SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained


  1. Louie pooey Animations

    Louie pooey Animations21 giờ trước

    Watch my VIreporter channel it’s very good

  2. Raider Knight

    Raider KnightNgày trước

    I never watched the film because this explained everything.

  3. The Springtrap

    The Springtrap2 ngày trước

    The dog was also black as well which reminded me of "The little black dog"

  4. BrooklynTheGreat

    BrooklynTheGreat3 ngày trước

    god freaking..- "MAMIIII WHERES MY TOE"

  5. Eldon Grimes

    Eldon Grimes4 ngày trước

    I do need to see this movie, foundflix is bad ass!

  6. Virusband Tv

    Virusband Tv6 ngày trước

    So It part 155

  7. Vinnie Duda

    Vinnie Duda6 ngày trước

    Tommy: tries to stab scarecrow with pitchfork Scarecrow: no u

  8. That Thing

    That Thing3 ngày trước

    Harold: *reverse uno card*

  9. Vance Lewandowski

    Vance Lewandowski6 ngày trước

    I thought it was absolutely amazing how in the movie, you’re expecting (at least I was) the “Red Room” was going to be a room with red paint or covered in blood or something. I thought it was amazing how first, the “Red Room” was really the “R.E.D. Room” (i forgot what exactly it stood for but it was something along the lines of like review and evidence department”). I was thinking like oh wow chuck is going to die in there. Really, the alarms went off and I thought it was such a good idea to have the alarm lights to cause the hallways turn red. The lady was the scariest monster because she causes the guy to expect death FOREVER cause she moved so slow, but she was coming in every direction.

  10. Hel Rick

    Hel Rick6 ngày trước

    Like they say In Mother Russia You Don't Read A Book THE BOOK READS YOU

  11. sarikatimmi

    sarikatimmi7 ngày trước

    “that trump guy”? you mean our leader?

  12. sarikatimmi

    sarikatimmi7 ngày trước

    these books scarred me for life in 4th grade. im now 31

  13. Umaibo

    Umaibo9 ngày trước

    Terrible movie.

  14. Dane Otto

    Dane Otto10 ngày trước

    I call BS on the 90% practical, 10% CGI. They created each monster perfectly with practical effects, then used an egregious amount of terrible CGI to ruin them. I was so excited for this movie and to see the monsters in their full glory, but they used all the good, non-CG shots in the trailer. I feel like maybe as producer, Del Toro was involved throughout production, but of course couldn’t be bothered to watch over the special effects in postproduction. My theory is that when he was on set and actively helping with the film, the whole “90-10” thing was true. But In post, the director snuck in the CGI that we got in the final product. Either that or Del Toro just said that to get hype going for the movie. I’ve been wrong before, but those are my thoughts and theories as a disappointed fan.

  15. dt6197

    dt619711 ngày trước

    This movie was actually really well done imo backstory/ending was hit or miss but I really enjoyed how each story flowed into each scene without overshadowing the other, and applause to the fucking make up team! Sequel is needed!

  16. Lana Michaelson

    Lana Michaelson14 ngày trước

    did he say "that trump guy in charge" lol

  17. Jacob Stow

    Jacob Stow14 ngày trước

    Jangly man scared the Fuck outta me


    MAYOMATE015 ngày trước

    The pale lady pulled a cancerman (from before I wake)

  19. Rocario Lycanroc Wolfer

    Rocario Lycanroc Wolfer17 ngày trước

    I think they got that movie and inspired by goosebump

  20. Astro Linguistics

    Astro Linguistics17 ngày trước

    '' ending the whole fucking movie explained ''

  21. Tothelef Totherig

    Tothelef Totherig18 ngày trước

    I was waiting for Tommy to get skinned, but then I saw this movie is PG-13.

  22. Gerado Jimenez

    Gerado Jimenez19 ngày trước

    me tai do to walker ... That terrified me as a kid

  23. Nevermore Raven

    Nevermore Raven19 ngày trước

    If they ever do make a sequel or series I'd absolutely love to see the story "It fell from aloft" That was one of the scariest stories for me as a child

  24. Loaf Michaels

    Loaf Michaels19 ngày trước

    It was human shit. The kid was fishing it out of the toilet.

  25. Myth Vengeance

    Myth Vengeance20 ngày trước

    That trump guy? You just couldnt resist could you lmao.

  26. Kaiden Carlson

    Kaiden Carlson21 ngày trước

    I just saw this movie glad I watched it before watching this

  27. MochiArts

    MochiArts21 ngày trước

    0:52 looks more like a meme

  28. james rush

    james rush21 ngày trước

    I Loved this movie, ready for a sequel :)

  29. thàt bïh

    thàt bïh22 ngày trước

    Bro I’m hella scared of the pale lady only because I can’t come up with a reason as to why she could exist

  30. Amy Tomey

    Amy Tomey22 ngày trước

    anyone else kinda pissed that the woman in the big toe story was made to look like the drawing from the haunted house story? (imo one of the best stories from the books) YOU COULDNT REALLY EVEN SEE HER

  31. Cody Saleupolu

    Cody Saleupolu22 ngày trước

    So it's basically Goosebumps if it was R18?

  32. Spell

    Spell23 ngày trước

    2:03 Filler before the killer sound better

  33. Dylan Hawkins

    Dylan Hawkins23 ngày trước

    Me: *Doesn't like monsters and horror in general* WHY DO I KEEP COMING BACK HERE!!! This is it I am done if i watch another i will never be able to sleep again *A few moments later* eh one more couldn't hurt..... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  34. miky carney

    miky carney23 ngày trước

    Trump is the greatest president in modern history...don't let emotions rule the day

  35. miky carney

    miky carney23 ngày trước

    I dated that check from the red room,, totally misunderstood

  36. baizawai

    baizawai24 ngày trước

    I read these books a bunch but I don't remember them being super scary.

  37. Cody Bear

    Cody Bear24 ngày trước

    Do Season 2 of the Look-See plz

  38. Evan Goins

    Evan Goins24 ngày trước

    I was sad when chuck died he was my fav... ):

  39. Sai Hardik

    Sai Hardik24 ngày trước

    Goosebumps movie + true horror = scary stories to tell in the dark

  40. Daniel Acosta

    Daniel Acosta25 ngày trước

    Tommy might have some stories to tell from inside the book

  41. K V

    K V25 ngày trước

    Scarecrow don't have bones to crack, and the jingle man isn't scary (CGI), just annoying. Movie could have done better.