Samsung Galaxy S10 - 10 MIND BLOWING Upcoming Features!


  1. Hafiz Apit

    Hafiz Apit7 ngày trước


  2. Springtrapfan88- Volgs,Unboxing, Gaming

    Springtrapfan88- Volgs,Unboxing, Gaming17 ngày trước

    Anybody from 2019

  3. Saurabh Sharma

    Saurabh Sharma18 ngày trước

    Samsung S10 lite is not justified with it's 📷 and fingerprint


    YUGAL SINGHAL19 ngày trước


  5. YoungRawTalent

    YoungRawTalent23 ngày trước

    This grrrrrreat but the Galaxy Note is doper

  6. YoBoi JC

    YoBoi JC24 ngày trước

    This phone is another level💯🔥🔥

  7. mUm gAe

    mUm gAe25 ngày trước

    Can’t wait for Apple to copy!

  8. G SAU

    G SAU26 ngày trước

    You'll *see* us?

  9. R1112

    R111226 ngày trước

    That's it. I'm logging onto you tube india & uploading a Samsung s10 review in a thick accent to ensure 95% people dont comprehend it...

  10. T2D Channel MY

    T2D Channel MY26 ngày trước

    Who's here after the event?

  11. oh yeah oh yeah

    oh yeah oh yeah26 ngày trước


  12. Tara Tackett

    Tara Tackett27 ngày trước

    It has not met me yet

  13. Teodor Vica

    Teodor Vica27 ngày trước

    Hello from the future

  14. Joey C

    Joey C27 ngày trước

    They should use a steel hammer on their phone tests.

  15. suri bomb

    suri bomb27 ngày trước

    There's something funny abt ur voice :/

  16. Ivy jangima

    Ivy jangima27 ngày trước

    Wow! The phone is great. Can't wait to see it


    CAD CAM TUTORIAL27 ngày trước

    Price seems like Apple line, does a mobile phone need 12 GB RAM??? memory like a laptop in pocket, Samsung screens always looks brighter and sharper than other brands, i like S10 design.

  18. water joe

    water joe27 ngày trước

    the most beautiful bomb i ve ever see , good job Samsung

  19. Mrs. G

    Mrs. G27 ngày trước

    I want 10plus

  20. Matthew Miller

    Matthew Miller27 ngày trước

    I bet they WOULD want the pregnant women to use the ultrasound feature on the daily, just what they want to happen.

  21. Ali Jan

    Ali Jan27 ngày trước

    You have been repidlly said that THE S10 will have new kind of notch. But now what's this?

  22. Mochiqueen

    Mochiqueen27 ngày trước

    5G????!!!!!!! Wow. I LOVE SAMSUNG!!!!!!

  23. Honor Thework

    Honor Thework28 ngày trước

    They should have mad a build in facetime that can connect to all the other phone with different companies. video calls can not go through most of the time because we do not have the same phones or same company.

  24. Astro Boy

    Astro Boy28 ngày trước

    You said "israil" Its israel*

  25. Teddy Maceda

    Teddy Maceda28 ngày trước

    I am still enjoying my S8plus ( but S10 is a beast)

  26. Tarren Miller

    Tarren Miller28 ngày trước

    I feel like the battery life is still gonna be okay like the s8 and s9

  27. Eric Cruz

    Eric Cruz28 ngày trước

    I got the I phone XR 😪

  28. Ceekay Schofield

    Ceekay Schofield28 ngày trước

    How come none of these mentions the fact it unfolds?

  29. Mary Cottrell

    Mary Cottrell28 ngày trước

    All of them I am excited for

  30. Mary Cottrell

    Mary Cottrell28 ngày trước

    I can’t wait to get my new Samsung galaxy s10 and start enjoying my my Samsung galaxy s10

  31. Aaron Hurt

    Aaron Hurt28 ngày trước

    Apparently 5G technology is unhealthy to the human body

  32. 3 months

    3 months28 ngày trước

    Samsung is so much better than apple

  33. Vong Taing

    Vong Taing28 ngày trước

    Samsung phones and IPhones are overrated

  34. Gary J Ferguson

    Gary J Ferguson29 ngày trước

    Lets all unite and keep these companies from stealing our money no phone should cost 1000 or even over 1000 i have the note 9 and it cost just about that and im telling you i love it but it wasn't worth what i paid so i say keep your phones unless they break and make a stand to these phone companies that we wont be ripped off anymore remember the day when we could go to the store and by a phone that only cost 24 dollars and come home hook it up and talk forever well now some people still have house phones because they use there brain so why dont all VIreporterrs think about this and end this nonsense you can buy a car for this much Samsung i love you but its getting ridiculous

  35. Reji Bae

    Reji Bae29 ngày trước


  36. Moinul Islam

    Moinul Islam29 ngày trước

    The "Vindow" is exciting !

