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    Thank you for the examples and information its now more than a 📲👍. Well they always have with the note . Once you've had a pen you never go back.

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    I love my note 9 . I love the the real time text . The fact I can be on the phone and write this the person I'm talking to who also has a note 9 . They can see what your writing and when you erase it same for the other person's phone when they are writing you or erasing it .

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    What kind of case is that?

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    I love 😍 my note 9

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    What Galaxy 9 case are you using?

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    I subscribed and gave a thumbs up. Where are the other ten secrets?

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    Where do u get your case ??


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    I Love My Note 9

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    best thing is pen really satisfy my hands

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    Thank u fir the tip

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    But they took away the front and back camera switch during recording videos 😡😡😡


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    Very Good Job😀😀

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    how do I get the Note 9 from popping up wifi available notification? The phone is always making noise and I feel that I have turned off everything.

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    what case do you have? Do you use a screen protector? Thanks. Great video.

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    I like the camera button on the pen I have the note 9 and I think it's better than any apple product

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    Watching on my note 9

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    Double shutter

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    I'd love to know why I can't contact to my cars bluetooth or my bluetooth device at work. My previous phones, note 8, S7, note 5 dont have this is.

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    Looking to buy this phone. Very helpful. Thanks.👍👍👍👋

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    How you get to scroll the apps going up and down instead of side to side? he do it at 8:20. anyone ? Thank you

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    Recently upgraded to SNote 9...Thank you, your video was so helpful.

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    I have this phone

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    How do u put a picture in ur text message background ....... I dont see the option nomore

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    What's the name of your ear buds

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    Thanks a million... Now I can get so much more out of my 9...

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    S Note is no longer available in google play...

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    Can spen hover and translate text from a scanned document like pdf or image ? Thanks. Can anyone tell me ?

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    GREAT VIDEO loved the walk me through it method very helpful for a non techie

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    Wow.. Note 9 is killing.

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    Great video! I just ordered my note 9 last night. I'm so excited but I seriously hate waiting on it in the mail! Lol. I'll have to re watch this when it comes because this was one hell of a good video. Everything you showed was something ive been trying to figure out myself. Thanks a lot. Thumbs up!

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    Samsung board meeting: Come on think people. What if we add a pen to our phone? NO... what if we put a pen in our phone? Why not right. That's a brilliant idea. Apple board meeting: Should we re-add the head-phone jack? No it wont fit. But there's all this roo SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMMY!!!!

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    Thank you tech guy for all the amazing videos, keep them coming please. I'm still trying to find the video I saw that certain settings can do screen mirroring like the iPhone. Was your channel? I can't remember it may have been another youtuber explaining G9N tricks & settings. ✌

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    Some phone carriers will let you get the Galaxy 9 Note & make payments on it. The G9 Note is expensive 1,000 buck a roo's. My phone carrier, gave me the option to make 32.99 a month payments for 2 years to pay off the phone, so they just add 32.99 to your monthly bill. Folks, ask your phone carrier, if they have that option to make payments cause not all of us are rich.

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    Just subscribed, as this just changed my life!

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    Thanks for the great video! I just got a note 9 after not using Samsung phones for years, I love it! This video helped so much!

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    what kind of case doe she have on it?

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    Great information! I used almost every one of them!

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    How do you change the background for test messages? Thx.

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    Thanks for the great video! When you are not doing the demo, your back drop is just awesome and minimalistic.

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    What exactly is hidden? What exactly is not widely known?

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    Getting my own soon

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    Very informative..

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    Learned a lot! The whole getting the S pen to unlock your phone though, is that not a security risk if your phone gets stolen?

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    +michael norton oh ok, thanks

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    supposed to only work if pen is already pulled out when phone locks

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    you skipped the custom symbols for the keyboard.... come on man.

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    Hi, I just want to know how can u do a screen recorder? I used to have that on my s7 edge but now that I upgraded to the N9, I just cant find it 😔

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    S Pen unlocking my phone is the worst feature from security point of view. If someone gets their hands on my phone I literally hand them over the key to unlock it

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    Just got my Note last week and didn't know half these features. Thanks man!!

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    As an *ARTIST* 🎨, this phone is an absolute GODSEND!! I love taking the S-Pen out and snapping a pic of my pencil work with the S-pen button before importing it into my beloved art app! 😍

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    What case do you have?

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    New Samsung Note user. Would have loved that it came with instructions. I paused a bit to change a few things! Thanks! Great video. New subscriber!! Love this phone!

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    Thanks I didn't know about the sleeping apps and also the cool features on the samsung keyboard! Love it

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    Can i have a black note 9

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    Where you bought the case bro?


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    What kind of case was that in?

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    I'm really excited about the 15 sec video on the lockscreen. So awesome!

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    I have question in the beginning of your video your home screen how do you get that specific weather tab

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    Great video! Do you know why Spotify automatically plays when I get a missed call or after my morning alarm rangs? I set up different ring tones for those. Thanks!

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    But if you can open it with just the pen... so can a thief!

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    Believe me I had Samsung dous the small 10 years old mobile.. I just got my note 9 last week.. m feeling difficult to handle this new device but m loving it..cheers

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    I went to a iPhone 6 to a galaxy note 9 I like the note 9 more!!

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    Very nice review !) Can you tell what the case do you use?Thanks :)

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    Problem with sending large texts with a Samsung account is that it only works if I’m sending the file. When someone with an iPhone sends me a video it’s still super blurry

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    ur videos deserves more than one thumbs up! I love how u found things out the note 9

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    the double tap switch app, I thought that was neat.

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    Unlocking the phone with the S Pen is actually simpler. As long as you have the pen out, you just need to click the button on the S Pen while the screen is off and it will perform a full unlock of your phone. Nothing extra needed. It's one of my favourite features.

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    I just got my note 9 like 3 days ago and I'm over the hills with it😍😍😍 I love love the phone so many different things you can do on it..... I've only had Samsung once and it was the 6 or 7 I think other then that I went with LG that was the phone I had before the LG V20 very big upgrade to note 9 if you ask me lol

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    While saving up for the note 9, I decided to see what settings I could pull off on my s8, and simply, wow, thanks for showing us this. The s8 can also shoot video at 60fps and I had no clue.

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    Thank you, new to Samsung, I found your tips very informative and implemented most of them.

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    Tagalog are you okay = okay ka lang Yes im okay =oo okay lang ako Book=libro,aklat Library=silid aklatan Like for more tagalog Speach this to people that are english see what they react

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    You can also use the S-pen as a shank

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    I love the tips, but one thing I'd like to know: how did you get your google search bar so close to the top of the home screen? Mine always stops a couple centimeters short of the top of the screen, but yours looks nice and flush.

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