SCOTT BARNES | Celebrity Makeup Artist Favorites


  1. Eva Stood

    Eva StoodNgày trước

    5:58 ok I notice that and have been sampling “nude” lip products from both Sephora and ulta and they always show different !😠I gotta get me some of those


    SOFIA SILVA V.6 ngày trước

    Wow like he actually knows stuff i love it

  3. Sousan Eshaqzai

    Sousan Eshaqzai7 ngày trước

    Bring scott back !!!

  4. Sarah Johnson

    Sarah Johnson8 ngày trước

    can we see more of scott on ur channel, i love him, hes such a nice man and a pure genius at make up :)

  5. Jackie's Serenity

    Jackie's Serenity8 ngày trước

    We love it!! Yesss

  6. Aireen Bentley

    Aireen Bentley9 ngày trước

    More of him please

  7. fairy8i8

    fairy8i810 ngày trước

    Could Scott do an "Every Day" look on you? Lighting is in the sun and out running errands... or worse, office lighting where you want to look great but not overdone. More a look where people wonder if you just wake up that gorgeous, but they aren't sure. That would be super fun to see! Love you both, and together you are a riot to watch! (I even made my husband watch your videos with me.)

  8. Juju P

    Juju P10 ngày trước

    Special Guest Star Scott Barnes 🌠🌠🌠

  9. Ana S

    Ana S10 ngày trước

    Where can I find a lippy book? I love that and it would help with my organization a bit more.

  10. LemansSunset350

    LemansSunset35016 ngày trước

    Scott is a thicc teddy bear that I wanna squeeze .

  11. Chanel Alex MUA

    Chanel Alex MUA17 ngày trước

    tati test all the new scott eyeshadow palettes he just revealed them on his channel

  12. Jas Blanco

    Jas Blanco19 ngày trước

    i cannot b the only one who noticed the back and forth shade ..,

  13. Sandra Villasenor

    Sandra Villasenor19 ngày trước

    Always learn so much when this pair is together!

  14. ellen lankford

    ellen lankford21 ngày trước

    I would watch just to look at handsome! Also very very talented.

  15. Kendra Coleman

    Kendra Coleman21 ngày trước

    I got the pumped mascara ... Amazing

  16. Jess Kinzel

    Jess Kinzel21 ngày trước

    I adore him! And when he gets distracted by his "titty dance" lol its great!

  17. Ash Lindale

    Ash Lindale23 ngày trước

    third time i watch this... can he come back for a new video now

  18. liselle sloan

    liselle sloan23 ngày trước

    Neutrogena has carcinogenic chemicals in it, though.

  19. Petra Alexander

    Petra Alexander23 ngày trước

    I love Scott. He is our makeup fairy Godfather. ❤️

  20. Gloria Little

    Gloria Little24 ngày trước

    Scott Barnes is a god period

  21. Felicia lorbacher

    Felicia lorbacher26 ngày trước

    i need all of those books he has for lip liners and lip glosses and lipsticks... where can i get them at ...... I NEED THEM SO BAD........

  22. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia27 ngày trước

    I understand how mink lashes are very beautiful but please don’t use them. Minks are being killed for their fur to make those lashes .

  23. Valderez Asada

    Valderez Asada28 ngày trước


  24. MyFaithInChrist

    MyFaithInChristTháng trước

    Lovely human beings. Such humility. It's a joy seeing two people love their craft.

  25. Kae Quinn

    Kae QuinnTháng trước

    PLEASE have scott as a regular

  26. stormy spires

    stormy spiresTháng trước

    make this a regular thing please !!!! love you two together xx

  27. Rebecca MacMillan

    Rebecca MacMillanTháng trước

    Cant get enough of Scott

  28. Robyn Jeart

    Robyn JeartTháng trước

    Scott is such a beautiful man And his laugh makes my day😂

  29. Laura Compton

    Laura ComptonTháng trước


  30. Nicole Gearty

    Nicole GeartyTháng trước

    I think we need to have a Scott Barnes video at least once a week!

