Samsung Notes In-Depth Tutorial - Galaxy Note 8


  1. Tim Illguth

    Tim Illguth11 ngày trước

    How do you bring up the bullet point menu at will?!?!

  2. Shivam Kushwaha

    Shivam Kushwaha2 tháng trước

    Hindi me plz

  3. coldasicerock together man

    coldasicerock together man2 tháng trước

    Excellent video

  4. leatherneckoif

    leatherneckoif2 tháng trước

    You never explained the hyperlink inside the text. For example if I used six digits even with the space in between they would be hyperlink to my phone app, or when I use keywords such as tomorrow it will link to my calendar app. I would like to know how you turn that on and off as it is very annoying being on.

  5. wagama

    wagama3 tháng trước

    I can't find S-NOTE app in play store any more does it still exist?

  6. George Sotomayor

    George Sotomayor5 tháng trước

    Hey boss, so I have the note 9. I wrote screen off memo "Buy PT (pollo tropical) for grandma and me." When I went to check it, the words 'grandma and me' glowed for a few seconds. I exited out, went to the notes app to check again and it repeated it. Can you tell me why it did this?

  7. david lacey

    david lacey6 tháng trước

    My old note 3 and 4 had a lot more functions and uses than my note 8. I am disappointed in the way they have cut back on the function. And what happened to scrapbook. Something I used to love.

  8. Demian Volkov fan

    Demian Volkov fan7 tháng trước

    Ребят давайте будем лайкать этот каммент чтоб эти придурки подумали что знась написано чтото такое крутое!!!

  9. Paul Elzey

    Paul Elzey8 tháng trước

    Open Samsung Notes, write a phone number then save it. Reopen the note hover S-pen over the phone number and a call icon will appear!

  10. Suy

    Suy8 tháng trước

    Is there a way to change the background color?

  11. Federico Altolaguirre

    Federico Altolaguirre8 tháng trước

    If I write a note in pen mode with a given color, can I change the color of what I draw? I can't find an option for it

  12. Blake

    Blake9 tháng trước

    I watched this video specifically to figure out the select tool under the pen tool in Samsung note and he literally skipped it! Did every other feature but that! I can get the select tool to select stuff if I do smart select from the wheel, but not just under the pen tool in the note app. Anyone know how to use it?

  13. mAndro Hz

    mAndro Hz9 tháng trước

    hi is there any changes in noge 9 regarding samsung notes

  14. TheArchBishop

    TheArchBishop9 tháng trước

    This is so helpful. Can you do one for the Tab S4

  15. Yolanda Ngumbela

    Yolanda Ngumbela9 tháng trước

    How do you share that voice recording to a what's app contract from a j7 pro?

  16. Pete Minter

    Pete Minter9 tháng trước

    Nice tutorial Jimmy! There is something that I am wanting Samsung Notes to be able to do but I haven't found anywhere that talks about it, including this video. I want to password protect the Samsung Notes app itself. I don't want to lock each Note. That would be such a pain each time I want to view or edit a Note. I want to see the Samsung Notes icon, but it wont open until I enter a password. When the password is entered correctly, it will unlock the Note app so that ALL Notes are visible and editable. Is this possible?

  17. Jasdeep Singh

    Jasdeep Singh9 tháng trước

    Samsung Note - Improvements needed - 1. "List view"should be added giving only the title of the note. 2. Pages view was much better and easy to organise. As in S-note. 3. Ability to add multiple voice notes in one note is missing. 4. Text to speech feature is missing. 5. Text search in photos is missing. 6. Checklist - items checked should move automatically to the top of the list or to the bottom of the list. 7. Extract text from photos is missing. 8. Evernote sync - for back-up would be a great feature. 9. Organisation / layout : notebook - folder - notes

  18. Rozann Barber

    Rozann Barber10 tháng trước

    In your video you have 5 icons at the top of the page. My note 8 only has three so I was unable to do anything you just did. What I would like to know is how to get rid of a category name when you have deleted everything in the file

  19. Michael Schuler

    Michael Schuler10 tháng trước

    Thx for tutorial. Is it possible to specify that notes within a created category be sorted alphabetically rather than by time created/modified? Thx.

