SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) Ending Explained + Analysis


  1. W T

    W T16 giờ trước

    Leo didn’t win an Oscar for this film? Jeez dude was robbed.

  2. HARRY

    HARRY18 giờ trước

    Excellent breakdown. Well done.

  3. Veronica Greene

    Veronica GreeneNgày trước

    What a wonderful film 👏👏 And I really hope they decided to get rid of his past because with all the trauma built up inside him...I’m surprised he didn’t kill himself by now which shows strength and growth. So maybe getting rid of his past will make him relive and become new. 🤔👏🤷‍♀️

  4. Mathieu Faccin

    Mathieu FaccinNgày trước

    Brilliant film, should have won Leo a well deserved Oscar

  5. Faith

    Faith2 ngày trước

    The only thing you NEED to understand is that Rachel in the cave was a hallucination. Thats the key THE KEY to understand that this movie is a masterpiece. If that "Rachel" in the cave was indeed "real" than the island is creating "zombies" in their firetower... what is being proved unreal later on. I know it's hard to believe and i wished personally the outcome would be different but it really is the sad truth. Teddy is Andrew. The thing with the last line of the movie is he is asking "Chuck" if he should accept this outcome as Teddy or as Andrew. I know mindfucked

  6. Klara Storan

    Klara Storan3 ngày trước

    At the end, they take him to the lighthouse to do the procedure. The nod that 'Chuck' gave Cawley a nod (no) maybe meaning that he is still sane and that they need to brainwash him more. What about the scene where the woman wrote 'RUN' on the paper? what does that mean? Maybe she is trying to save him/wake him up before it's too late. I still believe that Ted is sane and that they are doing experiments on people.

  7. jolie

    jolie4 ngày trước

    How do you explain him showering then?

  8. fortnite isnt good

    fortnite isnt good4 ngày trước

    you forgot the blind woman smiling at them when they entered

  9. Hyper Norm

    Hyper Norm5 ngày trước

    Spoiler. He didn’t cover the flame at the end. 😉

  10. Michał G

    Michał G6 ngày trước

    This explanation is twisted... I don't get it😣

  11. Shay A

    Shay A6 ngày trước

    I always do us justice buddy

  12. Isaih Obrien

    Isaih Obrien6 ngày trước

    "I don't know what is worse, to live as a monster, or to live as a hero." Is it just me or chills came down my spine.

  13. cwinowich

    cwinowich6 ngày trước

    There should have been some good come out of it

  14. cwinowich

    cwinowich6 ngày trước

    This movie has to garbage unhappy of an ending though

  15. Goosey Fish

    Goosey Fish6 ngày trước

    Chuck sees this as an absolute win.

  16. dozierc

    dozierc7 ngày trước

    Did you say “inception” able at :19 if you did awesome. 👍🏾😂😂

  17. Bahareh Yousefalizadeh

    Bahareh Yousefalizadeh7 ngày trước

    I actually think this coould be the other way arnd and he refuses to live as a murderer while he knows he actually is a Marshal and his partner tells the others they couldn't turn him into a "ghost" by shaking his head!

  18. Tony 2times

    Tony 2times3 ngày trước

    Bahareh Yousefalizadeh they were nazis running a psyc op

  19. -_- Trilianna

    -_- Trilianna7 ngày trước

    Oh thx u so much...

  20. Skilez

    Skilez7 ngày trước

    that film was one of the best i've seen so far. did watch it randomly not expecting anything and ended up super excited about it. absolutely stunning experience!

  21. W T

    W T16 giờ trước

    Skilez same, I actually skipped over it a few times while browsing Hulu then got bored and decided to just watch it. Great film, wish I watched sooner lol

  22. Brandon Sutton

    Brandon Sutton8 ngày trước

    This movie is a masterpiece.

  23. dead fox

    dead fox9 ngày trước

    One of the best movie

  24. Him

    Him9 ngày trước

    Why did Sheehan call Andrew ‘Teddy’ at the end?

  25. Timothey XVIII

    Timothey XVIII12 ngày trước

    Why is the footage at 13:27 when he is smoking the cigarette played backwards?

