SERENITY Official Trailer (2018) Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway Movie HD


  1. nia henry

    nia henryGiờ trước

    Why am I still confused ?

  2. Bruce Truong

    Bruce Truong3 giờ trước

    I just want to see if he landed the Tuna.....

  3. chim chimy

    chim chimy17 giờ trước

    What the HECK is that ?

  4. Lakshmikruthiga

    Lakshmikruthiga19 giờ trước

    Why did this film tanked at box office?

  5. _.NIYA._ QUEEN

    _.NIYA._ QUEENNgày trước


  6. Luwam Alem

    Luwam AlemNgày trước

    OMG watched like half of the movie yesterday & wowwwe I don't even know wtf it's about literally!! It went from a thriller about a a man helping out his ex wife and son from her abusive husband to a weird telepathic communication with his son 😩 gonna try and finish it just because I started it but damn, it's so confusing

  7. J. G.

    J. G.2 ngày trước

    It looks like the sequel of the Lincoln Commercial to me.

  8. joiless

    joiless2 ngày trước

    Did they just try to make an advancing fish reel menacing? What even IS this trailer?



    Good trailer

  10. Nivhans Seeboo

    Nivhans Seeboo2 ngày trước

    Movie shot on the island of Mauritius.

  11. Sanjhi Samundre

    Sanjhi Samundre2 ngày trước

    Interstellar thriller 2

  12. leo saunders

    leo saunders2 ngày trước

    i hope this won't be such a disappointment like the bad batch, 2016 was. i hope this movie will deliver. great to see connaughey and hathaway, since Interstellar, back on the screen

  13. Sammi ss

    Sammi ss2 ngày trước

    This has been rated really low on rotten tomatoes which is really shocking for me since it has Matthew and Anne in it!

  14. Jessica Innes

    Jessica Innes2 ngày trước

    Anne hathaway is on a rule jeez louise

  15. SaltyBrains

    SaltyBrains3 ngày trước

    SERENITY was alerady a great movie of the same name ;( how can they just steal a name and make a completely different film?

  16. BoA Yoon

    BoA Yoon4 ngày trước

    Nah don’t get it.

  17. Brian Nicholls

    Brian Nicholls4 ngày trước

    Bet superman is not happy with Mathew doing his mum

  18. Syahara Aditya9

    Syahara Aditya94 ngày trước

    🎬 Serenity (2019) Played ➥ ___>>> ➡ Quality : => 720 P -1080 P ➡ All Languages | English | Norwegian | Franch | German | To jest czas Bożego Narodzenia i McCallister rodzina przygotowuje się do wakacji w Paryżu, Francja. Ale najmłodszy w rodzinie o nazwie Kevin dostał się w starcia z jego starszy brat Buzz i został wysłany do jego pokoju, który jest na trzecim piętrze jego domu.

  19. chaziecutie

    chaziecutie4 ngày trước

    Was it in the ocean? about sharks? the movie will be in october 2019.. and i am so confused

  20. 84eisoj

    84eisoj4 ngày trước

    I feel like this film would have been better if it were filmed in Bonnie Doon. That’s the place to go for fishing and serenity after all.

  21. Susana Mendes

    Susana Mendes4 ngày trước

    trailer is suposed to catch us to see the movie not the oposit....

  22. Zane Pomerance

    Zane Pomerance5 ngày trước

    Just saw it. I liked it, very different from what I have seen in the past.

  23. Its Me

    Its Me5 ngày trước

    kuch to clear dikhata bc

  24. Dj Gam3r

    Dj Gam3r5 ngày trước

    It is shot on my beautiful island of Mauritius 🇲🇺


    SPIDER CUTTER5 ngày trước

    George constanza voice: serenity now!!

  26. Bella Lupo

    Bella Lupo6 ngày trước

    The movie was made in Mauritius 🇲🇺

  27. Ordelia Victoria

    Ordelia Victoria6 ngày trước

    The trailer is confusing but the movie is great Like the background , the story , the acting and good to see such a beautiful island(Mauritius) in such movie

  28. FoodforThought

    FoodforThought6 ngày trước

    it's all a videogame. I saved you twelve dollars

  29. Daniel Surfocean

    Daniel Surfocean7 ngày trước

    0:09 Cast Away 0:37 Horror movie Dead Silence ish 1:03 50 Shades of Grey 1:13 Deep Blue Sea 1:26 Pretty Little Liars 1:44 Misery 1:51 Maze Runner 1:57 The boy next door No wonder Im confused, all together in 1

  30. Rob Fraser

    Rob Fraser7 ngày trước

    Conaugh McMatthewey and Anne Hathaway must love working with one another, he's a lucky chap.