  37. Chand bcn

    Chand bcn29 ngày trước

    Wich one is the best samsung 9+ O apple max ?

  38. Donna M Clarke

    Donna M Clarke29 ngày trước

    Want to 10+

  39. 王春雨

    王春雨Tháng trước


  40. Antoine Peterson

    Antoine PetersonTháng trước

    Its all about the price no matter what I hope Samsung can lower the price if they want to win.

  41. Anowar Hossain

    Anowar HossainTháng trước

    Apple Iphone always good....

  42. SOA O.

    SOA O.Tháng trước

    This phone will be a hit, a unbreakable screen? That sounds like the perfect phone no matter how expenssive it is, I AM GETTING THAT SHIT.

  43. Brightening Light

    Brightening LightTháng trước

    What if sim card tray broken??? Are these available in market as an accessory?

  44. Jade Taylor Marchant

    Jade Taylor MarchantTháng trước

    Everyone fighting over apple and Samsung while oppo has most of there features at half the price. But real tea iPhones are useing old technology..

  45. Douglas Alexander

    Douglas AlexanderTháng trước

    Love my Note 8. Never fails and more powerful than my laptop. I've checked out Apple and fail to see why anyone would buy one? Guess they are easier to use cause they cannot do 1-100th of what my Note 8 can do lol.

  46. TheDavinci314

    TheDavinci314Tháng trước

    What's a vindow?

  47. John Doe

    John DoeTháng trước

    Samsung giving 150 for galaxy 7 trade in. I am pursuing thid option

  48. Truth Defender

    Truth DefenderTháng trước

    Theres no need to use God name in this kind of video

  49. Orlando 1106

    Orlando 1106Tháng trước

    the iPhone is better.

  50. Michalia Heslop

    Michalia HeslopTháng trước

    U stupid rite

  51. Orlando 1106

    Orlando 1106Tháng trước

    Hhh Tttg yes it is

  52. Hhh Tttg

    Hhh TttgTháng trước


  53. lateralus46n2777

    lateralus46n2777Tháng trước

    Bring back the IR Blaster please

  54. Kumar Satyam

    Kumar SatyamTháng trước

    But Samsung has its own 5G modem.

  55. baba g

    baba gTháng trước

    i really like or love samsung S series great innovation great feature great battary also display beautifull

  56. kisson karki

    kisson karkiTháng trước

    Samsung is just copying Huawei

  57. Hhh Tttg

    Hhh TttgTháng trước

    No huawei copy samsung

  58. Charlene Antoine-Pitterson

    Charlene Antoine-PittersonTháng trước

    They make great phones however Samsung are future proofing themselves they know people are not going to go running out to buy their phones unless they are young or just want the latest greatest. Its far from economically and technologically sensible unless your needing a new phone because the old phone is broken.

  59. XxLoconsitoxX

    XxLoconsitoxXTháng trước

    His voice 😂😂🤣

  60. serega 1221

    serega 1221Tháng trước

    To much of the expectations. What would they offer for the Note series or next year models?

  61. hifaz

    hifazTháng trước

    Tf is this channel? Terrible :3

  62. Real Dine

    Real DineTháng trước

    😂😆😂😂 ohhhh isshhhhhh

  63. nise2020

    nise2020Tháng trước

    Don't like the idea of 5G

  64. the woman

    the womanTháng trước

    Watch it on my Xiaomi Mi A1 :D

  65. julian bearden

    julian beardenTháng trước

    Note 9 has only been out 6months....why do they release phones so quickly

  66. Indrakumar S

    Indrakumar STháng trước

    Samsung used to release "S" series in the 1st Qtr of every calendar year And Note Series in the last Qtr of the same year

  67. Dean Dyer

    Dean DyerTháng trước

    omg speak englisha please you did my head in listening to you grrrr

  68. Jungle Theme

    Jungle ThemeTháng trước

    an ad on the ad!!!!!!???? rah!!

  69. Boosom Busy

    Boosom BusyTháng trước

    Samsung is happiness all about one. love it simply.

  70. deborah yier

    deborah yierTháng trước

    Hi I Just

  71. deborah yier

    deborah yierTháng trước

    I Thank

  72. Willen Ducusin

    Willen DucusinTháng trước

    Is it just me, or does he sound like trump?

  73. PositiveEnergy

    PositiveEnergyTháng trước

    Anyone know the proposed sizing of them? (Particularly the smallest one)

  74. Shelby Story

    Shelby StoryTháng trước

    Dude your voice is so annoying i cant take another second of it im out!

