SERENITY Official Trailer (2018) Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway Movie HD




    This looks great. Looking forward to it

  2. Bahaa Maher

    Bahaa Maher3 ngày trước

    dunno why I get max payne vibes from this

  3. Weeb Trash

    Weeb Trash4 ngày trước

    why are you guys together but not doing interstellar 2

  4. matt malouf

    matt malouf12 ngày trước

    I swear i can’t remember the last time I’ve been this pumped for a movie. It being delayed only adds to that.

  5. Damian Hinch

    Damian Hinch14 ngày trước

    This is the art of a good trailer.

  6. Andrés Guerrero Ramos

    Andrés Guerrero Ramos14 ngày trước

    Ok Cooper Go and rescue Brand

  7. Dima Andro

    Dima Andro14 ngày trước

    Anne Hathaway!!!!!

  8. R Rohithkn

    R Rohithkn15 ngày trước

    they are taking out Osama bin laden body

  9. Batman 1987

    Batman 198715 ngày trước

    looks like a direct to dvd movie

  10. Rosivok

    Rosivok18 ngày trước

    try an original TITLE. Serenity has been used already, by a good movie, stop stealing.

  11. Edgain

    Edgain19 ngày trước

    "anne hathaway" lol, fuck no thank you very much.

  12. Thomas et

    Thomas et22 ngày trước

    Alright alright alright

  13. suke

    suke22 ngày trước

    oooh, murderous, adulterous, infidelity... what more can a girl ask for..

  14. Kirti Jeebun

    Kirti Jeebun23 ngày trước

    Trailer as beautiful as our island Mauritius..

  15. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Coconut ScienceGirl9223 ngày trước

    Is this movie ever coming out? Said it would three times now and hasn’t! I guess third times the charm? Hopefully??

  16. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Coconut ScienceGirl922 ngày trước

    +emerald764 i know...either it sucks or something seriously bad happened with production

  17. emerald764

    emerald7642 ngày trước

    Coconut ScienceGirl92 It’s usually a bad sign when a movie gets delayed even once... but three times?! Wow.

  18. George Spiggot

    George Spiggot25 ngày trước


  19. حقاني حقاني

    حقاني حقاني25 ngày trước

    This is fake 👌

  20. Ferdinand Wang

    Ferdinand Wang25 ngày trước

    Anne looks better with blonde hair.

  21. Autumn Eastman

    Autumn Eastman25 ngày trước

    Now THAT is how u make a trailer without giving the whole damn movie away 👏👏👏

  22. William Vega

    William Vega26 ngày trước


  23. thelegend27

    thelegend2727 ngày trước

    0:19 on his dashboard.... Wilson is that you?

  24. Frank Z

    Frank Z27 ngày trước

    Shutter Island 2018?

  25. Candace Marcos

    Candace MarcosTháng trước

    Alright alright alright alright Huh !?

  26. John Carlos Celario

    John Carlos CelarioTháng trước

    0:18 Interstellar

  27. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Coconut ScienceGirl92Tháng trước

    If this movie sucks I’m gonna be upset. I’ve waited forever for it

  28. Chillaxineskimo

    ChillaxineskimoTháng trước

    So.......... Not Firefly? K

  29. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghTháng trước

    Time is a flat circle. Alright alright alright alrighty

  30. CrAzYDr1veR

    CrAzYDr1veRTháng trước

    Soooo.... where is the spaceship?

  31. Dee Man

    Dee ManTháng trước

    Is it me or is McConaughey looking better and better these days? Whatever work he got done, it's the right type. After Dallas Club I didn't think his face would ever look the same again.

  32. Aitch Cee S

    Aitch Cee STháng trước


  33. alin dinani

    alin dinaniTháng trước

    where is Murph?

  34. Cherry Anne Lagunsad

    Cherry Anne LagunsadTháng trước

    To be honest. I didn't understand anything bout this trailer.

  35. mauricerizat

    mauricerizatTháng trước

    I thought I read "Serenity Now" and got excited and before clicking the trailer.

  36. tubez4321

    tubez4321Tháng trước

    Feels like one of those "I'm a mental patient who lost my memories and am being used/cured/fooled in an elaborate setup" kind of movie.

