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  1. Nadz

    Nadz14 ngày trước

    I'd have an F1. I feel like because they're the most serval like, they have more energy to keep me busy during the day. And when they're taking a nap or something i do some productive thingd that can calm me down a bit. *And i can't live with lap cats I'm too scared they'll accidentally kill my thighs or that l'll hurt them*

  2. The Canine Nutritionist

    The Canine NutritionistTháng trước

    I own one. Ran across mine named Nala (yeah go figure) at a local shelter, they were going to send her to a local Savannah Rescue. I adopted her instead and she's suite the awful but I love every minute of it ^^

  3. Greed

    Greed2 tháng trước

    Those light gray ones look amazing

  4. Gacha Potato

    Gacha Potato3 tháng trước

    Savannah cats are like worth 20,000 or maybe 13,000 Looks like a tiger and looks like a cat

  5. Kid golden Foxy

    Kid golden Foxy3 tháng trước

    My aunt wants one or a fennec fox or a dog witch one should she get

  6. Katelyn Barnes

    Katelyn Barnes4 tháng trước

    No offense, but this video of Savannah cats SUX. I'm a biology major trying to research Savannah cats for my Genetiks paper and the music in this video is terrible. Savannah cats are athletic and should have a cooler soundtrack. I recommend "Born to Be Wild" or something awesome and upbeat. Better luck next time.

  7. All About Cats

    All About Cats4 tháng trước

    We agree with you! We'll make much better video, with more information. Thanks for the suggestion. Music... as I said before, its all a matter of taste....

  8. Christian Allison

    Christian Allison4 tháng trước

    Katelyn Barnes yeah I agree. I played this song for my savannah cat and he thought it was horrible.

  9. amethyst l.r.l

    amethyst l.r.l4 tháng trước

    I love Savannah cats!!😸😸😸😸😀😀😀🤗

  10. Lola Mtl

    Lola Mtl4 tháng trước

    Don't buy a BENGAL or SAVANNAH Cat before reading this. -

  11. Reese Eaton

    Reese Eaton4 tháng trước

  12. All In

    All In5 tháng trước

    All about?

  13. chad mcgraw

    chad mcgraw5 tháng trước

    wth, raw chicken they are going to be smelling a meaty bone in a week

  14. Randal Eck

    Randal Eck5 tháng trước

    What is the difference between F1 F2 etc. They are definitely gorgeous cats.

  15. Amber Richards

    Amber RichardsTháng trước

    Randal Eck The difference is in the amount of serval blood verses housecat genetics. The higher the filial line, the higher percentage of serval DNA

  16. Immortal Wolf YT

    Immortal Wolf YT8 tháng trước

    I like cat's 🐱🐱🐱😸😀

  17. Immortal Wolf YT

    Immortal Wolf YT8 tháng trước

    So cute more cat's pls 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱👌

  18. Immortal Wolf YT

    Immortal Wolf YT8 tháng trước

    So cute

  19. Only ONE 23

    Only ONE 238 tháng trước

    Can someone please direct me to a LEGIT breeder, please?

  20. Egor Dyachenko

    Egor Dyachenko8 tháng trước

    Go to Unflexal webpage if you'd like to learn about workouts.

  21. AshnAmycattastic Mayes

    AshnAmycattastic Mayes8 tháng trước

    im getting a savana cat soon

  22. Joe DOES200

    Joe DOES2008 tháng trước


  23. De Falco

    De Falco8 tháng trước

    The music ruined the video.

  24. mike48632

    mike486328 tháng trước

    What a beautiful breed, my wife and I believe that we adopted one because we have two other cats and they are afraid of the kitten and our girl cat is not afraid of anything.

  25. Aurora Seamoon

    Aurora Seamoon9 tháng trước

    So a hybrid of the Serval?

  26. Kat

    Kat9 tháng trước

    Mac X OS Yes

  27. Natasha Narushev

    Natasha Narushev9 tháng trước

    I was given one for free. I think she is a second generation maybe third. But she has the classic spots and stripes on her body with the distinctive facial markings. But her character is 100% F1. She is energenic, loves water, in your face affectionit. I freaken love this cat, and lucky to have her.

  28. Techno Implant

    Techno Implant9 tháng trước

    I'm impress at 0:48 , cat thought it was mirror.

  29. WillyDaDuckDj

    WillyDaDuckDjTháng trước

    yeah that's incredibly smart, most breeds of cats or dogs don't even do that, even if it was an actual mirror

  30. Legolas Greenleaf

    Legolas Greenleaf9 tháng trước

    1:34 she just defied gravity. I want this magical creature!

  31. TM TM

    TM TM10 tháng trước

    please dont use shit music

  32. phoebecatgirl

    phoebecatgirl9 tháng trước

    Yes - DON'T!

  33. Tom Davis

    Tom Davis10 tháng trước


  34. robert jones

    robert jones11 tháng trước

    Why can't you talk don't you watch videos to listen to the information not to read everything. If I wanted to read about something I would look it up on a webpage

  35. M.M.M.

    M.M.M.11 tháng trước

    Savannah cats are unethical, no one should be cross breeding wild cats with domestic cats. This is very irresponsible.