  31. Tricia Sunderland

    Tricia SunderlandTháng trước

    More scott and tati!

  32. Mari Olivares

    Mari OlivaresTháng trước

    can scott do a bridal tutorial with you??? please!

  33. Gina Biannchini

    Gina BiannchiniTháng trước

    Please bring him back

  34. Stephanie Danes79

    Stephanie Danes79Tháng trước

    Omg. So addicted to Scott Barnes and Tati. I cannot get enough. I want more!!!!!!!

  35. Aanya

    AanyaTháng trước

    scott sounded so sad when he said "now everybody has copied it"

  36. Natasha Christie

    Natasha ChristieTháng trước

    I Just love you 2 together, you both have a genuine respect for each other and we can tell you get on really well! xoxo

  37. Rainy Sundays

    Rainy SundaysTháng trước

    Why is he so adorable!

  38. esther bondy

    esther bondyTháng trước

    A cameo appearance?! I thought that was the word you were looking for🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️.

  39. Monica Lozano

    Monica LozanoTháng trước

    I have watched this one about 5 times now.

  40. adntigger71015

    adntigger71015Tháng trước

    Holy beauty lighting, Batman! That setup looks amazing, lol.

  41. Viancy C

    Viancy CTháng trước


  42. Maerin Ha

    Maerin HaTháng trước

    You’d think Scott works out, but carrying his lippie books around is all the exercise he needs

  43. Jenna Derby

    Jenna DerbyTháng trước

    I want to be Tati when I grow up!

  44. Kalee McDonald

    Kalee McDonaldTháng trước

    Love Scott!! Keep the videos coming!!!

  45. Candice Sams

    Candice SamsTháng trước

    Tati!!! When is Scott Barnes coming back?? The collabs the 2 of you do together are the absolute best!!! The vibes together are ICONIC!!💗

  46. Sydney Ronquist

    Sydney RonquistTháng trước

    Scott needs to do a look on you where he goes in depth on his eye looks

  47. Katherine

    KatherineTháng trước

    He's not proud and cocky not does he PUSH his products as if only his work. Stop playing with your hair Tato lol

  48. Hanizah Jonaidie

    Hanizah JonaidieTháng trước

    Scott and Tati .. their voices together is so soothing 😍

  49. Jade Larocque

    Jade LarocqueTháng trước

    Is it just me or scott never look at the camera

  50. K.Kleopatra K. K.

    K.Kleopatra K. K.Tháng trước

    Would you be kind and tell me what is the name of the booster at the end of your filming, as I can not understand nor from you or video. Thanks!

  51. Sophia Grace

    Sophia GraceTháng trước

    Didn’t even watched it but liked it immediately because of Scott love you 😍 so talented

  52. Geehan El

    Geehan ElTháng trước

    Please bring him back. I know he has sooo many products coming out and I just wanna watch you guys talk about the product or makeup in general for hoursss

  53. N Dines

    N DinesTháng trước

    I could listen to him talk all day 💋

  54. N Dines

    N DinesTháng trước

    Please be a series regular! I can’t tell you how much I admire Scott Barnes! Plus he’s talented as f**k! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Vixx's Manager

    Vixx's ManagerTháng trước

    Please bring scott on your channel more often! He's so entertaining!

  56. Michelle Bolieiro

    Michelle BolieiroTháng trước

    Scott is such a handsome person. 🤩😚

  57. Linda Mcgonigle

    Linda McgonigleTháng trước

    I could listen and watch Scott for ever 💕💕

  58. Soksy

    SoksyTháng trước

    “No i have a good carma”

  59. Rabia ehtisham

    Rabia ehtishamTháng trước

    you do scott's makeup

  60. kim mcdonald

    kim mcdonaldTháng trước

    Scott has a reoccurring guest role. His part is the expert celebrity mua.