  20. NopRob4Rob

    NopRob4Rob10 tháng trước

    Do you like using the swipe feature on the keyboard? I use it on Gboard and find it a lot faster to type with, as I have just done for this comment :-)

  21. Phil PJ Davis

    Phil PJ Davis11 tháng trước

    Hi Jimmy! How do i turn my AOD hand written saved note into txt? Thanks!

  22. Gonzalo Lino

    Gonzalo Lino11 tháng trước

    Can you edit a pdf on a note 8? I mean, write over a pdf file...

  23. Kalpesh Manjarekar

    Kalpesh Manjarekar11 tháng trước

    Hi There My Dads Samsung Notes are deleted and they not synced can i get samsung notes back

  24. Angel Navarrete

    Angel NavarreteNăm trước

    I want to get a Note 8. Does anyone know if I can use the calculator and take notes at the same time. Like have half the screen for notes and the other for the calculator?

  25. Reyes Jaramillo

    Reyes JaramilloNăm trước

    Can I add emails to it?

  26. Milena Dantas

    Milena DantasNăm trước

    Fala português 😤

  27. codeko

    codeko3 tháng trước

    Se você quer entender isso, vai aprender englês sua ne educada

  28. H4CTOR

    H4CTORNăm trước

    You forgot to mention action memo and the ability to write notes from the lock screen. Still, great video.

  29. Mohamed Hasmin

    Mohamed HasminNăm trước

    How to crop and paste a picture on note 8 using S pen

  30. EWhoady

    EWhoadyNăm trước

    Wow, this video was a great instructional experience. New to Samsung from Apple and I love how you break down everything in JUST the note section. I hope you have other videos explaining all other areas of the s8 note and android experience. I subscribed and look forward to hopefully more videos. Thanks!

  31. Loretta Wynder

    Loretta WynderNăm trước

    Hi Jimmy, when I click create from the Samsung Note, I do not see the image or voice feature at the top of the screen. Is this a setting that I need to turn on?

  32. NopRob4Rob

    NopRob4Rob9 tháng trước

    Loretta Wynder when start a new note tap on picture with plus sign next to the capital 'T' symbol. This should bring up what you require. Also before starting a new note, when you open S Note tap on the menu button at the top right of the screen which look like three dots and tap on More Features to download extra things you can do on S Note. I hope this helps :-)

  33. kidsfun&Learn

    kidsfun&LearnNăm trước

    i prefer S Note is much better i used also for my videos from my channel :)

  34. Dennis Clark

    Dennis ClarkNăm trước

    Excellent training vide, and I did subscribe, thanks.



    How to change background

  36. farag

    faragNăm trước

    So from this video now i'm 100% sure that note 8 is not an appropriate device for taking notes.

  37. Nuram0

    Nuram0Năm trước

    often when i decide to use a smart device for taking notes or doing general office stuff I wonder if there are enough features to make it cross compatible. By that i mean can you for example export your written notes as pdf, and can you decide to make notes on something like the DIN A4 standard? This would be very handy :)

  38. Mai Vu Tan

    Mai Vu TanNăm trước

    What about formula match?

  39. Karlo Vicente Lao

    Karlo Vicente LaoNăm trước

    too much length and too little width wich makes the note 8 look like shit

  40. Hawaiian Cerveza

    Hawaiian CervezaNăm trước

    The Samsung note has changed a bit since this came out. Might wanna do another video.

  41. Hobikit

    HobikitNăm trước

    I was going to give a thumbs up if there was not the loud and needless introl!

  42. Scott Shelley

    Scott ShelleyNăm trước

    I don't see the voice command at the top when I open Samsung Notes. How do i get that?

  43. Patrick Perez

    Patrick PerezNăm trước

    same for me. Missing.

  44. Titi Dechdamrongwut

    Titi DechdamrongwutNăm trước

    Hey, can someone help me on how to lock Notes. I would like Notes to ask password before open any notes in any category. Please....

  45. SkankHunt 42

    SkankHunt 42Năm trước

    Hi, do you know why i can't access my images from my notes? Thanks

  46. Carrie Montoya

    Carrie MontoyaNăm trước

    Does anyone know if you can add a background image to a text note on Note 8 like you could on the Note 4?

  47. Robert Colosimo

    Robert ColosimoNăm trước

    Hmm...on your first task...I click the plus sign to add, and I do NOT get all those options you get.. the top of my screen only says: PEN, Erase, Text, Undo, Redo...THEN save and the 3 dots...What's up?