  36. moxypirate

    moxypirate4 tháng trước

    Modern domesticated house cats are literally the descendants of crossbred small wild cats from northern Africa. Creating a new breed, is just more of the same. Domestication describes the process of breeding out undesirable characteristics from a wild animal for human use whether for food or companionship.

  37. CarlosDangersBro MattMayhem

    CarlosDangersBro MattMayhem4 tháng trước

    M.M.M. The first Savannah’s weren’t bred on purpose.

  38. Miraculous Bunny

    Miraculous Bunny7 tháng trước

    TheLoveMMM it was an irresponsible action but it couldn't have worked out better. Savanna cats are loyal loving companions that will likely stay by their owners side for the rest of their lives😊 I have a savanna and they may be a little high maintenance but it's all worth it in the end😄

  39. Tom Davis

    Tom Davis10 tháng trước

    TheLoveMMM sorry you feel that way , they are beautiful cats though

  40. SBlackmare

    SBlackmare10 tháng trước

    Lowek No, many end up being passed around because they're so high maintenance and have endless energy. Let wild cats be wild.

  41. Mike Rauch

    Mike Rauch11 tháng trước

    1:30 did that cat just double jump? Shit, if I ever found a magic genie lamp I'd wish to be a cat like that so life would be just like a video game. You get cool abilities like night vision and speed and stealth and the double jump thing. Plus you get 9 respawns before it's over and then you go to cat hell for banging your third cousin because even though you're probably not technically related and the breeders just wanted to have a specific gene pool and you didn't really have a choice in the matter. But in the end the CaTholic religion is really strict on that kind of behavior so you were doomed from the start.... Aaaanyway I like what you're doing here keep up the great work I honestly didn't know what a savannah cat was before watching this so buy my art and send me an email at to get 100% free gay dicks drawn custom favorite Taylor Swift movie character Let It Go bleach One Direction go steelers cat.

  42. Solo Passenger

    Solo Passenger2 tháng trước

    Luna'sEpic Adventures surviving*

  43. Luna'sEpic Adventures

    Luna'sEpic Adventures4 tháng trước

    The cat used the wall to jump higher, if you call that double jumping then sure, but I don't. Also cats don't have 9 lives, they have 1 but they are just really good at surviving. ^-^ Lol. Not to be rude, just correcting you.

  44. Casey Midkiff

    Casey MidkiffNăm trước

    I'm looking for serval kittens anyone breeding

  45. Chika Efobi

    Chika Efobi9 tháng trước


  46. Richard Boyland

    Richard BoylandNăm trước

    Looking for breeders, please help? Please. Looking to purchase one. Please

  47. SBlackmare

    SBlackmare10 tháng trước

    Richard Boyland Good grief. You don't shop in the VIreporter comments! Cat Fancy maybe, but better to look at rescues. These cats are always getting rehomed.

  48. TactiHuskySnowball

    TactiHuskySnowballNăm trước

    I own one. Ran across mine named Nala (yeah go figure) at a local shelter, they were going to send her to a local Savannah Rescue. I adopted her instead and she's uite the pawful but I love every minute of it ^^

  49. mustbtrouble

    mustbtroubleNăm trước

    hard to read. annoying music. horrible.

  50. Luna'sEpic Adventures

    Luna'sEpic Adventures4 tháng trước

    Wow! If you hated it so much why did you watch it? Also, If you can't say somthing nice/decent, then I would suggest not to say anything at all. Who tought you these manners!?

  51. cintu lator

    cintu latorNăm trước


  52. RockStarPreacher

    RockStarPreacherNăm trước

    Absolutely Majestic Cats. I'm about to dive into the Savannah market. I just lost my Boy of 11 years, whom I rescued right before I was just about to purchase a Savannah. Lol. So, I did my 11 years with a Cat I didn't pick out, and really didn't want, but I had to take care of him. He ended up being the best Pet I have ever had. I don't like the word 'Pet'. He was the best partner I have ever had. But I can feel his blessings, like no kidding. I'm not saying that to sound all dramatic. It's as if he is pushing me to buy one of this breed. Really weird feeling, but I've become obsessed. Perhaps the one who comes to me, will indeed be my Boy again. And he knew I wanted a Savannah. ;) Quantum Entanglement brought on by the greatness of Love. Peace! LoveGod.LoveEachOther.

  53. CarlosDangersBro MattMayhem

    CarlosDangersBro MattMayhem4 tháng trước

    RockStarPreacher I do believe our most dearest partners” come to us. I hope whatever you come away together with will need you as much as you need him. It will happen. He will pick and need you! Peace.

  54. Lola Mtl

    Lola Mtl4 tháng trước

    Don't buy a BENGAL or SAVANNAH Cat before reading this. -

  55. RockStarPreacher

    RockStarPreacherNăm trước

    And I must be dumb, but I thought the music was quite apropos for the video. Matched nicely. It was high energy, just like the cats. A bit exotic, just like the cats. I thought it well done. ;) I didn't come here to listen to music. I would be on the Mozart page, not the Savannah page. Dig?

