Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Top 10 Hidden Features (20 Tips & Tricks Part 1) - YouTube Tech Guy


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    Thank you very much you helped a lot 👍👍👍

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    Watching on my note 9 straight out of Jamaica.

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    Do you know if there is a way to put recent apps in list mode after the recent update?

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    Watching with my note 9 picked it up yesterday by far the best phone ever so many settings and changes you can make beautiful phone great video

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    *#0*# opens menus to reset pixels and test spen and other things

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    This was great video !!! Thank you so much.

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    What screen protector do you use and/or recommend? I've had a really hard time finding a glass cover that stays on and actually protects

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    This made me appreciate my note 9 a bunch more

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    This video makes me like the Note 9 even more, definitely getting one when I've saved up enough money to purchase one online.

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    Might as well grab the note 10 in August

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    so how do you get a samsung account ?and I dont have a video apk .

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    They don't have Text message Background?

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    Unfortunately some of these are no longer available because of AT&T's recent update. One such issue is the "Recent Apps" option... the one that's on here now SUCKS, and there no customizing it. They even moved the clock from the right side to the left side! I've only had Galaxy phones since the Note 1, and I am constantly trying to find the time in the upper right corner still. Gggrrrrrrrrrr!! They took a lot away, changed lots of stuff that was always so reliable, etc., so now it's like I just bought a different phone, and I'm having to learn everything over again. They are apparently trying to be just like Apple, which of course is a TERRIBLE DECISION!!

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    I have t-mobile and received the same bad update so it must be Samsung that decided to remove the recent apps feature

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    Why are so you pro-samsung? Google's own apps much better always.

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    Thank you for all the helpful tips! Is there a way to make S Note the default program instead of Samsung Notes? I miss being able to write notes quickly when the screen is off but I've stopped because I hate using Samsung Notes and I can't figure out how to change the default app!

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    I like that case

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    What note 9 are u using, mine doesn't have the change recent apps to list view.

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    Samsung Notes and Samsung s note is badly let down because there is no PC desktop or chrome version so you cannot synch up Samsung notes or S-Note to PC you make on these other devices. Google Keep and Nimbus notes and many others are far ahead. I have no Idea why Samsung will not put a chrome app in the chrome store for Samsung Notes. This madness drives me crazy when Samsung have such a winner but are such losers with the basics. Its astonishing. There is no way to make suggestions to Samsung and support just apologise as that is all they can do. How can they be so clever and so silly in the same device

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    Every trick was introduced with aLrIgHt GuYs, sO tHiS fEaTuRe Is My FaVoUrItE

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    Thanx. Just got my note 9 , but watched the first 2 trick and killed the video. No1 , 2x bluetooth devices, it's old. Not a Note feature. No2.Share large files? You did not send the files , you sent a link only....

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    And he used Samsung as the host. Who knows what they'll do to your files..

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    what if someone pinches the phone and it has the pen inside it and youve set up pen unlock. surely the thief is now laughing his head off

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    Can ya double tap the screen to wake the phone up

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    I got my pie, now I don't have list view on my previous apps screen, do you know what to do?

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    Awesome, to the point and useful vid! Thank you 😎👍 LOL! I only knew one feature, the "screenshot; go to website" feature (granted I only got my Note 9 two days ago). That's not exclusive to the Note 9 though. I've used it on my Note 8 and I think my S8+. But still, I'm sure people aren't aware of it 😊

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    Dope video thanks for the tips, I knew there where some things I was missing. P.S. that yellow pen is 🔥mine is just black.

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    on my note 9 i updated to OS pie and now i regret it. even though i was having issue before updating with samsung theme i would like to downgrade to OS oreo. i hate how everything is changed and worsened in pie. but i don't know how to do that without losing my stuff that's already installed. can anyone tell me how it's done?

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    No1 hidden feature , the setting your trying to find. It’s the same with all Samsung’s nothing is where it should be and it’s infuriating

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    Love the ikea photo in the background 😂😂

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    What phone case is that?

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    Simply learning Bout dual bluetooth is worth the thumbs up! Great video - thank yoi!!

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    Worthy of a subscription

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    Thank you, i just got the phone and you're helping it allot. Keep up the great work.

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    Mine is coming today :-) Finally gave in and ordered it :-)

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    How can I switch to list view on Pie?

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    When I bought my first iPhone 3GS I said I'd be team iPhone forever. After spending an hour with this phone due to some unfortunate circumstances, apple can suck my big hairy ballsack.

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    @theyoutubetechguy what case do you have?

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    How is that hidden?

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    I did not know you could do dual audio blutooth

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    Can I ask you some questions?

