Samsung Galaxy S10 - 10 MIND BLOWING Upcoming Features!


  1. Sheh zar

    Sheh zar18 giờ trước

    They are making a Beast, RIP Apple does anyone knows what would be the expected price.

  2. Zarrar The Legendary

    Zarrar The Legendary20 giờ trước

    You didn't mention the foldable display feature

  3. David Brody

    David BrodyNgày trước

    The Galaxy Note 9 is better than sex!!!

  4. Betty Hogan

    Betty HoganNgày trước

    Bull the lg v 40 thinq has 5 cameras all the same as this phone

  5. joseph gabrillo

    joseph gabrilloNgày trước

    Isn't Huawei already have Optical camera???

  6. Fernando Mendoza

    Fernando MendozaNgày trước

    5g speed

  7. G G man

    G G man2 ngày trước

    Apple has the iTunes in me right in the kisser , while my grow up side the multitasking is a must and longer battery life in bed I might have to cheat on the both of them and have them both in the same case make a case that can carry both !!!! Learn to use use both hands for the job !!!!

  8. dreezy loran

    dreezy loran2 ngày trước

    Okay so is it a man talking or a computer with a man's voice??

  9. don taylor

    don taylor2 ngày trước

    Nope I'm not falling into this trap. I'm keeping my note 9 waiting on note 10. It's gonna b way better.

  10. Dawa Sherpa

    Dawa Sherpa3 ngày trước

    Samsung Galaxy S10 my dream phone. But I don't have money buying this phone

  11. Apple Betty

    Apple Betty3 ngày trước

    No phone jack, bummer. I like my wires.


    THE KING JOKER3 ngày trước

    Galaxy S 1.0 Galaxy SX Galaxy X

  13. lowdownbrown2002

    lowdownbrown20023 ngày trước

    Uuuuuuuu. LG V40 !!! 5 camera 📷 Daaaaa head in a hole

  14. Rona Mae Sude

    Rona Mae Sude4 ngày trước

    Just waiting on Samsung Z100 that can fight zombies LOL!

  15. stevae wei

    stevae wei4 ngày trước

    I'm most excited about the new graphene battery, which you didn't mention, but have been leaked by reputable leakers. It charges in 12 minutes, and lasts much longer than Lithium ion. Is also much safer.

  16. BN7 funny moments

    BN7 funny moments5 ngày trước


  17. The Man From The Year 3095

    The Man From The Year 30955 ngày trước

    Cover these cams, all of them when your not using them. The government has spent alot of our money to put those towers up.

  18. m7tal -

    m7tal -6 ngày trước

    If anyone will say Apple is still better than u need help

  19. zhz143

    zhz1436 ngày trước

    In near future #SAMSUNG will launch a Compact DSLR camera with a SIM option.

  20. Freezy 420

    Freezy 4206 ngày trước

    Apple was talking shit on how big the galaxy phones are and now look at apple phones.. trying to be just as big as samsung.

  21. Mohammed

    Mohammed6 ngày trước

    Why glass back cover? Samsung S5 has a very nice back cover that doesn't get dirty due to fingerprints

  22. joebcfc

    joebcfc7 ngày trước

    they are not gonna put all that in a pjhone , they will add bits each year

  23. Misael A Mata

    Misael A Mata7 ngày trước

    Samsung is the best whether you like it or not!

  24. MrPal1994

    MrPal19947 ngày trước

    A phone with 5 cameras? That would be awesome! Wait? That's the LG V40! #lifesgood

  25. GFX

    GFX7 ngày trước


  26. GFX

    GFX7 ngày trước

    Hear nazl fortunate have a The Note 9 Maa A9 honer 10 lite p20 Samson eggs she's a good elope s7edeeg

  27. Pan Centros

    Pan Centros7 ngày trước

    It's funny, most new features of galaxy S10 are found in mate20 pro now and you don't have to wait.

