telering Dataspesialisten

    Telering Dataspesialisten3 tháng trước

    Should just gone with Note over 9000!!!

  100. drzefkovitsh

    drzefkovitsh3 tháng trước

    Yeah, click S-Pen button twice to change camera mode to selfie... but, don't you hold your phone to make the selfie? Isn't it much easier to tap the selfie mode on the screen with your finger? haha

  101. Norberto Castro

    Norberto Castro3 tháng trước

    The coolest thing about this phone is the s pen.. the rest is just more of the same..

  102. Arief Yunanda

    Arief Yunanda3 tháng trước

    It's boring

  103. Azzwang Ko

    Azzwang Ko3 tháng trước

    This is a new guy! Hahaha I love him.

  104. 6027

    60273 tháng trước

    I'll be patient and wait for Note X