    VINYL SQUAD7 ngày trước

    All I got from this trailer was clicking and whispering

  32. Raphael Gamingcentre

    Raphael Gamingcentre8 ngày trước

    the film is made in mauritius

  33. Root Admin

    Root Admin8 ngày trước

    This film was produced in mauritius under the mauritian film rebate scheme. Our government contributed 30% in the making of this film that is 214,000,000 MUR. I worked with the production team and we often discussed the story with the line producers and director. Its just a mind fucking plot! Anybody can have its own interpretation of the twists!

  34. Tony Bones

    Tony Bones8 ngày trước

    Terrible ending. The twist is ridiculous.

  35. Izu Daniel Lifuka Sichinga

    Izu Daniel Lifuka Sichinga8 ngày trước

    And it was shot in Mauritius. Yesssssss

  36. kikur ASSS

    kikur ASSS8 ngày trước

    Shot where?? Never seen these backgrounds ..are they VFX/GFX? Like someone said interstellar cornsfield....

  37. kikur ASSS

    kikur ASSS6 ngày trước

    +Root Admin Mauritius that's cool. I think it's great a place to shoot movies. Well your government is doing it correctly, invest 30% and gain more in return. Being a 3D artist I think if your country setup a few 3D studioz that may help foreign production to invest more in your country. A single movie may require 800-1000 CGI artists.

  38. Root Admin

    Root Admin8 ngày trước

    This film was produced in mauritius under the mauritian film rebate scheme. Our government contributed 30% in the making of this film that is 214,000,000 MUR. I worked with the production team and y'all got the plot wrong!

  39. Gary Wan

    Gary Wan8 ngày trước


  40. Alexis K

    Alexis K8 ngày trước

    I only watched this movie because Anne Hathaway was in it. But I think the movie is not that bad, tough. It's like Anne's previous movie, Passengers where the survivors of the plane crash are actually dead.

  41. the vloger Jandi Chi

    the vloger Jandi Chi8 ngày trước

    Its weird. I dont get it.

  42. Andi Tarigan

    Andi Tarigan8 ngày trước

    Is he Cooper?

  43. Ratim Holigan

    Ratim Holigan8 ngày trước

    Serenity (2019) wizyta : Gatunki: Dramat | Kryminał Czas pracy: 106 min Kraj: USA Język angielski Data premiery: 25 stycznia 2019 (USA) Kapitan łodzi rybackich żongluje twarzą w twarz z jego tajemniczą przeszłością i odnajduje się usidlonym w rzeczywistości, w której nic nie jest tym, czym się wydaje. Reżyser: Steven Knight Pisarz: Steven Knight Gwiazdy: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane |

  44. Christian Miranda

    Christian Miranda8 ngày trước

    Interstellar: the search for murph

  45. Suzy Young

    Suzy Young8 ngày trước

    I watch a lot of European cinema, British at the top of the list, when I’m forced to watch American/Hollywood crap film and tv, I recognize just how bad it is by comparison, all for a quick fix of crappy sensationalism.....I believe the western media, film industry included has perpetuated the notion that violent crime and evil, poor acting and really bad, but apparently addictive, script writing, is the norm now, and sadly this mediocrity is somehow tolerated by the dumbed down public, and brings notoriety and big bucks $$, because of very low expectations of the general public.. literally makes me personally want to puke! Mediocre at best, sadly that’s what Hollywood has become.

  46. ID Diaz

    ID Diaz9 ngày trước

    Looks good!! I’ll watch it on 📀!

  47. natasa pappa

    natasa pappa9 ngày trước

    Academy award winner Matthew McConaughey , academy award winner Anne Hathaway, etc etc and then is Jason Clark 😂😂

  48. sholehuddin alek

    sholehuddin alek9 ngày trước

    Ini film mancing yak?!! MANCING MANIA MANTAAAPPPP!!

  49. Austin Author

    Austin Author9 ngày trước

    This kind of horse shit from a movie studio needs to be called on more. Its an outright lying scam. Just saw this movie and let me tell anyone who is even thinking of seeing it, don't support the movie. It scored so low with audiences that the studio is going to bury it. They scammed you completely on what this movie is about (the trailer although ominous doesnt even BEGIN to describe how ridiculous the twist is).