  48. anonymous 1

    anonymous 1Năm trước

    I don't have those options on the top like he does 🤔

  49. anonymous 1

    anonymous 1Năm trước

    Thank you!

  50. Carrie Montoya

    Carrie MontoyaNăm trước

    Infinity Girl Try hitting the paperclip icon - it has the"add image" and"add recording" options there.

  51. unclepeter69

    unclepeter69Năm trước

    Tmobile note 8 I don't have the voice icon. Can't find in settings to turn on. Can someone help

  52. Fiza T Mohd

    Fiza T MohdNăm trước

    How do I enable underline bold and change colour text in keyboard mode?

  53. wayhuynh

    wayhuynhNăm trước

    Jimmy, thanks for your helpful tips! one question, where are the extracted texts when saved?

  54. Emmy Perret

    Emmy PerretNăm trước

    I think he is talking about the Samsung notes?

  55. Jimmy is Promo

    Jimmy is PromoNăm trước

    +Emmy Perret true... I changed the title after the O.G. S Notes was released for download.

  56. عبدالله الحارثي

    عبدالله الحارثيNăm trước

    Great !!!

  57. Beyhive Member

    Beyhive MemberNăm trước

    I like the simplicity of your Snote in depth tutorial, well done. Best video by far hands down! 👐

  58. Machele Lupton

    Machele LuptonNăm trước

    I don't see where I can add a cover page, like I could on my Note 2 and 4. I don't like that you can see my handwriting when you open the app. Anyway around that?

  59. John Dreyer

    John DreyerNăm trước

    You must have a different version of this app than I do, because I cannot replicate some of the steps you made, like voice recording and converting handwriting to text. (Quicker, anyway, for me to simply go to my keyboard, click on the microphone, and do voice-to-text.)

  60. sussan cordero

    sussan corderoNăm trước

    hey...I went from the note 5 to the note the notes section of 5 I was able to add a page...I don't see that option on the you kno how to go about that...i didn't see it in your tutorial ...i did see it added automatically...I want to me able to do it on my own....thanks!

  61. JakeJoy Mulyk

    JakeJoy MulykNăm trước

    I have a new Note8 - the Samsung notes doesn't have the same options at the top - no 'images' or 'voice record' option appears.Do I need a different version?

  62. Mary Rangel

    Mary Rangel3 tháng trước

    +Maribel Nava Garcia thank you!

  63. Maribel Nava Garcia

    Maribel Nava Garcia4 tháng trước

    Hi there. When you select to create a new note, you must select the paper clip icon (attach item), you will be prompted to choose to attach an image or recording.

  64. platoman214

    platoman2146 tháng trước

    +MäntyKarhu And same problem here a year later.

  65. MäntyKarhu

    MäntyKarhuNăm trước

    JakeJoy Mulyk Same problem here.

  66. 2wheelinD

    2wheelinDNăm trước

    This is not an in-depth tutorial. How to move text around on the screen? Say if you deleted some text from the top of page and you wanted to move the other text further up toward the top. I did not see the icons on the top of the screen as you had. I did not see the mic in my icon list. How to turn on/off grid lines? There are a lot of things that can be done with the S-Note. Next time do a "In-Depth" tutorial. Not just a quick overview.

  67. soul of cinder

    soul of cinderNăm trước

    Hi 👋 I loved the note 8 but I have some questions about Samsung notes and the S pen Since I’m engineer student I relay need to take notes every time I mean a lot notes big notes drowning and designing electrical circuits However I wonder how is the accuracy of the S pen when it comes with writing some large notes and what the smallest possible size of the font I can write?!? If u make a video for this questions I will be very thankful ❤️

  68. keshealm

    keshealmNăm trước

    S note is way better

  69. keshealm

    keshealmNăm trước


  70. Katie Reads

    Katie ReadsNăm trước

    I know on s note you could download templates for it. Can you do it for Samsung note too?

  71. ismail samad

    ismail samadNăm trước

    I don't have a voice icon at the top of my screen so I can't record the way you say I can. How can I get it on there?

  72. Queenie

    QueenieNăm trước

    We can download S note from Galaxy AppStore there. But I think Samsung should figure out and add back S Note templates to Samsung Note

  73. Michelle Rivail

    Michelle RivailNăm trước

    can you see your notes online?

