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  1. Reynol Leal

    Reynol LealNgày trước

    How did you download Instagram? I keep trying put it says my device doesn't support the version!

  2. Antoinette Mccoy

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    How do you download songs to make a ringtone

  3. calutzubv

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    You call all this things "hidden" or "secret" ? Pffff...

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    Does anyone know how to disable the change of brightness between apps?

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    Brilliant!! Thank for for the very informative video. Job well done

  6. Kimberly Nobrega

    Kimberly Nobrega4 ngày trước

    So I cannot find the VIDEO icon on my Note 9 as you demonstrated in trick 2 of your video. Where can I find that?

  7. Albert Waltonsr.

    Albert Waltonsr.5 ngày trước

    Will the note 10 get A12 chip?

  8. Sam Swing

    Sam Swing6 ngày trước

    My only complaint about the Note 9 is the plethora of features and option is a bit overwhelming. I spend more time hunting through them than I do phoning. 🤔

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    Brilliant video!!!! Thank you! Why do people thumbs down this? I've not seen half this content anywhere else!

  10. Brent Rusche

    Brent Rusche6 ngày trước

    Thanks for showing me how to get SNote back! However, might you know where the files are kept for the Samsung Notes App? SNote creates a folder called “SnoteData” where the files are stored but can not find anything like that for Samsung Notes. Thanks, Brent

  11. Nicky Maguire

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    Nicky maguire, Bedwas huose don't touch phone FUCK, OFF, 📲

  12. DDilip Singh

    DDilip Singh6 ngày trước

    Hi VIreporter tech this was very interesting and informative thank you so much ..I wanted to know how to unblock proximity sensor it keeps popping up on my phone after the scratch guard of my note 9

  13. bassman686

    bassman6866 ngày trước

    I knew ALL of them... after I watched your video. 😏 But I only remember 3. 😁 I did, however, pause the video & immediately do the "always sleeping apps" thing. Thanks for the info. I'm a recent convert from apple to android, & this Note 9 is my first in the Note series. 6 days in & I love it so far.

  14. Qhadaffi Siran

    Qhadaffi Siran8 ngày trước

    Good video man

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    I'm getting my note 9 Friday and watching these videos makes me more okay with spending so much.

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    So happy to have found your channel! One of the very few who cuts to the chase without click bait or 25 min of talking about their grandmas uncles sisters husbands puppy

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    I love my note 9

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    Love the video feature info!

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    Watching from my n9 while surfing the web and responding to txt msg always been a android guy but this phone is amazing omg

  20. Bryan wessel

    Bryan wessel11 ngày trước

    Thanks man for this video... absolutely love my note 9 and some of the bad ass features it has...A+ for the note 9 :) not a Apple fan

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    Great tips!!!

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    I have the note 9 but a different color X3

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    Why there is no radio??

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    All of this is in the basic tutorial.

  25. K.I.S.S. Data Technologies

    K.I.S.S. Data Technologies14 ngày trước

    none of these features mentioned are hidden, they are all standard features on the note 9...

  26. Walter Hubicki

    Walter Hubicki14 ngày trước

    Thank you so much for telling us that S Note is back! That Rocks. I used it when it first came out. Then it just worse and worse till they eliminated it. I am so glad it is back!


    MUBARAK MOHAMMED15 ngày trước

    So cool I have note 9 But i didn't know about this future

  28. Kaven Al

    Kaven Al15 ngày trước

    Anyone else has the note 9 and uses it the same way as a s5 or even older. Call text fb.

  29. DunksforDayz

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    Watching this on my note 9 lol love the zoom to fill feature for VIreporter on this phone!

  30. Albert B

    Albert B15 ngày trước

    Great tips. Thx! Btw, care to share you're AOD image/video? Also what case is that? TIA

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    Watching this on my note 9 😘

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    Sharing links to a video file isn't same as sharing the file itself.

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    I knew them all

  34. Miss Lynne

    Miss Lynne18 ngày trước

    What case are you using in this video, please? Thanks for the video! Helpful tips!

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    Great video , very informative , new phone , love it !

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    Love it! Thanks so much! Can't wait for my Note 9 to arrive!

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    What phone case is that

  38. Jason Delos Reyes

    Jason Delos Reyes19 ngày trước

    How did you maximize your home screen button? Google assistant seemed so close to your status better.


    Gijs VLOTHUIZEN19 ngày trước

    What about DEX ?

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    Awesome tips!!! Thanks!

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    The list view is my favourite! Thank you 💕

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    Omg love the live video idea for lock screen but my phone doesn’t show me that option 😢😢😢

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    Anita Lavey19 ngày trước

    Thank you so much for the video. I subscribed, as I am new to Samsung, but LONG TIME Android user. I am very excited about these Note 9 features!! Love your professional delivery of information. Looking forward to more from your channel!!

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    Thank you for helping us all done well bro

  45. Reginald Marselus

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    I would be interested in a complete and full tutorial of everything you can do with a Note 9. I am sort of tech literate (not) and need all the help I can get. Please do a tutorial version for DUMMIES! Because I am one!!!

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    Thanks this Video is very helpful.

  47. Lunar Light

    Lunar Light21 ngày trước

    How do I screen shot with the Samsung Note 9?

  48. Joel A

    Joel ANgày trước

    Power button and volume down button, or do a sweep across the screen from left to right with the side of your hand.

  49. jessegrace1

    jessegrace119 ngày trước

    volume down button + lock button & BOOM goes the dynamite

  50. Zawaprz

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    ..... do u have live???

  51. Zawaprz

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    Link shearing is also feature of Google's Photos... nothing new... without loosing quality either... did you know that???...??

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    @RICKY awesome video bro....just got my note 9 and its a banger!! now more improved and personalised thanks to your video. Im keen to find out what camera you are using to film your videos when using the phone?

  53. William B

    William B22 ngày trước

    Great work. Finally someone who not only knows what they are talking about, but can present it in a very clear and concise manner. Well done. Now do you know how to get the lock screen video to play for more than 3 seconds.

  54. Sonofthunder

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    Can you share the fire lock screen video please?

  55. Rg Psd

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    my device doesnot support Mobile ic card. any idea to activate?

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    Does anyone know what case he has ?

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    Good video. Appreciated!

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    Why you steal RBs intro?

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    Does Samsung subscription cost money?

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    Can't find S Note app on Google store? Did they take it down?

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    After watching this (on my new Note 9 :) ) I don't see how anybody could ever want an iPhone.

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    You're using a cover and a screen protector. Oh, honey

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    Just upgraded from the note 5 and I'm trying to learn as many features of the 9 as I can. Thanks for the useful info definitely thumbed up

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    Top ten *20 TIPS AND TRICKS*

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    I heard apple went out of business becouse of these features lol

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    Thank you for the help!!! Do you have any tips to how i can use microsoft word on the phone making my files readable on computers?

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    I was so sad to lose s- notes! Thank you! Downloaded immediately!

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    Everytime to unlock phone by fingerprint It is required to press power button with my google nexus phone it never required me to press the extra push of power button. how to activate this on Note 9?

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    Wow! Thank you so much for this video! Just switched from the iphone to the Note 9 and there is so much to learn and this video was so simple for a complete Samsung noob like myself 😆 all I can say is, I'm so glad I got a Note 9! Such an amazing phone 😊

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