  37. Nasilele Lisselo

    Nasilele LisseloTháng trước

    Take my love. Take my land. Take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me. Take me out to the black. Tell them I ain't comin' back. Burn the land And boil the sea. You can't take the sky from me. Have no place I can be Since I found Serenity. But you can't take the sky from me.

  38. CoachMikesFilmRoom

    CoachMikesFilmRoomTháng trước

    Wow that feels like it could be a great opening to the perfect Sci Fi series. maybe having something to do with coats... that are brown :)

  39. Syrus7sk

    Syrus7skTháng trước

    Dammit this isn't a Firefly sequel.

  40. J D

    J DTháng trước

    Anne Hathaway / MeeToo scam, ill pass

  41. Logan Strom

    Logan StromTháng trước

    I don't understand. Where are Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres?

  42. Hannah 12

    Hannah 12Tháng trước

    Well that looks confusing

  43. MegaNerevar

    MegaNerevarTháng trước


  44. Haiko8

    Haiko8Tháng trước

    Alright, alright, alright...

  45. piyush dhore

    piyush dhoreTháng trước

    SUddenly Mr.Costanza shouts, SERENITY NOW!!!!

  46. Ahmet Demir

    Ahmet DemirTháng trước

    Alright alright alright

  47. zi se

    zi seTháng trước

    Film shot in beautiful MAURITIUS

  48. atul khatri

    atul khatriTháng trước

    Dexter Morgan

  49. Shizzlenizzlebizzlebar

    ShizzlenizzlebizzlebarTháng trước

    That's not a Firefly class starship.

  50. Diakon ragnarock

    Diakon ragnarockTháng trước

    looks stupid...

  51. 934ist

    934istTháng trước

    Rust Cohle Goes On Vacation. The Movie.

  52. DaleMurph

    DaleMurphTháng trước

    Looks good.

  53. Mark 42

    Mark 42Tháng trước

    good trailer, but it says too much...

  54. Patrick Castro

    Patrick CastroTháng trước

    I freaked out when I saw Djimon, this looks worth watching

  55. Willem Meiring

    Willem MeiringTháng trước

    0:19 Interstellar

  56. Aquwert

    AquwertTháng trước


  57. Gábor Loránd

    Gábor LorándTháng trước

    Matthew McConaughey driving in a cornfield again...

  58. radolf p

    radolf pTháng trước

    Looks better than 50 shades of grey..

  59. AndriarSmith

    AndriarSmithTháng trước

    Did they just show the entire movie?

  60. chunkymaplesyrup

    chunkymaplesyrupTháng trước

    Is this the planet Dr. Wolf Edmunds go to colonize ? (Interstellar 2 : Edmund's Planet?)

  61. exZerry

    exZerryTháng trước

    Is this after Matthew came for Hathaway in the end of Interstellar?

  62. Jacob Naofal

    Jacob NaofalTháng trước

    the ute scene made me think it was interstellar or someshit

  63. Bastylander

    BastylanderTháng trước

    Alright alright alright

  64. Hubalubalu

    HubalubaluTháng trước

    I stopped half way thru and couldn't go on


    DOMINOSMOFOTháng trước

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  66. Tess cg And Movies

    Tess cg And MoviesTháng trước

    I alwaus mispronounce Anne Hathaway name as Anna Hathway i dont know why 🤣😂

  67. Milan Tique

    Milan TiqueTháng trước

    Sometimes we do bad things for good reasons. Sometimes we do bad things because the girl that rejected us came back into our lives to tell us she made the wrong choice and wants us to fix it instead of taking responsibility. Sometimes we are manipulated. Sometimes tits.

  68. Mecha Martini

    Mecha MartiniTháng trước

    that wife beater has to die.

  69. Jamie Love

    Jamie LoveTháng trước

    I love the way trailers now have a quick pre-trailer tease before them. We are entering strange times indeed.

  70. mehmud

    mehmudTháng trước

    This seems to be the most boring movie...

  71. Joseph Zigmand

    Joseph ZigmandTháng trước

    Snooze fest

  72. All Tea All Shade !

    All Tea All Shade !Tháng trước

    this was so f-ing confusing !