  28. G-user A.

    G-user A.8 ngày trước

    Yep I'd say better than a bag of apples. Lol

  29. Captain Pickle

    Captain Pickle8 ngày trước

    well, lets hope this comes out i bet this will get the same price as the iphone xs max (samsung galaxy x will be better than xs max and have more features for the same price)

  30. Captain Pickle

    Captain Pickle8 ngày trước

    with the samsung galaxy s10 i can finally blame my team mates if i lose a ranked match

  31. Allan Vincent Alcala

    Allan Vincent Alcala9 ngày trước

    And i'm here still using my samsung galaxy S5 -_-

  32. heiddi blö

    heiddi blö8 ngày trước

    Using a galaxy a3

  33. Manuel Antonio

    Manuel Antonio9 ngày trước

    So?Where is the improvement of batery performance(they gone continue put 3000 batery power to take long barely one day?) and nightvision cameras?Always the same faults?Shit batery and same cameras?4K display for what? in an 5 or 6 inch display.To take drain faster the rest of the 3000 batery shit?4K its for big screens. Samsung is full of shit and yes i use an s8 so i dont hate Galaxy series i only hope that Samsung correct the issencial stuf not put 4k shit display to drain more faster our batery with an stupid resolution in a little screen only to sell useless stuff to the noobs.

  34. Valkyrie_

    Valkyrie_9 ngày trước

    This mindblowing phone must have an even more mindblowing pricetag hu

  35. Dan s

    Dan s9 ngày trước


  36. Pinoy Bushmaster

    Pinoy Bushmaster10 ngày trước

    Im waiting for samsung universe s1. 50tera rom. 1tera ram. 100megapxil 6k nano oled. Lol

  37. Vladu Roset

    Vladu Roset10 ngày trước

    why do i think of donald trump while listening to your voice? 😂😂

  38. Hashu Guru Ji

    Hashu Guru Ji10 ngày trước

    Jo banda mobile se earning krna chahta hai, iss nmbr pe contact kry +923119128228

  39. KKD 11

    KKD 1110 ngày trước

    Is the screen scratch-proof or is there gonna be a screen protector available in the market?

  40. Sjaak Schulteis

    Sjaak Schulteis11 ngày trước

    Nice, but I am still happy with my Note 4

  41. Monty Baby

    Monty Baby11 ngày trước

    Samsung cheaper than Apple and more tech and versatility. I am new to Samsung having bought a s9 plus from everything Apple and I appreciate the change. I hope they don’t go like Apple and price gouge their loyal customers.

  42. Shibil Shan Hyder

    Shibil Shan Hyder11 ngày trước

    Its all about a notch.....

  43. Sidiq Nur Rosid

    Sidiq Nur Rosid12 ngày trước


  44. Photoman

    Photoman12 ngày trước

    They say its unbreakable on every new Samsung phone video. All phone screens break. STOP SELLING US LIES

  45. scampbell21

    scampbell2112 ngày trước

    I think if Samsung replaces the current glass screen, with plastic ( I don’t care how nice the plastic is) consumers are going to be upset. I know that I would. For what phones cost these days, id rather enter at my own risk with a glass screen.

  46. Mezzar Othmane

    Mezzar Othmane12 ngày trước


  47. Mike Crowther

    Mike Crowther12 ngày trước

    My mind was not blown.

  48. Gold Vulcan

    Gold Vulcan12 ngày trước

    Nice phone but if i cant open it and slap a 200 plus gb mini sd in it or a giant extended battery im stuck with holding on to my note 4....aaaagain.

  49. tode vole

    tode vole12 ngày trước

    plastic screen? hell no..I like the feel of note9 cool ass glass.. plus I don't really hammer on my phone that often..

  50. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith12 ngày trước

    Sort your voice out mate How annoying!

  51. Adie Brown

    Adie Brown12 ngày trước

    too good to be true.