  26. The pixel pro bros

    The pixel pro bros12 ngày trước

    You know what ending you should explain The mystery behind why theses are better then the actual movie

  27. SEB G

    SEB G12 ngày trước

    Don’t agree with your view on what fire represents. In my opinion he doesn’t have an aversion to fire like he does with water as water represents the reality he struggles to face and fire represents his delusions hence why his match keeps dimming as he is told the truth when he explores ward c

  28. instgram: bitchinfive_

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    this gives me such american story vibes

  29. roadman1112 3334

    roadman1112 333413 ngày trước

    how is he the most dangerous person

  30. Sumit Waidande

    Sumit Waidande13 ngày trước

    I have watched this movie over and over again and i understood each and every scene but there's one dialogue that confuses me with the whole concept. When Dr.Cawley asks andrew "why did you made them up" he replies "i couldn't take that she murdered our children. I killed them bcoz i can't get her help, i killed them" anyone explain me what did he meant by this? Was he the one who killed them all? And for what he needed dolores' help?

  31. wdbisl

    wdbisl11 ngày trước

    He knew she was unwell and instead of dealing with it he chose to ignore it which led to his children's death. In other words if he had got her help his children wouldn't of died thus his fault.

  32. Anthony Moro

    Anthony Moro15 ngày trước

    That final line for me is obvious that the treatment worked, they mentioned before that Andrew was HIGHLY intelligent, not intelligent but highly intelligent. So for me that’s something Scorsese would not throw in without meaning. For me it the whole scene comes off as genuinely Andrew. He asks for a cigarette, he doesn’t start the conspiracy talk he goes along, then he asks a question that Daniel simply wouldn’t have a reason to be asking. It’s clear he remembered and broke down again, while the night went on he realized it was either live in this reality or go with their option and that’s sadly what he’d rather have done. Definitely one of my favorite movies next to Donnie Darko cause you can just debate it over and over

  33. ThE DaRk KnIghT

    ThE DaRk KnIghT16 ngày trước

    This movie is litreally the best suspense / thriller /mystery movie I have ever seen. It's a fucking masterpiece.

  34. Sarah Shwartze

    Sarah Shwartze16 ngày trước

    Yea he was totally lucid at the end and chose to get the procedure to escape his pain and guilt for good

  35. Dana 182

    Dana 18216 ngày trước

    Amazing analysis!

  36. Soul

    Soul17 ngày trước

    I remember the scene where it all comes back to him with such clarity even though I only saw the movie one time. It actually made me cry. Brutal scene, brilliant acting.

  37. silver is a fox

    silver is a fox18 ngày trước

    Why does the cover image make the guy in it look cock eyed

  38. K M

    K M19 ngày trước

    Damn it banner.... let leo rage for once

  39. BeausMama

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    Free on HULU

  40. EFoxKitsune

    EFoxKitsune21 ngày trước

    Just feel the need to point out that this is *not* dissociative identity disorder. It could be some kind of a dissociative disorder for sure, but definitely not DID. Please people, if you talk about a disorder, do some research before you do... it could be very harmful. Otherwise great video!

  41. That Girl Reacts

    That Girl Reacts14 ngày trước

    EFoxKitsune no, you did not make it clear before. You just kept repeating yourself saying it was harmful, but you did not specify how harmful or in what way. Now you did, so thank you. And I think you are right. You made a strong argument. But at the end of the day, I just don’t care.

  42. EFoxKitsune

    EFoxKitsune16 ngày trước

    @That Girl Reacts ....didn't I _just_ explain it...? Wasn't it clear from my comment...? Okay, let me try it this way. Spreading misconceptions and false information about mental disorders can indeed be very harmful, because, well, it makes people create false ideas about these diagnoses. And they're usually pretty negative ones. Imagine you get diagnosed with Schizophrenia (I'm going to use that one as an example, since I don't know how familiar you are with DID, this'll be easier). When the general public's idea of Schizophrenia is gonna be "crazy dangerous maniac", do you see how that can be harmful? Firstly, you're gonna have a very hard time accepting and coming to terms with your own diagnosis, you might view yourself as some kind of... freak, or even "monster" (which is obviously totally untrue)... Secondly, when you do come to terms with it yourself, you will have a very hard time coming out about it to the people around you, if this is what a lot of them are gonna think about you... Many people will see you in a very negative light, even though their perception of your diagnosis is false. And you will suffer because of it. It can be very isolating, too. Do you see where I'm going? The stigma surrounding some disorders - like DID and Schizophrenia - is huge as it is. And it's all the result of exactly this - people having false ideas of what the disorder really is (due to media, horror movies and such... especially). It's important that people learn about what these diagnoses really mean instead of just learning more misconceptions. Did that make it clearer? Now as I said, in the case of this video it's not particularly bad, there are no negative rumors being spread. But even just saying things about a disorder that are untrue contributes to this whole issue... All the while a minimal amount of research would be enough to not do that and say correct information instead.

