Should we kick him off the team?.. (EPISODE 7)


  1. Karl Konrad Ranna

    Karl Konrad Ranna3 ngày trước

    Cole is a dumbass

  2. Jamal Blackmond

    Jamal Blackmond4 ngày trước

    If jakes worried about what cole posted “messing up his brand” then why did he dedicate a whole episode to adress the thing he didn’t want destroying his name ? 🤔🤡 Also is worried about his younger fan base yet proceeds to use profanity.

  3. VIP Adam Alami

    VIP Adam Alami4 ngày trước

    F*** the s*** out of cole F*** him

  4. Brianna Woodmansee

    Brianna Woodmansee5 ngày trước

    Did cole so dirty 😕

  5. Erinne Wilde

    Erinne Wilde5 ngày trước

    Jana could never replace Jerika 😑

  6. Alexa sandoval

    Alexa sandoval5 ngày trước

    Like if cole is so anoying

  7. alexander pino 2

    alexander pino 212 ngày trước


  8. ellie greaves

    ellie greaves12 ngày trước

    cole was right and that’s on periodt sis 🤠

  9. XX part 3 Park

    XX part 3 Park13 ngày trước


  10. Family USE

    Family USE14 ngày trước

    It's sooo irritating AF coles voice and attitude

  11. Family USE

    Family USE14 ngày trước

    Last 5 months i unsubscribed jake paul cuz he changed from a humble boi living with real friends and strong family to a scripted shit head... But im happy for jake cuz his almost 20 mil subscribers and i know people change for views and for popularity. Thats all

  12. Johnny Bonilla

    Johnny Bonilla20 ngày trước

    Is Cole a girl or boy.

  13. Ashley Rodriguez

    Ashley Rodriguez20 ngày trước

    You all dumb I was subscribed to you put you be came a such mean

  14. Katy Walker

    Katy Walker20 ngày trước


  15. FATASS _

    FATASS _22 ngày trước

    Jale Paul in this series is the best thing ever he shows his real personality and it is great I loveeeeeeeeee him 🥰

  16. Lexa Terrestrial

    Lexa Terrestrial23 ngày trước

    and I know you have a BIG BIG heart but reiterating "we haven't made a single dollar off of you" I'm sure you haven't with most people you JUST sign that week... BUT ... that sort of implants this idea in your head like you own them... Or "i'm always right because "well i'm paying for it." And i GET IT. If you are investing $$ into this - you sort of have to lay down some rules, COACH PEOPLE. It's a tricky spot to be in

  17. Lexa Terrestrial

    Lexa Terrestrial23 ngày trước

    what i DON'T like here is that there's somewhat of a Double Standard... Jake can hook up with multiple women at once... all in the same van on their way to Coachella... like "we all fucked Jake and don't all know it...!" And the girls on Team 10 take sexy ass photos... But when it comes to Cole i feel like he's harshest on him. Women are allowed to say what he may say but he isn't...

  18. CrookedFingersGirl

    CrookedFingersGirl23 ngày trước

    Dealt with this ish and wassoooo villainnized (z list hwood film/Theater) acting/producing

  19. CrookedFingersGirl

    CrookedFingersGirl23 ngày trước

    Differences between divas and/or PROs

  20. Eazy Squad

    Eazy Squad24 ngày trước

    they actually are getting money off cole they get alot of veiws from the drama

  21. Alfredo Cervantes

    Alfredo Cervantes24 ngày trước

    Dr Dre was his motherfucking inspiration HOLY FUCK

  22. Benton Hughes

    Benton Hughes25 ngày trước

    How did this all start??????

  23. LIO SOL

    LIO SOL29 ngày trước

    You’re so pathetic the way you talk to people is disgusting you are the one with the huge ego and are super insecure smh

  24. Shamim Khan

    Shamim Khan29 ngày trước

    Mark go neither and you can't say I picked anyone since I didn't replie HA

  25. Alayna Howard

    Alayna HowardTháng trước

    Who misses Chandler and Tessa?

