Should we kick him off the team?.. (EPISODE 7)


  1. Samih Baidas

    Samih Baidas2 giờ trước

    This is how many times jake said like 👇

  2. bicha chula

    bicha chula4 giờ trước

    a shooter 🥃each time jake paul says ....its like, and like .... like!! now I' m going to be so drunk before this video has ended

  3. kaylee jones

    kaylee jones7 giờ trước


  4. Michelle Glover

    Michelle Glover10 giờ trước

    Why is there so many erika vs tana comments?! Literally on every video... why even choose? Or put that out there, no one should have to pick and choose... both girls are great and no one is better than the other

  5. Yuleidy Santana

    Yuleidy Santana13 giờ trước

    Tana:omg there is another fu*king camera Jake: Tana Tana:I can’t deal with the cameras *screams* Jake: *comes and hugs her Tana jumps and wrap her legs around him* (both screaming)😂😂. 20:13

  6. Susie Q ASMR

    Susie Q ASMR20 giờ trước

    I look at Jake a totally different way since Shane Dawson’s series. I hope the best for him in the future but I wish Tana wasn’t involved because she’s a joke.

  7. Shayla Knipe

    Shayla KnipeNgày trước

    Jake: 'you're wrong' Also jake: 'I never said you're wrong in just expressing my own opinion so it's due to your own insecurity' = class a manipulation

  8. Miguel Juarez

    Miguel JuarezNgày trước

    Aake,jerika,jana which one

  9. Victoria Russo

    Victoria RussoNgày trước

    "In one ear and out the other" 11:07. Haha everything that Jake and Adam said to Cole went in one ear and out the other

  10. Stellr

    Stellr2 ngày trước

    Omg cole is annoying me 🤣

  11. HopeRose Freedman

    HopeRose Freedman2 ngày trước

    They bleeped out James Charles lol

  12. amayaonfire

    amayaonfire2 ngày trước

    Is he wearing eyeliner/makeup?????

  13. Tyler Collins

    Tyler Collins3 ngày trước

    Bye Cole

  14. Shania Motilal

    Shania Motilal3 ngày trước

    Anyone else think Cole is annoying af😂

  15. Luke Beattie

    Luke Beattie3 ngày trước


  16. Stealth

    Stealth3 ngày trước

    25:08 wtf?😂😂 I have herd nothing but positive thing about her! Bro like what??????😂😂😂

  17. Daniela Bracho

    Daniela Bracho4 ngày trước

    If you look closely at Tana and his makeup the looks alike

  18. Vincent Hebert

    Vincent Hebert4 ngày trước

    Jake is definitely gay

  19. Cecelia Bencomo

    Cecelia Bencomo4 ngày trước

    Love it cuz team jana

  20. dont eatbugs

    dont eatbugs4 ngày trước


  21. Kara Young

    Kara Young5 ngày trước

    Love island 2.0

  22. LispyJared

    LispyJared5 ngày trước

    That’s a him? He must be a *F A G G O T*

  23. Floyd1504

    Floyd15045 ngày trước

    Dying channel. 😆😆😆

  24. Laphiett Martin

    Laphiett Martin5 ngày trước

    What's up with this dude's nails 3:27

  25. imabout2plotz

    imabout2plotz5 ngày trước

    what exactly is this inappropriate thing he posted? came to watch tana (duh) but am watching from the beginning...and i am a bit skeptical. ive been watching a lot of jake lately (again, tana) and he posts so many things that can be deemed "inappropriate" if cole posted his ass and made implications to f him or something like that, how is that any different than what tana does or other women? jake calls them hot (i can even recall one recently of tana in a bed posing sexily---lol) and cole is instead "disgusting"? super skeptical about this one. and mind you, i know nothing about cole--like completely neutral about him. just...this struck me as hypocritical on jake's part. further context: am still team jana, but everyone has biases. he needs to be real about his, if this is the case.

  26. Reilly

    Reilly5 ngày trước

    cole is 100% right they disrespect him so much

  27. Bnb2k04

    Bnb2k045 ngày trước

    Who tf is cole?

  28. Shazen Hu

    Shazen Hu6 ngày trước

    Jake: I have a younger audience Me: but you swear and kiss tana on camera?

  29. Black Person

    Black Person6 ngày trước

    Jake you know in this situation cole is right this is a business and you should warn him professionally to take it down and apologize for how you addressed it he had that right to be angry or discomfort and misplace

  30. beauty youi

    beauty youi6 ngày trước

    Black Person righttttttt!!!!

  31. Susan Chancey

    Susan Chancey6 ngày trước

    I followed you

  32. Ican CU

    Ican CU6 ngày trước

    Some biz advice for Jake. If you want your Team 10 vision to work WITHOUT drama, make your policies/rules explicit and in writing for your team members, unless these kinds of videos are fugazzi to get the views. No problem with that if that's the setup with this type of video.

  33. JohnSarr

    JohnSarr6 ngày trước

    That dude ain't getting better lol.. recruit me instead

  34. Daniel Susanto

    Daniel Susanto7 ngày trước

    I thought that was James charles

  35. Hunter Rodgers

    Hunter Rodgers7 ngày trước


  36. Cade Stephens

    Cade Stephens7 ngày trước

    1 55 what is that thing...?

  37. dejarvis Pz

    dejarvis Pz7 ngày trước

    Jaylen smiley

  38. Chris Dinan

    Chris Dinan8 ngày trước

    Who else thinks cole looks like James Charlies

  39. diss e

    diss e8 ngày trước

    Don't like Jake Paul y'all cringey

  40. lifewithLill

    lifewithLill8 ngày trước

    Dead ass if Coles signed a contract or even looked at one then he should know that Adam is the manger bc it would be in the contract.... people need to read contracts. Also Jeffree Star runs and started a billion dollar company by himself! He also started off on MySpace with a “bad” brand of cursing & everything.

  41. lifewithLill

    lifewithLill8 ngày trước

    Lol I typed this before Jake said he hasn’t sign a contract. Hi I’ll sign a contract and share a room idc hire me I’m broke

  42. lil GRAM6

    lil GRAM68 ngày trước

    Fuxk it

  43. Nathan Liberty

    Nathan Liberty8 ngày trước

    Yes u should and add me

  44. Adam Burke

    Adam Burke8 ngày trước


  45. Destiny Whitmill

    Destiny Whitmill8 ngày trước

    Am i the only one who notices when Tana arrives and shows jake paul it looks like he is/was wearing makeup

  46. Hailey DuBois

    Hailey DuBois9 ngày trước

    Get rid of him

  47. Veronica Wu

    Veronica Wu9 ngày trước

    jana: *literally is engaged* jake: i have a crush on her

  48. Sawyer Wade

    Sawyer Wade9 ngày trước


  49. Tilly Guest

    Tilly Guest9 ngày trước

    'In the old team 10 their wasn't good communication' Team 10 have already fallen apart twice when are you going to realise that the rules and dynamic are stupid

  50. Solange

    Solange9 ngày trước


  51. dzince.

    dzince.10 ngày trước

    intro song ?

  52. Carter King

    Carter King10 ngày trước

    Like however many times Jake said ''Like,'' (edit) And Cole SO I'M EXPECTING AN EXTRA THOUSAND