  74. sultan d

    sultan dNăm trước

    Hi I have note 3 and note 8 I observe that in note 8 the charts and tables are not available

  75. Mohit Mittal

    Mohit MittalNăm trước

    Why are you discussing samsung notes instead of S Note ? Are you even aware that these are 2 different apps ? Noob video

  76. Jakarta Lover

    Jakarta LoverNăm trước

    the title is misleading! S Note is NOT Samsung Note!

  77. Trueme sure

    Trueme sureNăm trước

    You are too fast

  78. Tiny Panda

    Tiny PandaNăm trước

    Can we change the font style of the text in text mode? I tried finding it but couldnt.

  79. Prashant k Prasad

    Prashant k PrasadNăm trước

    Awesome dude !

  80. Plus Pack

    Plus PackNăm trước

    Would love a video with S Note

  81. Plus Pack

    Plus PackNăm trước

    Not S Note, Samsung Note. Different App

  82. mxtt10589

    mxtt10589Năm trước

    I just want to make indents under my bullet points to separate main bullets and sub bullets, this really sucks, i'm really disappointed with the note 8 note system

  83. Lonnie C

    Lonnie CNăm trước

    Samsung notes Rock Thanks Boss


    SINAN SHAWKATNăm trước

    Hello Thanks for this demonstration Where is the action memo I think it was very important Again where is insertion of ideal sketch and easy chart and photo notes why these omitted from note 8 s note? 😔

  85. Alan More

    Alan MoreNăm trước

    snote and samsung note are different

  86. Douglas Soh

    Douglas SohNăm trước

    I don't like the new Samsung note. I can't even export my note into jpg file. And to extract my pic into the How? How to do the export??

  87. Mark Williams

    Mark WilliamsNăm trước

    Was this Samsung Note or S Note? I saw a video that compare Samsung Note to S Note and S Note had so many more features... Good job on producing the video but I don't believe this is S Note

  88. Dennis McKay [Hypothyroid & Obesity Fighter] Fitness

    Dennis McKay [Hypothyroid & Obesity Fighter] FitnessNăm trước

    The Note 8's namesake app, Samsung Notes, can't even add a page to a note. How did Samsung miss this? So, for example, you open the Note app to . . . wait for it . . . makes some notes. You get to the bottom of the page after writing with the stylus and . . . how do you add a page so you can continue making notes? Compare to the Note 2 or Note 4, which I still have, where if you want a single note with 5 pages you simply click + to add a page. Now, with the Note 8, you can't make a single note with 5 pages. You have to create 5 separate, single page notes. I'm taking mine back unless they update and fix this, their namesake app, in the next 6 days.

  89. Patrick Finlin

    Patrick FinlinNăm trước

    I just bought my Note 8 and transferred over my my S Notes from my Note 5 but have yet to figure out how to edit my Note 5 S notes in Note 8. Any suggestions, tips/tricks?

  90. Michael Rosen

    Michael RosenNăm trước

    I finally spoke with technical support at Samsung. they said if I transfer old SNOTE 4.1 to Note 8, when it updates, 4.2 will replace it automatically. is thus true?

  91. MFizzle777

    MFizzle777Năm trước

    When setting up S NOTE it says you can link actions call written numbers (basically things you could do in action memo) however when I go I to the application I see no ability to like what I wrote yet Samsung has removed Action Memo!

  92. Game Switch

    Game SwitchNăm trước

    Thanks a lot! exactly what I wanted to know! How good is note taking in the note 8! crazy how you are the only VIreporterr who posted this

  93. J Sagitta

    J SagittaNăm trước

    But! How to zoom in and out on a drawing page? Samsung says you can't!

  94. icebeam23860

    icebeam23860Năm trước

    Samsung Notes to me is a downgrade. I hate that I can't have an image, text and handwriting in the SAME SPACE. I hate that they MUST be separated pages. It really hinders creativity. Also S Note came with pre-drawn figures and characters that were helpful. You could also save your own drawings and icons in "User-Drawn" so that you have drawings that you could use often by just selecting them. (a la boiler plates). I really hate that they did this.

  95. No Azerty

    No AzertyNăm trước

    What about the possibility to sync with One note?

  96. Zed Rameses

    Zed RamesesNăm trước

    S-Note > Samsung Notes. Yes, these are two different apps. The former was the original Galaxy Note app from Note 1 to Note 4. I miss the ability of the S-Note to convert hand written formulas to actually typed equations.