  26. Go Team

    Go TeamTháng trước


  27. Xavier Romero

    Xavier RomeroTháng trước

    When team 10 UNCUT Is better then his regular blogs🤣

  28. Aaliyah Samsodien

    Aaliyah SamsodienTháng trước

    His gay so ya

  29. Parsa Kalhor

    Parsa KalhorTháng trước

    Ima be honest this series teaches people how team ten really is amazing good job

  30. Erick Gasca

    Erick GascaTháng trước

    dude this is so stupid lmao

  31. Jolene Oleary

    Jolene OlearyTháng trước

    This week on the Kardashians

  32. Tiffany Kolb

    Tiffany KolbTháng trước

    My birthday is April 28

  33. Gabby Skylit

    Gabby SkylitTháng trước

    they are all bullies, plain and simple. why am I even watching this?!? leaving now.

  34. Kendra Cunningham

    Kendra CunninghamTháng trước


  35. Call of duty 90909 The second

    Call of duty 90909 The secondTháng trước

    Team 10 dead

  36. C4P741N 2010

    C4P741N 2010Tháng trước


  37. C4P741N 2010

    C4P741N 2010Tháng trước

    No effence

  38. C4P741N 2010

    C4P741N 2010Tháng trước

    Is cole gay?

  39. Kit Walker

    Kit WalkerTháng trước


  40. Melanie Mace

    Melanie MaceTháng trước


  41. duyen le

    duyen leTháng trước


  42. Tameca Hamilton

    Tameca HamiltonTháng trước

    Who's a Jake fan and older? I'm 42.

  43. Maribel Jaimes

    Maribel JaimesTháng trước

    Erika!!!! Come back!!!😢

  44. NotherNerd

    NotherNerdTháng trước

    NO pleas keep cole PLEEEAS

  45. Ugly Apple

    Ugly AppleTháng trước

    How many times Jake said again | | \/

  46. Ugly Apple

    Ugly AppleTháng trước

    Jake Cole like u

  47. Jayden Seville

    Jayden SevilleTháng trước

    Yes he's gay

  48. Ashlii Actually

    Ashlii ActuallyTháng trước

    Like, like, like, that’s why like, I like, but when like, u just can’t like, like, like, like, I don’t even know like.

  49. Big Jay

    Big JayTháng trước


  50. Jacob Stork

    Jacob StorkTháng trước

    VOTE FLASH BACK!!! HOLD ON TO THE KICKING B/C COLE SAID He wished that when he was hired he would’ve been told the rules that apply in Team 10 PRO! HOLD ON I Take that back b/c at time 4:56 HE DISRESPECTED THE CEO OF TEAM 10 BY TALKING OVER HIM, & SECONDLY HE TOOK WHAT HE DID TO USE IT AGAINST JAKE PAUL WHEN HE DID THE SAME AFTERWORDS BY MISTAKE AND PLUS JAKE HAS THE PRIVILEGE TO DO SO B/C HE IS BOSS!!! Sorry for caps & I have chosen on my side that he should be KICKED

  51. Jacob Stork

    Jacob StorkTháng trước

    OFFICIAL TEAM 10 VOTE!!! I Jacob Stork a good friend of Jake Paul, CEO of Team 10... WELL, Will most likely become a good friend of his VOTE ON AS MY SELF THAT Cole Carrigan The Make up artist at Team 10 Should indeed be Kicked off of Team 10-Due to:Breaking of VIreporter Guidelines which is a HUGE Violation in Team 10 PRO!

  52. PG12MX

    PG12MX2 tháng trước

    this shit gota hella gay. Los Angeles has officially fagd the whole man cream team

  53. Courtney Shae

    Courtney Shae2 tháng trước

    Jake has to be higher than a Georgia pine throughout this series..

  54. Texasranger793

    Texasranger7932 tháng trước

    The word “like” is used so much in these

  55. Victor Boissinot

    Victor Boissinot2 tháng trước

    What is the tory lanez Song title at the begining??? Please

  56. Sydney Truong

    Sydney Truong2 tháng trước

    jake is definitely in the wrong lol goodbye

  57. cassie nicholson

    cassie nicholson2 tháng trước

    the fact that jake paul is talking about ANYONES ego 😂😂😂

  58. Casey Poske

    Casey Poske2 tháng trước

    You know there was a guy in a black hood on the porch

  59. silver the hedgehog a.k.a bryce Watson

    silver the hedgehog a.k.a bryce Watson2 tháng trước

    James charles

  60. yaher_3023

    yaher_30232 tháng trước

    Wow you guys did cole dirty