Scream Powered Microwave


  1. Legos Rock 194514

    Legos Rock 1945148 giờ trước

    Ha ha ha ha make a robot that shoots you in the foot.

  2. Saker Mahram

    Saker Mahram9 giờ trước

    Make a bike that drives its self and plays xxtentacion moonlight earraped

  3. olitree306 ;-;

    olitree306 ;-;9 giờ trước

    Do a robot that trow fireworks when you scream FIER!

  4. William Mueller

    William Mueller9 giờ trước

    Build a robot that feeds those epic gamers Doritos while they play games epicly.

  5. MWX

    MWX12 giờ trước

    Are you alive ?

  6. kittyy conundrum

    kittyy conundrum12 giờ trước

    omg make a robot that can find my juul

  7. kittyy conundrum

    kittyy conundrum12 giờ trước

    make a fire extinguisher that shoots fire

  8. kittyy conundrum

    kittyy conundrum12 giờ trước

    okay just listen build a robot that can communicate with u and it’ll tell u what it wants to be

  9. kittyy conundrum

    kittyy conundrum12 giờ trước

    you should have at least asked okay can we do it no ok is that a no

  10. Just a Biscuit

    Just a Biscuit12 giờ trước

    Make a rubber band gun on a random timer, the ultimate manliness test. You don't when it'll go off, you don't if you have to wait seconds, minutes, hours, you just see a gun aimed directly at you, with a fully stretched out rubber band, ready to release at any moment.

  11. Monkfish

    Monkfish12 giờ trước

    A Microwave that only Microwaves if Michael Waves

  12. Golden_

    Golden_15 giờ trước

    Michael you should make a robot that when ever it detects any sound it deletes your channel. :)

  13. toodics

    toodics15 giờ trước

    A shower that turns off when you put shampoo in your hair

  14. Payton Cameron

    Payton Cameron16 giờ trước

    Build a robot that ruthlessly insults you when you take damage in call of duty

  15. OffhandMusic260

    OffhandMusic26016 giờ trước

    Make a death ray

  16. Cherri Lime

    Cherri Lime16 giờ trước

    Make a gun that only shoots when you don’t pull the trigger


    SQUATCH17 giờ trước

    Make a robot that detects bad comments as soon as they are posted on your videos, then sends back a reply immediately saying something like "delete this now, this is bad. -from micheals robot slave "

  18. Jack Fox

    Jack Fox17 giờ trước

    A robot that does robot shit because robots are supposed to do robot shit like good fucking robots

  19. Donovan Deford

    Donovan Deford17 giờ trước

    You should make a robot that talks to you I’m lonely =(

  20. Qui Gon Sean

    Qui Gon Sean17 giờ trước

    A child that screams when you take it

  21. Slow

    Slow18 giờ trước

    I literally volunteer to be a target of the taser picture robot if you ever make it(and are in canada)

  22. Nobody

    Nobody18 giờ trước

    You should build a robot that recognizes fire and only shoots water at people nearby.

  23. christian flynn

    christian flynn18 giờ trước

    A trash can that insults its self.

  24. Sub Or You Are Homo

    Sub Or You Are Homo19 giờ trước

    Oh, so you can dance in lilypichus new video but you cant post a new video😢😢

  25. Coon Gang

    Coon Gang19 giờ trước

    Make a gas powered fan that turns on when its hot

  26. Keagan Elliott

    Keagan Elliott19 giờ trước

    Claymore roomba

  27. Christian DiSalvo

    Christian DiSalvo20 giờ trước


  28. Blaze Fox

    Blaze Fox20 giờ trước

    Make a Claymore Roomba for house defense.

  29. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson20 giờ trước

    Make a remote that opens any car

  30. Gavin Gamer2008

    Gavin Gamer200821 giờ trước

    A bottle that spills the drink your drinking all over you

  31. Matthew Croden

    Matthew Croden21 giờ trước

    The fucking maniacal chuckle he does as he is carrying the microwave brings me more joy than anything else in this world.

  32. VeryRoomy

    VeryRoomy21 giờ trước

    A water-powered toaster

  33. Andrew Tichich

    Andrew Tichich21 giờ trước

    A robot that tracks any person it’s looking at and squirts soapy water at them

  34. Dark Shaman1222

    Dark Shaman122221 giờ trước

    Yeah but technically cured obesity

  35. The Demonitizer

    The Demonitizer21 giờ trước

    Make a robot that finds the address of someone who makes terrible ideas and then put it on screen so we can go gang up on them.