  52. Ettiene Aswegen

    Ettiene Aswegen12 ngày trước

    S10 GO for it

  53. tpstuck guy!

    tpstuck guy!12 ngày trước

    0% that will be Unbreakable disp

  54. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia12 ngày trước

    Lmao all the iphone user comments

  55. FireAntzBlazing

    FireAntzBlazing12 ngày trước

    I love the s8 don't get the s9 wait until the s10 comes out. Then make your decision I'm wating for the the s10 plus to come out its definitely worth the wait

  56. abhishek kumar singh

    abhishek kumar singh12 ngày trước

    Gal Sexy 10 🔥

  57. Hardyx #roadtoagerestriction

    Hardyx #roadtoagerestriction13 ngày trước

    didn't mi mix 2 do the same with the display ? And this looks worse ,I like the chin more than the forehead , this... just looks wrong and bad ..

  58. Gerhard Gradnitzer

    Gerhard Gradnitzer13 ngày trước


  59. Omar Eshtiwi

    Omar Eshtiwi13 ngày trước

    waiting for it so badly,

  60. Bryan Park

    Bryan Park14 ngày trước

    this dude sound like donlad trump

  61. Vegan Life Change

    Vegan Life Change14 ngày trước

    What about the battery? My S8 battery is a nightmare lol Is there an expected release date?

  62. mavishill

    mavishill15 ngày trước

    I love my Samsung Note 8!

  63. Hưng Đạo Trần

    Hưng Đạo Trần15 ngày trước

    I want to buy it right away...

  64. William Vilaseca

    William Vilaseca15 ngày trước

    Samsung user here but wheres the improved support for social media apps like snapchat and instagram? Team up with google and make it work....

  65. چکور 4 تیتر

    چکور 4 تیتر15 ngày trước

    Are u PAkistani ?

  66. Alexfirestone1

    Alexfirestone116 ngày trước

    Made in Israhell lol, does that mean isis will get it first?

  67. Dark Hero

    Dark Hero12 ngày trước

    I hope samsung stop dealing with Israel companies otherwise no buy from my side

  68. Dre nation vevo

    Dre nation vevo16 ngày trước


  69. Dre nation vevo

    Dre nation vevo16 ngày trước

    Can't wait,Like if it's out LOL,Comment what it's like LOLZZ

  70. Sergej

    Sergej16 ngày trước

    S9/+/Note looks better

  71. Chee hwee Ong

    Chee hwee Ong16 ngày trước

    Wow cant wait for s 10 maybe note 10 !,

  72. Chicago KJV

    Chicago KJV15 ngày trước

    Waiting with my Note 4 for the Note 10.

  73. Dan Olson

    Dan Olson16 ngày trước

    "Things does get a little bit pixelated." (3:50) Things DOES get.....? Seriously?

  74. Cvijetko Sitetalk

    Cvijetko Sitetalk16 ngày trước

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  75. Cvijetko Sitetalk

    Cvijetko Sitetalk16 ngày trước

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  77. Namdev Lohar

    Namdev Lohar17 ngày trước

    It’s going to be innovative

  78. Victor Valadez

    Victor Valadez17 ngày trước

    Lol and I'm watching this on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ 👌

  79. Sosambath Mean

    Sosambath Mean17 ngày trước

    maybe i can't live till s1000 so i'll buy s10

  80. Andrew Frederick

    Andrew Frederick18 ngày trước

    5g capability? the United States STILL does not have true 4G.

  81. Robert Adámek

    Robert Adámek18 ngày trước

    The iPhone Killer

  82. nepalm13death

    nepalm13death18 ngày trước

    cant wait for the 5G microwave the brain!!!!!!! agenda 21 is in full flow ...wake up the brainless

  83. Chicago KJV

    Chicago KJV15 ngày trước

    They're not going to wake up. Land of the intoxicated home of the enslaved.

  84. Mark Ferrell

    Mark Ferrell19 ngày trước

    Maybe it's time to make the iPhone switch, I've been an Apple fan boy from day one but with the newest iPhone out there really nothing new or upgraded except for the $1,100.00 price tag. Going keep my eye open for this one to come out

  85. Luna Darkheart

    Luna Darkheart19 ngày trước

    How much memory will the s10+ i have though?

  86. Goran Ninkovic

    Goran Ninkovic19 ngày trước

    Stop yelling. You sound obnoxious.

  87. Kevin West

    Kevin West19 ngày trước

    I've just watched 4 videos, all claiming to be "OFFICIAL" yet all different. If you don't have an S10 in your hand, DONT MAKE A VIDEO.