  56. Eren Daegmorgan

    Eren DaegmorganNăm trước

    I will be getting one sometime! I love everything about this breed! I don't care what I have to pay.

  57. Niaro

    NiaroNăm trước

    im getting one in future

  58. Giata Ferrara

    Giata FerraraNăm trước

    Horrible, bad, awful, terrible, and badly bred Savannah too. I have 3 and didn't pay anywhere near that much and they're much nicer looking. Shop around

  59. Kawaii Woomy

    Kawaii WoomyTháng trước

    All cats are beautiful

  60. Lola Mtl

    Lola Mtl4 tháng trước

    Paa Hawkins... clearly you admire bullies.

  61. Lola Mtl

    Lola Mtl4 tháng trước

    Miss Vampirella (who ironically & without provacation demonstrated her own arrogance & perhaps jealousy in her aggressive comment) "Darling",.. "shopping around" is always wise for any significant purchase, especially a potential pet.

  62. CarlosDangersBro MattMayhem

    CarlosDangersBro MattMayhem4 tháng trước

    Free Love and Food Stamps although your acrimonious comment “not everyone shares your ethics(almost no one)”is completely and utterly erroneous,(as a bitch like you who would have no ethics obviously would assume such dross) & to assume anyone give a lively shit whether you slop down one or a hundred “bunnies”indicates your almost non compos mentis desire for power in affecting others opinions & diablerie. Do the world a favor and stop trying so hard at being a bimbobrick ,attempting to shock and awe.Go on ahead with that codswallop of monkeyspunk in yo mouth and be a nice lil treacle for a change,not some clueless numpty smelling like government CHEEZE and thick bologna.

  63. Luna'sEpic Adventures

    Luna'sEpic Adventures4 tháng trước

    Free Love and Food Stamps. WHAT THE HECK! Over a comment that I agree very much on!? I mean we don't all have to agree but to a CUTE BUNNY! THATS JUST WRONG!..Wow....Just-just wow. Ugh. I am done here.

  64. black smith

    black smithNăm trước

    this bugs me i see adds up all over saying Savannah cats for Sale. 3000$ for a small f5 or f6 cat. really are you stupid. after f3 the cat is just a danm mix breed cat f1 is the real deal and is half half f2 is a little more cat the survle f3 so on so on

  65. Feline LuvR

    Feline LuvRNăm trước

    Yes, I agree.

  66. Rayaqin

    RayaqinNăm trước

    horrible, horrible ,awful, horrible, terrible, godawful, bad, abysmal, horrendous music, seriously holy fucking shit it's so bad cat is cute though

  67. GalaxyDerpz Productions

    GalaxyDerpz ProductionsNăm trước

    tbh i think it sucks too. The whole song has no instruments, just looping the same tech crap over and over. The whole song is basically "ayy ah ooh".

  68. Rayaqin

    RayaqinNăm trước

    let's just say I don't like it and leave it at that as there is really no point There are a lot of "modern" musicians I like, but most of my favorites are indeed from the 80's and 90's.. I don't think all of today's musicians are bad but I also think just because something is produced later , it isn't necessarily better or more advanced in any way when it comes to art. Regardless , this music is unbearable for me. If you enjoy it it's fine by me, this is just my opinion of it.

  69. Ihavenoidea

    IhavenoideaNăm trước

    How is the music that horrible? I check out ur profile. U r just stuck in the 90s or smtin.

  70. A1 Savannahs

    A1 SavannahsNăm trước's_Magic

  71. A1 Savannahs

    A1 SavannahsNăm trước

  72. basic aesthetic

    basic aestheticNăm trước

    Tiffany Kaye f4s don't grow that big it's more domestic and only a little bit of wild. F1 is an equal mix and F2 is a bit more domestic and F3 and 4 get more and more domestic and less savannah.

  73. Giata Ferrara

    Giata FerraraNăm trước

    Unfortunately, some breeders ask way too much for their lower generations. Check around, you can find much nicer ones for much less. I did.

  74. Tiffany Kaye

    Tiffany KayeNăm trước

    Yeah I agree. I got an F4 for $1200.

  75. Anthony F Vlogs/Rants

    Anthony F Vlogs/RantsNăm trước

    why are you selling an F4 for 4K? thats way to pricey for the watered down version of the Savannah... Thats like McDonald charging a premium price for their pop lol

  76. Feline LuvR

    Feline LuvRNăm trước

    Beautiful cat. What is their life span?

  77. Warner Robins

    Warner RobinsNăm trước

    Art LuvR I believe a lot of states makes owning one a crime. I know Georgia you cant even have the cat that is mixed with domestic. I believe this is best. wild animals should not be taken out of there habitat for our enjoyment.

  78. A1 Savannahs

    A1 SavannahsNăm trước

    lifespan can be about 20yrs

  79. Carolyn

    CarolynNăm trước

    My happy place!