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    Where did u buy the case?

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    Can't find those settings in my camera, or option to change background app look to thumbnail. Is this because of the pie update?

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    link sharing stil decreases qaulity sum am i doing something wrong?

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    I didnt know all 10 gave you a 👍. Did you know that keyboard predictive txt shortcut feature is an old BlackBerry keyboard feature?

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    Hi, in the video size i dont see all the sizes as in your video! do you know why?

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    Just purchased the 512gb 8gb Ram version after owning iphones for last 7 years. What a Beautiful phone. Don't think I'll be going back to apple.

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    +Wild_ Rush123 insane aye! To think my ipod nano had only 1gb 10 years ago 🤣🤣

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    damn 512gb? if you add a 512gb memory card that bad boy can go up to I terabyte of storage which is currently the largest storage possibility (i think)


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    I use the s-pen to scratch my back 👍

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    Phone just updated and now It doesn't have list view on recent apps. Why the hell would Samsung do this?!

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    I was looking for someone who was complaining about the same thing Samsung did us dirty

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    Dude ... Amazing! Thank you! I am now in love with my note 9.

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    I have had the Note 3, 7 (ugh!), 8 and now the 9. LOVE these phones! I learned more from this video in a short time than in most I have watched. Already subscribed. Thanks!

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    Thanks to you I'm fully enjoying my Note 9.

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    I had the Note 9, my friends said IPhone X was wayyyy better, so I switched... a week later I desperately sent the iPhone back and got my Note 9 again. I will never doubt Samsung ever again. I feel like they're heading in the right direction with the Note 9! It's becoming borderline the perfect phone. It can use some tweaks but that certainly aren't far from perfection!! Note 9 makes me feel like I'm actually getting my money's worth

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    SALAM,,i want to know that ? Is This MOBILE covEr is Available in pakistan or not ???

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    Today February 15/2019 is my first day with my G.Note 9 after years with iPhone... Hasta La vista Iphone. For sure Galaxy Note 9 the best phone ever,a lot things to discover.

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    How do you edit a video, taking out . Parts you don't want?

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    Awesome tips thank you. Weirdly I don't have the List View option like you do.

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    I just had an update on my phone and my "List View" went away, and I can't seem to get it back! :( I found it by mistake and LOVED it!!! Any help would be appreciated...

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    Getting the 512gb version on Monday. Can't wait, first Samsung since 6edge plus

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    Great video, thanks for the tricks and tips. I updated my note9 to pie, there is no such small option of recent apps in list view way. Can u help me out.?

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    Outstanding features we didn't know. I've S8+, do u recommend is it worth to upgrade with Note 9 ???? Kindly give your technical opinion plz .......

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    +Amir A Thank you for kind suggestion

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    Either get the s10+ or wait for note 10. Note 10 leaks show it wont have a camera hole

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    This phone is amazing until the recent UI one update, terrible! Somebody help me pls revert back to its previous OS. Gone is the sophisticated and ingenious look and feel, it used to be very intuitive. The recent update is hideous -- the bubble pop-ups and round edges layout of the icons, thumbnails and basically everything visual in it are not at all classy and stylish... it feels like a big head but has a pebble brain -- less and dull. It doesn't feel like a "smart" phone for a smart sphisticated person lol. The rounded edges look stupid, its a widescreen phone, maximize the space! Everything seem big but empty. The phone already has an easy mode option, if that was the idea!

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    I just watched a 2:34 long video on this phone, and what's funny is that the first tip in this video wasn't covered in the huge video! next video code: PwKHuD3TZRo


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    Lol i just switched from galaxy s7edge to galaxy note 9. I cant believe I ever had to deal with that phone. Cant wait to do these things🤣🤣🤣 lmao omg jk i love my past galaxy phones

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    Hi ,VIreporter Tech guy. I have a note 9 and looking for a battery Case for it. Any suggestions would be nice. Thank you.

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    Good video. I paused you and set up almost every feature you showed us. One question though. Where did you get that case? Looked online and didn't see it anywhere. It's pretty sick.

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    Android developer here. What you said about your apps may run all the time in the background at default setting is not exactly true. Google is behind this a while now. They already introduced doze mode way back in Android 6. It basically defers background work of apps to short time windows when you dont use your device. As you mentioned, Google made background apps even more restrictive in Android 9 with so called standby buckets. Nice video though.

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    I have one and it is the best phone I've had since the last BlackBerry I had with their RIM OS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED getting your hands on WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! I am utilizing all the tips and tricks I can find and no performance issues. Samsung got this one RIGHT! THANKS FOR ADDING MORE AMMO TO MY ARSENAL!!!!

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