  43. That Girl Reacts

    That Girl Reacts16 ngày trước

    EFoxKitsune yeah you keep saying that. That it can be very harmful and cause a lot of damage. But you can’t explain HOW it can be harmful and WHAT KIND of damage it can cause. Come on, you can do it. If you’re so sure about HOW VERY HARMFUL it is then it shouldn’t be so hard to be specific and explain what kind of harm it could cause. Go on, I’ll be waiting.

  44. EFoxKitsune

    EFoxKitsune16 ngày trước

    @That Girl Reacts Because it makes people make false conclusion and wrong ideas about these disorders. It's not bad in this case, but DID (and many other disorders, like schizophrenia for example) are heavily stigmatised as it is, and it's not good to spread more misconceptions.. It can be very harmful to people dealing with these disorders if the public has a skewed idea of what the diagnosis really is (like, you know, that a person with schizophrenia is usually the murderer, crazy and dangerous... or that someone with DID has one split personality who's a serial killer... those are such common tropes in movies, and some people actually believe it...). Trust me, I see it all the time. It could cause a lot of damage.

  45. That Girl Reacts

    That Girl Reacts16 ngày trước

    EFoxKitsune how could it be VERY harmful?

  46. Seven Johnson

    Seven Johnson22 ngày trước

    You should do seven

  47. LDTDIndian314

    LDTDIndian31423 ngày trước

    So I watched this movie after watching Dream House (2011) a year or so ago. Spoiler warning if you haven't seen Dream House: this movie essentially follows the same plotline and details as Shutter Island. Disassociative Identity Disorder, dead wife, kids, mental hospital with actors, hallucinations, big identity reveal, etc. It's very hard to piece together a movie like Shutter Island together on the first watch-through, but I had a nagging feeling of what turned out to be the truth early on because of Dream House. It was super weird, but I enjoyed the experience. Great movies!

  48. Five Dancing Israelis

    Five Dancing Israelis25 ngày trước

    There are multiple narratives to choose from with this film, it's a masterpiece in terms of layering. There's the first narrative, that he is indeed a patient who is unknowingly role playing his way to recovery. He recovers in the end but doesn't want to live with what his wife did to him and what he did to her subsequently, so he chooses to be lobotomized, though not without letting Chuck know he has actually recovered. Then there's the second narrative. He's a marshal secretly investigating the authorities activities on the island, gets assigned a fake case to go there (in his head he's hit the jackpot) but he doesn't realize the authorities are looking into him and want to trap him before he can blow the whistle on said activities. They brainwash him with drugs but he manages to recover without anyone knowing, and he only tells Chuck this because he trusts him and believes he will blow the whistle on the authorities. He wants to be lobotomized to ''escape'' from the persecution and brainwashing, being brain dead is a death within itself - and he knows he can't escape. The second narrative is much more interesting in my opinion, and it explains the otherwise unnecessary references to a conspiracy by the government, H bombs and what not throughout the film. Though the genius of this film is having two narratives running simultaneously, leaving the audience to choose what one they believe.

  49. Jack

    Jack25 ngày trước

    I watched the movie because I had a suggested video explaining it in my recommended and I decided I would watch the movie before watching the explanation. I believed with the ending exactly what you’ve said, that he was actually cured, he just didn’t want to be. The previous video that inspired me to watch the movie did not mention that possibility which is why I looked for another video to confirm my suspicions. I’m glad I wasn’t totally off base with my ending theory.

  50. Wafflez

    Wafflez25 ngày trước

    This movie was such a mind fuck i had to watch it 5x before understanding

  51. Da Stormcomin

    Da Stormcomin25 ngày trước

    Now why they didn't do some flash backs and explain in the end of the movie?

  52. Clifford Kilkenny

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    Useless, people want scenes and not a blabbering moron. Thank you I love you all! Warmest regards, Mr. Turd Ferguson Esquire 🙋‍♂️☘️🙏💚🇨🇮turtle farmer, clam shucker, organic farmer, overall swell guy

  53. Neo Cloud

    Neo Cloud28 ngày trước

    As he watched his mother beaten to a bloody pulp in front of him recognized that he was next, The Stepfather not knowing that it would only make him stronger and be his undoing

  54. Atarah Cooper

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    1.4M views and 1.4M subscribers. We are on point 👌🏾

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    That Girl Reacts I’m not going to read your little novel peace lil girl ✌🏼 🐍

  56. That Girl Reacts

    That Girl Reacts3 ngày trước

    Tony 2times nah that one doesn’t have anything as ridiculous as the other one. Try again, I’m sure you can do better! 😊 Also, have you heard of the psychologist term ‘projection’? You should look into it, hun! 😉

  57. Tony 2times

    Tony 2times3 ngày trước

    That Girl Reacts just feinding for attention aren’t ya, don’t forget to like this one too!