  88. Swastik Swarup Das

    Swastik Swarup Das20 ngày trước

    Camera under the screen

  89. Michael Sko

    Michael Sko20 ngày trước

    KANTANKA phones will beat them all,Wait and see

  90. calyphq

    calyphq20 ngày trước

    Israel involved in the 3d face recog chip. Buying this samsung like killing gazan ppl, hence, we boycott.

  91. calyphq

    calyphq2 ngày trước

    Dark Hero spread the words

  92. Dark Hero

    Dark Hero12 ngày trước

    Sure not gonna buy it if childern kill Israel involved in it.

  93. AR Qazi

    AR Qazi21 ngày trước

    Things DOES get a little pixelated? Things DO get a little .... Check grammar

  94. Kavita Domadiya

    Kavita Domadiya21 ngày trước

    I will be the first buyer😊😊

  95. Stewart Harvey-Wilson

    Stewart Harvey-Wilson21 ngày trước

    Peace in!

  96. NWTexas Veggies

    NWTexas Veggies21 ngày trước

    If the plastic display is anything like gorilla glass, it will bomb badly... I'll never buy a phone with gorilla glass again!

  97. tebina

    tebina21 ngày trước

    what's up with the cringy ass apple comments

  98. Pray Zi

    Pray Zi21 ngày trước

    all these smartphones are more o less the same,the only thing iwanna hear is a phone b3 that actually last....when are we getting that

  99. Kiril Jerigin

    Kiril Jerigin21 ngày trước

    10, then 11, then 12, then 13, then 14, then 15, then 16, 17, 18, 19 ,20, 21, 22,23, 24, 25, 26... And I decided to stop on the 26 (there will be 27, or some other named equivalent). The feel of it is the same as the first one. There is no difference at all. Things are getting faster and faster, and for what? For the SQUEEZE. We are being Squeezed. Squeezed, Fragmented, Studied, and USED.

  100. Marcos Mendez

    Marcos Mendez21 ngày trước

    Okay again I'm passing the video to comment this is ridiculous of Samsung actually this is like three different phones at Flagship prices most likely which is okay in Samsung not Apple but the 3 or so different you're going to have to make a video about each one because I already seen the only one I'm interested in and getting is the middle one cuz I don't want to phablet and I already see the ram is different the displays are different the batteries the cameras LOL the last thing left would be different brands hahaha bro like I said you're going to have to make a video about each one because they're different phones sincerely mr. Marcus lilac purple S9

  101. Marcos Mendez

    Marcos Mendez21 ngày trước

    I hated the Samsung keeps doing this I got the Lilac purple S9 because I did not want the S9 plus size I'm always putting it in and out of my pockets 5.8 in is perfect for me coming from an S7 but the S9 plus has an extra camera and more RAM what's up with that now I'm going to get a mid-range phone I feel when I'm getting an S10 just cuz I'm not getting the S10 Plus but I will get the S10 hopefully it will have 2 great cameras it's not about the money it's about the size supposedly there's 3 coming out so I'll probably get the one in the middle with the new curved display and get that new emerald green coming from the S9 in lilac purple International model sincerely mr. Marcus

  102. Gagan Yadav

    Gagan Yadav22 ngày trước

    Bro... A12 is 7nm and if we talk about android then Huawei mate P20 pro has Kirin 980 which is 7nm (launching 26 Oct,2018)

  103. - king-

    - king-22 ngày trước

    I am sorry but that looks ugly , better keep bottem bezel if ur having top bezel

  104. Siki Laui

    Siki Laui22 ngày trước

    i hope the S100+ can beam me back to the Stonera.

  105. zSolve

    zSolve22 ngày trước

    The 5 cameras are already a thing. Lg v40. Better specs then s9 note lol.

  106. Rodrigo Ramirez

    Rodrigo Ramirez22 ngày trước

    apple next year; 30% faster chip, 20min more battery life, slightly better display, slightly better camera, bigger phone, bigger notch, no lightning port, starting at $1,299 XI and $1,599 XI Max