SHUTTER ISLAND (2010) Ending Explained + Analysis


  1. salty Frys

    salty Frys12 giờ trước

    5:06 me when i drown a newborn

  2. Wes' TECH

    Wes' TECHNgày trước

    I still believe the cave scene was real. The food, coffee, water, and cigarettes could have been psychotropic. She said "At least are you smoking you're own cigarettes?" These guys were Nazi's experimenting on people, why didn't they do this to the other patents? They could have just locked him up.

  3. Glenn Boyd

    Glenn Boyd3 ngày trước


  4. Superior trash can

    Superior trash can4 ngày trước

    Just watched this with my brother and this immediately became my favorite movie

  5. Trading Post

    Trading Post4 ngày trước

    Just watch the movie & if you still don't understand it then listen to this, if you've not seen the movie then just STFU.

  6. Julia Felton

    Julia Felton5 ngày trước

    am i the only one who noticed “chuck” changed where he is from? he started with portland then said seattle when asked later on.

  7. Skylark Ravenslark

    Skylark Ravenslark5 ngày trước

    Shutter Island was really awesome! Excellent Explained!!!! Btw, have you watched Shutter? (Based on the Thai horror movie of the same name - I really recommend it. Among the top asian scary movies ever!)

  8. Olivia Penner

    Olivia Penner2 ngày trước

    Skylark Ravenslark I need to check that out! Oh that makes two of us 💁🏻‍♀️

  9. Skylark Ravenslark

    Skylark Ravenslark2 ngày trước

    @Olivia Penner There was an American remake starring Pacey from Dawson's Creek haha... not bad either... effects wayyy more advanced but the original... wow... just wow... I hope FoundFlix does an Explained + Analysis on it! hahaha

  10. Olivia Penner

    Olivia Penner2 ngày trước

    Skylark Ravenslark I knew I wasn’t crazy, that movie is insane! I watched it when I was about 10 and my mind was blown lmfao

  11. Brock Lee

    Brock Lee5 ngày trước

    In the end, Andrew/Teddy WAS cured; however, he CHOSE to PRETEND he wasn't cured...that's obvious. But, Chuck/Dr. Sheehan KNEW Andrew was actually cured, and was just pretending to NOT be cured. Dr. Sheehan knew of Andrew's intentions even before Andrew asked him about "living life as a monster VS dying a good man" question. But, Sheehan went along with Andrew pretending to NOT be cured without even an argument. This allowed Sheehan to "assist" with Andrew's wish by allowing him to commit "suicide," rather than have Andrew live with the memories of such a horrible tragedy. FUN FACT: I was driving towards the movie theater to see this movie. JUST BEFORE I pulled into the movie theater parking lot, I thought, "If Leonardo's character turns out to be the crazy one...I'm going to be pissed!" And, since I was the only one in the movie theater, when the reveal happened, I just had to yell, "I KNEW IT!!!" That's when I heard the other guy in the theater yell, "MAN! WHAT THE F@*K!" Turns out, I wasn't the only one in the theater! And, I replied with, "Sorry! Thought I was alone in here." After the movie, the guy asked me what it was that I knew. And, when I told him, he said that he figured the same thing out in the middle of the movie. We both had a good laugh about how obvious it was and went our separate ways. Still a great movie, though.

  12. Gio .3x

    Gio .3x8 ngày trước

    Just watched it and Jesus Christ I wish I could watch the movie again for the first time

  13. Nooo Disaster

    Nooo Disaster9 ngày trước

    My friend made me watch this movie for the first time with her. The very first scene with Leo in the boat talking about Rachel I was like "oh I bet he killed her." She was so pissed!

  14. Kailik Faulk

    Kailik Faulk11 ngày trước

    this movie is mind-blowing, i watched it when i was 12( even at that age i was knew it was a masterpiece) and i'm 19 now. We need more movies like that makes you think

  15. Brittany Gidley

    Brittany Gidley11 ngày trước

    I had to watch this 3 times to finally understand it. Such a good movie.

  16. Robert Rubiera

    Robert Rubiera11 ngày trước

    What I had thought I understood from the movie was completely wrong , dammnit

  17. Basic Coding With Adam

    Basic Coding With Adam11 ngày trước

    This man deserves so many more subscribers just for explaining this movie alone. I watched this movie and was lost. Foundflix described it great and I can now understand this movie.

  18. Effy Stonem

    Effy Stonem15 ngày trước

    Leonardo’s acting during the scene where he finds the drowned kids... terrific! absolutely incredible

  19. L Franco

    L Franco17 ngày trước

    Very Silent Hill type of movie.