  58. That Girl Reacts

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    Tony 2times lol oh no I’m so upset and offended, oh no... 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄😂😂😂😂 Aw honey... nice try! I’m even gonna give ya a little “like” to help you out, buddy! 😘😂👋

  59. Henry Spadt

    Henry Spadt29 ngày trước

    This movie was a mindfuck I honestly thought I could have been insane after this and wouldn’t have any idea

  60. Roberto Vargas

    Roberto VargasTháng trước

    11:04 I thought is was a mistake. Never thought it would be such a strong symbolism... damn

  61. 80sOutrunFan

    80sOutrunFanTháng trước

    This is a movie you need to see, should have been an oscar right here.

  62. kben

    kbenTháng trước

    Chuck calls out to teddy at the end and he doesn’t respond to him. I took that as he knows he’s Andrew still and he’s accepting the lobotomy.

  63. ozymet

    ozymetTháng trước

    FoundFlix, why are you almost screaming through whole video? That is really annoying and no reason to talk like this.

  64. Brittni Smith

    Brittni SmithTháng trước

    We do the same thing with dementia residents at my nursing home. Not this in depth, but we're told to go along with their fantasy.

  65. The Notebook Lady

    The Notebook LadyTháng trước

    I think this is my favorite of your "Ending Explained" series. Well done!

  66. Phuong

    PhuongTháng trước

    So.... is this one of them movies where he could be insane or telling the truth, depending on who you ask,?

  67. Harald Haram

    Harald HaramTháng trước

    Jepp jepp jepp

  68. Wid4mayor

    Wid4mayorTháng trước

    This movie is one of the most underrated movies

  69. bestfightsever9000

    bestfightsever9000Tháng trước

    Watch this movie when your high

  70. Official Spl!tter

    Official Spl!tterTháng trước

    I still think he is teddy and the doctors are the bad guys who manipulated him

  71. Elissa Awad

    Elissa AwadTháng trước

    You talk a lot bro just get to the point

  72. N30 R

    N30 RTháng trước

    This is one hell of a time consuming role play treatment programme.

  73. Abby Chandler

    Abby ChandlerTháng trước

    i had the twist spoiled for me before i watched it, but all i knew was that he was actually a patient. i had no idea how elaborate the set up would be, and how complex his backstory and diagnoses actually were. so even with knowing the ending, this movie STILL gripped me and managed to be surprising. no other film has done that to me before. it’s incredibly well done and tragically underrated.

  74. Manish Bhatia

    Manish BhatiaTháng trước

    I feel that Andrew/Teddy was kind of a dick. At the end, he got cured and came out of his delusion but still acted insane in order to be lobotomized because he couldn't live with himself. The fact that he got cured proved that Cawley's methods worked. But because Andrew pretended to regress undid all the years of hard work of Cawley and the others.

  75. time less

    time less29 ngày trước

    like in many things. A person must have found a good method to solve something, but the one participating might fell guilt with their own actions that prefer to mislead people to believe the good method didn't work. It takes time until someone else conclude that the good method decades ago was good and just add something new. It will depend in the new perspective of society to see if they agree with it or maintain the same path. It is sad that the cured patient prefer to just die as a way to pay for his crimes or what he consider crimes. That is a mistake many do. We only consider what is good for us. We don't think ahead cuz of the mix of feelings cloud our mind. A reason why there's a phrase saying think before you act. We see here how the decision of one of few people will affect the many.

  76. jeff cast

    jeff castTháng trước

    How about shutter

  77. nostalga51jo

    nostalga51joTháng trước

    The book is the real thriller! Dennis Lehane

  78. KewlImp

    KewlImpTháng trước

    The think the ending is he realizes that he isn't a good person and much like the dying commander he deserves the punishment. His guilt over his family is just too much for him to bare and it would be easier to be a zombie than a monster. This is hinted at about his treatment of others. Since he is aware he has been abusive to others, the only way to stop it is to pretend to be in the fantasy so they are forced to make him change.

  79. Ben

    BenTháng trước

    So I think the ending is pretty clear that he didnt regress back into psychosis because he says that final line and then the big clue is he gets up and casually walks with the men to be lobotomised. If he was still in his fictional world he wouldnt go with them to the fictional lighthouse. I think Teddy Daniels would have fought them and tried to get away where as the Andrew who came to terms with killing his wife would quietly go to be put out of his misery to live as a good man and not that of a monster.