  50. Suzanne Persad

    Suzanne Persad10 ngày trước

    I was confused in d end of this movie.

  51. Edward Burton

    Edward Burton10 ngày trước

    Just watched it im black and i love The way these white folks acted in this movie i got some pussy after it..good film bitches.

  52. MissQwertyPie

    MissQwertyPie10 ngày trước

    This made me tired.

  53. Maddy T

    Maddy T11 ngày trước

    Spoiler: it’s a the whole thing is a video game being played by the abused son See @2:15

  54. omer shahbaz

    omer shahbaz11 ngày trước

    watch full @

  55. Jay Vasquez

    Jay Vasquez11 ngày trước

    I feel like I only saw the coming attraction in theaters.. Did this ever release??? LOL

  56. Edward Arthur

    Edward Arthur11 ngày trước

    Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are both Academy Award Winners and somehow they managed to star in this movie?? Were they really that desperate to find good roles or what?? This movie somehow could be starred by ordinary actors with lower budget as well (judging by its quality) so the box office loss isn't too far damaged. And by the way I was fully shocked by some exposed nudity scenes from both main actor and actress

  57. Dustin

    Dustin11 ngày trước

    Where's Interstellar 2?

  58. kimbooley90

    kimbooley9011 ngày trước

    Knowing the twist... this trailer now makes more sense than when I first watched it.

  59. Mamaie DelaFetesti

    Mamaie DelaFetesti11 ngày trước

    Urata e doamne femeia asta. Si blonda si bruneta, e la fel de boccie.

  60. dise ryusa

    dise ryusa11 ngày trước

    **but why are we whispering**

  61. shalom ulep

    shalom ulep11 ngày trước

    Anne hathaway in blonde, I clicked. Looks so good in her, suits her, she so beautiful😍😍😍

  62. oman ko

    oman ko11 ngày trước


  63. Grayson’sMyName

    Grayson’sMyName11 ngày trước

    I think if they advertised the movie more for what it really was, the reviews what have been better. This trailer is like the iceberg meme for the internet. This trailer only shows what’s above the water. All the shit underneath is hidden from the audience.

  64. Sandra Marques

    Sandra Marques11 ngày trước

    So bad just at the end now....happy I have the android box so I dont have to spend hard earned cash on bad movies.

  65. Sandra Marques

    Sandra Marques11 ngày trước

    Watching it now.....Mathew What's going're such a good gritty actor...did you need a new house or car that badly...only thing I have to say thank you for True Detective.


    KING SNIP FILMS12 ngày trước

    GREAT movie. Was very impressed with the story and I love a twist.

  67. Lord Remuru

    Lord Remuru12 ngày trước

    Disliked for not being a Serenity sequel.

  68. Hanna Salvador

    Hanna Salvador12 ngày trước

    Is it boring??

  69. Boyd Peters

    Boyd Peters12 ngày trước

    Looks awful. Was that made in 1987?

  70. LIN 256

    LIN 25612 ngày trước

    Spoiler alert... Today is the day.

  71. zlBrittanylz

    zlBrittanylz12 ngày trước

    Even though this is confusing its better than those trailers that tell you the whole movie right up to the last 5 minutes

  72. Liable Wheel

    Liable Wheel12 ngày trước

    OMG it’s sooooooo confusing eukfjwhushhdhdhdhhssj Its not, go watch the movie if you feel so inclined to. I thought it was an OKay movie, not the best. Matt was still a good actor, and I didn’t find myself bored at any moment.

  73. Jacob Hatty

    Jacob Hatty12 ngày trước

    Just left the theatre. This was hands down one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of movies.

  74. RJ22

    RJ2212 ngày trước

    If someone paid me $20 to take 3 hours to go to the theater and watch this I would consider it. Not bad

  75. Ryan Richards

    Ryan Richards13 ngày trước

    Ummm what the hell is this?


    CRACKING SISTERS TM13 ngày trước

    Made in Mauritius My Paradise Island :)

  77. John XspaceMars

    John XspaceMars13 ngày trước

    that's happening in my country, mauritius

  78. Joanna Fr

    Joanna Fr13 ngày trước

    If white media went nuts bashing must be interesting. I just watched a movie they ALL loved - "Black Rock". Lousy actors, ridiculously implausible premise (a scrawny man can kill a woman with his bare hands), a weird director and a crazy writer. I can hear the "creative planning". Let's make a thriller as if Igmar Bergman directed it! Lots of weepy extreme close ups and slow emotional wrenching throughout!