  20. Politically correct speech isn't my thing, fk off

    Politically correct speech isn't my thing, fk off17 ngày trước

    actually the original interpretation is the best, that they fed him lies, makes the movie more interesting

  21. Armani Minchaca

    Armani Minchaca19 ngày trước

    bruh didnt he do the ringht thing by killing his wife?? she killed kids! and i bet this dude has a favorite child

  22. Lil Chopan

    Lil Chopan21 ngày trước

    I wish I was Andrew and believe that I didn't watch this movie yet so I wouldn't be expecting the ending...

  23. Games Cooky

    Games Cooky23 ngày trước

    "Once you're declared insane, then anything you do is called part of that insanity. Reasonable protests are denial. Valid fears, paranoia." I know there are people out there that fake mental illnesses for whatever reasons. Think about this quote when you do. You might just find it possible to fake yourself a diagnosis, but good luck proving it was just a fake. Especially when dealing with disorders like that involves delusions and loss of perception for reality. Antisocial Personality Disorder is probably difficult to get rid of as well since pathological lying is a symptom. Just be yourself. Don't pretend like you're sick in the head. Nobody thinks any higher of you for it.

  24. Lil Chopan

    Lil Chopan24 ngày trước

    This movie made me think whether I'm sane or not.

  25. Scott Johnstone

    Scott Johnstone24 ngày trước

    I wouldn't legitimise a lobotomy by referring to it as a "procedure" - but that's just me.

  26. Scott Johnstone

    Scott Johnstone24 ngày trước

    I would actually say the twist made the story smaller! It was great, but what's bigger, a new treatment for that type of rare condition -, or MK Ultra mind control experiments on a state funded level? It's pretty obvious if you ask me! But the film is really good.


    SDSUMIGUEL26 ngày trước

    He was and remains a US Marshall.

  28. Dylan Davila

    Dylan Davila27 ngày trước

    cool this cleared up the movie. now i can get a good grade on a paper i have to do in my abnormal psychology class

  29. Aaron

    Aaron27 ngày trước

    Love this film.

  30. Hina Ansari

    Hina Ansari28 ngày trước

    What about taking on inception?

  31. Alex Stewart

    Alex Stewart29 ngày trước

    I've always felt that he didnt regress in the end. Ive always thought that he pretended to so that they would lobotomize him because he still couldnt deal with the reality of his life. Anyone else feel this way?

  32. Shakeb Mirzaii

    Shakeb MirzaiiTháng trước

    Good analysis but bullshit film...

  33. Lazaro Ortiz

    Lazaro OrtizTháng trước

    Do triangle

  34. Beau

    BeauTháng trước

    One of the greatest movie ever made

  35. juice man

    juice manTháng trước

    The movie “fractured” brought me here because everyone says it’s like shutter island but watching this analysis video makes me want to watch the movie now. It looks insane( in a good way)

  36. Skinematic Films

    Skinematic Films21 ngày trước

    MUCH better than fractured, watch asap

  37. Brian Adamson

    Brian AdamsonTháng trước

    how does this guy not get taken down his videos are nothing but him just explaining the whole story and are definately a substitute for actually seeing the movie, I mean I like it I watch all his videos cuz I dont care to watch movies but like to hear someone else talk about them.

  38. ranbir kinng

    ranbir kinngTháng trước

    Andrew : I cannot stand fire... Also Andrew : But I'm gonna smoke my whole life and also light matches because I cannot see in the dark...

  39. laiden25

    laiden25Tháng trước

    Woah, they got The Hulk here too!

  40. Mayank Gupta

    Mayank GuptaTháng trước

    Can ya explain time trap too...

  41. Puspazee Puspa

    Puspazee PuspaTháng trước

    He drinks to avoid confronting his problems! But, "...Dolores is mentally ill, refusing to believe it and get her treatment..." So, the wife acknowledged she needed help from her own mental illness? Yet, she was allowed alone around her young children... Definitely the truth comes across to him in the end: "Would you rather live as a monster or die as a good man?" quote ...

  42. SitPls

    SitPlsTháng trước

    Water triggers him but he didn't recognize his own daughters name....

  43. SitPls

    SitPlsTháng trước

    Also when the Marshall's first meet the head psychologist, the marshall stood behind him and the head psych showed no signs of being worried about his position behind if a trust bond had already been formed.

  44. Liam Leggitt

    Liam LeggittTháng trước

    That scene during WW2 in the concentration camp... them executing the soldiers. That happened, like the soldiers weren't supposed to have done that but let's be honest. The nazis deserved it.

  45. Chengfu Saechao

    Chengfu SaechaoTháng trước

    This movie reminds me of "#JOKER 2019" you Don't know if it happened or was it all just delusion, In their minds....these Writers and creators of Both movies are all geniuses.I'm so surprised Leonardo didn't get oscar For this movie....BUT I HOPE JOAQUIN.P gets OSCAR in 2020!!!!!

  46. ギャングごみ

    ギャングごみTháng trước

    That movie was boring