  80. Hafiz Abdul Rahim

    Hafiz Abdul RahimTháng trước

    i enjoy watching your ending explained than the whole movie

  81. sawy sauce

    sawy sauceTháng trước

    You should watch this movie even if you know the twist now, it’s even better that way in my opinion, it’s like watching a lovcraft novel unfold.

  82. Colin D

    Colin DTháng trước

    Andrew has an aversion to water but not fire. Fire represents the beginning of his delusion, when his wife burns their house down he doesn't get her help instead moves the family to the lake house. Fire feeds his denial/delusion, water puts that fire out by representing his tragic reality.

  83. Jasouku no

    Jasouku noTháng trước

    I was checking the movie on rotten tomatoes to see it’s score when I noticed in the cast the woman in the cave that Andrew made up was credited as Ethel. Is she another person working at the hospital I don’t remember or something? But you and Ben Kingsley’s character says she’s made up. I’m confused

  84. Earl Winn

    Earl WinnTháng trước

    Well I finished it & shutter island is an A plus in my book. I wouldn't say that shutter island is a better movie than sucker Punch because they are both the style of the same thing. The only thing I can officially say about shutter island is outside of sucker Punch, shelter island is more suspenseful version of sucker Punch & if you like that style of movie I would have to recommend sucker Punch as well as shutter island. But at the same time I would also recommend you watch sucker punch first & then watch shutter island. True shutter island is not a better movie but shutter island is better in areas where sucker Punch is lacking. So Hakuna Matata quiso quiso, que Sera Sera...

  85. Earl Winn

    Earl WinnTháng trước

    One hour, 52 minutes & 20 seconds & damn it I love it when I'm right... This is another sucker Punch movie, although shutter island seems to be a little more suspenseful version of sucker Punch.

  86. Earl Winn

    Earl WinnTháng trước

    I am 1 hour & 8 minutes & 10 seconds into this movie shutter island, I've never seen it I haven't read any of the comments posted on here so I really don't know what to expect but being this far into the movie & Seeing want I have seen so far gives me the familiar feeling that this movie might be a nother sucker Punch movie, now for those of you whom have seen the movie sucker Punch then you know what I'm talkin about I don't know if I am right about this being a sucker punch movie that's yet to be seen. But I have a strong suspicion that I may be right...

  87. NateyGray

    NateyGrayTháng trước

    This is easily one of my favorite channels on youtube

  88. Swachchhanda Dahal

    Swachchhanda DahalTháng trước

    I don't believe that cave scene is his brain playing with him, that's way too real to hallucinate. He is being framed here

  89. monkeybunny89

    monkeybunny89Tháng trước

    i think this is less of an analysis but more like a summary..

  90. Young Alcoholic

    Young AlcoholicTháng trước

    I wonder if the wife was crazy before he married her or if something caused that to happen

  91. Oh Noes

    Oh NoesTháng trước

    How did I not know you'd done this film? Of course you have, you're freaking awesome.

  92. AlwaysRetr0

    AlwaysRetr0Tháng trước

    Why does nobody consider that the woman in the cave is real and that everything she said is true? That the cigarettes he's taking, the 'aspirin' he's being given for his headache, etc are all making him more and more insane? When the movie ends and Andrew Laeddis goes to be lobotomised, there is a final shot of the lighthouse with the same sinister, ominous music in the background that we were hearing throughout the film. It is the very final shot in the film, and to me it's not just playing because of the lobotomising itself. It's calling back to the previous times it was used, when we still thought that there was something more sinister happening on the island. If the story was as it seemed, and the island and the people on it were not sinister, why would this music still be playing after the huge revelation? It makes no sense, unless it's because the bad guys had won, and had convinced Teddy Daniels that he really did kill his wife, subsequently ensuring he (a federal marshal) couldn't report the atrocities the institution was really undergoing.

  93. Taylor Barnett

    Taylor BarnettTháng trước

    My issue with this is just the whole inaccuracy of what mental illness is. Soooo he never had any delusions or hallucinations or other personalities and one trauma at age 30 makes him go completely insane? That doesn’t happen. Literally that does not happen. Maybe severe PTSD, maybe, but the brain doesn’t create other personalities at that old of an age. DID has to happen as a young child.

  94. Samy N

    Samy NTháng trước

    DiCaprio Deserved the get the Oscar for that!