  75. Narstar100

    Narstar100Tháng trước

    S9 waterproof phone.... Water error all the time... Never touched water... S10 unbreakable screen.... 🤔

  76. Lukong

    LukongTháng trước

    So they put 3 cams on back, but not a 2nd or 3rd SDcard Slot so you can expand your internal memory (ext4) and ram (Swap)

  77. Al Syn

    Al SynTháng trước

    every Samsung release is the biggest ever lol... 3 cameras I mean wow come on stop it 2 is enough because soon enough the whole phone is gonna be covered with cameras 5 10 20 30

  78. Fernando Moreno

    Fernando MorenoTháng trước

    Still waiting for my mind to be blown

  79. Wilson Obedencia

    Wilson ObedenciaTháng trước

    Xz4 will be the real game changer in 2019

  80. Jordi Mas

    Jordi MasTháng trước

    Corners look weird. Samsung should adapt his corner screen at the corner phone, so set the same corner radius. Apple does, and physically it looks better. (that's the only thing Apple makes well)

  81. Thành phan 46

    Thành phan 46Tháng trước

    Như con cá

  82. SeaJay Oceans

    SeaJay OceansTháng trước

    5G cancer in a box. No Thanks! I'll save the microwaving for my Popcorn !

  83. Andre Robinson

    Andre RobinsonTháng trước

  84. EUTube

    EUTubeTháng trước

    So Israel is in S10. End of entertainment.

  85. Brandon Botes

    Brandon BotesTháng trước

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro already has all these features 🤷‍♂️

  86. Dj Ferrer

    Dj FerrerTháng trước

    ok, so why is best buy selling galaxy s5 for $79? they should be totally free or maybe $10. GAlaxy s3 was still amazing cuz of it's rootable functions and putting your own os on it. its getting too compliocated with the camera use, so many options that you need an entire book to get to know these phones. what's great about iPhone is it's simple, very user friendly. I have the note 9 right now and I am barely using it because of all thse weird functions, just pure annoying.

  87. NewUnderTheSun

    NewUnderTheSunTháng trước

    An 8 minute and 20 second video that is 8 minutes too long.

  88. ltcolglennr

    ltcolglennrTháng trước

    Sign me up for the S10+


    RALPH ECCENTRICTháng trước

    anyone else just waiting for the note 10


    RALPH ECCENTRICTháng trước

    +Dorothy Juste launch event is on 20 Feb.... waiting to watch that to see the real thing and decide if its worth it or stores release dates are usualy given at the launch event

  91. Dorothy Juste

    Dorothy JusteTháng trước

    Does anyone know when the galaxy s10 coming out


    preachersofthecross.comTháng trước

    Go ahead waist your money NO 5G

  93. Mätä Matthias

    Mätä MatthiasTháng trước

    There will be a 5G s10 cost about 1500doller because of reasons

  94. Richard Cooper

    Richard CooperTháng trước

    Pretty soon there will be more cameras than apps on a phone

  95. Worawat Srisawasdi

    Worawat SrisawasdiTháng trước

    S9 sales were so bad. S10 sales will probably be worse.

  96. fatima a

    fatima aTháng trước

    Excited 💃💃

  97. Filip Oscarsson

    Filip OscarssonTháng trước

    Should I buy a samsung s9 or should I wait until the s10 release?

  98. Mohd Shahzli121

    Mohd Shahzli121Tháng trước

    Bad Movee For Samsung, Now apple gonna copy everything because they ran out of new ideas for their new phone, sad life for trillion dollar company

  99. Myrna Canotal Binektas

    Myrna Canotal BinektasTháng trước

    I'm still comfortable with my Samsung S7 edge but I have now Note 8 and I'm looking forward to have Note 10😍

  100. Cadam2019

    Cadam2019Tháng trước

    Why is everyone in the comments so much into this phone war bullshit???

  101. Robert_6- _

    Robert_6- _Tháng trước

    Hope there isnt no chin or bezels

  102. Ankush Narang

    Ankush NarangTháng trước

    Reality turns out to be = Increased pixels from 12 to 16 & RAM from 4 to 6. That's it .

  103. Ash Wilson

    Ash WilsonTháng trước

    Still not patient for the S10

  104. Clema Nana Konadu

    Clema Nana KonaduTháng trước

    Please my s8 was stolen this week, so if you will be reviewing S10, kindly send me one

  105. RC SkyGamer

    RC SkyGamerTháng trước

    wait for Note 10

  106. Sonny Wolf

    Sonny WolfTháng trước

    Stupid !! not symmetrical I want it like S9 symmetrical, same bezel top and bottom , bye bye Galaxy I'm aiming Oneplus 7. for now I order another Galaxy S5 from ebay . the best phone ever with many useful features.

  107. darko pašalić

    darko pašalićTháng trước

    why they made screen protectors if its unbreakble? stupid

  108. renee p

    renee pTháng trước

    So... no in-display hole for the camera? Awe...🙁

  109. Renee' Williams

    Renee' WilliamsTháng trước

    I was going to wait.....but I saw they had a purple one!!! I'm a DROID-head!! As soon as that baby boy drops for pre order I'm on it!!!!