  36. Butterpotato Plays

    Butterpotato Plays22 giờ trước

    make a robot that shoots itself as soon as you plug it in

  37. Sgt Frosty

    Sgt Frosty22 giờ trước

    A drone that flys itself out of range and falls out of the sky every time you turn it on

  38. Sgt Frosty

    Sgt Frosty22 giờ trước

    A robot that builds stupid robot ideas

  39. Sgt Frosty

    Sgt Frosty22 giờ trước

    A robot that stabs and deflates your car tire when you go past the recommended tire pressure

  40. Sgt Frosty

    Sgt Frosty22 giờ trước

    A robot that calls you gay when you cry

  41. Sgt Frosty

    Sgt Frosty22 giờ trước

    A robot that punches you in the balls when you yawn

  42. Sgt Frosty

    Sgt Frosty22 giờ trước

    A table that launches your food in the air when you set down your plate

  43. Ryanflu

    Ryanflu22 giờ trước

    A robot that yells bad words at you every time you make a video

  44. Charlie Sullivan

    Charlie SullivanNgày trước

    A toaster that reminds you to take a bath

  45. Golden Pixels 9

    Golden Pixels 9Ngày trước

    btw, make an arm that grabs you at a random time in the middle of the night while making scary noises.

  46. Patrick Quanz

    Patrick QuanzNgày trước

    Yo Michael .... why not make a BB-Gun that shoots explosive BBs .... maybe it´s not powerful but i love to see you suffer :D

  47. Golden Pixels 9

    Golden Pixels 9Ngày trước

    Hey Michael, got a question. Where do you get your knowledge of programming, electronics, and engineering?

  48. Mattéo Serre

    Mattéo SerreNgày trước

    a robot that press on the : im not a robot

  49. Plane Wing Studios

    Plane Wing StudiosNgày trước

    Make a robot that that actively seeks and destroys peoples ideas for other robot ideas in your comments

  50. Conor Irwin

    Conor IrwinNgày trước

    A fire extinguisher that only works in cold temperatures

  51. Master Elite gaming

    Master Elite gamingNgày trước

    Make a make a box and everytime you try to open it it tazes you

  52. Krispy

    KrispyNgày trước

    My Target let's people play Accordions in front of it, I'd rather get some bagel bites...

  53. Frostyboi15

    Frostyboi15Ngày trước

    You should make a device to put on your bed that tells you to “shut the f*ck up” and slaps you when you snore

  54. Milo the Alpaca Boi

    Milo the Alpaca BoiNgày trước

    Hey Michael. Make a scale that calls you fat if you're over a certain weight

  55. Christian Jackson

    Christian JacksonNgày trước

    Imagine Tyler1 screaming into this 😂😂

  56. F0mas

    F0masNgày trước

    Hey Michael I have a good one. You should make wireless headphones with a really long range.

  57. Jacob Bouse

    Jacob BouseNgày trước


  58. carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandezNgày trước

    Make a hands free hands free machine. U gayyyyyyyy

  59. Ross Boggs

    Ross BoggsNgày trước

    You should make a claymore looking device with facial recognition that shoots confetti at missionaries that knock on your door

  60. [Tico]

    [Tico]Ngày trước

    You should make a robot that turns on every time you press the on button

  61. Luke Dodd

    Luke DoddNgày trước

    Make a taser that turns on when you swear

  62. Cookies

    CookiesNgày trước

    Now it's time to make a steam powered microwave

  63. bamiculasalit asentongamanadaf picunamemahaduc

    bamiculasalit asentongamanadaf picunamemahaducNgày trước

    Michael why don't you make stuff to idk help people or get rich cause you obviously can but instead you do youtube because clearly your missing a few brain cells.

  64. Hidden Squid

    Hidden SquidNgày trước


  65. Palm Tree

    Palm TreeNgày trước

    Make a torch

  66. Anna Waller

    Anna WallerNgày trước

    Make an animatronic youtube buddy, and yes i feel bad

  67. C Dub

    C DubNgày trước

    Useful robot idea: for games that take fucking forever to load but you have to do some shit moves mouse or joystick ever 5 mins

  68. Sami-Joe El-Bitar

    Sami-Joe El-BitarNgày trước

    Make a robot that deleted bad robot ideas

  69. Fozzy 5100

    Fozzy 5100Ngày trước

    A chair that moans when you sit down on it

  70. Venomaster02

    Venomaster02Ngày trước

    You should make a robot that deletes bad robot ideas Oh wait that's every comment

  71. Jimmy John

    Jimmy JohnNgày trước

    A robot that copies Hitler speeches and and copies all of his movements as well

  72. TransformersFan1987

    TransformersFan1987Ngày trước

    Build a robot that ends your braincells

  73. Latebar

    LatebarNgày trước

    Where are the videos, Michael? I'm not laughing, Michael.

  74. ckis amazing

    ckis amazingNgày trước

    a pillow that screams in your ear

  75. Jasmine Leetch

    Jasmine LeetchNgày trước

    Make a modified ‘talking dog collar’ that just screeches outdated memes.

  76. Yahoo

    YahooNgày trước

    Let the microwave hear this

  77. MUS V8

    MUS V8Ngày trước

    A roomba that follow you then explode when somthing touch it

  78. Flutterbree

    FlutterbreeNgày trước

    "if only I was hosting a huge panel at vidcon next week..." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  79. Matr Reaper

    Matr ReaperNgày trước

    It’s been a fucking month what take so fucking long

  80. TheGoldenGamer

    TheGoldenGamerNgày trước

    You know what we want Mike