  73. Engr. Jawwad Sadiq

    Engr. Jawwad SadiqTháng trước

    Boring Trailer

  74. Spyraptor

    SpyraptorTháng trước

    You can't stop the signal!

  75. Roni _82

    Roni _82Tháng trước

    Can't wait watching it with boxxy software!

  76. xerophyll

    xerophyllTháng trước

    alright alright alrightt.....

  77. Turbo9987

    Turbo9987Tháng trước

    The only Serenity movie I will know is the movie by Joss Whedon. #BrowncoatsUnite

  78. Noones Here

    Noones HereTháng trước


  79. Syzygy

    SyzygyTháng trước

    Wait a minute... where's Mal and Zoe?!!?

  80. Goutham Jyothsna

    Goutham JyothsnaTháng trước

    may be an adaption of The Lady From Shangai

  81. BowlofIndoMee

    BowlofIndoMeeTháng trước

    Wait so McConaughey's character from Interstellar finally found Hathaway's character but now both are trapped in an alternate Earth where they are murderous adulterers? Seems legit.

  82. EmiliS

    EmiliSTháng trước

    *My favorite actors! Should be gooooood!* ❤✌😎✔

  83. matt malouf

    matt maloufTháng trước

    Read this was delayed till January 2019. So bummed ☹️

  84. Waqas Ahmad

    Waqas AhmadTháng trước

    what did i just get myself into?

  85. Octopus Adorabilis

    Octopus AdorabilisTháng trước

    Skip cause that virtue signalling bitch it in it.

  86. Benjamin Martinez

    Benjamin MartinezTháng trước

    pocket decline tool trap naturally pretty bridge debate thing flat ethics pair.

  87. Pat Gogan

    Pat GoganTháng trước

    Now its not coming out till jan 2019

  88. Margo Mania

    Margo ManiaTháng trước

    I would never watch anything that Anne Hathaway does? She is part of the leftist country-destroying movement! I personally believe she is a racist - against white people.

  89. Rittwik giri

    Rittwik giriTháng trước

    Benjamin Wallfisch

  90. Utkarsh Shrestha

    Utkarsh ShresthaTháng trước

    This is what a trailer should look like.

  91. AFCompany

    AFCompanyTháng trước

    Why do they keep pushing this film back? It was supposed to come out September 28th then got pushed back to October 19th now it’s pushed all the way back to January 25th. Like wtf why? I was hoping it would be in awards contingent but definitely not now with that release date.

  92. Noir

    NoirTháng trước

    academy award winner, academy award winner, academy award winner, academy award winner and this dude

  93. Aimee Johnson-Clarke

    Aimee Johnson-ClarkeTháng trước

    Wait I’m so confused what’s this movie about aha

  94. purelitenite

    pureliteniteTháng trước

    Another reboot? This is nothing like the serenity I remember... No space cowboys, No alien zombies, No Geisha hookers.

  95. Tomfoolery1972

    Tomfoolery1972Tháng trước

    MURPH!!! 🚀

  96. Amaleena Abdullah

    Amaleena AbdullahTháng trước

    is this a shark movie

  97. Farra Nurdiana

    Farra NurdianaTháng trước

    okay but is there really a sharks or...

  98. Robi Hill

    Robi HillTháng trước

    Anne Hathaway looks stunning!

  99. Samsung J8surabaya

    Samsung J8surabayaTháng trước


  100. Vanes Galli

    Vanes GalliTháng trước

    So I thought they were going to actually dis Brown coats with a remake., and they did not. This is just a stolen name. I wish they could have considered Brown-coats are out there and would have loved an extra adj or something in the title. Looks interesting but we Sci-Fi fans don't like the name ripping off thing. Serenity was a move, with a story that many Sci Fi fans adored. In this genre that means something to the fans. You know the ones that buy the movie tickets!

  101. Royal Residence

    Royal ResidenceTháng trước


  102. Imran Qureshi

    Imran QureshiTháng trước

    Old is gold

  103. Golden Booster

    Golden BoosterTháng trước

    At first... it think its Interstellar sequel...

  104. matt malouf

    matt maloufTháng trước

    I almost thought it was Ashley Judd for a second, but Diane lane.