  97. LiteNRG 1

    LiteNRG 14 tháng trước

    Exactly, that is the reason why I'm keeping my note 5. You could do so much more on s note. I wish they could add the same features from s note to samsung notes to make it more useful.

  98. R S

    R S5 tháng trước

    true,Now first thing I do when I buy a note phone is go to samsung store and download s Notes

  99. rrbarcarse

    rrbarcarseNăm trước

    Nice turtorial! Can you help figure out how to have these notes sync to Evernote? I know last year with Note 7 (before it got recalled) I am able to use to sync with Evernote.

  100. Steven Lear

    Steven LearNăm trước

    what happened to the photo note feature from the note 4 ?

  101. Larry Boldt

    Larry BoldtNăm trước

    I agree, a mixture of both is the ticket. The phone is fantastic, shouldn't we have NOTES to be equally fantastic?

  102. Ronald Thomas

    Ronald ThomasNăm trước

    Great demo!

  103. mAndro Hz

    mAndro HzNăm trước

    Hi In the pen option there is a lasso tool Then you can convert to text. If it is a phone number then you can dial it

  104. Larry Boldt

    Larry BoldtNăm trước

    This new note program for note 8 sucks. Bring back S Note. That's why I upgraded. I can't zoom in or out with this new crappy note program. In my opinion, Samsung went backwards on this new note program.

  105. david lacey

    david lacey6 tháng trước

    Exactly what I thought... I have the galaxy note tablet and a note 3and 4...all of them are better on note functions.

  106. blo75ck

    blo75ckNăm trước

    AGREE 100%.. i wanted to upgrade from my note4 to note8 but when i was trying the demo model in the shop i found that most of the features are gone and you can't zoom in and out!!.. bullshit the note is all about the S Note.

  107. Alex Chiu

    Alex ChiuNăm trước

    Totally agree with you

  108. Nikki Bolwin

    Nikki BolwinNăm trước

    Yes, thanks to soneone else's info. Just downloaded. Prefer snote as well. Mom and wife, snote hooks our whole life. Like customizing, having the different backgrounds, and the organization off the books. Samsung note seems better for quick notes or simple notes.

  109. William Mangus

    William MangusNăm trước

    Larry Boldt gotta download snote. There's a VIreporter vid on it if you search for snote with note 8. I like snote better as well but he makes this Sam note look interesting

  110. peter stringer

    peter stringerNăm trước

    How is that in any way better than the original SNote.

  111. A Manoharan

    A ManoharanNăm trước

    Your legit =3

  112. Jake P

    Jake PNăm trước

    You didn't elaborate on the share button; can I export the notes over to Microsoft OneNote and continue working from there? Other than that, great video!

  113. JR III

    JR IIINăm trước

    Ashame the apple pencil and a ipad pro 10.5 does not have a note app better than this.

  114. Michael Rosen

    Michael RosenNăm trước

    I did not attempt to transfer yet. I can't believe Samsung left that feature behind, transform to formula. To get that type of professional math type you have to use the software called LaTex. at the time I thought Samsung was onto something and I thought they could make a lot of money selling the capability to the educational community especially to the mathematics community. at the time I tried to get in touch with Samsung to be a consultant with them because I'm a math professor. they would never return my calls. I even paid an attorney to reach them and set up a consultant idea. the attorney gave me fake contacts

  115. Michael Rosen

    Michael RosenNăm trước

    Thank you Phil. I'm going to try to transfer it. But on Note 8, it's not an option on playstore

  116. Michael Rosen

    Michael RosenNăm trước

    Thanks for the suggestion, but SNOTE is a manufacturer installed app for Note 3. Will I still be able to copy it to Note 8?

  117. Gygy

    GygyNăm trước

    Michael Rosen Hi, I could do it from my Tab S3 from APK website(copy the initial s note app). It works okay. Just the small action memos are huge on the tab screen lol but other than that at least I still have all my notes saved and synched between my current note edge and tab s3.I 'll go and order the note 8 today. Hopefully it will also work on the phones and Note8.

  118. Andrew Simons

    Andrew SimonsNăm trước

    Does it still come with the s note app??

  119. Phil Nolan

    Phil NolanNăm trước

    I've heard it's not included. I think I had the same issue with the Note 7. But you can always download it or sideload it. That's what I did with the my Note 7.