  79. Calvin Mackey

    Calvin Mackey13 ngày trước

    Serenity now!!!

  80. elle

    elle13 ngày trước

    Still can't believe this was filmed on my island MAURITIUS 😍😍

  81. Serenity Serrano

    Serenity Serrano13 ngày trước

    My name is SERENITY 😁

  82. A Gil

    A Gil13 ngày trước

    One more Shyamalan syndrom

  83. Lala S2

    Lala S213 ngày trước

    What the hell did I just watch?..

  84. Violet Verdict

    Violet Verdict13 ngày trước

    beautiful Anne Hathaway

  85. Stanley Tucci Cover

    Stanley Tucci Cover13 ngày trước

    Anne Hathaway very beautiful

  86. Buma Closet

    Buma Closet13 ngày trước


  87. Calofir Emil

    Calofir Emil13 ngày trước

    Garbage trailer!!! In theaters it makes me sick. Wtf were they thinking when making this crap

  88. Lance Glenn

    Lance Glenn13 ngày trước

    Papa Midnight!

  89. Sagar Sheth

    Sagar Sheth13 ngày trước

    Sometimes we do bad thing's for a good reason:)

  90. Matthew Kite

    Matthew Kite13 ngày trước

    Where is Mal?

  91. Ferdynand lie

    Ferdynand lie13 ngày trước

    Cooper and Dr. Brand fighting against bandit in new earth, so pity

  92. iLovemyhuman

    iLovemyhuman13 ngày trước

    Thats got to be the slowest bite i ever saw.

  93. Corvus 411625

    Corvus 41162513 ngày trước

    Anne gonna make me fap again.

  94. Fuck You

    Fuck You13 ngày trước


  95. frankish queeking

    frankish queeking13 ngày trước

    This looks like it will be a great watch. It's a solid noir, I love the genre & I believe this will deliver. Maybe some people are experiencing cognitive dissonance over the fact that it's a noir set in a tropical beachy environment? Strange how "pre-emptively packaged" so many people 'need' cinema to be these days. Just because you dont instantly comprehend something - on the surface atleast - isnt to say it is lacking in quality & value... but then, I keep forgetting that dumber is supposed to be better....

  96. Dans

    Dans13 ngày trước

    That's sarcasm right?

  97. Mary Ah Kee

    Mary Ah Kee13 ngày trước

    What just happened??? I watched the trailer and now I don't think I've ever been this confused in my life... 😂 😂 😂

  98. Megan Gunning

    Megan Gunning14 ngày trước

    *insert Firefly joke here*

  99. Steven Martin

    Steven Martin14 ngày trước

    I think im gonna check it out, Ive heard a lot about it. They were good together in Insterstellar....Did not see THAT ending coming. 😉

  100. Mythraen

    Mythraen14 ngày trước

    Damn, they even did a remake of Serenity? When are you going to stop this and do something original again, Hollywood?

  101. Jack Swift

    Jack Swift14 ngày trước

    What in the name of polished turds is happening to movies of recent !? With the likes of Glass, Holmes and Watson, Deadpool 2..etc etc just a couple of laughable flicks that made me wonder that finally, " hollywood has gone full retard with movie plots and twists". OK OK Green book was fantastic, That Queen, (Rock band) movie was interesting but in general, hollywoods creating piles of fresh horseshit being filmed with flies buzzing...sooo i thought, Awesome ! Mathew M,(can't remember spelling his sir name😂) will save us from movie hell cause usually his films are a pretty darn good watch on account of his warm Languorous Southern charm..i was Dreaming of Course with his new polished, Sea/murder/mystery/romance turd Called *Serenity* which should be renamed ,Jaws/sleeping with the Enemy/Mathew beds hot hollywood actresses...anyways this is just a comment so i'll make it short..this movies is worse than going out ice fishing in the coldest parts of the world wearing just a funny red floppy hat and pixie boots. 😉

  102. johnty fiveofive

    johnty fiveofive14 ngày trước


  103. ghetto engine

    ghetto engine14 ngày trước

    finally a trailer that doesnt tell you everything.